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September 17, 2018 Timeline Predictions through Inauguration 2021  

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Latest Visions from September 17, 2018 Read the Positive Future Night

First: Messages from an Angel - We meditated together and heard these messages:

  • Fight, don’t give up. Fight! (Bright Opal)
  • Do not despair. You came to do good work and you have the opportunity to do it now!  It is an honor to be here. You get to rise. You are rising. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Hold on for dear life, the waves are rough but a new world is coming, the new sun is rising, don't focus on the chatter and the birth pangs. Focus and create the kind of world you want. During the next 10 years, the storm washes the sacred boat to a new and beautiful shore leaving the old world behind." (Howard)
  • I had a vision of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and received a message. I  heard nature sounds and saw a narrow scoped view of a lush green rainforest and a flowing river through the greenery. I smelled a musty, earthy odor and felt  moisture in the air and the peace of an untouched landscape. I asked for the message and heard, “It is alive and becoming more powerful, stronger and more resplendent. Humanity needs to tap into its strength to find its way forward. It is all coming together. It has many gifts to give humanity yet."
    I then consciously expanded the narrow view; saw men with medical booties over their shoes entering the rain forest. I interpret this as researchers gleaning information but trying not to disturb the environment or leave a large footprint.  (MaryEllen)
  • Fight the urge to go back into your corners. (Debbie)
  • Work together and not against each other. We are all in this life and on this earth together. (Betty)
  • I see light streaming down upon us, and people caring. I hear, wake up world! Open your eyes to what is taking place. [This next part of the message is for our whole collective, including the Trump people]: You cannot go back to an earlier time. You can only go forward. The current effort to make America white and return to the 1950’s is like Nazi Germany. It will fail and those involved will go down in infamy. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • There is a heart that understands you. There is someone who understands your emotions. (Betty)
  • Go for it, dive in. I hear "We are coming." A new world is coming where there will be more justice and fairness for everyone, including the animals, plants and the planet. (Doris)
  • Be Light. Do not be afraid. There are many prayers being offered that promote expansion of inward Light. Let the Light shine outward. This is a time of action. (MaryEllen)
  • I hear the words, “Clean your house.” We need to clear out the garbage in order to make room for something good. (Doris) We have to clean our own house. There is garbage to take out.
  • Look for the good qualities in others.  The negative will fall away. (K.Z.)
  • Create, create, create. New stuff, new ideas bring joy to all. (Muriel)
  • Act now! A huge spiritual awakening is beginning. There is a window of opportunity for spiritual growth. (Carissa)
  • Connect to the land. See that it is alive together with you and that you cannot breathe or live without it. Stop covering the land with tarmac and let the plants grow. Plant mangroves along the coastlines. Plant trees along your fields. Trees are the lungs. The plants are your food. Without the land you have no food. Care for your land and your plants. Write to your politicians. They don’t get what is coming. (Paula)
  • Hang in there. It will get better. Change is coming. We won’t let you down. We have planted the seeds and light workers will predominate. (Carol)
  • I see an image of a sun with a triangle-shaped compass over it. The message is, “The world is what you make of it, how you sculpt it, plan it out. But plans are everything. Without good plans, the project won’t work.” (Arianne)
  • The Earth is an active school, a learning center with complex interactions. (Siobhan)
  • I heard: “We smile upon you. You are doing good work. Don’t give up. We are with you. Don’t fear. You are protected. All will be right at the end. You are here for a reason. I realized we chose to be here at this moment of chaos and awakening on the planet. We are here to witness and help bring ourselves to a higher level of existence. (Doris)

Visions of our world:


  • Kavanaugh hampered.  The man is becoming increasingly nervous and conflicted. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I hear a lot of commotion in Congress and among politicians and the press. They are up all night trying to plan their next move on confirming the SCOTUS nominee. A lot of spin masters working, lawyers and experts advising, coaching, and writing speeches, questions and answers. The GOP is divining an assault on the accuser. (Jeanne)
  • Slowing down of all dark work. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Dig in our heels to hold the positive. A lot of political turmoil. (Howard)
  • I see a blue wave and Trump getting desperate. (Meg)
  • I see blue waves. (Frannie)
  • Men in suits with their heads in their hands looking down. Hearing the word, “Whoa.” (Jessica)
  • Journalist Ronan Farrow (son of Mia Farrow) breaks more news and helps clean out the system. (Frannie)
  • More progressive people swinging into action, getting involved, communicating. (Muriel)
  • Total and utter chaos as this president implodes. He brings himself down by his reckless acts. (Bluebelle)
  • Trump’s tower is falling. (Sally)
  • Trump is panicking, he’s lying. Trump is in charcoal grey suit, looking over his right shoulder. He is looking back from the corner or his eyes. He’s not smiling. (Bright Opal)
  • We are changing, continuing to gear up for change. The rest of the world is standing in the gap for America. We have help from the globe in lifting ourselves up. (Jessica)
  • I hear humor from higher beings: “Man, you guys need help.” (Carissa)
  • It might get bad, but there will be immense beauty and hope in helping each other and working together. (Cris)
  • Chaos. We are trying to make sense of what doesn’t make sense anymore. (Doris)
  • More exposure of dark undercurrents in government activities. (Muriel)
  • I saw a big crystal blue ocean wave pouring over me as it was rising towards the shore. (Glori)
  • I see a world tied in knots; there is pressure from all sides.  We are at a knot, a point of tension. Feeling that there’s no way to untangle the mess of our lives and our politics. But we are wrong. These are all feelings, and feelings change. It’s not necessarily reality. (Bluebelle)
  • More scientific discoveries concerning health. (Betty)
  • I hear the word “Juicy” and “feel “something juicy. This is a reward. I feel this is something good waiting for us all. (Doris)
  • There’s a shift away from fast food. I don’t know if this is literal or symbolic. (Ann)
  • I hear, “Finally! Now we’re getting somewhere,” indicating some kind of progress is being made. (Ann)


  • The Arctic looking blue on a map. (Bright Opal) [Jeanne’s note: this probably indicates it is melted. In the past it was white on a map.]
  • Consciousness will rise because the storms will be stronger. Things will get clearer, people will know what to do, how to act how to vote. (Paula)
  • Water everywhere. (Betty)
  • People carrying children and injured up a hillside. I am not sure if it was a result of the water rising or if there was a landslide. (Glori)
  • Positive Cooler weather. (Sally)
  • Dolphin fins. The fish of the seas are hurting. (Doris)
  • I hear the trees.  They are patient, but they are giving off a signal.  They can bend and adjust to a point, but some are distressed and all are trying to deal with the changing chaotic weather.  Some species will not make it, spruce are in trouble, some of our most cherished tree species are not going to survive. The most flexible will take over and we will see more homogeneous tree population.  It will be the weed trees that take over our landscape.  A new landscape is coming.  Shorter height, more tropical, jungle like in some areas, desert in other areas. Scrub. Over the next few decades many of the majestic trees will die out, except in a few places. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see the color orange for the energy of this time. It stands for warning. (Jeanne)
  • There is a chain of people going around the world, smiling, holding each other or holding hands. It’s like a child’s drawing people holding hands around the globe, singing the John Lennon song “Give Peace a Chance.” (Bright Opal)


  • There will be some kind of war because of Trump.  US is completely dark.  (Bright Opal)
  • I get the message that there will be “Great promise for the Middle East. (Arianne)
  • I see a sunset with mosque like the Taj Mahal (a domed building). (Arianne)
  • China, Russia, North Korea and India uniting against Trump… or with Trump?  (Bright Opal)
  • Putin is looking to the right feeling pretty sure of himself.  Actually, he’s very pleased.  (Bright Opal)
  • I see Russia, kind of dark.  It’s allying with China.  North Korea is darker than Russia.  North Korea is following along because it doesn’t have much of a choice.  Also they want to. (Bright Opal)
  • Parade in North Korea, Kim Jung Un is saluting but there was only one row of a platoon and only one bomb and it’s empty.  (Bright Opal)
  • North Western Africa is bright but it’s not okay.  On the North African coast in the Mediterranean Sea there are a lot of people on a beach, pressing one another.  I see boats and people wanting to flee.  (Bright Opal)
  • Canada is in the light. (Bright Opal)
  • Europe is bright. Like a beige color on a map. (Bright Opal)



