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11/11/19 PREDICTIONS FOR 2020 - 2025  

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2020 WHOLE YEAR (predictions by month follow these)

U.S. – Politics

  • Republican politicians are afraid, they are not sure which way the pendulum is swinging. (Jeanne Mayell) 
  • Time has come for a new president of USA. (Bernie)
  • Trump is exposed more and more. (Betty)
  • Trump base begins to see he is a fake. (Karen B.)
  • I keep hearing “Ides of March.” (Michelle M.)
  • Republican party leaders are working on how to prevent the polls from going blue. They will stop at nothing. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see AOC in the news laughing and smiling. (Kathryn L.)
  • Pelosi chooses Adam Schiff for president instead of herself. (Laura C.)
  • The storm that is trump I see retreating like a storm moving off shore to Florida. (Broadbean)
  • Trump continues to dissemble. Rats fleeing the ship. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19

  • I just pulled the Death card for Pence which means he will be in transition. The end of his old way of life and new beginnings. I see him grimacing. (Bluebelle)Predicted 10.9.19

  • Got the Chariot upside down, Barr will lose control of the situation and will be in legal trouble. (Bright Opal)Predicted 10.9.19
  • Barr - disgraced. He thinks he’s the smartest man in the room. (Jeanne Mayell)Predicted 10.9.19
  • All of these men are connected to Russia. (Paula)Predicted 10.9.19
  • The Democrats will choose wisely, avoiding violent outcomes while proceeding on their course. (Jeanne Mayell)Predicted 10.9.19
  • The U.S. will pull back from harmful policies abroad. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see pink peonies. Nancy Pelosi brings spring early to the Capitol. I had a sharp pain in my right forearm as if it was being twisted. It eased into a tingle until the feeling was eventually gone. I take this to mean the torrent of emotions will ease into a calmness among the collective. I see children laughing in the sun. (Vagabeau)

U.S. – People -- 2020 Whole Year

  • More people will vote than ever before. (Andrew Posey)
  • Massive protests this year. More people stand up for democracy. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A new beginning, new energy, but you won’t read about it in the headlines. (Coyote)
  • Money problems unite masses. (Karen B.)
  • People more involved. They want truth. People are serious around the primary elections. They want fairness, they want their voices to be heard. (Claudia)
  • More people standing up to aggressive and racially targeted policing. More videos being taken and reported publicly. (Karen R.)
  • People are awakening below the radar of those in charge. It’s a big awakening, although we may not see it in the news for a while. (Kathryn L.)
  • A year of more upheaval. (Kim)
  • Kindness is coming back as a thing. (Laura C.)
  • People are slowing down, not so rushed. (Laura C.)
  • So many people now willing to stand up for democracy. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The Collective is becoming more intuitive. (CJ)
  • I see a family living through a disaster in Texas, a fire, they lose everything. They are in front of the house. There are news crews. The community comes to their aid. (Andrew Posey)
  • I see people helping each other more, coming together during a harsh winter ahead. (Claudia)
  • Solar airplanes become viable. (Baba)
  • Some kind of technology is developed that makes pesticides not necessary in most cases. (Baba)
  • Scientists are able to shorten the course of the common cold. (Baba)
  • Wave energy becomes used more often as a means of generating hydro-electricity. (Baba)
  • I see people ramming through barriers. It’s a positive vision. (CDeanne)
  • Something big happens that’s designed (from Spirit) to slow us down. (CDeanne)
  • I hear church bells ringing to mark some positive turn of events.
  • Youth rising up even stronger for the planet. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see Minneapolis protests in the fall, again it's the youth. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Firm but gentle hands guide the reins of government in the US again. The world breathes a sigh of relief. (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Protests with people finding solidarity and love among each other. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see a green bunch of wheat and a hand holding it. (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19

International - 2020 Whole Year

  • I see military vehicles in the Middle East. Focus is on Syria. (Kathryn L.)
  • The US is looked at as one country, not blue and red states finally, because of changes in government. (Molly)
  • Messengers Marian apparition, sign in the sky. Something about Medjugorje 9th secret may be known to the world. (Bright Opal) Predicted 10.9.19
  • In Central Asia, in a country ending with Stan --celestial visions will be made known to the world. Could be Marian (referring to Virgin Mary) in nature.  (Bright Opal) Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see a disease that takes the attention away from power to survival.  I see a rapid shift, decline to survival. (Andrew Posey)
  • I see a strong nose on a man’s face with a union jack on it. It feels like alt right rising in the U.K. (Broadbean)
  • A Viking boat in the ocean with its dragon head pointed west. (Mike B)

