Hope for Wildlife Due to Rising Consciousness  


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04/08/2017 7:14 pm  

OK, this is about wild-life. Also the Environment. Also about America. What I am sensing is a gradual but powerful shift over the next 10 years, about wild-life. 

The general public are becoming much more aware of animals, in the wild, as something not to be hunted and killed, but enjoyed for what they are, as live things. This is quite strong in the young children of today. There is a hardcore "Hunt'n Shoot'N and Fish'n element in the country, but even some of them are now drifting into a serious understanding of the need for conservation and protection, as part of the Environment. I think we shall see a substantial drop over the next 20 years in hunting, as this consciousness becomes the mainstream norm. As part of this, I do see, in the great changes coming to America in the next 40 years, a sort of  deeply embedded care and concern about the wilderness and the environment. It is already there, but it is going to intensify greatly in the future. The events around the oil pipeline campaigns are amazing. They have huge support amongst millions of Americans. This is going to grow. I think we will reach a point, where the basic root belief of green-ness is hard wired into American society, and is the majority opinion. China has already done this, amazingly, (They had to) with its vast "Green Wall of China" project, that halted the encroaching deserts in their tracks. The interesting thing is that this is all about a large shift of conciousness. This conciousness is not just about Green things, but a general rejection of life as it is now lived in America, with its hyper consumer culture, and general violence and social problems. It will be very obvious, in the future, in the same way that we look back now on the Sixties, and the massive culture shift and change in beliefs that happened then. Another, "Second wave" shift is now underway. It has a dark edge, too, a sort of "Blade-Runner" conciousness, where authority is no longer legitimate, but tested every time it tries to impose itself, opposed whenever it does wrong, and demands being constantly made on it to change. A good example is the "Black lives matter" movement, which has revived black issues back to a level not seen since the sixties. Much else besides. America will be a very different place, in 20 years. Just possibly, the good guys win. I certainly see huge changes, and a repeat of the sixties. 

Peace!. -- written by Zoron

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Hi Zoron! Meghan here, aka Warriorwitch. Question re: this prediction -- will this extend to domestic animal shelters as well?

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Hi Meghan,

I think it will. Animal shelters, and the dedicated people who run them, are a a manifestation of what I am talking about. The growth of animal welfare organisations has been excellent. Most cities have some sort of coverage now. Even in small towns, there are sort of informal networks, where people know where to go or ask, to find the local "Cat lady" etc. or the man who takes in strays. Often individual cops or fire crew will involve themselves, in emergencies. I think this will grow. Here in the UK city in which I live, (about 300,000 people) we have a mainstream animal charity, cat rescue, an animal ambulance service, (road accidents) and special arrangements by them with the police and fire service to sort out problems. We also have a charity, (Nationwide) which is called "The Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals" which is totally free, (Donation) so that poor people can get their Pets fixed. In places like Holland, elsewhere in the European Union, there is a publicly funded animal rescue and ambulance service. Also in a lot of other places. Here in UK, in my city, what is interesting is the Urban wild-life. There has a big movement into the urban areas of foxes, who have colonies, as people rather like them, and they keep neighbourhoods free of rats, etc. Behind my apartment block, is a small strip of woodland. It has a fox colony in it, but they are sort of semi-tame. They walk right by you sometimes. A lot of other animals you would not expect to see also live in Urban areas. People regard them as a sort of local wildlife, and quite like seeing them. Killing the local wildlife has become a sort of absolute social taboo. This is a big change over the last 50 years. I think the same thing is developing in America?

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We have the same attitude here in my neighborhood, but hunting is still a popular pasttime, unfortunately. Just worried about local shelters being defunded by the current government. But that prediction gives me hope.

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Well, we still have hunting here. But it is frowned upon these days. It is also on nothing like the scale of things in America. It is done mostly by rich people, and the upper middle class. Mostly by social conservatives. It has a very bad social image as well. Hunting with Dogs is also tightly controlled. Dogs can be used to trail an animal, but it has to be shot. There is now a large campaign against commercial hunting reserves. In Scotland hunting is a huge political issue. 

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Just saw this on facebook. Funny how it coincides. 


Living in Midwest America I don't look upon hunting as anything bad. Humans have always hunted and will continue to hunt. However, I do think it is important that the hunted be respected. There's no need for a slaughter. Thanking your kill for their sustenance like Native Americans did is important. Making sure you use all the parts is doubly so. One should hunt to eat, not hunt to kill.

On a different track, our farming systems also need to be revitalized. Farming is damaging and takes up lots of space. Best way to explain it is to go and watch Cowspiracy:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqOpgczXejU.  

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Hi All,  If you draw a historical line, the protections from human animal abuse have definitely increased in recent years and it will continue to increase.  It's a matter of critical mass effect  of rising consciousness in all aspects of life - and critical mass effects also follow an accelerating growth rate, so that improvement in animal treatment seems gradual at first and as time goes on, it beings to accelerate rapidly, even exponentially.  We are realizing that all creatures are inter-connected.  Just as you all are supporting the idea that all humans are one.