  • Difficult time. People working to exhaustion. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Something is going to happen. Something that changes everything, that makes turning out to vote so very imperative. I’ve been feeling this for a while and can’t quite see it. (Bluebelle)
  • Some Republicans break ranks and turn against Trump. The Republican Senators block him. (Bluebelle)
  • When I think of this time period, I immediately felt a rush of negative energy and a pit in my stomach.  It was almost as a dark cloud immediately passed overhead, darkening everything.  (Elaine)
  • Trump tries to distract with something. It doesn’t work. (Muriel)
  • Election: “War of the words.” A lot of hateful campaign chatter. Fear and hope all at the same time. (Howard)
  • Preparing for the midterm elections, people getting active, activists moving masses to vote. (Paula)
  • I ask for relevant names for October events, and I get Trump and Doug Jones. (Arianne)
  • Republicans desperate. Last minute over-the-top voter suppression being planned. Putin more dark and devilish than ever. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Concern rising about Pence: I’ve always gotten a very bad feeling when looking at Pence. It will feel saner than it is with Trump, but we will learn that he is really bad news. I immediately think of the characters in the movie The Devil’s Advocate where their faces temporarily shape-shift to show their dark motives. (Elaine)
  • Congress starts listening to the people. (Meg)
  • Truth, fairness is coming to the surface. (Doris)
  • Things are moving fast.  (Bright Opal)
  • Fear and tension rising over the coming election. (Sally)
  • I feel people are going to be more feverish in their work. More belief that progressives can turn it around. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see a lamb. (I think of Connor Lamb) (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Great deal of turmoil, anger, street riots. No deaths though. (Muriel)
  • I see things painted over beginning to crack. (Kristen)
  • Trump getting more erratic, and trying to distract from the investigation. (Meg)
  • Children are freed. Some of the immigrant children are released from their detention camps. They are reunited with their families. (Bluebelle)
  • There are voices of reason in the midst of chaos. Leaders emerge. (Bluebelle)
  • Violence erupts in a riot, somewhere in a U.S. city. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • My back feels heavy. I see a man on the ground. Another is standing over him with a boot on his neck. This may be at a protest in the east or south. (Julie)
  • We need to deal with the shadows that we have created. We created this mess and now we need to deal with it. (Doris)
  • Hospitals in the news, especially medicines. I see a medical building, yellow bricks. (Doris)
  • Large jet going over a city (could be New York) and the engines were smoking but it seems to have landed safely with limited injuries. (Glori)


  • I hear sirens, the British kind, and see people running to, not away from, the site of the incident. I feel this is an event in London. (Ann)
  • I’m in a stone tunnel, on horseback, galloping.  I’m not afraid, but the sunlight isn’t visible yet. I feel determined to ride to the opening, to the sunshine no matter how long it takes. Thus far I’m not tired, but I have no idea how long the ride will be. It feels as if I already know and am prepared for a very long journey. (Debbie)
  • Japan is recovering. (Paula)
  • I get a metaphor of Pizza Hut because it’s cheap, the quality isn’t good, but it’s satisfying. I also ask for a relevant location, and I see South Africa. (Arianne)


  • Climate change is surging. But light workers are working feverishly to push for sustainability. People are starting to hear that we need to act. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Flood water receding. (Betty)
  • Cooler weather moves in abruptly. A short fall season. (Julie)
  • Orange skies. Dark nights. Doesn’t feel good. (Betty)
  • More problems with the environment due to deregulation. (Meg)
  • There is a dark wind or energy coming in on the ground. It is blowing in from afar, but it is really coming from our own hearts. (Doris)
  • I see tornados happening. (Muriel)
  • Waters are getting noticeably warmer. (Bernie)
  • I feel a chill coming. Instant cold, when it was hot a few days before. Wild temperature swings. (Julie)
  • Whales caught in something. (Bernie)
  • Birds are confused. Migration patterns are disrupted by changes in earth’s tilt. (Jeanne Mayell)

While darkness is peaking and descending, these positive events are rising up:

  • There is volatility and yet we are here, serene in our moment, in our intuition. There’s more about to happen than we realize. Perhaps it’s not as dark as we think. There are children brightening our world. (Bluebelle)
  • The energy is both destructive and transformative. The feminine is rising. (Melanie)
  • Cracks in the wall let the light shine through. (Julie)
  • Light workers getting hopeful, and working feverishly now.  Gaining momentum.
  • Women rising, rising, rising. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • While the dark stuff is happening, we are awakening. The light workers are awakening.  It’s an amazing thing. (Bluebelle)
  • I sense panic. I sense peace too. We need to learn to accept these opposites are happening in our swirling world. There is hope amid pain and conflict. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Democracy is working. (Jeanne)
  • We have a long way to go but the light is rising. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Individuals and private groups extending help to those who need it. (Julie)
  • Feeling of tension/nervousness, but people continue to plow on and get through each day. (Julie)
  • Innovations replacing old paradigms. People are action oriented instead of institution oriented. (Muriel)
  • Women rising up. We have foreseen this and now it is truly happening. Women are empowered. Women realize that if there is going to be change, they need to make it happen. (Bluebelle)
  • Women are rising and determining their own destinies. (Meg)
  • I see a meadow full of wildflowers and birds singing. I feel a wave of love coming in, enveloping the planet and all that live on it. The planet is surrounded with loving light. There is good in the world. The guardians are watching. (Doris)
  • California is a beacon. (Frannie)
  • The world we see here is a veneer. It is very different underneath, where it is hidden. A lot of good is hidden. (Howard)
  • A lot of bad things are surfacing. They need to be healed. (Howard)
  • Women winning. Voters cheering. (Betty)


Midterm Elections - [Note that in the Senate only 9 Republicans are up for reelection but 24 Democrats are up for reelection.]

  • House blue. (Jeanne Mayell, Ann, Bluebelle, Meg, Debbie, Donna, Sally, Doris, Donna, Carol)
  • Senate red (Jeanne Mayell,Debbie)
  • Senate purple (split evenly red and blue). (Ann, Meg, Doris, Donna, Sally)
  • Senate blue. (Carol)
  • Red House. Red Senate. (Jim)
  • Trump is angry and claiming election fraud. House of Representative is mostly blue. (Siobhan)
  • The House and Senate feel battered. (Bluebelle)
  • I see a fight for the Senate.  There’s something wrong with the votes in one of the states. There’s a recount. No one knows which way it will go. There’s been cheating. (Debbie)
  • People will be happy with the election results. They are celebrating. (Betty)
  • Dancing in the streets. (Sally)
  • Turmoil, but good turmoil. (Muriel)
  • Crazy elections. Voters disenfranchised, much discord. (Julie)
  • Massive voter turnout. No longer the minority ruling. (Meg)
  • Women working hard to help other women. Suzie Orman in the news. (Joy)
  • A greater sense of solidarity. We are in this together. (Carissa)
  • Country shifts. White House tilted. (Donna)
  • A huge wind blows through the country, clearing the land of disease and dark forces. (Bluebelle)
  • The elections are a mess and there is no direction for the country. (Jim)
  • Change is afoot, but people are freaked out.  Politically we are in uncharted territory now. (Bluebelle)
  • It’s like the lid popped off and the steam shoots out of the government. (Muriel)
  • Blue rising up to join red: the government starts to become more purple. (Sally)
  • People in the US are feeling more optimistic regarding the election. (Sally)

Other events in November 2018: 

  • Angry crowds are yelling and protesting in the streets. (Ann)
  • Students taking interest in Government. (Meg)
  • Mueller is reporting on things no one suspected. (Meg)
  • Facts come out about all sorts of hidden stuff. (Muriel)
  • Some won’t believe Manafort but he’s going to open a lot of secrets. (Jeanne)
  • Shenanigans at play in the political arena; rumors driven by lots of purposeful talk but only vague evidence at present. Hearts say that evidence will be contrary to popular belief. (MaryEllen)
  • Seeing rats hiding, running into holes in walls. (Donna)
  • More Washington drama.  Every day more ugly revelations. One after another. (Julie)
  • The stock market takes a huge hit. (Jim)
  • Political agitation due to change. (Sally)
  • I see a large sunset. (Donna) [Note: something is ending.]
  • I get this message: War is coming. But it is all right. You will be safe. It’s a war of ideologies, as well as of force. I ask about the tank I saw earlier, and I get an image of Southeast Europe; also Northwest Russia, near Scandinavia. (Arianne)
  • Dems and Reps begin to want to work together: many don't and won't, some will begin. (Howard)
  • I see cars in darkness, like there's no power anywhere, and Tinkerbell comes to mind. (Ann)
  • There is an emphasis or campaign on feeding the nation/world. (Siobhan)

 Winter Holidays

  • A real Thanksgiving. (Sally)
  • People in the US making increased efforts to reconnect with loved ones at the holiday out of greater appreciate of each other. Increased travel, more than usual at Thanksgiving, to make the connections. (MaryEllen)
  • Nice Thanksgivings. Warm, home. (Julie)
  • The energy of this time is bright. I think of Thanksgiving and football games. The weather is cold.


