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While I once made a forum topic here under "Postive Predictions" for Alzheimer's discoveries and breakthroughs, we are missing a sub-heading for any and all advances, discoveries or breakthroughs in other  medical diseases, problems or health issues.

So, here's a place for any and all of those that have not only jumpstarted by new science and medical research but by recombinant ideas on drug uses and protocols.

Today it's  a wonderful discovery for curing at least one major form of Tuberculosis. TB  impacts so many in our third world populations and this particular variation of the disease will have such potential life changing and 90% chance of life saving benefits.

Read about the new use of these three combined drugs--only one approved of the three so far-- but they are working on  the approval for the other two.

Scientists Discover New Cure for the Deadliest Strain of Tuberculosis - The New York Times:


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