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October 9, 2019 Predictions by Jeanne Mayell and Five friends  

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On 10/9/19, I met and meditated with Bluebelle, Paula, Baba, Bright Opal, and Andrew Posey. We were sitting in Canada, Netherlands, Germany, and U.S. East and West Coasts. Let us know what stands out for you.  Each person's predictions are separate and not coordinated in any way with the others.

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Spiritual predictions for this time period

  • Hope is rising. We know that we will grow from these times and become stronger than ever.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see the darkness rising, but also the light. I see how the fight has begun and that all are starting to engage, we are all going to our stations now. We are all going to where we need to be. If we wonder why we are placed where we are, how is this our time?  And what is our mission?  We learn it is not random and all of us must select a side and all will begin to act. People will live and die by their choices and the battle between the light and the dark becomes fully formed. (Andrew Posey)
  • The House Democrats will make good decisions. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Adam Schiff is courageous and more than a match for every obstacle the GOP throws in his way. His speeches stir a nation against the violation of laws by this president and his cabinet and the GOP representatives and senators.  It’s all exposed. (Bluebelle)
  • While it looks on the surface that the Republicans have all the power to thwart the impeachment investigation, it’s an illusion. The illusion will blow away in the wind. (Bluebelle)
  • In coming elections, more people vote than ever before and more people are involved. (Andrew Posey)
  • We begin to see the change from the inside out. (Andrew Posey)
  • I see black faces smiling, heads thrown back in joy. (Andrew Posey)
  • I see a victory of sorts, a time of surprise. (Andrew Posey)
  • The planet is healing itself and pushing its forces to heal. God is there. Creation. Men and women are being brought back to nature. (Paula)
  • I am seeing a blue tide of water, that is moving through dry earth and I am seeing a new day and people cheering from the shore. It feels that help has arrived.   (Andrew)
  • A feeling of gratitude shining across this land. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Red balloons, representing the extreme right wing party, lifting up into the air and floating away. They are blowing away.  I see elephants, a GOP symbol, rampaging across the land in a fury, dust arising from all their actions. (Bluebelle)

2019 Predictions by month

October  2019


  • I see the Statue of Liberty standing tall. Then a symbol of strength exudes from her, an arm bent at the elbow with raised fist and flexed biceps.  Power to the people! (Jeanne Mayell). [A week later, a photo went viral of Nancy Pelosi standing up to Trump with arm bent at the elbow and finger pointing at him. She was saying, "With you, all. roads lead to Putin!" 
  • In coming elections, more people vote than ever before or more people are involved. (Andrew Posey) A new study shows more people will be voting than ever before. The Student vote is surging, so are efforts to suppress it.
  • Around Halloween, I see headlines in capital letters. A prominent newspaper, either the New York Times or the Chicago Tribune has bad news for Trump. (Jeanne Mayell) House has set Halloween for its first vote on the Impeachment Inquiry, formalizing the process.
  • Barr continues to break norms, to work against the Constitution. He is trying to set up his authoritarian leader.  Even Republicans are appalled by his lawlessness.  Some GOP senators speak out. (Bluebelle)  [Barr has opened a phoney "investigation "of the Russia investigation. He has not called any of the key players of that time and is thought to be simply using this "investigation" as a political ploy which is unconstitutional for an A.G.]
  • A tumultuous month. Things happen rapid fire and we are overwhelmed. By the end of the month we can see where this is going. (Baba)
  • October 10th is a big day. There will be a lot of news. (Baba). Two Ukrainian businessmen involved in the Trump impeachment inquiry were indicted.
  • White House, Confederate soldiers marching towards the north in front to the White House but from a distance. Is Trump's base retreating from him? (Bright Opal) 
  • Kavanaugh will be back in the news over his cruel private school behaviors and the lies he has told Congress under oath. I see an emblem; it is a crest worn on a private school boy’s jacket. (Jeanne Mayell). [This turns out to be about a book about him that was in the news. I think it was already in the news when we did this meditation but I hadn't known about it.]
  • There is a discovery in cancer, that will save lives, pancreatic cancer. (Andrew Posey) [Not Pancreatic cancer but news has emerged about a life-saving discovery involving melanoma].
  • I am seeing a blue tide of water, that is moving through dry earth and I am seeing a new day and people cheering from the shore. Help has arrived.  (Andrew Posey)
  • Ohio resident wins national award for pumpkins. (Andrew Posey) [A teacher wins an Ohio pumpkin contest in which her pumpkin is the largest ever grown in that state.]
  • There is a shooting at a masked ball. (Andrew Posey)
  • There is a gas station explosion. (Andrew Posey) 