  • Wedge shaped planes in the air. Lots of them. (Muriel)
  • A stone room.  A barred window. Looking out I see soldiers fighting. I am waiting to be rescued. (Debbie)
  • Japan and Shinzo Abe will prove to be important. (Arianne)


  • Volcano rumbling or threatening. (Betty)
  • Bubbling ocean. (Betty) [Jeanne’s note: This has already started happening in the Arctic due to release of methane gas which is very bad for climate.]
  • I hear a foghorn blowing. Huge waves. Very high winds. Very dangerous seas. (Doris)
  • Very windy. The winds of change. Change is coming. (Doris)
  • Tumbleweeds rolling across a barren landscape. (Bluebelle)
  • Dark times, really dark times with the weather. I keep seeing a big storm and floods in Europe. So much rain its unbelievable. (Paula)


  • Everyone is tired, kind of post partum bluish. (Muriel)
  • I see purple. Unexpected, not what either side wanted. Politicians will be forced to govern together, or stay stalled. (Cris)
  • Republicans reconcile to their loss. Many try to salvage their reputations, claiming they were working to block Trump. Pretending they were courageous and brave. They were not. (Bluebelle)
  • Republicans are trying to get laws passed and regulations changed before January. There’s a frenzied activity as they try to protect their waning power. (Bluebelle)
  • A confusing court case reversed. Possibly a conviction in favor of justice? (Melanie)
  • People pensive, contemplating what is going on like never before. (Doris)
  • Voices are calling out, “Good news!” (Ann)
  • People are feeling inflation. (Joy)
  • Trade wars take their toll on retail. (Julie)
  • People walking, on the move, scared. (Betty)
  • The energy of this time is of laying low. It is calm and quiet. (Carol)
  • Medical breakthroughs. Cancer progress. Also possible ALS progress. (Carol)

White House

  • Many are going to be prosecuted. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • More guilty pleas in Muller investigation. (Betty)
  • Tape on White House workers mouths. (Donna)
  • Trump has been contained. (Meg)
  • Trump’s teeth are chattering. (Debbie)
  • Trump in trouble. (Jeanne)
  • Trump by himself. (Bernie)
  • A lot of criticism of Trump for trade wars. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • His whole family is in trouble. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Something is happening with Mueller. Not sure if he is sick or threatened in some way. (Julie)
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders looks like a puppet with strings coming out of her. Her mouth is moving but it’s not her voice. (Debbie)
  • The White House is empty.  No one home. We are rudderless now. (Bluebelle)
  • Trump: "That’s it! I quit. " (Carissa)

Winer Holidays

  • A renewed sense of optimism in country in the midst of difficult and sometimes angry times. People will spend more money and hope things are going to get better. (Howard)
  • Many politicians quiet, avoiding constituents. (Cris)
  • Christmas is more focused on others. (Sally)
  • A breath of fresh air, hope. (Muriel)
  • Holidays more focused on love, less on stuff. (Jeanne)
  • The energy of this period is dark ethereal purple. (Melanie)
  • Less focus on material at Christmas. Retailers doing well, but not as much as usual. (Julie)
  • I hear the cheery Christmas song, “Carol of the Bells.” I get the impression that Christmas came late this season. The lyrics are about throwing cares away and good cheer for all. (Ann)


  • A pound note ripped up. (Kristen)
  • Frozen Queen Elsa. (Frannie)
  • The London eye rolling. (Kristen)
  • EU finds a way forward in regard to approaching Brexit. Heard: “Unilateral agreement.” Less focus on commercialism at the holidays; more on personal connection. (MaryEllen)
  • A war will come closer to home, and I get an image of the Bering Straight near Alaska and Russia. (Arianne)
  • I see Mexican farmworkers with grapes. This could be about immigration issues or NAFTA. (Arianne)
  • Canadians glad they are in Canada. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Threat of civil war in an African country. (Julie)
  • War comes closer to home. “But don’t worry, it will be ok,” is a message of reassurance for me. I see an image of the Bering Strait. (Arianne)


  • Desolate, white day, snowing with the wind blowing. (Doris)
  • A white Christmas. I’m in the northeast U.S. (Jeanne)
  • I was standing in 6-inch snow while the snow kept coming down. It seemed like upper eastern seaboard. (Glori)
  • It’s bitter cold in the Northeast. (Debbie)
  • A geyser purging crude oil from within. (Jessica)
  • Cold, crazy weather. One big storm. My driveway is heavy with snow. I’m in the Boston area. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I hear “we escaped this time.” (Doris)
  • Recovering from the floods in Europe. Recovering. Getting dry. (Paula)
  • Land has to be restored, was lost to the floods. Houses drenched. I see houses drenched but don’t see where. Could be UK, Germany or other European nation. (Paula)


  • News about the artificial islands in the China Sea. There are runways all over the China Sea on the artificial islands built by China. I see US war boats there. The armada is not very strong. They don’t care. They are going there against their will, meaning they don’t like the orders given to them. (Bright Opal)


  • I see more blue from the election. (Siobhan)
  • I sense a new movement in early 2019, similar to #me-too, but more inclusive, to include all marginalized groups. (Melanie)
  • The Democrat donkey is in the news. (Debbie)
  • There’s hustle and bustle in Congress, and I hear “Let’s get down to business.” (Ann)
  • I see a new treaty, a new beginning. (Carol)
  • Accountability, being made to take responsibility for actions. (Doris)
  • Trump in trouble. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trump on a chair and being told what to do. Being talked down to, being told to behave, “otherwise he cannot play anymore.” (Paula)
  • Calmness, quiet. (Muriel)
  • Political shift to the left is palpable and audible. Events are cumulative. Republicans are shaken up; Democrats are resurgent, buoyant, energized. (MaryEllen)
  • An uprising that is good. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Health care for everyone is in the news. (Betty)
  • (Julie)
  • Mueller is still at work. He’s still bringing indictments. He’s still uncovering the plots and the traitors. (Bluebelle)
  • Getting down to brass tacks. Getting started. (Sally)
  • People becoming more tolerant. (Meg)
  • A dove with branch in mouth like peace symbol. (Bernie)
  • Pence in trouble too. (Meg)
  • Congress is in total disarray. (Jim)
  • Dems get to work, and work very fast. (Muriel)
  • Trouble in the White House. (Howard)
  • Funeral around White House. (Donna)
  • Trump slumped over with failures and exhaustion. (Betty)
  • Clarity in the US elections. (Paula)
  • Everyone knows Trump is sick. (Paula)
  • New discovery in science. (Cris)
  • Congress is like a mob scene. GOP will not give up power. They are so vicious. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I hear the word “Accountability”. We will be made to take responsibility for our actions. (Doris)


  • De-escalation needed. (Arianne)
  • Forgiveness in store. Things will stop; then things will get better and escalate. There will be peace for a time, peace and happiness. A clown image comes. It seems sinister, like the peace is a joke. (Arianne)
  • Tanks rolling in, army boots, somewhere in a dry, dessert area. Feels like the Middle East. Feeling anxious, like something bad is going to happen. (Doris)
  • Earthquake which did a lot of damage to the 'Ring of Fire' area and Japan or China. (Glori)


  • White snow, beautiful on streets of cities. (Betty)
  • Very cold. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Very cold January throughout the US. (Julie)
  • I see ripples of water moving from the Midwest toward the Southwest. (Ann)


  • World is a bit more still and quiet. Peace for now. (Joy)
  • I hear song fevers. (Frannie)
  • Wine bottle uncorked. Celebrating. (Carissa)
  • MLK Day really celebrated. (Sally)
  • Valentines Day is really about love this time. More emphasis on love and giving. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Less shaming and more educating with compassion. (Melanie)
  • Celebration of love. (Julie)
  • The world is becoming more caring. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Revelations from a financial center with be disclosed. (Arianne)
  • Health care passes. No longer catering to big businesses. (Meg)
  • Trump is no longer respected or tolerated. He is sitting down and being told what to do. (Paula)
  • Trump's family is shaking. (Betty)
  • Trump locked in a corner. Apoplectic. (Jeanne)
  • Tantrums in the White House. (Muriel)
  • I see Melania holding a handgun. She is angry and yelling inside the White House. (Siobhan)
  • Manafort in the news. More actions. (Jeanne)
  • I see a plain white piece of paper. The tide has turned. It's a new day, and history is ours to write. (Julie)
  • Dems in control. (Meg)
  • More people value MLK celebration. (Sally)
  • News quiets down a little. (Cris)
  • Russian submarines off the east coast. Putin is angry. Putin starts a power play. (Bluebelle)
  • Something is coming to pass. Something is over. (Doris)
  • Getting out of White House. Leaving. (Donna)
  • Popcorn in the White House, things are jumping. (Betty)
  • From February to May 2019 many begin to feel a new president is on the horizon. VP Pence? (Howard)
  • Ivanka sick. Jared indicted. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Tea, teabags, taxes. Something is wrong with the tax cuts. (Debbie)
  • Trade problems, fights over walk backs. (Muriel)
  • Change so quick.  I'm dizzy. (Julie)
  • I hear “Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting.” The lyrics are: Everybody was Kung Fu fighting. Those kicks were fast as lightning. In fact, it was a little bit frightening, but they fought with expert timing. (Ann)
  • A bridge falls. (Debbie)


  • Progress is in the making.” Kim is called on his deception, which is easily transparent. No holds barred.” (MaryEllen)
  • Aboriginals dancing. (Bernie)
  • Enemies become friends. Russian/Putin and China/Xi Jinping. Russian and China are forging a relationship. Trade begins anew and flourishes. Then I saw Trump and Kim Jong Un I deepening talks.
  • UK news: I see a short, dark, box and think of Theresa May. (Carol)
  • Kim Jong Un and North Korea are in the news. (Siobhan)


  • I see white, snowy capital city. (Doris)
  • Tropical storm with lots of rain, lightening and heavy winds. There were lots of palm trees at were set on a beach. Lots of debris was washing up onto the shore. It seemed like southern US state such as Florida. (Glori)
  • I see an umbrella. Watch out for rain. (Arianne)
  • Birds hungry. (Julie)
  • Cherry blossoms on tree. Very beautiful. (Doris)
  • Earth changes, unexpected weather patterns. (Muriel)
  • Mercury rising. (Bluebelle)
  • I see flowers and apples. A basket representing a harvest. (Doris)
  • Blustering winds and flights cancelled in Europe. The wind is very strong. Very strong winds affecting all the flights in Europe. (I can hear the wind as I write this) (Paula)
  • Flights delayed due to a storm. (Doris)

