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07/12/2019 12:24 am  

Perhaps it is something I have accidentally with my settings done but the dates for the posts have suddenly switched from and American way of writing dates (7-11-2019). to a European way of writing dates (11-7-2019).  Does anyone else notice this as well?

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07/12/2019 1:10 am  

In this post I see it too, the date is 12/07/2019 instead of 07/12/2019.

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07/12/2019 3:07 am  

I noticed the date thing yesterday too. It is probably a setting that can be changed. 

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07/12/2019 10:28 am  

Yes you are all correct. I posted an explanation in the Glitch section right after it happened yesterday. I accidentally tripped a switch while trying to fix the other glitch of no pagination for guest users, and now we are in international format -- day, month, year.  Argh!

But it can't be repaired by just flipping a setting switch. I've written to the developers of the Forum for help.  Until then, we now have our time stamps in European format. 

The forum we use, wpforo,  was in beta when we got it. They keep improving it and I do love it.  Hoping they will show me how to fix this new glitch!  Meanwhile, European, Australian, NZ, and other global readers can enjoy it and we all get to be a little more international. 

Maybe we are supposed to focus more on the whole world and get with the international way of thinking? 

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07/12/2019 10:49 am  

You know what? I think you should leave the dates in international format. This is another opportunity to reduce American exceptionalism, albeit a tiny one.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

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07/12/2019 11:03 am  

BTW, the forum app we use was founded and is administered by a bunch of Italian folks, who I think are in Italy. There is a whole subplot of awesome people who I deal with every time something technical  breaks in the Forum.  There's this guy Anton from the Ukraine whose a kind hearted technical genius and another guy named Cris from I-dont-know-where but I think he's in Europe somewhere who also posts fixes to problems we forum owners are having.  It's a beautiful community, like ours.

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07/12/2019 3:58 pm  

Hmm. We're talking about "American exceptionalism" within the context of the Western Gregorian calendar, which has only become the international standard by virtue of European colonialism. So the day-month-year format is no more enlightened than the month-day-year format. For our purposes, either one would be fine.

I'd rather live in a world where cultures freely employ their own diverse ways of doing things instead of a world where everyone is forced into some bland, globalized homogeneity.  

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07/12/2019 7:08 pm  

Coyote - all calendars as set to paper (or its descendants) are arbitrary, but for timekeeping purposes it works better if everyone on a planet keeps track the same way to avoid misunderstanding.

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