  • The sky is clearing, and I see sickness avoided, a plague delayed. (Andrew Posey)
  • Brexit is at fever pitch until the last minute. (Baba) [Brexit, amidst turmoil and no solution, has received a delay through January].
  • The bombing of Syria continues. The Kurds fight back strongly. The chaos will continue. (Paula) [Although Turkey called ceasefire on October 20th, it did not happen until Turkey and Russia gained control over the previously Allied-controlled territory after Trump handed them that victory by removing U.S. troops.]. 
  • I see a dry and dusty road and on that road a shelter, full of dusty children who are in the shade of a dirty tent or shelter.  (Andrew Posey)

November  2019


  • Another whistleblower comes forward. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People are lined up to testify before Congress. They are afraid because they can go to prison if they lie. They try to say as little as possible without being in contempt.
  • I see Batman’s Gotham. It’s a movie but also a sign to our world that a Republican is going to try to stand up and lead that extremist party back to its senses. Might be Mitt Romney.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Lindsey Graham speaks out against the president and Barr. (Bluebelle). [October 17: Graham condemns the president's withdrawal from the Kurds.]
  • The Supreme Court rules against Trump. (Bluebelle)
  • The SDNY pursues Trump and more evidence is revealed. The nation reels. (Bluebelle)
  • People are exhausted and want the situation over with. The people have spoken. (Baba)
  • I see turkeys wearing pilgrim costumes. (Baba)

Climate & Earth

  • I see a polar bear, thin, melting ice. No food for them. (Paula)
  • There is hunger, animals are hungry (Paula)

December 2019

  • Deutsche Bank evidence against Trump is revealed. His corruption is more fully exposed. (Bluebelle)
  • Something will come out about Jim Jordan. It could have something to so with the sexual abuse case. He's more involved than he lets on. (Bright Opal)
  • December 6th is a momentous day. (Baba)
  • Christmas is quiet. everyone is recovering (Baba)
  • I see blood in the sand, but families are home.  
  • The world is engaged in a full out battle it has never been so apparent.
  • Aliens or spirits are watching us.
  • I see fish in the waters. They need help or they will die. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Earth is moving, more earthquakes in Asia again. Tsunami again. (Paula)

2020 Whole Year

Spiritual Visions:

  • Youth rising up even stronger for the planet. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see Minneapolis, Minnesota, protests in the fall , youth rising up ever stronger there. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Firm but gentle hands guide the reins of government in the US again. The world breathes a sigh of relief. (Baba)
  • In Central Asia, in a country ending with Stan -- celestial visions will be made known to the world. Could be Marian (referring to Virgin Mary) in nature.  (Bright Opal)
  • A message from God: Love one another now more than ever, do not judge your neighbor, you are at fault too. Only together can we do what needs to be done to save the world. (Bright Opal)
  • Protests with people finding solidarity and love among each other. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Messengers Marian apparition, sign in the sky. Something about Medjugorje 9th secret may be known to the world. (Bright Opal)
  • I see a green bunch of wheat and a hand holding it. (Baba)

2020 regular Predictions by month

Whole Year


  • Trump continues to dissemble. Rats fleeing the ship. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I just pulled the Death card for Pence which means he will be in transition. The end of his old way of life and new beginnings. I see him grimacing. (Bluebelle)
  • Got the Chariot upside down, Barr will lose control of the situation and will be in legal trouble. (Bright Opal)
  • Barr - disgraced. He thinks he’s the smartest man in the room. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • All of these men are connected to Russia. (Paula)
  • The Democrats will choose wisely, avoiding violent outcomes while proceeding on their course. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The U.S. will pull back from harmful policies abroad. (Jeanne Mayell)

