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Predictions made by Jeanne and Intuitive Way Class on March 31  


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Jeanne Mayell Predictions Done on March 30, 2020

April & May. April looks like D-Day in WWII. I see the skies filled with paratroopers descending upon the land to save the people.  May is continuation of April but past peak.  The the virus moves in tsnunami waves, as it peaks in various places around the country. (Jeanne Mayell)

April 2020

I see workers dressed in protective gear.  They are cleaning and they are also building, putting up lights  and tables and creating hospital beds.  The U.S. military is helping.  It feels like a war but they’re all dressed in white and I see long thick vacuum cleaner chord-like equipment.  They are setting things up and creating makeshift hospitals in places that were not hospitals before.  There is an army of people working through the night.  (Jeanne Mayell)

New York pandemic will peak April 15. Hard work is paying off but still so much loss and sorrow. (Jeanne Mayell)

Music gets us through. It’s a healing force we all need. (Jeanne Mayell)

May 2020

  • Late April and during May I get the feeling of Santa Claus, including more equipment and supplies for both medical sector and for the people sheltering in place. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • My head still hurts,  people are still sheltering in place in May and the virus moves around the country like a wave.  There will be 1 million cases in the US. But there also will be vast underreporting due to lack of tests.  All the people who didn't go to the hospital will not be tested. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see firemen in yellow suits with two-way radios and gas tanks on their backs. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • United States is grieving, a lot of crying. People feel it’s subsiding but it’s also just hitting people how awful it has been and all of the loss. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see a giant airplane parked and stationary at a hangar or airport. It looks like a monster and it’s likely going to suck up a lot of tax revenues that should go elsewhere.   But Trump will give the people’s  money where he knows he can get more for himself. (Jeanne Mayell)

June 2020

  • We are still in the pandemic in some parts of the U.S.  I see gurneys and my head still hurts. This amount of cases and suffering could have been prevented. (Jeanne Mayell)

    A lot of deaths specially in nursing home. Noone is going to want to use nursing homes after this.  Good riddance to a vulture industry. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • I see a doctor with a beard stubble and he’s drinking some solution.  I see something dripping down from the above them. Hoping it is something good for them.  I see lots of doctors in protective personal equipment as well as  firemen coming in to this situation.  Even though it is now June, there is a new surge in emergency room stress. Sounds like people came out of isolation too soon.  (Jeanne Mayell)

    July 2020

  • It’s July 2020 and I ask how’s the pandemic in the US?  I’m being shown an empty made-up bed which means there are now extra beds for people because the pandemic has slowed. (Jeanne Mayell). 
  • I see Washington DC and the Capitol are small, not important to the country. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Overall the United States does not look or feel right to me anymore. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People are crawling out of their fox holes, as if after a blitz,. Many are going back in to restaurants although many are still afraid of restaurants, especially among the elderly.  
  • I ask what is happening with Donald Trump and I see he still there.  (Jeanne Mayell)

    August 2020 

  • I see children of color on tricycles riding around together in an amusement park.  I also see clowns there entertaining them.  Seems like a celebration for them.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People are still scared and somewhat dazed.  Nobody is interested in politics anymore and the Republicans will take advantage of that. (Jeanne Mayell) 

September 2020. I see people walking around  in the cities, not distancing. (Jeanne Mayell)

I see firemen and other workers disinfecting everywhere including outdoors. (Jeanne Mayell)

October 2020

  • I see grown-ups sitting at desks with pencils in classrooms.  They are getting training and it is a good thing. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People don’t care about the federal government.  They are more concerned with the well-being of others. (Jeanne Mayell) 

    November 2020

A large segment of the population is mailing in their ballots.  Donald Trump is still a contender.  Results are delayed.  (Jeanne Mayell)

December 2020

  • The majority vote in the country is blue, not red. I hold my breath to see if the cheaters in charge will steal the win or the true will of the people will decide the election. It is a mystery I cannot answer. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • When I think about the next president, I begin seeing images of the 1850’s and hearing references to President James Buchanan.  It’s a throwback to an era of top hats and bigotry. But it doesn't mean they will win but it describes who the elites are.  (Jeanne Mayell).
  • January 2021 I ask spirit what’s happening in Washington? Who is being inaugurated? I do not see an inauguration. Perhaps as we get closer to the election, visions will become more vivid. (Jeanne Mayell)