Climate & Earth 2020 Whole Year

  • Daffodils in the spring begin to symbolize something new. The Plains states have a good growing season. (Bluebelle)
  • I see that the seas and oceans have powerful healing energies within them. (CDeanne)
  • Daffodils are in the news. Something important is discovered about them. (baba)
  • Colder than ever in Los Angeles. (Andrew Posey)
  • Another Royal in the news, involving the ocean and habitat. (Andrew Posey)
  • A good harvest of wheat. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People starting to try and work on new things for our environment. The earth is suffocating with plastic. (Bernie)
  • I see Colorado in the news, beautiful Colorado. People are trying to protect their environment in new ways and with new state legislation. (Bluebelle)
  • They are clearing prairie farmland. I ask what this means and get answer that there will be increase in information regarding organized gardening.  Much more organic gardening.  Love of the land. (Mary L.)
  • A nice spring, a breather after a bad winter, taking a break bad news. Enjoying the Earth, more people planting crops. (Claudia)
  • People starting to try and work on new things for our environment. The earth is suffocating with plastic. (Bernie)
  • Better batteries to store solar energy. (Laura C.)
  • Young people are taking climate change into their own hands. (Betty)
  • Plans for more trains in an area of the US. (TriciaCT)
  • A nice spring, a breather after a bad winter, taking a break from bad news. Enjoying the Earth, more people planting crops. ( Claudia)
  • More states join Paris Climate Agreement. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Animals tell us what they are thinking. (Baba)
  • I sense, positive young people leaving dualistic thinking. Wanting to integrate all aspects, include animals. People are seeing animals as sentient. Communicating with them. No longer seeing food, but connecting to the animals. (Paula)
  • Insects recovering. I keep seeing light yellow butterflies in fields and bees, and flowers in meadows. More areas of nature being allowed to grow wild. Cut back drastic of pesticides.
  • I sense trees, growing large branches and spreading out as though they are taking in more room and feeling more confident. I hear the words, “you won’t get cut down. People support you now and see  your worth”. Oak trees, beech trees. (Paula)
  • Electric cars really a thing now. 
  • This year more people are aware of the good smells of crops growing, the scent of the sun on the soil, the scents of newly growing stalks and plants. (CDeanne)
  • New urgency about greenhouse gas emissions. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • In the State of Florida, the heat is turning people away from the GOP. They aren’t buying the climate deception anymore. (Jeanne Mayell)Predicted 10.9.19
  • Serious steps are taken to combat climate change. (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19
  • In the Arctic Circle, northeast of Russian, Bering Strait, I see a dark blue sea with ice debris melting. It's seems it's not even freezing or freezing very little during the Winter months. (Bright Opal) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Atlantic Gulf Stream current retreating from Labrador Sea and Greenland. (Bright Opal) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Every country will need to make their own Amazonian forests. It's urgent! (Bright Opal)Predicted 10.9.19
  • Trees in trouble. People see this and work save them. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19


January 2020

U.S. – Politics

  • Trump will go on a Twitter rampage. (Bin)
  • Trump speaking only nonsense. Too many lawsuits and conflicts. All of them catching up on him. He can’t cope with so much contradiction and people not liking him. Ivanka’s image is harmed. They lose money. (Paula)
  • In Congress, Republicans mounting counter arguments, but the truth is evident, and Trump looks like a bad guy and a fool. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Protective umbrella opened over the White House. (Laura C.)
  • Beginning of the end for Trump. (TriciaCT)
  • Nikki Hayley in the news. (TriciaCT)
  • Resistant Republicans; some of them will retire from the party itself, some will even quit politics. (Bright Opal)
  • Julian Castro dropping out of the race. (Bright Opal)
  • Questions with Answers continue, and Pelosi is taking care of business and coming through in a pinch.
  • A man at the public hearings is pointing a gold dipped finger at someone testifying. I think it’s a woman with long hair. I don’t think she is intimidated by this. She knows where his finger has been. (Vagabeau)

U.S. – People/Other

  • I see rail cars full of coal on the move. (Siobhan)
  • Trouble in farms. I see an orange explosion in the dead of a black night, and I hear a car stuck in mud on a farm road. I see pigs and a pig for Valentines’ day. (Andrew Posey)
  • Many are still shocked by the government. People have seen and lived through the Trump Administration and now want change. (Michelle M.)
  • A growing disconnect for those who are making decisions, who they are doing this for, and why they are doing it. The gap between the two sides of the political divide is widening. No one on either side will back down. We are going to move into a time when this polarization becomes so painful and exhausting that it quiets us. (Andrew Posey)
  • Angels/Guides are as tired as we are, but they say to keep going, keep fighting to defend the light. (Laura F)
  • Another sex scandal affecting Trump or an old one returning. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • In mid-January something important will come out. It feels like the U.S. versus the world.  No one follows Trump's lead. (Bright Opal) Predicted 10.9.19
  • It’s the New Year and people are recording an event with their phones that involves someone who looks like Ivanka Trump and others with her who are filing into court. (Jeanne Mayell)Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see a new swearing in ceremony. (Baba)Predicted 10.9.19
  • Blood is spilled in the streets of the US. It is the result of politics. (Bluebelle)Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see masses of people being rounded up in the cold, I see military covering over the faces of people. (Andrew Posey)Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see people sad, gloomy, with nothing to look forward to. (Broadbean)