Climate & Earth

  • New urgency about greenhouse gas emissions. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • In the State of Florida, the heat is turning people away from the GOP. They aren’t buying the climate deception anymore. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Serious steps are taken to combat climate change. (Baba)
  • In the Arctic Circle, northeast of Russian, Bering Strait, I see a dark blue sea with ice debris melting. It's seems it's not even freezing or freezing very little during the Winter months. (Bright Opal)
  • Atlantic Gulf Stream current retreating from Labrador Sea and Greenland. (Bright Opal)
  • Every country will need to make their own Amazonian forests. It's urgent! (Bright Opal)
  • Trees in trouble. People see this and work save them. (Jeanne Mayell)

January 2020

  • Another sex scandal affecting Trump. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • In mid-January something important will come out. It feels like the U.S. versus the world.  No one follows Trump's lead. (Bright Opal)
  • It’s the New Year and people are recording an event with their phones that involves someone who looks like Ivanka Trump and others with her who are filing into court. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see a new swearing in ceremony. (Baba)
  • Blood is spilled in the streets of the US. It is the result of politics. (Bluebelle)
  • I see masses of people being rounded up in the cold, I see military covering over the faces of people. (Andrew Posey)
  • Climate change is recognized in all parts of the world. Chilean summit seems to bring more awareness to the southern countries (Paula)

February 2020

  • Trump is not smiling at all, reports of him yelling and fighting are increasing. Steps are being taken to remove him from office. (Bright Opal)
  • Michael Cohen is released from prison. He has struck a further deal with SDNY. (Bluebelle)
  • Those who were taken out of power make trouble and are stopped quickly. (Baba)
  • I see headlines about a murder on Valentine’s Day. (Andrew Posey)
  • Celebrity couple in the news. (Andrew Posey)
  • Genetic breakthrough on major body part/nervous system. (Andrew Posey)
  • Snow storms increase, thick piles of snow causing traffic jams (Paula)

March 2020

  • Scandal of the highest order, does government hold? (Andrew Posey)
  • Indictments of Trump family members become public. (Baba)
  • Indictments of bad actors in the T administration are handed down. (Baba)
  • Someone is helping some people escape by boat. The man looks like Jared Kushner. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see wealthy people on an elegant stone terrace high above the Aegean Sea. I wonder if Jared and Ivanka are there as well and the feeling is that they have left the U.S. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see Trump looking out the window of a plane, possibly running away. Jared is looking out for himself. Ivanka is left holding the bag, dealing with the broken pieces.  A mother looking out for her kids. (Bright Opal)
  • I see men in suits and Trump who has his chest exposed and looks like an orange round baby, like the balloon that shows him in diapers.  I see a woman half clothed in this image with a suitcase walking in.  I think it is another scandal and that Trump is in big trouble. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Rabbits and a pink sunrise and a new day, a starting over. (Andrew Posey)
  • War in the Middle East. More countries are drawn into war.  They are dividing the spoils of a nation, Syria, I think.  Iran, Russia, Turkey.  I see Saudi Arabia profiting somehow. (Bluebelle)
  • There is frigid cold in the Northeast USA. (Baba)
  • The same really cold weather in Canada. Really strong blizzard. (Paula)

April  2020

  • Trump arrested. Pence disgraced. (Andrew Posey)
  • My heart quickens this month. Pelosi looks somber and cautious.  Adam Schiff is strong, composed, a tower of strength. Comparisons to Lincoln sitting on a chair in the Lincoln monument. Schiff is admired. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I am watching the Congress in session. I see Benjamin Franklin is present (in spirit). He was a master negotiator and will help them figure out what to do to bring the country back while avoiding civil war.(Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see Nancy Pelosi in the oval office. She has a major role to play in running the country.  I am not certain if she is president until the elections or Mike Pence is president for appearance sake.  If Pence is president, she is telling him not to run for re-election. She runs the show. (Bright Opal)
  • I see Easter bunnies on the White House lawn. (Baba)
  • Someone unexpected from the T administration escapes to Russia. (Baba)
  • I do not see Pelosi officially ascending to presidency. She may qualify as the third in line, but she knows it could bring violence. They will figure something out. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trump is mentally ill. It’s unfair they let him stay in power as he is a puppet. He is very sick (Paula)
  • April is a month of karma. I see a totem pole radiating from Native American spirits to the people. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The EU is unstable now. Economically and politically.  Stresses from Brexit and threats from the East. (Bluebelle)
  • There is a spider plague in Australia. (Baba)
  • Storm clouds wash across the US. It is the darkest time for our country, but the winds wash all the darkness away.    Great relief.  We are exposed and beaten but can start to rebuild now. (Bluebelle)
  • Record floods and trouble for Middle America. (Andrew Posey)
  • Fires, all over the hills and farmland in Southeast Asia. (Andrew Posey)

