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Will good win?  

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05/22/2020 2:57 pm  

What I love about Good is that it pops up and grows and builds and then unfolds in ways that you didn't think could happen because it's gotten so dark.  Like one thing I've noticed is the amount of humor humans seem to have.  A cold digital platform is helping people laugh more.  Feel us how other people in the world cope and inspire.  How we appreciate things we never thought much about.  It feels sometimes that it's only evil and dark that are growing.   All the things We Can't Believe but are having to believe are Just Right There - we see a man shot in the back by police - we see but cannot act..I think of that quote "Oh Lord, my boat is so small and the sea so big...."  It can be such a full emotion.  But, I'm seeing this magical tension roll out. I see how quickly the Earth can heal itself.  During Jeanne's see the future last year, I saw a pandemic unfolding in March - and how when I wrote about it - it was just a line, but the feeling I had was that it had an impact on how we see government and ourselves in government....and I couldn't understand how the world would get as quiet as it felt .....who would have thought the whole world would stop in the way it did....  After moving so quickly?  So fast it was making us sick and dizzy.   And when I hear people being worried - I think it's an interesting time, how we all just landed where we have landed. You are where you should be does not = you will like it ...or feel comfortable.  Bravery and Strength always have fear involved, that what makes you strong and brave.  You did it anyway.  This hard thing.  Your own hard thing.  And the challenges we face - our individual bardos - if we can bring to them, our own dark moments, the light we all have, but forget to use - to light not the way of the world - but our just own path. And if we light our path we created a lighted highway...  And in the worst way - I see the human race reacting as one organism - worldwide - to avoid a collective injury - protecting it's existence - and in the same way, in the best way, what if our efforts to heal the soul spread like a virus.  A "herd immunity" from the dark because we know light - from the stars and all their suns - comes into any crack made in whatever dark we're in.... 

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