  • There is a new dictator rising. (Bernie)
  • "Mid Asia, South of Ukraine, Crimea, little bright spot that is strong. Then I see Russia up on a ridge overlooking Ukraine, with Ukrain below them on a lower ridge. I see that Russia is overpowering Ukraine.  The Ukrainians have no support. (Bright Opal)
  • The Greek economy is in the news again and Greece is becoming unstable again, as are the economies of Italy and Ireland. (Bluebelle)
  • Brexit will not go forward. People are waking up, realizing the vote was not pure. (Karen R.)
  • More and more young people replacing old people in politics around the world. (Karen R.)
  • Climate change is recognized in all parts of the world. Chilean summit seems to bring more awareness to the southern countries (Paula)Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see drought in New Zealand and dust bowl in an industrial area. People crying out for water. (Broadbean)
  • I see an image of a large, vibrant Chinese Dragon. (Mike B)

Climate & Earth

  • Islands shrinking. (CJ)
  • Lions in Africa in the news. (Bernie)
  • January cold extremes in U.S. Northeast and perhaps other parts of the U.S. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A lot of hard and heavy snow in the U.S. (Kim)
  • South America, Ecuador, and Patagonia. News, I hope positive, will surface about the animals and the environment in these regions. (Mary L.)
  • It will be frigid cold in the Northeast. (Bin)
  • In the news: something is going on with Antarctica, I can see it from the high-above global perspective of the South Pole. (Mike B)

February 2020


  • The country roils. People are so sick of the news. So many things happening so fast. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Passions are beginning to run high; news cycle is heating up. (Coyote)
  • Something new happening with our politics. (TriciaCT)
  • People trying to come together in some politically heated areas in the US. (Michelle M.)
  • People in US are so tired of all the Trump noise. (Michelle M.)
  • I see a great big wall falling down. Rocks piling onto a road. (TriciaCT)
  • Largest sapphire lost or sold. (Andrew Posey)
  • There is some show of force towards the U.S. near the end
    of the month or beginning of the next.  This could be another Trump inspired distraction. (Claire)
  • I see a major car crash in Brooklyn, NY. (Bin)
  • Something bad happens to Roger Stone, not getting context though. (Laura F)
  • Trump is not smiling at all, reports of him yelling and fighting are increasing. Steps are being taken to remove him from office. (Bright Opal)Predicted 10.9.19
  • Michael Cohen is released from prison. He has struck a further deal with SDNY. (Bluebelle) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Those who were taken out of power make trouble and are stopped quickly. (Baba)Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see headlines about a murder on Valentine’s Day. (Andrew Posey)Predicted 10.9.19
  • Celebrity couple in the news. (Andrew Posey) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Genetic breakthrough on major body part/nervous system. (Andrew Posey) Predicted 10.9.19


  • Our PM in Australia is more repressive. (Arunika)
  • Elephants are sold in Thailand. Some are saved. (Andrew Posey)
  • War ship moving towards the China sea. Australia is on guard.  They are to New Zealand what the U.S. is to Canada.  War this spring. (Bright Opal)
  • Spies in the Middle East are exposed, revealed and executed. Iran continues nuclear proliferation. (Bluebelle)
  • Dalai Lama names his successor. (Karen R.)
  • Bad weather systems in Europe. People choosing not to fly. (Paula)
  • Turkey, people up rise against the government.  (Paula)

Climate & Earth

  • Something unusual with the weather is happening in Africa. (Betty)
  • The colors of the Arctic ocean have a strange hue or sheen. (Betty)
  • An early thaw in the U.S. (Coyote)
  • Volcano eruption in the news. (Karen R.)
  • See one of the Great Lakes, possibly in Michigan, with ice melting. (Kathryn L.)
  • Storms and crashing cars. I see a car pile-up. (TriciaCT)
  • I see an early spring. (Bin)
  • High wind gusts in NYC will make the news. (Bin)
  • Snow storms increase, thick piles of snow causing traffic jams (Paula)Predicted 10.9.19