May  2020

  • I see a child, a young girl looking out from a window. l see many young women; they are all pretty and Ivanka or Barbee-like. Then I see one of the women is bald like a manikin.  A man is being interviewed about some wrong doing to the women. Epstein comes to mind.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The Chancellor of Germany is unwell. (Baba)
  • There is trouble in Russia - unrest. (Baba)
  • I see Russia moving west, not into Western Europe, but threatening. (Bluebelle)
  • I see something wrong with Putin’s health, though. He’s not invincible.  He has the beginnings of a major health issue. (Bluebelle)
  • Brazil again, the fires continue, and the government is responsible for it. The World Trade Organization (WTO) is giving them very severe sanctions:  They either stop destroying the Amazon or suffer extremely severe trading sanctions. (Bright Opal)
  • Heat in Europe again. Dry earth. Scorched earth, Africa. Food shortage. No Rains for crops to grow. (Paula)

June 2020

  • A young graduate makes huge discovery. (Andrew Posey)
  • There is a new level of leadership emerging from the shakeout; a new generation speaking but still lost.   No agreement in government. (Andrew Posey)
  • I hear the song, "Farmer in the Dell" - The farmers in the US still struggling and need help. (Baba)
  • Migrations continues from South America. We might find out Brazil has an important role to play in this. (Bright Opal)
  • Russia makes a move on Belarus. (Baba)
  • I see Germany taking the leadership of the EU and leading other countries. Very uplifting and encouraging leadership in Germany. (Bluebelle)
  • Summer is unusually hot already. Too much rain in some places.  Too much heat in others. I see water vapor rising from the sidewalks.  This is Florida.  The heat there has become unbearable.  The people have turned away from the climate deniers.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Elephants starving in Africa. Horrible to see them die. (Paula)
  • Again, a lot of rain and hailstones in Europe. Roads flood. Weather extremes really gaining speed. (Paula) There is unrest on the 4th of July. Some people still can’t accept that the T times are over. (Baba)

July  2020


  • Trump is in bed. (My mind at first said, “Trump is dead” but then I felt he had just taken to his bed. I see a chef near by. T lives like royalty, but he’s unwell and in bed.   (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Something breaks wide open, either it’s a huge dam or a huge ground swell of public opinion, but it pours through the West. (Andrew Posey)
  • I see Warren campaigning. She has great strength and great support, even in the middle of the country in red states. (Bluebelle)
  • There is unrest on the 4th of July. Some people still can’t accept that the T times are over. (Baba)
  • Russia is more aggressive in its attacks on the EU. They want the organization gone. (Bright Opal)
  • The tunnel between France and Britain is flooded. Migration going both ways:  to Britain and to France.  The tunnel is jammed with people, like a pipe getting clogged by debris. (Bright Opal)
  • Fires in Turkey. It might be due to weather or war/conflict. (Paula)
  • HOT, HOT, much too hot around the world in the northern hemisphere. (Jeanne Mayell)

August  2020

  • I see Warren and Biden together. (Bluebelle)
  • Riots in Catalonia. (Bright Opal)
  • There is extreme heat in Germany. (Baba)
  • Very hot all over Europe. Records broken again. People traveling by train. Shame to fly increases. (Paula)
  • I do not see Trump being the true nominee. I see a woman. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • An American icon dies alone. (Andrew Posey)

September 2020

  • News of attempted election hacking by foreign bad actors becomes public. (Baba)
  • Economy is stable. (Bluebelle)
  • Some kind of natural spectacle is seen by many - meteors? (Baba)
  • Trees are in trouble. They seem confused, in shock from heat. (Paula)

