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Tarot reading for the present through 2021  


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05/03/2019 5:58 pm  

Today I threw a ten card Celtic spread for our country, looking from present to 2021.  

Significator card:  Nine of Cups, happiness

Challenge card:  The Chariot of Trumps

Foundation:  Six of Swords, Science

What graces us:  Five of Disks, Worry

The past:  The Aeon of Trumps

What we are going into:  The Queen of Swords

Something else about our country:  Adjustment, Trumps

The environment:  Wheel of Fortune, Trumps

Hopes, dreams and fears card:  Six of Cups, Pleasure

Outcome card:  Knight of Disks

Then I threw two more cards:

Looking at politics two years from now:  Nine of Disks, Gain

Looking at the economy in two years:  Art, Trumps

The significator card is the Nine of Cups, happiness and I realized we are looking back to our founding fathers and the Declaration of Independence: the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We long for normal life again when we don't have to worry about what monstrosity against humanity will emanate from this administration every morning.  

The challenge card is The Chariot, Trumps.  While this card is about independence, I'm also drawn to the armor protecting the chariot rider and it resonates with me that we all need to be brave and persevere during this time frame.  That's our country's challenge:  to believe in the might and right of the majority of Americans to endure this upheaval and find solutions to our present danger.

The foundation card is the Six of Swords, Science.   The founders of our country included the best minds of their time.  They couldn't foresee lobbyists, gerrymandering unequal representation or meddling by foreign adversaries, but they did give us a foundation of government that could be modified in the future.  While we feel stuck right now with our leadership controlled by a minority, we can get through this.  We can make changes in the future.

What graces the country:  The Five of Disks, Worry.  Again, I harken back to the founders and their vision for our country and the safeguards they built in to our system of government, the checks and balances of three equal parts of government.  At present, we chafe at their creation of the electoral college and the abuses of gerrymandering, but the founders clearly did foresee the need to safeguard against would-be tyrants.  They worried.

For the Past, I threw the Aeon, Trumps.  Again...the founders.   (I didn't expect to be looking back at them when I threw the cards. ) When they created our system of government, they were at a time in their lives when they were looking back at all they had learned about life and government, good government, bad government.  They saw the necessity of separating church and state to avoid religious bias.  They had experienced the tyranny of a monarchy.  They chafed at injustice and oppression.  They tried to give us safeguards built on everything they could imagine happening in the future.

For the period we are entering, I threw the Queen of Swords and visualized Nancy Pelosi as the powerful leader of the House, her experience and brilliance putting her in the right place at the right time for our country.  She symbolizes  matriarchal power beginning to take the helm.  

For something else about our country, I threw Adjustment, Trumps.  We certainly are going through a period of adjustment, but I think this also has to do with karmic justice.  Over the last two and a half years, we have seen the country's bigotry, racism and white supremacy exposed.  While this ugliness does not represent the majority of the country, these deplorable ideas are clearly acceptable to a sizable population within the minority controlling our government.  As a nation, we can no longer turn a blind  eye to this reality.  We can not be a better nation until we expose this depravity and deal with it.

For environment:  Fortune, Trumps.  We are definitely on the wheel of fortune right now, balancing our determination with our fears, holding on in spite of a frightening possible future.  As Jeanne says, it's all about how we ride the wheel.  If we get overwhelmed and panic, we fall off.  If we hang on with all our strength, the wheel will turn and we will rise again.

Hopes, dreams and fears:  This card is the Five of Cups, Pleasure.  Jeanne calls this the renewal of enjoyment.  Wouldn't we all like this turmoil to be over?

Outcome card:  The Knight of Disks.  Remember, we are looking at an outcome two years from now and what do we get?  Our sturdy knight at rest after battle.  His horse grazes while the knight looks off to the distance.  His helmet is thrown back.  The battle is over and the knight looks to the future, not in fear, but in accomplishment.  I couldn't be happier to see this card in this place.  

Then I threw two more cards, the first to look at the political landscape in 2021.  We have the Nine of Disks, Gain.  I read this as a Democratic gain in government, Democratic power.

The final card was looking at the economy in two years and I threw the Art, Trumps.  I see the woman as alchemist hard at work, balancing  ingredients with positive and negative beasts in the foreground (I don't know that they are positive and negative beasts, that's just my interpretation).  So I see this as a challenge to deal with the positives and negatives in economy.  There is, after all, an enormous deficit to deal with, and lower revenues after "his" tax bill.  (On a personal note, our financial advisor cautions us to expect a downturn and that the bull market can't continue.  However, he also reminds us that recessions average 8-9 months.  I haven't had any warning on an intuitive level to get out of the market.   )

Please feel free to look at these cards in the Thoth deck and share your interpretations.  


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05/03/2019 11:21 pm  

Very interesting Bluebell.  Thank you for detailing this throw.  I don't really have anything to add but I have been wondering about the economy lately.  It has begun to occupy more of my thoughts but I don't get a sense of where it may be headed right now.

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05/04/2019 1:54 am  

Lovendures, it seems like we are due for a market slowdown eventually.  Unemployment is low and the economy seems robust, but at the same time, we have this enormous deficit that will be inherited by our children and grandchildren.  Plus there’s the whole tariff war that’s affecting fundamental commodities.  Seems like there will come a time of reckoning, but don’t know when.  I guess the best we can do is to keep our individual finances in order, live within our means and pay off debt.

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05/04/2019 10:46 am  

Bluebelle- I don't believe the numbers the government is putting out about unemployment/jobs and the economy in general. I think it is smoke. The Trump cabinet plays to an audience of one who wants all good news because he thinks that words rather than actions/lived experience will sway people--that he can continue to brainwash people into believing that black is white. If the job market and economic indicators were so perfect, why are the rates being kept so low??? We cannot judge how well the economy is by the wealthiest, the economic winners, we have to judge it by how the poor are doing-- has there been upward mobility? Has income gone up for the bottom 80%, 50%, 20%? Are foreclosure rates at an all time low? Has savings increased among those in the middle class and below? Has debt increased instead? There is a real picture and a fake picture. We are living the real and being presented with the fake. 

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05/04/2019 2:38 pm  

Rowsella, there is so much truth in your post-it really resonates with me.  Truly, the economic picture painted by the administration is all smoke and mirrors.

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05/06/2019 12:13 am  

Bluebelle, this is a wonderful reading, filled with hope and filled with truth.  Thank you!  I love the outcome too - that knight resting in a beautiful natural landscape. He's looking at the gentle mountain he will have to climb, filled with fields and agriculture.  But for a while he will rest and feel the peace.  I also love the Queen of Swords - an intelligent, commanding woman who wields the sword of truth and cuts off the head of illusion.  Yay.  

Rowsella, I also resonate with your post.  I don't feel assured by the statistics that the economy is booming.

The low unemployment rate, for example, doesn't feel okay to me. Unemployment is only counted for people who are reporting that they are actively job hunting - mainly people who are receiving unemployment compensation.  If they have given up looking or their unemployment insurance has run out then  they aren't counted in the statistics. So large swaths of adults who are living on the margins of subsistence are not counted in these figures. Here's an article about it.

But even if the unemployment rate was correctly reflecting the true rate of unemployment, the last time it was this low was in 1969 occurred right before a recession.