MARCH 2019

  • Economy nervous. Tax transfer made. Deficit can’t balance. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A grass roots effort worldwide to build community through devotional gatherings; children's classes teaching values, love, and diversity. Youth rising in positive reinforcement groups teaching each other kindness, oneness, expressed through the arts and lots of songs and music. Friendships transcending all races. No more prejudice of any kind, race, gender, financial. (KZ)
  • States are controlling their own destinies. (Meg)
  • Beware the Ides of March. (Muriel)
  • Things feel lighter. (Donna)
  •  Not sure why we are so happy, but doesn't matter. Parties everywhere. (Julie)
  • Failure of federal government to pay bills. Investors nervous. (Jeanne)
  • Closure of a major retailer. (Julie)
  • I see orcas swimming in the sea on a nice sunny day on the west coast. (Doris)


  • India in the news. It may have something to do with Myanmar, India getting involved in their affairs. (Bright Opal)
  • Brexit will be stopped. People don’t want to be lemmings and fall of an Alt Right cliff to destruction. Johnson and Farage will be called up and made to take responsibility for lying and misleading their people. The reason why they did it will become clear. I hear they were bribed, promised more money. (Paula)
  • I see a very large cruise ship out in the open water of the ocean. A large fire started on what looked like a lower deck. (Glori)
  • Brexit: I see a turtle and then a young woman with red lips and animal print in the news. (Carol)
  • Blessings abound. The Pope is blessing those who were abused by priests. The Catholic Church is acknowledging their failure and offering compensation. (Bluebelle)
  • Heard lyrics from “Over the rainbow” Holding out hope for a reunion of brothers from long ago. But it will not reunify.This is about North and South Korea. I see the dotted line between the Koreas on a map rather than a solid line of demarcation. Dotted line represents continued separation but increased transparency and perhaps travel, between the countries. (MaryEllen)
  • I see an old Chinese coin with square hole in the middle. (Kristen)
  • I see two hands holding an apple. Previously forbidden fruits will be eaten. Happiness and prosperity won’t matter anymore, since people will be too consumed by this fruit. (Arianne)


  • All quiet on the western front. (Debbie)
  • Seals of California in trouble. (Betty)
  • Looking at the skies. Aliens. (Sally)  
  • Still bitter cold in the Northeast. (Debbie)
  • Pink, early flowers. (Muriel)
  • Flight delays due to storm. (Doris) 

APRIL 2019

  • Hong Kong Hurricane again. Image of strong winds battering down on modern buildings. No deaths, but very strong message. (Paula)
  • Our vibrations have risen. (KZ)
  • Dilbert in the news. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Lilacs!  Purple sea. (Julie)
  • People waking up and feeling more in touch with themselves. (Cris)
  • Financial crisis. "Here we go again." (Carissa)
  • A small town sheriff makes news. (Julie)
  • A Native American chief in the news. Negotiating to stop drilling. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Waves crashing. Debris from a plane crash washing ashore. (Bluebelle)
  • I hear the word “transit.” (Doris)
  • Apple trees in bloom. (Doris)
  • An early spring. (Doris)
  • Thousands of miles away, more trouble brewing in the Middle East. Something bigger and larger than before, something unexpected. All sorts of issues will pop up involving trees dying. (Arianne)

May 2019

  • A lot of protest.  People shaking their fists. People celebrating. My heart is pounding. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The younger women of Congress have been working all winter. Their labors are now coming to the fore. They’re moving in step together. They’re a force to be reckoned with. (Debbie)
  • Trump is in the hospital. I see white bed sheets. (Siobhan)
  • I saw the front of the White House and all kinds of tulips and trees blossoming.
  • I saw an Air Force plane with a number of soldiers jumping down onto the tarmac wearing full gear and helmets. (Glori)
  • More people helping people in need. (Donna)
  • I see Donald Trump standing outside in a line of middle-aged men, all wearing dark overcoats. It feels like winter. Trump’s hair is blowing in the wind. I don’t recognize anyone next to him. But they’re white and middle-aged. (Debbie)
  • White flag with dove. (Bernie)
  • Some sort of agreement or treaty with Germany and Western Europe. (Melanie)
  • Pathways opening up. (Muriel)
  • More hope. (Meg)
  • A rose is blooming. (Sally)
  • I see an African American male comedian spreading positive sentiments. (Carol)
  • People are buying houses. After an economic downturn, people are spending money and investing in land. (Bluebelle)
  • Security issues. (Muriel)
  • A spiritual awakening is taking place. (KZ)
  • The sun is on fire. (Betty)
  • Reworking of immigration problem. (Meg)
  • The issue of torture is in the news. (Muriel)


  • The Pope or maybe another major religious figure stepping down. (Julie)
  • Space debris is flying. (Betty)
  • Good time for joyful gratitude. Children playing May Day. Sporting event prominent. Cricket. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Church spires, a small European village in the news. (Doris)
  • Spring is mild in Europe; trees in blossom. Cows in fields. Pretty pastures. (Paula)
  • Europe is stronger together. People realise that they need to unite. For the economy and to stop the adversity from climate change. (Paula)
  • Brexit is coming to a head. Something is not right with the government of the UK. (Doris)
  • A boat on the sea. Like a fishing boat bobbing with the waves. (Doris)


  • In a view from space, I see the Earth spinning, and energy is swirling outward into space from the North Pole. (Ann)
  • I am seeing the continent of South America. Floods or some natural disaster. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Climate issues going on in Germany. (Melanie)
  • Very warm already. Not even summer. Heat wave in NY. (Julie)
  • Very warm May. (Betty)
  • Greener pastures. A large river flowing. (Carissa)


  • Very hot. The heat will spark the beginning of mass migrations in some parts of the world. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see branches from a tree, an old tree is feeling sad about the planet. (Doris)
  • All sorts of issues will pop up involving trees dying. (Arianne)
  • Fire, smoke but rain to drench it. (Doris)
  • Renewed priorities. Sciences regain stature lost under Trump. (Possibly through private funding.) (MaryEllen)
  • Very hot summer. As hot as 2018, if not hotter in some areas. (Bright Opal)
  • California is on fire; the whole state is on fire. (Bright Opal)
  • Fire and smoke, but rain to drench it. (Doris)
  • Stability, settling, comfort. (Muriel)
  • People want to explore more out of their zone. Tavel. (Joy)
  • Economy picking up. (Julie)
  • Trump is out of the White House. (Jim)
  • I see firecrackers of change. (Sally)
  • Social unrest. Need for police maybe National Guard. Change is coming. (Howard)
  • In Europe: This trend is catching on; people walking through fields and ploughing communally. No one really listening to politicians. (Paula)
  • I hear disappointment or sad trombone sound effect. (Ann)
  • I see traffic in a downtown area of a city. It is very fast, much too fast for such a busy city center. I do not know which city this is.I hear the word “transit”. It feels like something is in transition and only temporary. (Doris)
  • I see church spires. A small European village or town. I do not know where it is but it feels like it is in central or eastern Europe. (Doris)
  • I see clouds. Is it smoke or a volcano? I can’t tell but it is very thick and grey and very dense. I do not know where it is. (Doris)
  • I hear the words “Open your heart”. I feel this means we must listen to our inner voices and not be so judgmental. (Doris)
  • More trouble brewing in the Middle East. Something bigger and larger than before, something unexpected. (Arianne)

June 2019

  • Pluto regains status as a planet. (MaryEllen)
  • Graduations speeches in the news: anti Trump. Young people protesting some commencement speaker (a Republican). (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Graduation ceremony. Something goes wrong. People injured. (Julie)
  • Thousands of miles away, more trouble brewing in the Middle East.
  • June 2019: I hear the song “Stop! In the Name of Love.” (Ann)
  • The women in Congress are smiling. They’re happy. They’re excited. They’re all speaking to the press. Taking victory laps. Not sure what achievements have been won. (Debbie)
  • #Me-too movement again. More revelations, more accusations. More women come forward and demand justice. (Bluebelle)
  • Big fights in Congress. (Debbie)
  • We see the world globally not just locally. We reach out and help our brothers and sisters all over the world. Send love, light, and prayer. (KZ)
  • Tribal drums. This is a prelude to war. It seems like a regional conflict in the Middle East or Africa. (Julie)
  • Flowers, children singing. (Betty)
  • I see a cheetah running, trying to get away from hunters, feeling targeted. I see a shotgun being held in the hands of someone. He is waiting for his target, he’s hunting humans. (Doris) similar to deleted above?
  • Suddenly everyone is rushing around. What happened? (Kristen)
  • Trump feels finished. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People moving into nature and growing their own potatoes. (Paula)
  • Rain and then strong heat in Europe. (Paula)
  • Oceans rising. (Carol)

JULY 2019

  • Hot. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Farmers are happy. (Muriel)
  • Visiting heads of state. (Tim)
  • The men in Congress are being trampled on. They’re not used to not being in power. No one is taking them seriously anymore. No one is afraid of them anymore. (Debbie)
  • A lot of rain. (Muriel)
  • Cigars and smokes. (Bernie)
  • Creativity in the air, bright colors. California is strong and powerful and the rest of the country acknowledges their leadership. (Bluebelle)
  • Statue of liberty is joining with farmers. They choose democracy now.
  • Done with Trump. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Grand Canyon in the news. (Cris)
  • New animals discovered somewhere. (Muriel)
  • California and environmental breakthroughs. (Bluebelle)
  • People taking a breath. There’s a feeling in the air we deserve to rest and take a breath. (Debbie)
  • Heat waves again. Terrible heat waves. Affecting crops again. “How do we prevent this next year?” (Paula)
  • Freedom becomes an illusion. People don’t yearn for freedom. People yearn for peace and harmony. (Arianne)
  • A conflict in the Middle East: I see trucks with missiles. People fighting over land shortages, water rights. An unexpected turn of events. Religion isn’t as relevant to this conflict. (Arianne)