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Baba’s  Predictions. (March 30)


April 2020


  • People eat less meat than usual over Easter. (Baba)
  • People eat more chocolate than usual over Easter. (Baba)
  • The rabbit population explodes around Easter. Everyone can see real “Easter Bunnies”. (Baba)


May 2020


  • I see fields of daffodils and bright sunlight. (Baba)
  • Some countries try to loosen social distancing. It is too early and starts a new wave of illness. (Baba)
  • People in the US feel the weight and consequences of lack of government action to protect them. (Baba)
  • In Germany, there is stoic resolve to get through the pandemic even if it means staying home a bit longer. (Baba)
  • The pandemic now starts to reach the far corners of the earth. (Baba)
  • There are more wild horses than usual roaming in the middle of the US. (Baba)
  • Italy feels like it has gotten through the worst of the pandemic. They are exhausted and need to heal. (Baba)
  • In Spain, they grieve the loss of multiple people at the top of the government/royal family. (Baba)


June 2020


  • In many parts of the world in the Northern Hemisphere, people take the first careful steps out of isolation. (Baba)
  • In the Southern Hemisphere, the battle against the virus is raging. (Baba)
  • A group of people with natural immunity to Covid-19 is discovered and studied to help develop a vaccine/medicine. (Baba)
  • As a result of isolation, people learn to live differently and like different things than before. Things that were taken for granted (e.g., shopping malls and movie theaters) become obsolete or go bankrupt. (Baba)
  • Cosmetic companies suffer losses. (Baba)
  • I see the beginnings of a great soul awakening in the collective. People are discovering the light within and their connection to others. (Baba)
  • End of June/July The first tentative steps towards global travel start up again. (Baba)

July 2020


  • July/August - In Australia, the worst of the pandemic only hits midyear but due to closed borders, they are able to avoid a high death toll. (Baba)
  • I see the continents of Africa and Asia. The developing world suffers large loss of life due to the virus. People question whether the developed world bears a large responsibility for this and that they must act to help them recover. Maybe the developed world isn’t so developed after all. (Baba)
  • I see cat cafes reopen. People start adopting more pets and learn to value them as companions and appreciate their special animal intelligence. (Baba)
  • I see geese. They are confused about whether or not to migrate (in the Southern Hemisphere). (Baba)


August 2020


  • I see healthy wheat crops developing. The weather plays along. (Baba)


Summer 2020 general


  • People realize how much Fox News has deceived them and there is a large backlash. Their popularity plummets and the owners and anchors are reviled. (Baba)
  • People start to question their constant use of individual cars. Car sharing or other alternatives start to become viable. (Baba)
  • Substantial loss of life amongst rulers in the world and especially amongst members of Congress and the Senate due to the virus. (Baba)


September 2020


  • People in the US demand that it is time to guarantee election security and mail in voting. (Baba)
  • People are exhausted but the presidential race is hotly contested. (Baba)
  • Voters are highly motivated to turn out. (Baba)
  • Children are happy, for once, to go back to school. (Baba)
  • Germany holds a large Thanksgiving celebration. (Baba)
  • Russia is visibly weakened due to the pandemic. (Baba)
  • Pence is practically running things but I don’t know who is formally in charge. (Baba)

October 2020


  • I see wild donkeys running around in Greece. It looks comical but probably isn’t. (Baba)
  • Major shakeup in the presidential race, possibly on both sides. (Baba)
  • Major news about things that Trump and his cronies have tried to hide. The truth comes flooding out. (Baba)
  • Another smaller wave of the virus begins circulating. (Baba)
  • The corn crop is good this year. (Baba)
  • Mitch McConnell quits politics suddenly, as does his wife. (Baba)
  • China experiences unrest which it is trying to quell. (Baba)
  • I see smiling pigs. (Baba)


November 2020


  • Mail-in ballots for the election are mandated despite complaints on the Right. (Baba)
  • Anger in the US collective results in high voter turnout. (Baba)
  • Thanksgiving in the US is especially meaningful this year due to the loss of life and trials that everyone has experienced. (Baba)
  • There are some glitches in counting ballots for the election, but they are ultimately resolved. (Baba)
  • I see a blue wave. It is giant. (Baba)
  • Paul Ryan from Wisconsin,  tries to gain power again but is told to sit down and be quiet. (Baba)
  • Advertising plummets. Fox News starts laying off employees. (Baba)
  • CNN gets a new director. (Baba)
  • The results of the election only become clear around the middle of the month. (Baba)
  • I see Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren in positions of power. (Baba)