March 2020

U.S. – Politics

  • Congress bears down on Trump and his cohorts. A political battle rages between Congress and the Trump camp. It is a battle for survival. Something bizarre happens in Arkansas during this time. (David W.)
  • Pence will be falling. (Bin)
  • McConnell's approval rate will drop. (Bin)
  • March 10th is an important date. (Bright Opal)
  • The president is in trouble with Congress. (Howard)
  • I keep hearing, “the Ides of March.” (Michelle M.) [note: The Ides of March is March 15, the day the Roman senators assassinated Caesar for threatening their democracy.]
  • Something big happens, death of a US president, Trump is out of office. (Andrew Posey)
  • The Supreme Court makes another decision against Trump. Trump’s taxes are revealed. (Bluebelle)
  • A murder connected with the White House, involved a female. (Karen R.)
  • An problem with Pence puts focus on Nancy Pelosi as third in line to presidency. ( Claudia)
  • US Capitol looms large in the news. (Kathryn L.)
  • Jim Jordan in the news. (Kathryn L.)
  • I hear yelling in the Capitol, chaos and shouting in Senate chambers. (Kathryn L.)
  • I see a noose hanging. (Kim)
  • China USA trade deal still not set, financial people and politicians are nervous. (Howard)
  • Elections moving left. Pelosi not happy. (CJ)
  • Klobashar is gaining strength and Harris faded into the background. (Bright Opal). [Harris dropped out of race in December 2019, a month after this prediction was made.]
  • Government cleansing begins. (Claire)
  • I see children stuck in mud at the capital. They are blinking and don’t understand why they are here. I think these are the children from the border. A white wall is setup quickly. Trump is trying to show he’s a nice guy. (Vagabeau)
  • Scandal of the highest order, does government hold? (Andrew Posey) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Indictments of Trump family members become public. (Baba)Predicted 10.9.19
  • Indictments of bad actors in the T administration are handed down. (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Someone is helping some people escape by boat. The man looks like Jared Kushner. (Jeanne Mayell)Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see wealthy people on an elegant stone terrace high above the Aegean Sea. I wonder if Jared and Ivanka are there as well and the feeling is that they have left the U.S. (Jeanne Mayell)Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see Trump looking out the window of a plane, possibly running away. Jared is looking out for himself. Ivanka is left holding the bag, dealing with the broken pieces.  A mother looking out for her kids. (Bright Opal)Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see men in suits and Trump who has his chest exposed and looks like an orange round baby, like the balloon that shows him in diapers.  I see a woman half clothed in this image with a suitcase walking in.  I think it is another scandal and that Trump is in big trouble. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Rabbits and a pink sunrise and a new day, a starting over. (Andrew Posey) Predicted 10.9.19

U.S. – People/Other

  • Facebook will be scrutinized. (Bin)
  • An old movie star dies. (Bernie)
  • We will learn about corruption in the Justice Department at the highest level. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • There is a major public event that has us reeling. (Andrew Posey)
  • The stone edifice of Justice will hold even though the current players will not. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • I see Celtic farmers angry at Brexit parading flags. (Broadbean)
  • I see in Thailand a change in government. (Andrew Posey)
  • Drought continues, hardship in the bush. (Arunika)
  • The Royal Family in Monaco in the news. (Bernie)
  • Brexit and the British prime minister: Boris Johnson is going to meet his Waterloo in a scandal. (Bright Opal)
  • Trudeau is hardening himself. I see him very serious and not smiling. Something is wrong. (Bright Opal)
  • Andrew Sheer is quitting the leadership of the Canadian Conservative party. Maybe even retiring from politics. (Bright Opal)
  • More cars being purposefully driven into crowds. (Karen R.)
  • India in the news. (Laura C.)
  • Flood in Bangladesh and other Asian countries.  (Paula)
  • War in the Middle East. More countries are drawn into war.  They are dividing the spoils of a nation, Syria, I think.  Iran, Russia, Turkey.  I see Saudi Arabia profiting somehow. (Bluebelle)Predicted 10.9.19
  • Much world turmoil. I see storm clouds across the sky, with some rifts that yield light from behind.  (Mike B). (Editor note: Not sure which category this belongs in.)

Climate & Earth

  • I see a forest that is leafing out and turning green early. I see fiddlehead ferns unfurling. (Coyote)
  • There is turbulent weather, storms and tornadoes, in the U.S. heartland. (Siobhan)
  • I see a bird die off. (Betty)
  • Flooding in the news, and women speaking out because of it, strong voices. (Karen B.)
  • Extreme cold in the Midwest. Danger for many animals and livestock. (Michelle M.)
  •  Early spring in northern hemisphere, but that’s not necessarily good. Lots of rabbits everywhere, real rabbits (not chocolate!), running all over the ground frantically. (Laura F)
  • There is frigid cold in the Northeast USA. (Baba)Predicted 10.9.19
  • The same really cold weather in Canada. Really strong blizzard. (Paula)Predicted 10.9.19

April  2020

When we meditated on April, I felt tremendous waves of stress in the Collective this month. (Jeanne Mayell)

