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Remote viewing of 2019-2021  


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05/03/2019 4:43 pm  

Yesterday I meditated and then did a remote viewing/channeling/automatic writing exercise looking at the next  few years.  The following is what came to me during that experience:


I am floating in time and space.  Lavender colored clouds swirl, collapse and rise up again in front of me.  I am looking to the future and what will happen to the US over the next few years.


Everything looks normal.  The turmoil is Washington is less and people are distrustful of government and politicians.  The democracy survives, somewhat tattered, but recognizable as the same system of government.


He is gone.  His children are gone.  His minions are gone.  He is taken down by the Congress and the Republicans join the Democrats in forcing him out.


Something bad enough has happened that the GOP realize they can no long associate with this president.  Barr was the first to go.  Then Mnuchen.  The sycophants are out.


What is the terrible thing that happened to turn the GOP against this president?  Something has happened regarding children.  Children died.  It was all avoidable.  It was one last coverup that couldn’t be sustained.


In the more immediate future, Mueller testifies in Congress and the nation watches.  The nation gets an education about the reality of who he truly is.  The GOP turning against him is                                                                                     a matter of cutting their losses, not loyalty to country.


The government is damaged.  Not all judges held firm against the threat of anarchy.  Choose your judges wisely.  They tried to stack the judicial odds in their favor, those Republicans, but there turned out to be honorable people with integrity in the mix.  Other institutions remain damaged, like the State Department, the Department of Education to name just a few.  Good people have left government.  The brightest, most competent people were driven out by this administration.  Everything has to be rebuilt.


What happens with all the  White House’s stonewalling against the House’s oversight committees?  People are cited with contempt.  A few are thrown in jail.  Others looked at the ones in jail and decide he isn’t worth it, so they cooperated.  It’s an ugly, ugly season coming up.  It feels like forever, but it’s only a season.  You will be okay.  The country will be okay.  Wiser heads will prevail.  Democracy will prevail.

Looking forward a few years, I see him back in his penthouse in New York.    He’s still connected to Fox News and continues to nurse his wounded pride and stir up his base.  Fox News doesn’t change, still panders to the far right and the evangelical right.    It won’t fade until the Boomer generation is gone.

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05/03/2019 11:16 pm  

Bluebell, thank you so much for taking on this exercise and writing about the results.  It should provide a lot of hope to those who are fearful right now.  It is also beautifully written.

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05/04/2019 3:28 am  

Sounds interesting, according to what you saw, there isnt a war.

For me nothing else happening would interest me until Trump leaves office, hes way too erratic, no one knows what he will do.


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05/06/2019 4:38 pm  

Bluebell ,

Bless you and your amazing empathic and visionary heart. I for one am so deeply grateful you are here among us. Holding space with you always and seeing the light even during the most challenging days. 

The energies have been building up in me for a while now (as you may know) and today I turned on the news...first time in a long hear about the littlest royal and watching and feeling the overwhelming love and joy of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex had me bawling and now your post and bathing in its golden rays finished me off. Love you dear lady. Pass the kleenex.



Love, light, and healing prayers,
💜 MIchele

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05/06/2019 6:59 pm  

Love you, too, Michele.  I was feeling overwhelmed by last weeks news and did this meditation/channeling just to see what would come up.  It’s a bad season but we will get through this.

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05/09/2019 11:08 am  

Thank you for the great reading, Bluebelle.  I have always thought, though I'm no intuitive , that the final straw will be something to do with the children.  you're right, it is only a season but we will get through it.  Hopefully we will learn our lessons well.

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