December 2020


  • December is quiet. There isn’t much non virtual shopping going on. People are still cautious with their money.  (Baba)
  • People look towards the new year with renewed hope for better things. (Baba)
  • The stock market is like a roller coaster. It doesn’t know how to react. (Baba)
  • Cold weather comes early for winter. (Baba)
  • People are trying to ignore the federal government because they are so disappointed in it. (Baba)
  • A vaccine against Covid 19 is either approved or very close to being approved. (Baba)
  • J Kushner is indicted. (Baba)
  • I see Holly and Ivy and hear a song faintly that involves the two. (Baba)
  • I see a sea of candles lit for those that we lost in this year. (Baba)


January 2021


  • New Year’s celebrations are quieter than usual. People are still in shock from the last year. (Baba)
  • Nicky Minaj has twins.  (Baba)
  • Mariah Carey has a health scare on stage. (Baba)
  • It looks cold for the Inauguration. I don’t see large crowds. People watch on tv instead. I see the Chief Justice swearing someone in. I see him surrounded by women. I see a red coat amongst the other dark ones but cannot make out who is being sworn in. (Baba)
  • Pence looks like he has aged greatly. He looks 100 years old. (Baba)


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Bluebelle's Predictions from March 30, 2020

April 2020: 


  • The US will be shocked by the number of deaths in NY and other epicenters of coronavirus outbreak. Florida will be in big trouble due to wide community spread and the because of the older demographic in the state. Florida will be extremely hard hit.  (Bluebelle)


  • Blue states will help the red states deal with the pandemic. States that have already peaked in the number of cases and deaths will start reaching out to the states in the Southeast whose peak times come later.  This breaks down the division of Americans by red state/blue state ideologies.  (Bluebelle)


May, 2020: 


  • American lives are changed forever. Everyone knows someone who died.  (Bluebelle)


  • Better news on the treatment front There will be a new regimen of drugs that prove effective in treating Covid19.  (Bluebelle)


June, 2020: 


  • The pandemic is easing in the Pacific Northwest. Numbers of new cases are coming down.  There is hope, fresh hope.  Seattle is open for business again.  (Bluebelle)


  • Europe still has major coronavirus outbreaks, particularly in Sweden. The pandemic is easing in the U.K.  (Bluebelle)


August, 2020:  Italy’s quarantine is finally over. 


Sept. 2020:  The Republicans are scrambling to block voter registration, to stop vote by mail.  (Bluebelle)


October 2020:  Blue, blue, blue.  Everyone knows the Democrats will sweep the elections.  (Bluebelle)


November, 2020:  Election results are disputed across the country.  There are lawsuits and recounts and a general uproar.  It is a very upsetting time, but in the long run it doesn’t matter because the Blues sweep the elections.  (Bluebelle)


January 2021:  Huge crowds in Washington for the inauguration.    There are Obama-size crowds.  Nancy Pelosi is on the platform as Speaker.  She is beaming and she is relieved.  We have the country back.  We have democracy back.  (Bluebelle)

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Rest of Class Predictions made on March 30, 2020

Note to class: email Jeanne if any of your visions are missing or incorrect.


April 2020

  • People amazed at the rise of the virus. Everyone trying to help. Passion rising in the Collective.  (Jeanne Mayell)


  • Florida and NY will be hardest hit by pandemic. (Laura F)


  • I see a graph going up and down representing both the pandemic and the economy. The graph is frantic like an EKG beeping away out of control. I can hear it as if it was a “code” being called in a hospital emergency ward. This graph is peaking and reaching its’ apex. I feel fear and it is very unsettling, my body feels like it’s in shock and frozen with fear. (Doris)


  • In April I see fear and anxiety giving way to hope and healing. (Judi G.)


  • An eagle is flying in the sky.  Like a kite it moves in the wind and continuously adjusts as it flies.  Lots of adjustments needed this month to ride the winds of this pandemic. (Lovendures)


  • Lockdowns drag on, but people are understanding it’s necessary. (Laura F)


  • A lot of worry about COVID-19 (Lilinoe).


  • The news is all COVID 19. (Audree)


  • Tears, confusion. (Mindy)


  • So much uncertainty. A morass and bewilderment. (Mindy) (Mary H.)