October  2020

  • I see Jim Jordan crying. (the Republican Congressman) (Baba)
  • The presidential campaign is in full swing, but it’s not as volatile as the last presidential campaign. There’s not the ugliness and vitriol we’ve grown accustomed to seeing. (Bluebelle)
  • Nobody believes anybody anymore. (Andrew Posey)
  • Australia: I see the Earth cracked because of lack of water in lake beds. Drought in north western Australia and also around a blue lake.  ( I later found out there is a Blue Lake in the south of Australia) (Bright Opal)
  • Full moon celebration with people cheering happily. (Andrew Posey)
  • Trees sick. Some kind of mold has hit European trees (Paula)

November  2020

  • When I look for the election, I only see monks in saffron robes praying. I feel they are sending good vibes for a fair and just election in the country that can do so much good or so much harm to the world.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Election results blue everywhere. Senate is blue. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • High voter turnout. People are motivated to have their vote count. (Baba)
  • Election Day, blue skies, and massive, massive Democratic turnout. Massive independent turnout.  The Dems win. (Bluebelle)
  • I see Biden and Warren (she’s not smiling but she’s there. I also might be seeing Pete. (Andrew Posey)
  • Good wins, there is a huge amount of noise here and I see a surprise, I see one half happy and one quiet. I see a convention all red white and blue half empty. (Andrew Posey)
  • Cats are in the news. (Baba)
  • Trains collide. Big crash.  In a European country. (Paula)
  • Antarctic circle south of Australia, west of NZ, something going on there (Bright Opal)

December 2020


  • Where’s Trump? Stomach distress. Where’s McConnell? Gone, out. Even so, I still see old withering white men looking satisfied. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Democrats are preparing to take power. They are up to the task. (Baba)
  • Claims of fraud in the election process from Fox News and all the regular Right Wing news outlets. They rile people up. (Bluebelle)
  • The Capitol Building is in the headlines. It’s a people’s Capitol. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see the artificial islands in the south China sea. War ship frigate. (Bright Opal)
  • Winter is not cold in Europe. No ice or snow. When winter in Europe should be cold. (Paula)

2021 Whole Year


  • Inauguration
    • It’s not Trump and it’s not Pence. I see Biden smiling and waving and I see Warren not smiling, but there. (Andrew Posey)
    • A woman on the stage. She has a big wide open left eye. Her hair is dark. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • I see Trump as well, but he mild, old, soft. Looks sedated, like a mental patient. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • Trump in white coat. (Paula)
    • Trump locked up. (Paula)
    • Who is sworn in? The first person that came to mind was Kamala Harris, then Elizabeth Warren. Trump is sitting with the ex-presidents, he's looking in the distance, unhappy and he is not all there.  Melania and Baron are there. (Bright Opal)
  • Rainbow going from one hand to another. Sharing of light. (Bright Opal)
  • Big changes are made to US policy. (Baba)
  • I see construction, I see building blocks symbolizing the rebuilding of our institutions. Congress passes laws to prevent the abuse of power by any future president.  I see a commitment to the Constitution of the US by both parties. (Bluebelle)
  • The US-Canada border still dark. There is still a lot of work to be done to repair the relationship between Canada and the U.S.  Trump has done a lot more damage than it appears. (Bright Opal)
  • China is happy and laughing. They have won a trade dispute in court. (Baba)


  • The climate continues to worsen. We scramble to deal with it. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The weather is not normal. (Baba)
  • Buds are coming out on trees too early (Baba)
  • The snow comes now. later than expected (Paula)
  • The planet is hitting us with extreme weather. We have to adapt (Paula)
  • I see fringe white nationalist terrorists , independent militias in the US. (Bluebelle)
  • Things are getting better between Canada US (Bright Opal)
  • Politics are irrelevant. Weather is main news. (Paula)
  • People have adapted to weather extremes a bit more (Paula)

2023 Whole Year

  • A new political party in the US develops quickly. (Baba)
  • There is mass murder in a sect in Utah or nearby state. (late 2023, early 2024) (Bright Opal)

2024 Whole Year

  • I keep seeing children, families, hugging happy (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People walk on the moon again. (Baba)

2025 to 2030

  • New clothes developed for wet weather (Paula)
  • Eureka feeling. It’s the improved political landscape. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • There is an extinction emergency for animals. (Baba)
  • New plants are discovered at the poles. (Baba)






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❤️ Thank you! ❤️ 

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Wow!  Thank you all for sharing your vision and wisdom.

