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03/10/2020 2:57 pm  

@jeanne-mayell, thank you for sharing Reasons to be Cheerful.  I had no idea that David Byrne, who I absolutely love, started something this.  We need all the hope and cheer we can get.

I can't figure out how to get it delivered to my inbox.  Maybe through the "Contact us" link?

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03/10/2020 5:15 pm  


Actually @Lovendures posted it. I merely mentioned that there are two one that first circulated last year and year two is circulating now.  It IS wonderful isn't it. 🙂


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03/10/2020 11:18 pm  


Loved the one you talked about too.  Thanks.  Loved watching the bear cubs.


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03/12/2020 10:38 pm  

Portland distillery makes hand sanitizer to give to customers | News |

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A Portland distillery is now making hand sanitizer and giving it out to customers.

Shine Distillery and Grill already has the equipment and the alcohol for it. They say it just makes sense for them to help keep people healthy right now.

Basically, when they distill the alcohol, the first part that comes out isn’t meant to drink, so they make a cleaner out of it. 

High enough alcohol content to use at 80% and legal to make as long as they give it away not sell it!

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