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[Closed] Amazing or Unexplainable Events and Miracles in the News  


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11/25/2019 11:12 am  

Right along with prophecy, revelations, predictions, and the sentient consciousness and interconnection of all things are miracles.

All of those amazing or magical things that cannot often be rationally or logically explained.

One is the story of the little boy thrown from a 3rd floor mall balcony.

It's not just that he survived and its not just that he is recovering, free of brain damage and but that he has a sense of his own being ok and healing all along!

When people asked him how he was doing. He'd answer I'm ok. Don't worry, or I'm already healed. And he'd even tell them the Angels caught me. And would also say I'm ok and you will be too.

Talk about an intuitive, prophetic, positive, and empathetically sentient little being! n" target="true">Now, five months later,


he's doing so very well especially after such a horric event!

Miracles happen. Sometimes they just take a while for all of us to realize just how miraculous every thing is.  



He's ok linked at 5 months later to get in the 3rd link as it wouldnt edit otherwise 😉



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11/25/2019 3:25 pm  


I love this thread. 

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11/27/2019 11:32 am  

A medical miracle and yes it did involve science and technology but Chris Barr paralyzed in a surfing accident several years ago and told he was completely paralyzed with no cure is now walking.

Chris is called Patient #1. The first person to be given his own stem cells harvested from his own stomach fat and then injected into his spine. 

And now many months later he is not only walking again but doing so with only the support of a cane.

Doctors say much more research is still needed because they are so amazed by this miracle themselves that they need to determine if Chris is an anomaly (perhaps another scientific explanation for a miracle 😉

As he said being Patient #1 in a trial with unknown consequences was easy. As far as he was concerned he had nothing to lose.

A true medical miracle.


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11/27/2019 10:38 pm  


What an inspiring story - thank you for posting it. It just so happens I was watching ABC World news tonight and they showed the man walking. What was so wonderful was the reporter who was with Chris was Will Reeve - Christopher Reeve's son! They asked him how he felt about seeing this considering what his dad had endured. It was so important to him.  ❤️ 

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