  • I see clear skies, Blue skies. I see arms outstretched. People holding hands. (Mary H.)


  • I see jail cell bars. (Mindy)


  • I see US soldiers marching on airstrips, cargo planes in the background. (Avon)
  • Lots of flowers, fields of flowers.  (Avon)


  • April is slow and heavy. I see a canoe and paddling slowing in the water. (Lovendures)


May 2020


  • Trump is smiling to himself. He is clearly a lunatic, belongs in a funny farm. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • People are tired, but also getting used to hunkering down. Settling into a new existence. Schools still closed in most places in the U.S. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • I see a graph settling down. It is flat lining, slowing down a bit. It is still beeping however, but at a slower rate. (Doris)


  • I feel the world is less frantic but still afraid and upset at what is happening. Some parts of the planet are calming itself but not others. We’re not out of the woods yet. We must endure but it will pass. I hear, “hang in tight, lockdown.” (Doris)


  • Gray clouds and a sense of heaviness.  It is thick. Like an overcast day but try as it might, the sun just can’t quite poke through the gloom.  You can’t see the sun, but you know it is there because the clouds are brighter where it is located. (Lovendures)


  • Cracks starting to show in plans, mental illness beginning to rise, some are flouting the new normal and in the process are getting themselves and innocent bystanders sick. (Laura F)


  • I hear “hang in tight, lockdown”. (Doris)


  • I see a blue bicycle. We have moved away from technology to appreciating things that worked for us in the past.  I also have a feeling of optimism. (Kay)


  • May feels much better. There is real hope. I hear “breakthrough” about COVID-19. People are starting to go out again, getting back to normal. (Lilinoe)


  • Beaches are deserted. (Audree)


  • Society begins to operate in new, positive, less materialistic manner. (Judi M)


  • I still see confusion, but some light ahead. (Mary H.).


  • People questioning how this happened. (Mindy)


  • Cruises in May. Maybe they open back up. (Devoni)


  • Mother’s Day celebrations at a distance. (Lovendures)


  • People are opening up their front doors only a crack. (Mindy)


  • I see a lion resting. (Jeanne Mayell). The lion is usually T.


June 2020


  • I hear birds singing. I feel calmer and more peaceful. (Doris)


  • I see babies and a mother giving a girl a bottle. The child has glasses . These children are in the news. it is about day care and how women need to get help with the babies. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • I see a scene of scientists working. I feel it is in a northern European country like Switzerland. I get a feeling that this group of scientists are working in cooperation with many others around the world to find a solution to whatever they are working on. (Doris)


  • We are starting to see the end to the peak on a graph. We are starting to believe that this pandemic will end one day but not quite yet. (Doris)


  • Someone is on top of a tall green hill with a wooden cart.  They have reached the top and are trying to go down the other side.  They are in front of the cart, facing uphill pulling it toward them down the hill.  The cart is heavy and moving very slowly as if it is stuck.  There is movement forward, but it is difficult going and moves just a few feet at a time. (I sense this is where we are regarding Covid-19.  We are trying to go down the backside of the curve, it is slow going). (Lovendures)


  • Father’s Day is about family this year.  I see a t-ball and bat in a backyard.  This is what is important.  (Lovendures)


  • Pence popped in - he’s smirking as usual, looking very pleased, all is going according to “plan”. (Laura F)


  • Weather in June is cooler than usual in the Northern Hemisphere. (Laura F)


  • I see balloons and have a feeling of lightness. We are rising above the darker times. (Kay)


  • June is a sign of relief, much less worry about COVID-19. The worst is behind us. People are reexamining their values, what is important. (Lilinoe).
  • I see the Pope in Italy at the Vatican window offering prayers for the dead and for those that recovered from COVID 19. (Audree)


  • Trucks on the road, supplies flowing early summer. (Lovedures)


  • Trump thinks he’s all that. Even more! (Mary H.)


  • We are over the hump, but the situation is grim. (Mary H.)


