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Lawsuits against the bullies  


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08/31/2019 10:48 am  

If you've been disheartened by thinking that the bullies always go unpunished, take look at how the little guy is faring in bringing lawsuits agains fossil fuel behemoths and against governments who fail to protect us.

People are not just sitting back and taking abuse. There is a lot going on out there that is changing things.  Lawsuits are happening.

The Southern Poverty Law Center litigated the KKK virtually out of existence a while back.  They used lawsuits to bankrupt that organization. 

Some teenagers in my little town successfully sued the State of Massachusetts for failing to implement programs to address climate change.   

The above article gives a history of how litigation has been pushing back against fossil fuel companies.  I hope it gives you hope. 

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08/31/2019 7:34 pm  

This article is encouraging for the future. I can see a huge lawsuit against the NRA for not providing citizens with a safe environment to live in. Their rights are being taken away more so than gun advocates rights to own assault weapons etc.... Thank you Jeanne for a hopeful look into a possible future dealing with climate change.