U.S. – Politics

  • I see Adam Schiff rest his case. He is a hero to many. I see Pelosi feels the democrats have done a good job. The stress levels have been over the top. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trump pressured to resign. Pence takes over. The "Right" explodes with vituperation. They can't accept their loss. Trump remains in the White House.
  • Trump is in bad health, not there. (CJ)
  • Trump is there but in a way he is gone. (TriciaCT)
  • Ding dong. Donnie is going down. (TriciaCT)
  • Some violence in US, gun related, maybe about the elections or impeachment. (Claudia)
  • Washington at a standstill. Mitch out of office or in the hospital. He's attending a formal event. He looks stricken. It's his first public appearance in a while.  (Andrew Posey)
  • Nancy Pelosi is a rising star. (Andrew Posey)
  • Good news in the collective, for everyone. Leaders come together. (Michelle M.)
  • Seriousness in Washington. We are getting close to a change with the GOP. (TriciaCT)
  • Social Security is in danger, government trying to cut back, not successful. (Karen R.)
  • Stock market issues. Economy worries. (Karen B.)
  • A lot of tension for Republicans during the primaries. They are worried. ( Claudia)
  • There are more stabilizing government actions taking place, as we Transition into a new state.  Barr is out. (Claire)
  • Large airplane flying at night, completely dark and silent inside.  Air Force One.  (CDeanne)
  • Trump arrested. Pence disgraced. (Andrew Posey) Predicted 10.9.19
  • My heart quickens this month. Pelosi looks somber and cautious.  Adam Schiff is strong, composed, a tower of strength. Comparisons to Lincoln sitting on a chair in the Lincoln monument. Schiff is admired. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • I am watching the Congress in session. I see Benjamin Franklin is present (in spirit). He was a master negotiator and will help them figure out what to do to bring the country back while avoiding civil war.(Jeanne Mayell)Predicted 10.9.19 [Founding fathers were invoked during Impeachment hearings.] 
  • I see Nancy Pelosi in the oval office. She has a major role to play in running the country.  I am not certain if she is president until the elections or Mike Pence is president for appearance sake.  If Pence is president, she is telling him not to run for re-election. She runs the show. (Bright Opal)Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see Easter bunnies on the White House lawn. (Baba)Predicted 10.9.19
  • Someone unexpected from the T administration escapes to Russia. (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19
  • I do not see Pelosi ascending to presidency. She may qualify as the third in line, but she knows it could bring violence. They will figure something out. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Trump is mentally ill. It’s unfair they let him stay in power as he is a puppet. He is very sick (Paula)Predicted 10.9.19
  • April is a month of karma. I see a totem pole radiating from Native American spirits to the people. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19

U.S. – People

  • Watch out for the Easter eggs. There is something in them that is not right. (Bernie)
  • There is still chaos in Washington. The country is exhausted by the turmoil and falsehoods. (Bluebelle)
  • I see a soft rain and I see that immigrant families are freed. (Laura C.)
  • Lawsuits over immigration decisions. (Laura C.)
  • Storm clouds wash across the US. It is the darkest time for our country, but the winds wash all the darkness away.  Great relief.  We are exposed and beaten but can start to rebuild now. (Bluebelle) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Some kind of crash, economy. (Paula)


  • The EU is unstable now. Economically and politically.  Stresses from Brexit and threats from the East. (Bluebelle) Predicted 10.9.19

Climate & Earth

  • Permafrost is melting. Large methane release. (Betty) [Happening in December 2019]
  • Expect heavy rain in Washington State. (Bin)
  • Expect hurricane in Tokyo. (Bin)
  • I see hail in Germany. (Bin)
  • The weather is too warm in the southern U.S. for this time of year. (Siobhan)
  • They have discovered a new species in Madagascar. (Andrew Posey)
  • Lots of rain. (CJ)
  • See a blizzard and trucks over on the freeway in the Dakotas. (Kathryn L.)
  • I see an emerging solitary green plant shoot rising from the ground. (Mike B) 
  • Record floods and trouble for Middle America. (Andrew Posey)Predicted 10.9.19
  • Fires, all over the hills and farmland in Southeast Asia. (Andrew Posey) Predicted 10.9.19
  • There is a spider plague in Australia. (Baba)Predicted 10.9.19
  • The holy mother in blue wants us to call to her for help. I’m not sure if this is a religious reference or related to the Oceans and Mother Earth. (Vagabeau)

May  2020


  • News about Pence. He is darker than we thought. (Kathryn L.)
  • Pence compromised too.  His presence is the mere appearance of a National Leader. The "Right" continues their rage. The country is reeling from the course and pace of events.  This is a delicate time of crisis. (David W.)
  • Biden surges in the polls.  Anything can happen in the primaries. (Bluebelle)
  • GOP scrambling. (TriciaCT)
  • Sense of relief, things improving. (Karen B.)
  • In the news: People are buying chicks through the mail. (Karen)
  • Concert on the mall for a benefit. (Laura C.)
  • Real estate news. Something happens to a landmark. (TriciaCT)
  • Curley-headed child and her younger sibling in the news. Younger sibling is blind. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see the image of a child, a young girl looking out from a window. I see many young women; they are all pretty and Ivanka or Barbee-like. Then I see one of the women is bald like a manikin.  A man is being interviewed about some wrong doing to the women. Epstein comes to mind.  (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Ice cream company goes bust. Beginning of economic problems. (Paula)
  • I see an image of Steve Bannon in all his unkempt slovenliness. He is smirking. (Mike B)