  • I see a crowning, a coronation, UK?. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A flux capacitor? Like back to the future. (Kristen)
  • Populations wearing white clothes and grouped together. (Betty)
  • Just hear "Noooooo!" (Julie)
  • August west is all smoke and fires.  Canadian Rockies too. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Someone in state lying on a purple pillow. (Bernie)
  • Drought in the Midwest severe. Water running out. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Pulse wave of some sort. (Muriel)
  • Loving/kindness is key. People distribute flowers. Peace is in the air, but not the soil. (Arianne)
  • India is too hot. People have to leave. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Impressive technology. (Cris)
  • Listen to your heart. Listen to your heart. Act on conscience. Some kind of protests. (Bluebelle)
  • In Europe this trend is catching on: people walking through fields and ploughing communally. No one really listening to politicians. (Paula)
  • Portuguese heat again all over Europe. Devastating the trees again. This will stop fuel based cars (is the question I hear in my head) (Paula)
  • A large group of men carrying large wooden crosses down a sandy dirt road. They looked tired and are close to dragging themselves because of the heat. (Glori)
  • John McCain is remembered in a memorial service. (Bluebelle)
  • Again, earth rejuvenating. (Carissa)
  • Beams light from sky, lots of light breaking through. (Donna)
  • Clean white board, fresh start. (Kristen)
  • A new song is being sung: a song of hope. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Very hot. The heat will spark the beginning of mass migrations in some parts of the world. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trying to clean up the mess our politicians have made. It is a slow process. (Julie)
  • I keep on seeing these same middle-aged white men, still wearing their winter overcoats. Trump is in the middle. They’re standing as if immobile. They’re all chained together in a heavy metal chain. (Debbie)
  • Active hurricane season. Again. (Julie)
  • People are separating from the rat race and changing their paths. I see a new hopeful youth. Beautiful young people. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • More love and unity. Less prejudice. Kindness. Peace. Oneness. (KZ)
  •  Bumper crops coming. (Bluebelle)
  • I hear, “Taxes rise and fall, but wealth will not be destroyed. True wealth is in the heart.” (Arianne)
  • Unexpected cooler weather--a relief. (Sally)
  • Loving kindness is key. People distribute flowers. Peace is in the air, but not the soil, which is suffering from drought. (Arianne)


  • [This prediction applies to all of Fall 2019]: Heard these words: "Bernie is running again. Joe Biden’s candidacy falters under Bernie’s candidacy. Momentum not there. Corey Booker is in the running. Kamala Harris is unseated. She fades from view but arises again. Crowded field but reduced to a lone male candidate. Liz Warren not defeated (presumably in the Senate) but will not run (presumably for the presidency).”
    “Joe Biden lost the (primary) race but comes from behind to win something else. He has a place in history.”  (MaryEllen)
    The U.S. collective is more relaxed than the year before (2018). (Siobhan)
  • I hear someone walking in the bushes. It is very dry. (Doris)
  • It’s hot. Very hot. (Debbie)
  • Lots of things we assume will happen in the distant future are happening sooner. (Arianne)
  • Recovering economically. (Carissa)
  • Some special elections will turn blue. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • California falling into the sea. It feels like it’s a relief. (Bright Opal)
  • Problem in the electrical grid. May be sabotage. (Julie)
  • People told to stay inside. (Muriel)
  • More sex scandals with GOP. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Gearing up for a fight. (Debbie)
  • Japan in the news. (Julie)
  • Trees are not being cut down in the Netherlands. People know that they have to make way for green and stop building roads. The storms have been game changers this year. (Paula)
  • For all of fall 2019: I feel fresh air. I can breathe better compared to before. Something has changed. I can’t’ tell if it is the weather or the political situation but it is a significant change from before and it feels good. (Doris)
  • The winds of change are coming. It’s about time. People are fed up. The tide has turned for the better. (Doris)


  • In the news is a new drug that treats cancer; possibly for melanoma. (Carol)
  • Cowboys in the news. (Bernie)
  • I hear the words “calamity avoided.” (Doris)
  • Good harvest in us. (Cris)
  • Walk back Trump changes: back to protecting the people. (Meg)
  • War of the roses. (Kristen)
  • The resistance is organizing again. There’s a big fight over women’s rights. (Debbie)
  • The U.S. Capitol has a baseball bat on it. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see a cowboy hat, white and large. Represents some figure or figures in the news. (Doris)
  • Bannon gets stopped. The youth have had enough of his dark negativity and chaos. Opportunist. (Paula)
  • It is very windy. The winds of change are blowing. (Doris)
  • Ladybugs are flying away to greener pastures. (Arianne)


  • An impeachment in the news. Something is revealed about Pence. (Bluebelle)
  • GOP scared. (Debbie)
  • Turkey shortage. (Bernie)
  • Crisp, clean, fresh, sparkling air. (Muriel)
  • Father figure dies. (Betty)
  • Juggling many things. People are trying to hold up many things at once. (Doris)
  • Dirty laundry from Washington. No surprise. Yawn! (Julie)
  • I see the Statue of Liberty. They are trying to rewrite the Constitution. Founding fathers, Ben Franklin, is there in spirit. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • McConnell is losing his grip. It’s all falling apart. (Debbie)
  • Dog farms in news. (Cris)
  • There’s civil discourse among politicians. This is a welcome relief. (Ann)
  • It’s the Wild West. People are looting and shooting. It’s sad that it has to happen this way, but it’s not the worst outcome. Oil spills and trouble in the oil market. (Arianne)
  • Hyacinths in November.  Out of season and yet blooming. It makes the news. (Bluebelle)
  • Angels are here. We are being watched and helped by celestial beings who are loving. (Doris)
  • I hear a foghorn blowing. I can’t tell where it is. I see huge waves and very high winds and dangerous seas. Feels like a hurricane or typhoon. The waves made it too dangerous to be near the beach. (Doris)


  • Founding fathers in spirit leading the way to the Capitol. Their sleeves are rolled up. They are going to save our democracy. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Problem with the economy. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see some type of missile somewhere in the ocean. (Doris)
  • A new king. People giving three cheers of hooray. (Bernie)
  • Scientific discovery related to travel. Revolutionary. (Julie)
  • I hear, “We’re in the clear." (Doris)
  • The twin messages are celebrated. (KZ)
  • Productive year. (Muriel)
  • Men are shouting. They are very angry. They are American politicians. They are showing deep disrespect to each other, the country, and those who elected them. There is a huge political divide-taking place. (Doris)
  • Mexican economy begins to tank. This gives Trump the upper hand. (Arianne)


  • Typhoons, hurricanes, winds, natural disasters hitting us left, right and centre. Centre of everyone’s political agenda now. No one denies climate change and everyone is in action to protect their land. It is pretty extreme and a bit too late. Despite this, don’t give up and do persevere. (Paula)
  • I hear, “We’re in the clear. We escaped this time.” (Doris)
  • December 2019:  The earth is shaking, and there are massive mudslides. (Ann)