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Reading this did my heart good! Thank you so much. You all are 😇 .

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Thank you.

May peace prevail in world😊

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Thank you for taking the time to do this, all of you! As a Minneapolitan, I have to wonder about your prediction of a youth protest. Trump was here last week to give a campaign rally, as I'm sure many of you have heard, and it was a grotesque theater of hate. I belong to several resistance groups in the area, and someone from one of the groups donned a red hat and went to the rally to see what these people are really like, and he came back horrified. Thousands of people in this mostly blue/reliably purple state, metaphorically bowing to the fascist goldfish. We had heard that there were a number of out of state cars and buses near the arena, but they couldn't all have been from out of town. And even though there were a large number of empty seats in the upper levels, there were still 15k or so magaheads in a literal frenzy. Flip side, there were also thousands of protesters standing outside in the cold and rain. They were mostly respectful, having fun, looking out for one another. Very few skirmishes, though local media did report that the protestors were burning hats and t-shirts; the protestors were burning those things in a very small fire after t-fans threw the items at the protestors. People did not take the bait.

Mpls and St Paul have been very vocal in their rage against this administration, in support of BLM and immigrants and refugees, gun safety legislation, etc. I guess now I have another protest march to look forward to next year?

I must admit, I feel ill thinking that, with the level of breaking news daily and all of it looking bad for the administration, we STILL have to wait until next year for it to potentially be over. I truly grieve for the mental health of so many over the past three years ... myself included ... who are so overwhelmed and drained by everything that's happened and continues to happen. I hope we have the stamina to keep up the fight.

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This is great!  Thank you all. xoxo

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I forgot to tell everyone that @Bright Opal put all of the predictions together using her magical excel skills.  She is a Godscend and an angel in many wonderful ways.  Her predictions are also of the highest order and skill. 

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Thank you for all your work in organizing our predictions!

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Thank you everyone for your contributions to this!

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  • I see fish in the waters. They need help or they will die. (Jeanne Mayell)

  • Earth is moving, more earthquakes in Asia again. Tsunami again. (Paula)

These two predictions I see as being related. Severe fish-kill happened right before the 2011 Japan earthquake + tsunami. 

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  • Around Halloween, I see headlines in capital letters. A prominent newspaper, either the New York Times or the Chicago Tribune has bad good news for Trump. (Jeanne Mayell)

Hi Jeanne, What does bad good news mean?




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@jeanne-mayell Thanks for all the awesome predictions. Brava.

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Someone wrote to me asking who I predicted would win the 2020 election. 

For November 2020, posted October 9, I saw: 

  • When I look for the election, I only see monks in saffron robes praying. I feel they are sending good vibes for a fair and just election in the country that can do so much good or so much harm to the world.  (Jeanne Mayell)

I do not know who wins the next presidency. When I directly asked who wins in a separate question, I saw a close up vision of a woman with dark hair and a wide open left eye.  I am not sure who that is. Some times you get an answer to a different question than you asked. It could be Pelosi, not as next elected president, but as in a way the winner of all of this. Could she be appointed president?  She is certainly next in line after Trump and Pence, but I can't imagine even she would openly take the job. I also can't believe that those two would be removed by the McConnell Senate. 

I root for a Warren/Sanders ticket. My base my preference on what I see in their hearts and what I've seen of their statements for the past decade.

I feel those two are the most knowledgeable experienced candidates who have the ability and the heart to bring on a more progressive world. I felt that way about Obama before he took office.

 The others on the democratic ticket are all well meaning people in my book, some more preferable than others. I will vigorously oppose any third party progressive except of course I would welcome a third party conservative.  I hope Tulsi or anyone else doesn't run. 

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10/23/2019 3:45 pm  

Thanks Jeanne. Aside from the so called "celebrity" psychics out there who say they see another re-election of the Orange nightmare (no one I listen to) no one can clearly see the answer to this question. Very strange in some ways. Makes me think that it's not determined yet. I guess we in this country are on a thin line, and we can go one way or another (our government and country) and perhaps depending on how we (especially those in power) handle this situation with DJT and the cohorts who are propping him up is what will answer this question. I also wonder if someone has yet to announce a run for POTUS.