  • I see people demonstrating in the streets all over the world. (Arunika)
  • Ireland united. (Michelle M.)
  • Canada: Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, will be forced to resign. (Bright Opal)
  • A boat sinks in Atlantic, A submarine is nearby. (Broadbean)
  • People will be calling out China’s re-education camps. (Bin)
  • I see progressives rising to defeat Bolsanaro. (Bin)
  • I see an image of Charles de Gaulle, long dead leader of France. (Mike B)
  • The Chancellor of Germany is unwell. (Baba)Predicted 10.9.19
  • There is trouble in Russia - unrest. (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see Russia moving west, not into Western Europe, but threatening. (Bluebelle)Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see something wrong with Putin’s health. He’s not invincible.  He has the beginnings of a major health issue. (Bluebelle) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Brazil again, the fires continue, and the government is responsible for it. The World Trade Organization (WTO) is giving them very severe sanctions:  They either stop destroying the Amazon or suffer extremely severe trading sanctions. (Bright Opal) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Heat in Europe again. Dry earth. Scorched earth, Africa. Food shortage. No Rains for crops to grow. (Paula) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Brexit is dead. (Bin)

Climate & Earth

  • I see mobile homes in Florida floating in flood waters. (Andrew Posey)
  • India enters a war on plastic. (Andrew Posey)
  • A big weather event in May in the U.S. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I feel volcanic eruption or earth unstable. (Betty)
  • Columbia hit with earthquake (Bernie)
  • California is on fire. Living in California means living with fire.  I see people with medical masks on their faces because of the fires.  People going to and from work using a road with forest fires on either side of the road.  It's a new normal. (Bright Opal)
  • New disease affecting genetically modified corn. Many crops fail. (Karen R.)
  • Weather is cold in US. Still have snow. (Kim)
  • Wild weather is in store this month. (Claire)
  • Summer is unusually hot already. Too much rain in some places.  Too much heat in others. I see water vapor rising from the sidewalks.  This is Florida.  The heat there has become unbearable.  The people have turned away from the climate deniers.  (Jeanne Mayell)Predicted 10.9.19
  • Elephants starving in Africa. Horrible to see them die. (Paula)Predicted 10.9.19
  • Again, a lot of rain and hailstones in Europe. Roads flood. Weather extremes really gaining speed. (Paula) There is unrest on the 4th of July. Some people still can’t accept that the T times are over. (Baba)Predicted 10.9.19
  • Heat in Europe again. Dry earth. Scorched earth, Africa. Food shortage. No Rains for crops to grow. (Paula)Predicted 10.9.19

June 2020


  • A calm month, no drama. (Kim)
  • Trump has been unmasked completely. (TriciaCT)
  • Fair trade in the news. (Laura C.)
  • I am seeing a surfer in the U.S. South and a sense that the deep south is rising. (Andrew Posey)
  • Happy days for democrats. (TriciaCT)
  • A big breath of fresh air. Something is shifting.  More hope, less fear and lying in the government. (Karen R.)
  • Yosemite in the news. (Kathryn L.)
  • Betty White in the news. (Kathryn L.)
  • Trains in the news again. (TriciaCT)
  • In the news: I see an African American girl suffering from some kind of attack. I see a blue-jeaned man with long legs who is involved. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Young graduate makes huge discovery. (Andrew Posey)Predicted 10.9.19
  • Karmic justice will be the theme of this month.  It could be we see the effects of a decision in the Supreme Court. (Claire)
  • Faith rising. Not in the church but in the good side of religion. Kindness, compassion, we are all connected. (Vagabeau)
  • I see an image of a rattlesnake, possibly related to the GOP, and possibly involving Texas. (Mike B)

US Election visions:

  • Democrats closing in on their candidates. Pence not running; GOP scrambles to choose candidates. Country is in tumult. (David W.)
  • Biden strong. (Kim)
  • Biden and a woman running. (TriciaCT)
  • Warren is still in it to win it. (TriciaCT)
  • I see Biden taken out of the race. He's gone by June 2020 (Bright Opal)
  • There is a new level of leadership emerging from the shakeout; a new generation speaking but still lost.   No agreement in government. (Andrew Posey)Predicted 10.9.19
  • I hear the song, "Farmer in the Dell" - The farmers in the US still struggling and need help. (Baba)Predicted 10.9.19
  • Politically, something still trapped, hidden beneath the surface that will eventually puncture through. (CDeanne)


