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British Royal Family/Prince Charles  


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03/25/2020 1:43 pm  

Hello All - I hope everyone is safe and well.  I saw on the internet that Prince Charles tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.  This reminded me of a prediction from the astrologer Noel Tyl.  Tyl said that based on Charles' natal chart, he would never be king.  Could someone do a reading on the family?  I'm not sure about Queen Elizabeth's health status.

PS:  I wish Charles all the best and hope he does become King.

Regards, thanks and all my best wishes,


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03/26/2020 10:19 pm  


Some of us have seen Elizabeth abdicating the throne this year and the crown being passed rapidly to Prince William. That's all I can recall of others' predictions. I personally don't pay attention to the the celebrity aspect of British royalty, so I can't do a reading on them as individuals. I am interested in the intersection of political and cultural dynamics, however, and when I think of the British royal family, I get the sense that their label as monarchs is not long for this world.

Globally, we're fast approaching an era where kings and queens will become an anachronism. When Elizabeth does leave the throne, I imagine that many Britons and Commonwealth subjects will be faced with the uncomfortable reality that their head of state is a religious leader whose sole entitlement to status is the sheer luck of a genetic lottery. This is going to be a head-spinning decade unlike any other (just look at the past 3 months!), and I don't see how the House of Windsor can weather the storm intact (I'm speaking in terms of political power, not physical health). 


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03/27/2020 8:51 am  



I have always felt and seen Prince William carrying the weight of the throne into a new time where many are already so negative of so many of the royals and so adamant about removing the system.

Lots of emotional resentment, and so many misunderstandings about their roles or how much good they do. With a great deal of jealousy about their lives compared to their own, the need for a different form of monarchy or perhaps even none at all. The energies are getting stronger and stronger towards removing all that seems too old or outdated.

With an aging Queen, and fragile state of health for Prince Philip and now Prince Charles (as their next in line for succession)  testing positive fir the coronav(how apt) virus and aware of  his own age and mortality:  everything is not only suddenly more fluid in the timeline but also more receptive to the current energies of destruction of the old forms of anything and everything as the impetus for change, re-creation and transformation truly increases and begins. As this virus ramps up in April the tides could dramatically speed to higher levels and much could happen from then on.

We are watching the destruction of our own governmental systems, our own beginning of state control over federal,  and the incredible need for each of us to recognize our own gifts and abilities and rise up and activate our individual abilities and higher powers in ways we never imagined or thought possible.

Many of us will rise to a newer paradigm than we ever did before during previous awakenings to new gifts manifested by these new energies and greater understandings.When we say we were made for these times we truly mean it.

Even my grown children said to me (much to my delight):

"Mom, we've been preparing for this our whole lives"

I know we've done what we need to do bringing up and bringing in bright points of light to replace the older ones whose lights are even now dimming.



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03/27/2020 9:29 am  

Just a little trivia: I heard someone on YTube say that Queen Elizabeth travels with a briefcase full of Homeopathic remedies whenever and where ever she has gone/goes. Apparently, Prince Charles has also always used Homeopathy too, following the Queen.

Perhaps this is one reason they have maintained good health.

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