  • Seeing a blazing hot sun, with heat coming up off the asphalt, too hot to be outside. (Avon)
  • Cars on the highway in Michigan, seeing backed up traffic. (Avon)


July 2020


  • Confusion again in the Collective, unpredictable situations. (Zidra)


  • The virus is lessoning but still ongoing. Has moved around the country.  People not wanting to catch it. Still no vaccine, so people want to social distance. Trump doesn’t know what to do so he wings it. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • Conspiracy theories abound. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • Different Fourth of July visions:


  • Fourth of July is subdued, people not trusting the government. They are getting over a big shock and scandal. (Lilinoe)


  • Fourth of July celebrations, a big celebration, seems bigger than normal, big crowds. (Avon)


  • It is hot and I can see smoke from forest fires in the western regions of North America. This smoke is over the prairies, the western states and Alberta. (Doris)


  • I see a graph that is flat line. (Doris)


  • We are moving fast toward something like how hyper-space is depicted in a movie but with thicker lines and a single star at the end. (Lovendures)


  • “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” (Laura F)


  • Twitler is still here. More deranged than ever. He’s more red and less orange. (Laura F)


  • It is hot and I still get a feeling of lightness. We are getting to a point where we are truly going to start working on climate change. (Kay)


  • People in the U.S. are starting to travel again. (Audree)


  • I see people questioning authority. Crowds. Anger. (Mindy)


  • The sentiment that government is crazy. (Mary H)


  • I see Christmas imagery, trees, ornaments. (Raindrop)


August 2020


  • Less fear, but more sadness and acceptance. The age of denial is ending. (Laura F)
  • Things are slowly returning to normal. (Doris)


  • Community veggie gardens have been allowed to continue. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • Schools back in session, seeing kids excited, running with their backpacks, glad to be back with friends/teachers. (Avon)


  • There is a loosening up of restraints, believing the worst of the pandemic is mostly over but there are still flare ups. (Doris)


  • Wind, fire and embers. (Lovendures)


  • Restrictions start to loosen; people get a false sense of hope that the crisis has passed. (Laura F)


  • I see people celebrating. (Kay)


  • I see green hills and people walking in them. (Mindy)


  • I see people cheering. There are balloons above them. It is a political event, maybe a convention. T is gone, they are feeling relieved and optimistic. (Lilinoe)


  • There is much more hope about the future. (Lilinoe)


  • Light and hope and new visions. (Zidra)


  • The collective is lighter and more hopeful. (Mindy)


  • I see kids running joyfully in their back yards. (Devoni)


  • There is sadness in New York. (Devnoi)


  • August is lighter and sunnier. (Lovendures)


  • Resumed social interaction. People can finally see families again. (Judi G)


  • Cruise lines are starting up operations. People are returning to the beaches. (Audree)


  • I think it is a political convention. Trump is gone, they are feeling relieved and optimistic. (Lilinoe)


  • The campaign is strong, and Biden is smiling. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • Division among people is starting to become apparent. (Mindy)


September 2020


  • Many people are not sure which way to go. (Zidra)


  • People want things back to normal, but they are still anxious. (Doris)


  • I see a chess piece — I am thinking of democratic candidate. He’s trying to grab the horse pieces. He looks small. He’s trying to hold on but falling sideways. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • A marriage in the news. (Mary H)


  • Fall leaves are bright. People are enjoying festivities. (Devoni)


  • Students in the northern hemisphere are eager to get back to normal, wanting to see friends, be social again. I feel their dire need for connections. They are desperate for human touch and emotional connections. (Doris)


  • I feel lots back and forth movement, like a pendulum. I am swaying with the movement. (Lovendures)


  • Some problem with Biden. It has an effect on his campaign. (Laura F)


  • Agitation regarding big US election. (Laura F)


  • Still somewhat subdued mood, but people are looking forward to better times. (Lilinoe)


  • Kids can go back to school, not worried about COVID-19. (Lilinoe)


  • The news is saturated with politics in the U.S. (Audree)


  • I see sadness at this time. Possibly during 9/11 memorial. (Devoni)


  • Questions abound. People are looking more inward. (Mindy)


October 2020


  • There are still flare up of the virus. (Doris)


  • Markets are still down. They are struggling but the full impact of the slowdown is too much to revive them. Republicans are desperate to blame the democrats. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • I see green still on the trees. (Raindrop)


  • Anxiety about the schools being open or not. (Raindrop)


  • I see a beautiful scene of leaves changing colors with people working in the fields, bringing in the harvest. Life is returning more to normal, but people are more thankful of what they have and what the crops are yielding. It is a real Thanksgiving in Canada. I feel people truly understand the meaning of the holiday for the first time in a long time. (Doris)