  • I see in Australia how dry it is, so dry that the red dust swirls, and the population moves to the coasts. (Andrew Posey)
  • In the blue waters of the Caribbean, I see a new light and a new day, a new leader, a new discovery, and a new baby. (Andrew Posey)
  • I see a London industrial attack. (Laura C.)
  • Hong Kong economy low, conflict really damaging land and people. (Paula)
  • I see Germany taking the leadership of the EU and leading other countries. Very uplifting and encouraging leadership in Germany. (Bluebelle)Predicted 10.9.19
  • Migrations continues from South America. We might find out Brazil has an important role to play in this. (Bright Opal) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Russia makes a move on Belarus. (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19

Climate & Earth

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson is making an important announcement about a space discovery, he is trying not to show his excitement and also a little fear. He is being a voice of calm and reason. (Laura F)
  • Plastic bottles are disappearing, and glass is coming back! (Bernie)
  • A dam that is full of water must be released. (Siobhan)
  • Too hot for June. Another record-setting summer. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A California earthquake. (CJ)
  • Trees are suffering from the heat. Leaves curling up. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Climate change enters a runaway event that is catastrophic. It catches the world’s attention. (Betty)
  • Humid, oppressive heat. (Coyote)
  • Massive trash clean-up on beaches. (Karen B.)
  • I see a mountain range in the West, and I sense rumbling. (Kathryn L.)
  • I see a large amount of water, like a tsunami. (Michelle M.)
  • Aviaries and birds in the news. (Laura C.)
  • Harvest comes early. (Broadbean)
  • There will be a very bad heatwave in Europe. (Bin)
  • More destruction of the Amazon rainforest. (Bin)

July  2020


  • Country afloat but adrift. The American people desperately want a new better direction. The country is reborn this month and sets out to right itself. Pelosi plays a major role in this process. (David W.)
  • Federalism is dead. (Laura C.)
  • 4th of July celebrations in which Democrats are feeling optimistic. (CJ)
  • Conventions coming up, lots of protests, people in the streets, heated political climate. People with guns. They want their guns. ( Claudia)
  • 4th of July celebrations. Democrats feeling optimistic. (CJ)
  • Happier 4th of July than 2019. (TriciaCT)
  • I see a family finally reunites, the son with only half of what he had when he left. (Andrew Posey)
  • Vagabonds are back. Homeless people are traveling across the country.  There’s a caravan of homeless people. (Bluebelle)
  • Fireworks go terribly wrong in southern part of US, near Mexico. (Michelle M.)
  • Campaigns have solidified, and choices are clear.  (Claire)
  • I see a hate group rally on July Fourth. (Bin)
  • People will be helping the homeless in the Silicon Valley. (Bin)
  • Seeing a Fourth of July parade; like watching it through Zapruder’s camera. This image portends something wrong happens. (Mike B)
  • Trump is in bed. (My mind at first said, “Trump is dead” but then I felt he had just taken to his bed. I see a chef nearby. He lives like royalty, but he’s unwell and in bed.   (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Something breaks wide open, either it’s a huge dam or a huge ground swell of public opinion, but it pours through the West. (Andrew Posey)Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see Warren campaigning. She has great strength and great support, even in the middle of the country in red states. (Bluebelle)Predicted 10.9.19
  • There is unrest on the 4th of July. Some people still can’t accept that the T times are over. (Baba)Predicted 10.9.19


  • Many colorful flags waving, and a sense of international unity. (Karen B.)
  • Brazil government in shambles, population is in the streets protesting. (Karen R.)
  • Heat waves in Europe breaking all records again. Many more people suffer from the heat than in 2019. (Paula)
  • Fires in Turkey. It might be due to weather or war/conflict. (Paula)Predicted 10.9.19
  • Russia is more aggressive in its attacks on the EU. They want the organization gone. (Bright Opal) Predicted 10.9.19
  • The tunnel between France and Britain is flooded. Migration going both ways:  to Britain and to France.  The tunnel is jammed with people, like a pipe getting clogged by debris. (Bright Opal) Predicted 10.9.19

Climate & Earth

  • I see a desert with a pink flower on a tiny cactus. It’s a sign of hope in the very dry dessert. Winds are blowing very strong, but the cactus doesn’t move and the flower blooms. I see a medical symbol flash over the plant. (Vagabeau)
  • I see a farmer’s wife looking at the sky. It is so bright, uncertainty in her heart. (Broadbean)
  • The City of New Orleans floods. There is flooding along the Mississippi River. (Siobhan)
  • I sense horrible heat. ( Jeanne Mayell)
  • Hot, hot, much too hot around the world. (Jeanne Mayell)Predicted 10.9.19
  • Temperatures too high. (Karen B.)
  • Strange colors in the Arctic sky. (Betty)
  • Oceans are like soup. They are heating up and this is a serious development. A surge in ocean heat will have consequences. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Hot oceans. (TriciaCT)
  • Overwhelming heat, earlier than expected in some countries, people dying of heat. (Karen R)
  • Hurricane or fierce storm off California coast. (Carrie)
  • Volcanic eruption in the news. (Laura C.)
  • Water shortages in some places. (TriciaCT)
  • Volcano in Pacific ridge in Southwest US. I see a new volcano chimneys growing.  Strangely enough it's a chimney coming from Yellowstone, but it is growing in the Pacific along Northern California.  This chimney is a way for Yellowstone to relieve the stress.  New volcano chimneys are growing in the Pacific Ridge beginning in the Bearing Straight and going all the way south to California.  Then moving west towards the China sea and Indonesia.  We don't know it, but all of those volcanoes are active.  The planet is alive and rebelling.  (Bright Opal)
  • Geological events in the Canadian Maritimes and Quebec, Labrador, James Bay. (Bright Opal)