  • Trump is gone, but not in jail. His name will live on as a curse. Some of his family will change their names and try to hide. (Bluebelle)
  • Trump? Where is he? He looks forlorn and tired. Beaten. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see Trump as if he is pacing the Oval Office, except that it’s his mind that is pacing. He is nervous. He sees no one, nothing. (Bright Opal)
  • I see Trump and then Obama. Obama is in the news and it’s very important. He’s present in everything. He’s front or in the doorframe of the oval office looking in. He doesn’t look happy and he’s taking a lot of room. Trump is there, looking on the right side, away from Obama, doing nothing. He looks like he doesn’t care. Obama wants to re-establish his legacy. As if everything that was undone by Trump will be put back in place. (Bright Opal)
  • Trump seems to be fading away but he’s still in the Oval Office. (Bright Opal)
  • Union soldiers walking in front of the White House with a Confederate flag. (Bright Opal)
  • Supreme Court is dark. [I think this means that either it is evil or just not working or both.] (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Result of the 2020 election will not meet the highest hopes of Democrats but there will be takeaways, other successes that will keep them invigorated and hopeful of shifting the country’s direction. Still, there will be limited movement for a while. (MaryEllen)
  • Big changes. There’s a move to clean up Congress, and finally start to drain the swamp of all the old white men who enabled Trump. (Bluebelle)
  • Fresh air. Able to breathe better compared to before. (Doris)
  • A woman standing tall on a podium. People are smiling and clapping. (Bernie)
  • Perfect vision. People’s eyes are opened and a new era emerges. (Julie)
  • Eyes are open. (Frannie)
  • Trump and his gaggle of men he’s chained to are floating away. There’s either a cloud or smoke under them. (Debbie)
  • A presidential race that is confusing. Internet is being attacked in some way-making it hard to know truth. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A lot of people basking in the light of the sun together. More people embracing unity. (Sally)
  • Many new choices. A kind of reversal of interactions or connectedness. Different ways of being in community. (Muriel)
  • Looking forward to the future not trying to reclaim the past. People demanding better health care and education. (Meg)
  • Collapse will bring needed change. Financial collapse. Collapse in coal and oil industries. (Arianne)
  • People becoming more focused on integrity. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Lots of happy Democrats. I see Joe Biden at a picnic. Pink short sleeve shirt, plaid shorts, smiling. (Donna)
  • People moving to the land; leaving technology, Facebook, Instagram. (Paula)
  • The world is in a maze. It's like we are all running around inside a snowflake. (Betty)
  • How do we begin? (Debbie)
  • New types of technology entering on the scene. (Bernie)
  • The collective is becoming more intuitive. (Muriel)
  • A new generation takes over. Climate and gun regulations come into affect once more in 2020. (Tim)
  • People are really questioning consumerism in Christmas season. (Cris)
  • Congress in the news every day. It seems to be running the government. Not much coming from the White House. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see waves of energy. Some good and some negative. (Doris)
  • Massive waves of hope. (Cris)
  • Big holes. Celluloid being hit with acid. Everything disintegrating. (Debbie)
  • NRA has lost power and guns are regulated. (Meg)
  • There is light coming. It is in the distance; but it is definitely coming. (Anon)
  • Women rising, not taking no for an answer. Girls are rising and becoming much more aware of the crap women must put up with in society. They are determined to change things and make a difference. (Doris)
  • Change is here. I see waves of energy, some good and some negative coming our way. In the distance I see light is coming. It’s in the distance but it is definitely coming. (Doris)
  • The population is standing up and taking back power. (Betty)
  • Celebrity appearances. Some sort of telethon. (Julie)
  • Shame about political conduct. Public is tired of the vitriol. (Cris)
  • Big election time both for Congress and President. People are tired and many are discouraged, but they won’t give up.  ACLU is busy and well funded. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • People moving to the land; leaving technology, Facebook, Instagram. (Paula)
  • I keep seeing China, I see the Chinese border, red, very well defined against Russia and North Korea which is grey. The border is there to keep people from coming in. (Bright Opal)
  • A new world is being unveiled. It is beautiful. We celebrate oneness globally. (KZ)
  • Putin is disgruntled. (Betty)


  • New discovery concerning the oceans. (Julie)
  • Asteroid passes near earth. (Julie)
  • More people are getting interested in trees and nature, animals and plants. The sun keeps shining for them. Their bodies and movement is relaxed, more connection between themselves and the land they live on. Depression lifts for them. They feel alive. (Paula)
  • Very unstable weather with hurricanes, tropical storms etc. (Glori)
  • Sunflowers blooming and brilliant. (Kristen)
  • More concern over ways of trying to clean up the environment. (Joy)
  • Whales are moving. Big herds of whales. We learn something new about their communication. They are conscious and so aware of us. They have emotions. (Bluebelle)
  • Game changer on the level of climate change. Massive realisation that our planet does not serve us, realise we have to serve our planet. “Potatoes come from the land, not from a grocery store” (Paula)



  • It is not Trump! (Jim)
  • I see a woman with dark hair being sworn in. Kamala (Bluebelle, Jessica, Betty, Debbie)
  • Calm demeanor. (Cris)
  • I see Kamala Harris in a dark royal blue suit. (Debbie)
  • A lady with brown shoulder length hair holding hands with others on stage and the hands up in air. She has a suit skirt and jacket. (Bernie)
  • I see a woman in a red suit. (Julie)
  • I see a man with white hair in the crowd on the stand. I don’t know if this person is the president but he has very white hair and he is a male. (Doris)
  • I see a woman with dark hair at the podium. I’m too far away to see her clearly, but I hear the calm, measured voice of Kamala Harris speaking. There’s a man beside her. I don’t know which one is the president. (Ann)
  • Harris is VP. (Donna)
  • Beto O’Rourke. (Meg)
  • Stands tall, FDR-like aura. (Cris)
  • I see a court jester, a fool. It's the hanged man. It hangs in the balance. Congress is tipped to one side, ineffectual. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Everyone in the mall is wearing white hats. (Jessica)
  • I see Donald Trump sitting on the left of the pulpit. Obama is at the pulpit. He’s not able to run again so I feel he will have a lot of influence over the next president. (Bright Opal)
  • Freedom is now back at the forefront. Joy, singin’ in the rain. When asked about the White House color, I see a flag raised with a circle of stars. (Arianne)
  • The color of the executive branch in the U.S. is pink! (Siobhan)
  • Remote Viewing of the U.S. Inauguration:  I see a woman with short, dark brown hair. She is wearing a dark royal blue suit, fitted jacket and skirt, and wearing a red bun hat. She represents both political parties. (Siobhan)
  • Blue House and Senate. (Muriel)
  • I see blue for the inauguration, but those are the people in the audience, The president has a blue jacket as well. (Anon)
  • Some people unhappy with this election. Heightened security. Threats. (Julie)
  • There is a blockage of some sort. (Doris)
  • Lightworkers are part of the push back, take back of the government.  By sending their positive energy out into the world. (Bluebelle)
  • Everyone happy Trump is gone, but not completely positive the new president has what it takes. (Debbie)
  • Crowds are cheering wildly, but maybe something is not right. (Betty)
  • Democrats learn lessons from majority in 2009. (Cris)
  • I see the symbol from the Yosho Zen deck of integration. It means that the new government is a balance of many factions in the country. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • There’s a feeling of change, people need some air to breathe. (Doris)
  • Joy, a sense of relaxing, partisan easing. (Muriel)
  • Local governments have a more spiritual base. (KZ)
  • I see many people connecting to their environment in a new a spiritual way. (Kristen)
  • I saw Obama at the pulpit on Inauguration Day. He has influence on the new president. (Bright Opal)
  • Obama will be needed to help the country heal. (Donna)
  • I saw a female with short, dark brown hair wearing a medium blue suit and a small red hat, like a "bun" hat. (Audree)
  • I saw the executive branch as PINK. (Audree)
  • I see blue, but I feel some difficulty. Something is not quite right.  I sense there’s been someone tinkering with things of importance in the background. Hidden from view. The tinkerers do not want to be known or found. It’s evil. (Doris)

Other visions for 2021

  • Mueller’s investigation is winding down. He has exposed conspiracies unimagined. (Bluebelle)
  • So much voter suppression happened. It will take years to clean up. (Anon)
  • It feels as if the country just got over an extremely bad case of the flu.  It’s the first day of feeling better. Still feeling unsteady, but the mind is clear. (Debbie)
  • Politicians are embarrassed by citizens calling them out, both sides. (Cris)
  • Risk taking becomes fashionable, new things become available. (Muriel)
  • Huge changes have begun. (KZ)
  • A scam revealed. Everyone feels duped, stupid, fooled. It was all a figment of our imagination. It was all a show put on by the powerful men to fool us into submission. (Debbie)
  • I see Wall Street. I see an empty and quiet trading floor. The video screens are blue with numbers only in the upper right-hand corner. (Ann)
  • The new generation is leading the way for a new world. (Doris)
  • We will continue to work hard and have hope. We know the full breadth of our task and we are willing to do the work. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Fewer instances of police racism and brutality.  Taking a knee is socially accepted. (Bluebelle)
  • The world is generally more peaceful but there are still pockets of conflict.
  • Heard: “The president has abdicated but the Republicans have the seat. Not clear at this time who will fill it. Pence’s chances are negligible. There is a rearrangement of power.” (MaryEllen)
  • Electric cars developing and growing in numbers throughout the world. (Paula)
  • African Americans are feeling more empowered after the Trumps’ embrace and enabling of racism. (Bluebelle)
  • More people are finding spirituality and joyful. (Betty)
  • Swift changes in medicine. Possible cancer cured. (Carissa)
  • Love is more important now. (Muriel)
  • A global awareness of the oneness of mankind/womankind. Equality in all areas. (KZ)
  • Winds of change are coming, It’s about time, people are fed up. (Doris)
  • House of Representatives: Blue. Senate: Blue. Blue woman. Beautiful and strong and blue. (Paula)
  • Remote viewing: a white woman, with blond hair who is honest and has her heart in the right place. She looks like Kirsten Gillibrand, the senator from New York. Oprah Winfrey is supporting her and looks up to her. The woman is young but is determined. It’s all about learning to grow your own potatoes. (Paula)
  • We have had two years of revolution. Getting rid of the egotistical masculine aggressive energy and ending up with honest female energy, in men and women. (Paula)
  • Less income tax. (Betty)
  • Tea party gone. Republicans reinventing themselves. (Meg)
  • Ups and downs in the economy. Change in all spheres of our lives. Dynamic is the new normal. (Julie)
  • People can see more easily when politicians are lying to them. (Muriel)
  • People growing their own food.  Moving to the country. (Sally)
  • The tide has turned for the better. (Doris)
  • Kindness is the new norm. (KZ)
  • The way we use medicine changing. (Bernie)
  • Young people are more progressive and innovative. (Joy)
  • “Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Key on the pursuit of happiness. Happiness becomes a goal for more people. (Arianne)
  • We are being watched and helped by celestial beings who are very loving. (Doris)
  • We are seeing a new generation of beautiful children rising up on this planet, and going forth with bravery. (Jeanne)
  • Everything feels new. A day after a sun shower. Innocence. Children. (Debbie)
  • A new type of car revealed. (Bernie)
  • Major shift in power here, but Europe struggling. (Meg)
  • I smell and see roses. Things are turning. (Doris)
  • Another big push of new technologies. (Tim)
  • In a radically different place of consciousness. (Muriel)
  • There’s a movement of reaching toward the sky and expanding into space. I hear the Star Trek theme. (Ann)
  • New leader emerges. North Korea not happy. (Julie)
  • The new generation is leading the way for a new world. (Doris)
  • It's a new beginning for the US. (Jim)
  • Western Australia, Warship, democracy, Australia, warship, democracy, fighting in the Indian Ocean. (Bright Opal)