  • I feel more thankfulness for life, anything from family and friends to what the Earth has been giving us all along. We are more able to acknowledge what we have and ready to count our blessings for what the Earth can provide for us. Much more gratitude all around. It feels so good; it brings tears of joy to my eyes. (Doris)


  • Slow wheels of a train moving forward. (Lovendures)


  • Resurgence of virus - people kind of in denial again, thinking “this can’t be happening.” (Laura F)


  • North Korea: the truth comes out. (Laura F)


  • Many more scandals are revealed involving T and his cronies. (Lilinoe)


  • The Taliban in Afghanistan is in the news. (Audree)


  • Fall leaves are bright, people enjoying fall festivities, hayrides, pumpkins and all that goes with it. (Avon)


 November 2020


  • I see snow, it is much colder. We get early snow in North America especially in the mid-west, prairie region. (Doris)


  • Voting is mostly or all through the mail. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • Feelings of anxiety, not sure if it's the whole month or election time. But very uneasy/unsettled feeling. (Avon)


  • I feel madness in the collective. (Mary H)


  • I feel movement in complete circle. (Lovendures).


  • Hands are raised high. People want to be counted. (Mary H.)


  • People are so looking for hope. (Mindy)


  • I see large numbers voting. (Zidra)


  • I see a blizzard, a white out with high winds on the prairie. I also see cars and transport trucks on a highway driving very slowly due to this blizzard. (Doris)


  • Putin is smiling. That is not good for the U.S. (Laura F)


  • The election is so FUBAR no one can make heads or tails of anything, let alone who wins. (Laura F)


  •  More people gathered around the table. A girl is running toward her grandmother for a hug.   It feels so good to celebrate together, finally. (Lovendures)


  • I see two men in gray suits side by side. I feel this is probably means the establishment is winning in the national elections.  (Kay)


  • People are holding their breath about the election. I see someone counting paper ballots and there is much anxiety. (Lilinoe)


  • I see people with their arms around one another, like shoulder to shoulder solidarity in November. (Raindrop)


  • I see a rifle and lizards – gun rights and Florida and/or Louisiana electorate. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • People sitting enjoying Thanksgiving together for the first time in years. Laughing together.  Enjoying the time and slower pace.  (Mindy)


  • A COVID 19 vaccine is near production. (Audree)


  • New president is unclear. Trump is still in the game. Not seeing Pence. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • Money fears. (Mindy)


  • I get anxious all of the sudden thinking about November 2020. (Devoni)


  • I see a train moving quickly, wheels speeding along. It has the number 8. (Lovendures).


December 2020


  • Assembly lines rolling. (Raindrop)


  • Christmas 2020 is the most sacred Christmas in my life. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • I see a medium size bell on a table sitting still. I do not know the significance of it. It is the type of bell that would be used in coordination with others, either tied to a rope with others or used with others to create a harmony. It is sitting alone. (Doris)


  • Gold and white (angel) wings.  They fill the sky bursting with energy and light. (Lovendures)


  • People are putting up their decorations for the 3rd time in a year. Mood is subdued. People learning to make do with less. Less materialism. (Laura F)


  • December is a more peaceful time, but still there is still stress. (Lillinoe)


  • Christmas feels more dark and somber, not as light and happy. (Devoni)


  • I see broccoli in the news. (Lovendures)


  • I see Mecca in the news. (Raindrop)


January 2021 – Note: There is always a range of visions for the elections. We are not one, but many voices and we live in different parts of the world.


  • Inauguration: I see Donald Trump. I see Biden too. Pelosi is clapping.  Who Wins? No one wins, says spirit. But I see a lot of elephants. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • Adam Schiif’s eyes are looking to the heavens. (Mary H)


  • I hate to say it, but I can’t get Trump out of my head as being sworn in. (Raindrop)


  • Looking at the Inauguration, I see a cold day, with a lot of space and few people outdoors. (Doris)


  • I see someone being sworn in inside what looks like a library. This room feels like it has a historically significant history, where many important decisions have been made in the past. The walls are made of a dark wood, perhaps oak or red cherry. These wall panels have a historical significance, representing a part of the country where this type of tree grows in abundance, in the same way as having an official flower for a state or province. This room is beautifully kept by those who take care of it because they understand its’ importance. This occasion is very solemn and somber. There are a lot of women in this room. It is very quiet and has an almost tired feeling. There is also an understanding of the awesome responsibility of this event. (Doris)