There are setbacks however, but they are just temporary. In the U.S. during this current dark and final Trump/Republican dominance, government is going backwards on animal treatment, just like everything else they are doing.  Within days of Trump taking office the USDA eliminated a practice of publishing the names of farms their inspectors had cited for farm animal cruelty. (Keep in mind that it takes horrible cruelty to get cited by a USDA inspector.) That meant that animal rescue organizations, like  the ASPCA, would have a very hard time figuring out which farms were abusive, making it hard to save the animals in those farms.  Due to the hard work of animal organizations, like the ASPCA, ordinances have been passed in a number of states to prohibit animal cruelty.  

The improvements often follow the red state-blue state divide, and also farm state-non farm states, and rural versus urban.

My niece works in legislation for the ASPCA.  She came to our state, Massachusetts, with a group of ASPCA interns, to campaign for a bill they introduced that prohibited cruel treatment of farm animals.

The anti-cruelty measure won by the biggest margin they've ever seen (75% voted for the bill.).  But that's Massachusetts, a major blue/liberal state. Believe it or not, she told us that they could not get bills passed in some states that prevented cruel treatment ONLY  of dogs, cats, and horses! All other animals were free game for cruelty.

Ironically the night they won this victory for animals, Trump won the presidential election. As we were sitting around at 2 am November 9th in disbelief, she said that she expected that the feds would pass legislation that would undo the many state rules against animal cruelty that the ASPCA had fought so hard for.  So in the short term, in the U.S., we can expect animal cruelty to rise, just like we are already seeing racism rising under this regime.

But the good news is that this terrible period will end. When it does, government protections of animals will skyrocket, just as they have in the private sector. 

There has been a rising consciousness that we are all one, that there isn't a great divide between humans and animals, only levels of intelligence.  We've begun to understand that evolution (the Darwinian kind) has made us only a little above some species in some ways, not black and white differences.  I've always felt, and I bet many of you agree, that some animals have a higher consciousness than humans -- whales, dolphins and others have a better consciousness than humans -- for example dogs. They are like enlightened beings. They live in the present moment. They don't torture just for the sake of torture. They kill only for food. 

So over the long term I see a revolution of animal treatment, one that has already started in higher consciousness regions. And eventually it will become the rule.


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I want to add my two cents about some of my observations about cats. I live with a family of polydactal cats. They all have between 5 and 6 toes on each paw, front and back.

It is belived that at one time, probably in the middle ages, many polydactals were killed because of superstition. this led to ths slective breeding of 4 toed cats as the norm.

Only sailors prefered the multi toed kind of cat, because of the cat's natural love of water and ability to catch rodants.

So polydactals are not rare, but not quite common today.  I personaly belive polydactals are a step in cat evolution.

Our polydactyls are fasinated by tools. They pick things up with their "hands". They have superior balance standing on their hind legs. They are very good at undooing things, now how to teach them to build and put things back!

One eats and drinks water by dipping his paw in his bowl and licking it off.  One young cat gave birth in January. she only had one kitten. I have noticed fron the past that mother cats have diffrent meows for each kitten. This kitty named her baby unmma. So we called her that too.  For what ever strange and wonderful qualities all cats posess,I do think they could be in an evolutionary prosess we have just not formaly recignized.

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Just yesterday I was thinking if EU survives in 10 years time we will probably (hopefully)have only free range meat and eggs available, the progress is happening, although not as fast as we would love to. EU has been good on bees, apparently in Europe bee population is now on rise, because of restrictions on pesticides. This makes me happy as I spend summers in countryside and in comparison with my childhood, there are not as many bees, butterflies, birds etc, apparently all to do with pesticides and chemicals used on fields.

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Wow Cindy, I understand what you mean.  My mother was a communal narcissist.  Everyone just loved her.  But she treated me like crap.  I won't go into detail but one of the hardest things I have to deal with now is the guilt of not missing her now that  she's gone.

Well things are heating up in DC.  Former President Carter said in an interview that he believes Moron wasn't elected legally.  Goodforhim.!  The debates were very interesting.  My God I would love to see Moron try to debate Kamala.  She would break him like a bread stick!

Okay here is my rant for the day.  Every Sept 11 we go through the "don't ever forget" mourning.  Well it seems to me that the Reps have most certainly forgoten.  How can they support a man who calls thebutcher for Saudi Arabia a good friend and is honored to be in his presence.  Where did the 13 or so terrorist who attached our country come from?  How soon wil they try the "all Saudi's " aren't terrorist BS?  Does anyoneelse remember when GW Bush refused a chek from a Saudi Prince to rebuild NY?  To watch Moron faun over the worst dictators in the world today and know that he thinks he can be one of them is  sickening.  I think deep down that they are using him because he is so easily manipulated and he is so narcissistic that he believes they like him!  They are playing him like a fiddle.

OK rant done. Once again please excuse my spelling.  It has always been my weakness.

Black Emo