Messages people received during this Read the Future event:

  • You can save your planet. You have the capacity to turn things around. (Bluebelle)
  • Take care of the environment. Help your neighbor. (Meg)
  • We smile upon you. You are doing such great work. Don’t give up. We are with you. (Doris)
  • Be a Light to all. (KZ)
  • Don’t shut your doors. (Debbie)
  • Come together. There is much work to be done, and we cannot do it alone. (Julie)
  • Open your windows. (Debbie)
  • All will be ok. This was supposed to happen to learn. Be calm be positive. (Donna)
  • Help others to let go of the fear holding them down; driving them away. Reach in and help them out. We need to be out in hope together. (Kristen)
  • You will feel unprecedented closeness to your fellow light workers. (Jeanne)
  • Keep at it. Leave the negative behind. All is love. (Doris)
  • Just be. Respect ourselves and each other. Give yourselves and each other space to shine. (Muriel)
  • You will learn to love even those you have hated. (Jeanne)
  • Walk in the meadow. (Debbie)
  • I see an image of a sun with a triangle shaped compass over it. The world is what you make of it; how you sculpt it, and plan it out. (Arianne)
  • Work together and not against each other. You are in this life, on this planet, together. (Betty)
  • You are protected. We are here. (Doris)
  • Don’t fear. All will be right at the end. (Doris)
  • I see and feel a circle of arms and hear, “Love and embrace others. Tolerance.” (Ann)
  • Know that it all has purpose and direction. There is no us vs. them. We truly are all one, and when we come together in unity, love lights up the world. (Tim)
  • Plans are everything. Without good plans, the project won’t work. (Arianne)
  • Know that there is God. Worship God and carry forward an ever advancing civilization. (KZ)
  • This, too, shall pass. You are here for a reason. (Doris)
  • Know that anything is possible if we can imagine it (Muriel)
  • Lightworkers have made a difference; even if most of the world doesn’t know of our existence. (Bluebelle)
  • There is enough for everyone, know this truth. (Kristen)
  • There is a time for us. (Anne)
  • Supporting others. Sharing to survive and to thrive. This is a wonder time to be alive.  People are sharing. A new way to live is evolving. Enlightenment. (Sally)
  • The air will become thicker and more nourishing. Enjoy it. (Muriel)










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09/29/2018 4:15 pm  

Looks like Glori's vision for October may have come true in Papua New Guinea. It wasn't in New York but she didn't predict it was New York, just supposed it might be. 

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09/29/2018 4:43 pm  

I've added some predictions to Sept and October since more have arrived.  Specifically I added predictions and  messages from Glori, Paula, Ann, Arianne, Carol, Siobhan, and Doris. 

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09/29/2018 7:10 pm  

While making coffee earlier today, I saw what appeared to be the death of a former president. The face of George H. W. Bush (senior) flashed to mind, and the word Capricorn followed, which could indicate that a U.S. president passes when the sun is in that sign.

The physical space around the event felt dark, dreary, and somewhat wet. There were many dark blue and black suits. "Old men of an old world." There was a depressed energy among them, a sense of defeat and some regret.

Then to the left of my internal/visual field, I saw the funeral transition to other kinds of memorials or gatherings (e.g., one scene looked fraternal in nature, possibly Masonic?) while to the right, there was a simultaneous image of Trump having an apoplectic outburst inside a formal residential space. He felt pointedly separate from the mourning going on elsewhere, and may even have been exacerbating it?

I saw Trump spit-shouting, pointing, and possibly kicking or striking at something—not a person ...maybe objects on a table? His face and head looked "too red." I sensed he was facing a considerable personal or legal blow just as the former president was being laid to rest.

I interpret the separation of scenes symbolically, since I have to believe that if a former president were to pass, Trump would attend the services (unless disinvited again).  




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09/29/2018 7:54 pm  

They could very well be simultaneous, as Trump was disinvited to Barbara Bush's funeral if I remember correctly. If I am correct, I doubt he would be welcome at GHW's. 

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09/29/2018 9:25 pm  

MAS, wow, was he? I knew about John McCain's, but don't think I knew this about Barbara Bush's funeral. After the eulogies at McCain's service, I certainly can't imagine Trump being asked to speak at such an event, whether or not he attends. It would almost be an embarrassment to him simply to be present, since all living former presidents and their families have publicly spoken out against him/his presidency. 


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10/01/2018 4:16 am  

I don't know for a fact that Trump wasn't invited to B. Bush's funeral. Melania attended while Trump went golfing. It is possible that someone in the Bush family asked that he not attend, but it was never made public. 

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10/01/2018 10:58 am  

Snopes said there is no evidence that he was told not to come to Barbara Bush's funeral.  But Bush matriarch had been clear that she did not like the man.

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10/01/2018 4:05 pm  

When in doubt, I  always check out Snopes first thing. as I did early this morning. Uffortunately I lost the entire written post i had been working with on my phone and thought somebody else will pick it up and mention so thank you so much Jeanne. 

More significantly perhaps, I heard in the past that it is a tradition that the first ladies attend the funerals of other First Ladies and often the president's themselves do not attend as Pres.Obama did not attend either Nancy Reagan's or Barbara Bush's but Michelle did. The wives honor the other wives as to the importance and challenging and often unrecognized factors that go into being a First Lady while sacrificing family time and a private life.  It is however common for the vice presidents to attend as well as the First Ladies. 

Also since we're still in the predictions topic I'm keeping an eye on Bright Opal's predictions about going dark and possibility of additional war. An ongoing item in the British news and often not reliable due to being incorrectly updated.

But today first thing I noticed was mention of the South China seas and US ships going in once again into debated territorial but considered Open International by the US. Now that has apparently escalated and according to CNN has some concerns and merits.

So keep an eye on it everybody.  basically it concern some previous reefs that have been built up into manufactured Islands by the Chinese and consider everything from military use on to manufacturing ones so out of previoulys open international waters they now are claiming proprietary ownership of "land" against the open right of 6 other countries.

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10/01/2018 6:36 pm  

Michele, Bright Opal later wrote more predictions about this exact situation but I haven't published them yet.  Her prediction was for 2019 but it could be she was seeing something that will happen sooner. here is what she wrote. I will be posting the whole thing very soon.

  • There will be some kind of war because of Trump.  US is completely dark.  (Bright Opal)
  • News about the artificial islands in the China Sea. There are runways all over the China Sea on the artificial islands built by China. I see US war boats there. The armada is not very strong. They don’t care. They are going there against their will, meaning they don’t like the orders given to them. (Bright Opal)

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10/01/2018 7:34 pm  

Wow, that's so interesting, Jeanne! Her more generalized one about going dark and war just jumped out at me. I must have keyed into her not yet published ones through her. I waited all day to even say anything, too. Hope, she's wrong and Chinese back down since Korea, Russia, the U.S. and Japan have interests there  (plus the smaller nations of Vietnam, Phillilines, Malaysia, and Brunei who lack the firepower to provoke conflict) want and need open seas for trade routes.  And Japan could conceivably drag the U.S. into a major conflict as they are obligated by a previous treaty to defend Japan.

The squabbling over rights to keep going, as it previously has for years and years or tensions escalate as China flexes its ever growing status and power over Japan. It bears watching

  Hope you are well Bright Opal, sending a hug, prayers, and a great big pool of bright light to surround you 💜


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10/01/2018 10:22 pm  

Thank you for your good wishes Michele.  I hope you are all well and ask God to keep you all in his circle of light.  Sorry I haven't participated in the forum for the last couple of weeks.  I have been painting my whole apartment, and with my health, it is taking a long time to do. 

But I decided to take a little break tonight to watch the Quebec provincial election.  I don't know if I wrote it in my list of predictions but it looks like C.A.Q. will  be in power, as a majority government.  I predicted it in August for this October (October Quebec election: Legault will win but he’s not ready.)

I've been really surprised and excited to see so many of my visions come to fruition.  I must admit to feeling some pride in seeing all of this (yeah, a little self-centered, I know).  BUT, there are things, many many things I wish will never come to be.  I've had many visions about Asia-Pacific region.  Some good, some not.  And the one about the armada going to Asia is one I do  wish will not happen.  So let's pray the Powers above to send light into the heart of every leaders in the world so that wisdom and peace prevail.

As to the US going dark, there is a message I was given for everyone which should be posted by Jeanne on Thursday.  It is about mending fences between family members and friends separated by the polarizing ideologies in the US.  Coming together, respecting one another and embracing our differences will go a long way in bringing the US back to light.  But at this point it will be up to each individuals in America to undertake these actions to  become one with the collective under the flag.  If everyone partakes in this. things will move along just fine, you'll see.  We just have to fight for the greater good.