  • I see no inauguration. It’s the Capitol as usual, on a cold sunny day. No one is there. No scaffolds/seating/etc. are set up. I see completely empty DC. Congress isn’t even there.
  • Someone is sworn in - it’s a darkish room with only a few people. Pelosi doesn’t look happy but she’s there. (Laura F)


  • I see a boy who has a blindfold put on his eyes. Some people still don’t want to see the truth of what our current administration has done. (Kay)


  • The Inauguration crowd is jubilant but there is a serious undertone. People know there is much work to be done. I see Biden. I think he is president, but he is very small and gray. On the other hand, Bernie is just beaming; he has a huge smile, and is really happy. I sensed that Bernie and Biden will be working closely together and that it is announced well ahead of the election. Bernie will be supporting Biden. I see AOC and Bernie standing very close to each other, kind of hugging. I think that bodes very well for the Green New Deal. Elizabeth Warren is very happy, too. She has a big smile and is enthusiastically waving to the crowd. I tried to see who the VP is, but I just couldn’t see it. I think it hasn’t been decided yet. It very well may be Warren. If it is Warren I think she would very likely go on to be president. I see a tiger’s tale and hear “take a tiger by the tail”. That might mean the job is too big for Biden and he doesn’t last all that long. I can see Warren petting that tiger. (Lilinoe)


  • Presidential inauguration in the U.S. 2021. George W. Bush is present. (Audree)


  • DC National Mall is empty on inauguration day. (Avon)
  • Swearing in takes place indoors, seeing a plain darker wood-paneled room with a hand on the book. (Avon)


  • No Inauguration. It’s the Capitol as usual on a cold sunny day. I see empty DC.  Congress isn’t even there. (Laura)


  • Inauguration: I see Pence or man with white hair. A small crowd on mall.  Ivanka in crowd. Lots of the older men in Congress gone.  (Mindy)













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Positive Predictions April - December 2020 -- Made March 31st by Jeanne and students in the Intuitive Way Class