I also support a Warren/Sanders ticket. Everyone keeps dismissing Bernie (not just because of his heart attack) yet the media and the DNC seems to be more willing to talk about Warren. I think Bernie will be VP if it's Warren as POTUS so his "heart" (no pun intended) is in the right place, as is Elizabeth's. Those in power want to stop this ticket from becoming reality is my feeling. I am just now getting some very incredible vibes as I said that. Some very dark forces (who are behind the Mango Moron, he's not powerful enough to get elected in the first place without them) are behind him and the GOP in power at the moment. Multiple nations too, Russia first and foremost, but also Saudi Arabia and maybe even others. We need to send a lot of light to Bernie and Elizabeth, because the powerful dark energies are doing everything they can to derail any democrat, (Biden at the moment) but especially them too.  They can not be bought or used. The powerful money behind health insurance and drugs alone are working against Elizabeth and Bernie's medicare for all ideas.

I feel that the dark energies are even already coming up with smear campaigns on Warren and Bernie and they have already created false narratives for any of the major contenders on the democratic side. Much light needs to go to them but also Nancy Pelosi. She is fierce but is dealing with a lot right now and we need her to stay the course.

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10/23/2019 4:35 pm  


Thank you for what you wrote here. I believe in free will of the Collective, as well as free will of the individual. After all, the Collective is the combination of all the individuals and has its own personality. In this way, since we do have free will, it may not written yet who will win. But then again it may! 

We can weigh in at different times but sometimes I think that what we are weighing is the horse race in the present and near future.  Most psychics are more accurate when they predict what’s going to happen in the next few days or weeks.

It is possible that chaos theory in physics prevents us from knowing the long term future.  This means that the further we go into the future, the more chaotic and less predictable the energy gets. But I don't really understand chaos theory - it just sounds good. 

Still my theory of the unpredictabiity of far-off events doesn’t explain the many predictions I've had far into the future that have come true. I actually think that may be my speciality - longer term predictions. While many psychics are best with the short term predictions. 

I saw the baseball bat on the Capitol (Washington Nationals baseball winning streak) rising to prominence a year earlier. And  I saw Barack Obama getting inaugurated a year in advance, long before it was decided whether he would get the nomination. 

Also thank you for your affirmation about the Bernie/Liz ticket.I also want to point out something and that is that the major mainstream newspapers like the New York Times the Boston Globe etc. also want to derail Bernie. I suspect they will do their best to derail Liz Warren as well when they feel they can get away with it. Both newspapers make their money catering to a liberal audience but they are owned by elite corporate interests.  Media analysts have shown how they are biased against Bernie.  I believe they will also try to push Liz to back off of threats to break up big companies. 

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10/24/2019 1:29 pm  



So happy you lay this all out so succinctly. 

I do too-- agree with all you've said especially so many of those amazing long term visions and predictions you've  and when combined with our collective, our really talented group here, like Baba and Bluebelle and others your ability to see, combine, put together etc. so much more that those here are unable to see, remember, collate as you can.



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Thank you, Michele, you are such a gift of love and light here.  Your remarks remind me of what has been obvious but I forgot to say it --  that Bluebelle, Baba, Bright Opal and Paula all have seen many things that no one had even thought of until these women saw them.  When Baba started seeing all those Trump people going down the tubes, getting indicated and/or resigning, there was nothing happening at that time that I was aware of that would show this would happen.  I thought at the time, "Wow she is optimistic."  Then boom! The whistleblower happened, and Guiliani and Barr, were implicated.  Wonderful clarity. 

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10/24/2019 2:17 pm  


Blessings to you @brightopal

You and all you do here, seen and unseen mean the world to us!

Love and peace to you 💜💜💜

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@jeanne-mayell @paula

My memory snagged Baba and Bluebelle in one of my comments and left off  @paula 

Paula, we all love and appreciate you so much. Your visions and predictions are amazingly accurate! 

And Jeanne:

You're the "mother" sitting at the head of our tea table and pouring  our tea. Being a role model of how to read the tea leaves and like all mothers to all children--none of us would be here without you!

And at least in history and derivation, an honored but often challenging position  especially when kids argue or appear to be fighting at the tea table!

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