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10/02/2018 1:54 am  

Jeanne, reading your cutout of Bright Opal's prediction—"There will be some kind of war because of Trump. US is completely dark"—I was instantly reminded of a vision I had in roughly 2014.

I saw 2 - 3 different nations or otherwise separate (maybe military/religious-led?) groups, working in separate global locations but with a shared objective. Each group appeared to be designing or building something in preparation for a cyber strike against the United States. 

When I tried to see who the groups were, I got "Iran," which could mean a lot of things: an Iranian government group; an extremist Iranian faction; a foreign entity working within the borders of Iran, known or unknown to them; or something else. I got flashes of information about the other groups, but not as clear. 

I initially wasn't sure whether the separate groups were actively connected, since it's possible they only appeared together to me because of the resonance of a common agenda completely unknown to them. But as I write this, I'm seeing what feels like vast amounts of money flowing through electric veins (?) deep in the dark. (Dark web?) The money appears to be pouring in from common sources. 

Bright Opal's prediction of the U.S. in the dark in 2019 hit a nerve. Maybe my own vision is related somehow, but I hope not. The U.S. could go dark, literally or symbolically, for lots of reasons I can think of (solar flares, volcanic ash, utter public dumbfoundedness related to politics?). And although I could easily be emotionally blocked to it since it worries me, or just not the person intended to know it, I haven't yet been shown a stable timeline for widespread cyber strikes occurring on our soil.

[I feel what I'd call resonant potentials (sometimes more than one competing potential), so by "timeline" I don't mean dates that x thing could occur, but the feeling I get when x thing starts to vibrate more strongly than y thing, suggesting to me that I/we are moving closer to its particular parallel...if that makes sense.]

If you're still reading, please know that the next part of this post was largely drafted with (quite unexpected!) help. I get in the way, but in a community of seers, you should be able to pick the divine's wheat from my chaff.

This is for you:

Since the Cold War, any group or government (including our own!) that's attempted to launch truly large-scale infrastructure attacks on another appears to have been met with repeated blocks, glitches, or system failures, largely due to the intercession of beings in light—part of a vast collective consciousness that many here may sense you belong to, or recognize you have worked with. Also, since the post-war, I'm told the same beings have been interceding to prevent nuclear war.

We and they are inextricably linked; they are both uniquely themselves and yet a higher/future vibration of us. Now, it could be that I'm only recently able to see their geometries/numbers (most likely!), but there's also a feeling that more have been and will be arriving. I perceive them as vast dodecahedrons and other geometries of gold, silver, pink light... probably many more colors in a spectrum beyond what I can't see. There are beautiful ringing tones, just VERY high vibrations. (A lot of pressure in my ears at the moment.) And such absolute love, empathy, and compassion. A clear communication that they have been exactly where we are and were also supported at the right time. In other words, these are not mythical angels who were never flesh.

Many individuals appear to comprise a single geometry (I see each one stationed at the vectors within the structure), but together, they form a great single unified consciousness. I can only describe what they together are as a Higher Being. 

The souls at the vectors can clearly communicate as distinct individuals (each one is brilliant and loving and radiant, and at the same time, highly individual). When they blend their energies in unison, or rather, when I allow myself to observe them this way, it's impossible to describe, and I don't know whether its possible for me to communicate with the Greater Beingness they are. I can only feel its particular-ness. 

There's an impression of a unified ancestry, or maybe a regional or even a racial group consciousness (possibly these beings are very old by our understanding, or even from a very distant place???). I sense they have already healed and integrated all of the trauma/ karma of an earlier time, and this has allowed them to transcend into a new form. These geometries are all around our planet, and more appear to be gathering. It's kind of like cosmic Tetris; they appear to be enfolding into one another in new shapes and luminosities. I sense they're here because enough of us are desiring it/praying for it, but more so, enough are waking up to assist in it

It could be that they/we are simply holding back the tide until enough of us are spiritually prepared to handle a radical transition (the sort that would happen if our nation's power grid were hit) without wholesale regressing into chaos, fear, and destruction. Or it could be that they/we are converging in light at this time because of an awakening recognition in us that together we're able not only to prevent destructive outcomes, but to amplify and accelerate the manifestation of peace, abundance, beauty, goodness, and truth.

Whether we number 2 or 20,000,000 and regardless of our location in time or space or form (whether we're from Detroit or Mumbia; whether in cyberspace, mediation, dreamtime, this universe or another; from a position we know as the present, the past, the future, or somewhere outside the 4th dimension; whether we are living, formerly living, or something altogether else) we can connect in service of a shared consciousness already working to further stabilize the field. Doing so allows us to actively and automatically manifest positive potentials in the collective human sphere, whatever brings the most joy and the highest good.

A few weeks ago Spirit brought me into a hotel conference room and sat me across from a woman who lives thousands of miles from me on the opposite coast, but who also intimately knows the collective beings I have just described for you here. When we looked at one another, we both just knew. And we could feel them suddenly gathering! (She actually described it as space Tetris!)

In seconds, we were both laughing and crying like small children or large maniacs. Everyone had turned to look at us.

Finally she got still and serious and said, "We come from the same future." 






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Vestralux, yes, yes, yes. I tried to post a reply to Bright Opal late yesterday and became stuck in my languaging. You and your higher power you, have used the sacred geometry numeral powers and transporting energy vehicles that I can feel expressing as sunspots of bright energy beings. Many of us believe we are points of the same connecting light and here to hold space in a positive way to bolster and boost all others. Our circle of light with Jeanne as our channeling medium is so connected to this. We are being helped as we are also connected with the helpers.

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10/02/2018 10:24 am  

Vestrlux and Michele B - wow. Yes. Something about this resonates with me so much, but I have nothing more than a vague feeling. It somehow makes so much sense to me, though. Thank you for sharing!

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10/02/2018 11:41 am  


I so love feeling and seeing others open up and blossom to their innate or "true nature". You feel that energetic yearning, its calling to communion with others who might feel as you do, and the desire to give as you so also receive.

This site is an incredible catalyst for those who come here to feel the energy here, resonate with it and want to be a part of it and that is the gift we have been blessed to receive in this social medium.

Welcome all, whether it's for a day,  a week, a month or six. Many only read and learn, others are called to respond and as people come and go from this site we all go from newcomers to eventually elders in the group, here.

Every single day brings something or someone new.  It's quite wonderful, really.  Thank you for your resonance and joining us!💜


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10/02/2018 12:33 pm  

Thank you for your kind words, Michele! I have been following the site for a little while now and it continues to resonate with me. It is fascinating and energizing!

I actually participated in the September Read the Positive Future session (after the fact, due to timing) and was very intrigued how the little I came up with (writing down *whatever* came to mind, as Jeanne explained) actually matched up in a few places with others readings. I hope to continue learning and growing and reconnecting with my own intuition (that I feel has been lost in recent years.)

Thank you again for your kind welcome!

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Vestralux and Michele - one more quick thought I had about Vestralux's description of the geometries...I have been really drawn to and fascinated by colorful mandalas. Do you think that could be related to the way you described the structures? If you are not already familiar, the work of artist Elspeth McLean really speaks to me. Her work (and personality) seem to be full of light and color and just really seems to lift many people up (including myself.) You can see her work here: -- I have a few of her prints on woodblock, but her mandala stones have really taken off. I haven't sprung for one yet 🙂 Anyway, I am always curious as to why we (individuals, various friends, family) are drawn to certain things. For me, lately, it is the mandalas and color and anything in rainbow hues and Vestralux's description reminded me of that. 

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10/02/2018 2:43 pm  

Of course they do. Colors  carry specific frequencies and sounds that relate to everything in beautiful ways.

Synesthesia is a phenomena where color is experienced in a myriad of ways such as with sound . I believe Vestralux can speak to this.

I've always loved the myriad of colors and their relationship to one another and other frequencies and the beauty and design of mandalas can work with similar frequencies only through their geometric patterning as well as color.

Beautifully sacred and transformational experiences can arise from them as when Tibetan monks draw them with colored sand. Sound is added with chant song.

Love and relate to all!

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10/02/2018 6:26 pm  
Posted by: Jeanne Mayell



  • Men in suits with their heads in their hands looking down. Hearing the word, “Whoa.” (Jessica)
  • Total and utter chaos as this president implodes. He brings himself down by his reckless acts. (Bluebelle)
  • Trump’s tower is falling. (Sally)
  • Trump is panicking, he’s lying. Trump is in charcoal grey suit, looking over his right shoulder. He is looking back from the corner or his eyes. He’s not smiling. (Bright Opal)

Could the above have to do with the NY Times story that just broke about Trump's past tax schemes?

President Trump participated in dubious tax schemes during the 1990s, including instances of outright fraud, that greatly increased the fortune he received from his parents, an investigation by The New York Times has found.

The Times’s findings raise new questions about Mr. Trump’s refusal to release his income tax returns, breaking with decades of practice by past presidents. According to tax experts, it is unlikely that Mr. Trump would be vulnerable to criminal prosecution for helping his parents evade taxes, because the acts happened too long ago and are past the statute of limitations. There is no time limit, however, on civil fines for tax fraud.

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