  • People are more loving to each other and to the earth. People can’t wait to be outdoors.  Be near a tree. People craving non technology and just smelling the air.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People are filled with so much gratitude. Gratitude rising to new heights. Compassion rising to new heights. People are valuing each other’s company like never before. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Music is also rising, as is all art. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People buying less and feeling fine about it. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Heroes, there are so many heroes and not just medical personnel in the hospitals.  There are many stories about ordinary people helping during the pandemic and about some unusual help regarding medical equipment.  (Bluebelle)
  • Nature recovers because people stay home. Mankind finally gets a direct and tangible idea of how much damage they have caused to the Earth. The nature that comes into view for mankind shows them beauty and how changes need to be made for a better world. (Baba)
  • I see fields of flowers around May. Flowers that are normally picked stay in the fields and their beauty is enjoyed by many. (Baba)
  • Wild goat cheese gains in popularity. (Baba)
  • The wolf population increases due to lack of traffic and human activity. (Baba)
  • The bison population of the Great Plains increases to levels not seen for centuries. (Baba)
  • Even though people are isolated due to the virus. they become more connected than ever because they have time to value relationships. (Baba)
  • People become more civic-minded and help each other in contrast and due to governments who are unwilling or unable to cope. (Baba)
  • Books boom in popularity and are valued again. (Baba)
  • I see fields of lilies blooming as a representation of all of the souls lost to the pandemic. They become a symbol of the pandemic. (Baba)
  • Great works of art are created during this time of seclusion that only come to light after the pandemic ends. (Baba)
  • The lion population starts to recover. (Baba)
  • The rhinoceros population increases. (Baba)
  • People get to know their neighbors because they slow down and finally “see” each other. (Baba)
  • A sunken civilization is rediscovered. (Baba)
  • Wine production increases due to favorable conditions. (Baba) 
  • I see a sailboat with two smiling women at the bow.  The wind is blowing their hair and the boat is sailing quickly toward something light and bright. (Lovendures)
  • I see a single file line of quail birds as far as the eye can see.  The line curves and has switchbacks.  They are moving toward a golden light.   (Lovendures)
  • I see a sailboat with two smiling women at the bow.  The wind is blowing their hair and the boat is sailing quickly toward something light and bright. (Lovendures)
  • I see a single file line of quail birds as far as the eye can see.  The line curves and has switchbacks.  They are moving toward a golden light.   (Lovendures
  • I see flowers growing, maybe fall, first was a rose. (Lovendures) 
  • I see compassion increasing overall among humanity and hearts opening with more acceptance. (Doris)
  • I feel more connection between people and being more open minded from seeing what others are going through in the world during this pandemic. Humanity is feeling the same things – fear, shock, heartbreak, and we’re going through the same experience as others around the world. There is more love as a result for all of humanity and everything else that lives on the planet. (Doris)
  • I see broken hearts creating something new; more acceptance, more love. (Doris)
  • In June and July, I see green trees, beautiful meadows, a peaceful summer day in the country. I feel this is somewhere in North America or Europe. (Doris)
  • Somewhere in the northern hemisphere, I see a running, flowing river with very clear water. I feel the Earth is happy with what is happening to it due to less pollution and destruction of the environment. (Doris)
  • I hear birds singing. I see more bird species, a greater variety of birds than ever before due to less pollution. The migrating routes are changing for the better. Birds who had been hiding or unable to migrate where they needed to go are going back to their natural migration patterns. I feel this is due to less toxic particles in the air. There is also some change in the jet stream or weather patterns helping these birds. (Doris)
  • I see a glacier in the north, I’m not sure if it’s in Canada, U.S. or Greenland but it feels that it is located on the North American side of the planet. It is summer and some of its water is running clear. These water particles are fresh and more alive. There is more love in this water, which makes me think of the work done by Dr. Masaru Emoto on water consciousness. I feel so good seeing this water, it almost makes me cry of joy because it is the way it should be all over the planet. I feel this water’s happiness. (Doris)
  • Hearing two old songs:  Home on the Range and Happy Trails. With the songs, getting an image of a sunset in the desert. (Laura F)
  • People learn to be happy at home, families learn to BE together. (Laura F) 
  • I see a window with multiple small panes. We are able to see through to the truth. (Kay).
  • Schools reopen in the fall. (Audree)
  • People are more grateful for what they have. (Audree)
  • People are closer to their neighbors. (Audree)
  • People gain an appreciation for the simple things in life:  birds, mother nature, stars, weather, children. (Audree)
  • I see clear skies, blue skies.  I see arms outstretched.  (Mary H.)
  • Trump looks red. (Mary H.)
  • People elevated up a notch. (Mary H.)
  • A deep sigh of relief globally. (Mary H.)
  • I see people’s eyes opening, smiles, a new union, a new understanding.  More people “get it.”  (Mary H.) 
  • There's a tugboat on the sea, guiding. Serenely, cheerfully pulling along. Undaunted. The tugboat is a symbol of  can-do-it-iveness.  (Raindrop)
  • Monkeys regarding us as if to say there is hope for them yet.  (Raindrop)
  • Crystalline structures like snowflakes and roses are helping us succeed. (Raindrop)
  • I see a rose.(Mindy)
  • More people are walking slower, i.e., slowing down. (Mindy)









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I can't keep up with all of the posts lately - you all are amazing! Found this thread and look forward to reading more positive predictions. Feeling the weight of everything going on and need to be uplifted. Thank you all who are able to logon here and share your insights with the rest of us. Love to you all!

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Positive Predictions April - December 2020 -- Made March 31st in Intuitive Way Class --

During Covid most of the positive predictions we made in past years are now coming true. Tough times do bring out the best in people.  If you haven't seen our positive predictions, scroll two posts up.

  • People are more loving to each other and to the earth. People can’t wait to be outdoors.  Be near a tree. People craving non technology and just smelling the air.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People are filled with so much gratitude. Gratitude rising to new heights. Compassion rising to new heights. People are valuing each other’s company like never before. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Music is also rising, as is all art. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People buying less and feeling fine about it. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Heroes, there are so many heroes and not just medical personnel in the hospitals.  There are many stories about ordinary people helping during the pandemic and about some unusual help regarding medical equipment.  (Bluebelle)
  • Nature recovers because people stay home. Mankind finally gets a direct and tangible idea of how much damage they have caused to the Earth. The nature that comes into view for mankind shows them beauty and how changes need to be made for a better world. (Baba)

For the many other predictions, scroll up three posts.

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Wow, thank you for sharing these!

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thank you for all of these!! i also have been seeing a lot of biden lately!! i have a great feeling about him!