August  2020


  • The two political teams select their candidates. Though the Right wing rant continues, people begin to look elsewhere for guidance and direction. (David W.)
  • Another billionaire starts to use his wealth to help the world. (Karen R.)
  • Bad news about Trump. (Ana)
  • Republications are struggling; Their sins have come home to roost. (Claire)
  • Trump ill. (TriciaCT)
  • Trump at a party saying he won something, but he didn't. He's smiling and people are congratulating him, but it’s fake.  He can't tell the difference.   (Mary L.)
  • Stock market jitters. (Karen R.)
  • Fear in the collective. Something happens that shakes us all up. (CJ)
  • There is an essence of hate, like a cloud, looking for a host, looking for an incident. (Andrew Posey)
  • Famous female singer dies. (Karen B.)
  • Insurance companies make changes in what they will cover. People feel abandoned, uninsurable. (Karen R.)
  • Politics still so divisive, even dividing families. (Michelle M.)
  • Farmers, horses and cowboys in the news. An administration policy, perhaps a trade deal, that effects them. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I do not see Trump being the true nominee. I see a woman. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see Warren and Biden together. (Bluebelle)Predicted 10.9.19
  • An American icon dies alone. (Andrew Posey) Predicted 10.9.1
  • I see a tram car in NYC and realize that likely a plan is in development. (Bin)
  • I see a Western U.S. mountain range. Then I see Pelosi, and then Nikki Haley. (Mike B)


  • In Venezuela or another Latin American country, I feel women are angry and drawing on their power. Using Voodoo or some other spiritual means. They don't know what else to do.  (Kathryn L.)
  • Laws in Europe change to protect stray dogs. More people own dogs. Dogs are declared people helpers. Science discovers that having dog companions calms mental state of people. (Paula)
  • No public restrooms in Paris. (Andrew Posey)
  • Very cold in the southern hemisphere. Many are homeless due to fires. (Arunika)
  • Olympics in Japan. (Andrew Posey)
  • The song "Don't cry for me, Argentina" comes to mind. Churning waters,  but it's not in the sea, it's more the people.  There is an instability there, at the tip of South America.  Unrest in  Argentina or in that region. (Bright Opal)
  • Riots in Catalonia. (Bright Opal)Predicted 10.9.19

Climate & Earth

  • One of the meteors from the Leonids crashes to Earth somewhere rural, but people see it, no one is hurt, but many take it as a sign. (Laura F)

  • Desperation on farms, suicide rate up. (Broadbean)

  • A sense of relief in the collective either because of arrival of refreshing weather or something political. (Coyote)
  • Climate change is no longer debated. The Southeast and Southwest are sweltering.  Everyone is worried about more fires in California. (Bluebelle)
  • Even hotter than July. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Very Hot. (Darlene)
  • A bad drought in the Midwest. (Bin)
  • bears dancing with glasses raised. Real bears are very hungry and coming closer to shores instead of forests to search for food. (Vagabeau)
  • There is extreme heat in Germany. (Baba)Predicted 10.9.19
  • California Coastline seeing it on a map and there is a black line drawn with a sharpie along coastline along center portion of state. (Carrie)
  • I’m seeing the tip of South America pointing towards Antarctica. An ice sheet is dropping into the sea. (Bright Opal)
  • Plants dried out, fires on the rise. (Karen B.)
  • Ocean currents slowing down. (Laura C.). [Jeanne’s note: This is likely about the AMOC (Gulf Stream) slowing down]
  • August, extreme heat in Canada. (Michelle M.)
  • Storms in Gulf, fish in the news, shortage of some fish, also see a large fish discovered. (TriciaCT)
  • Walrus die-off (Betty)
  • Very hot all over Europe. Records broken again. People traveling by train. Shame to fly increases. (Paula)Predicted 10.9.19

September 2020

U.S.-- White House

  • Cleaning the White House; scrubbing down every room. (Laura C.)
  • More exposure of the corruption. (TriciaCT)
  • People will see corruption in the U.S. government. (Bernie)
  • At the Democratic National Convention, I see a woman and a man as nominees. (Andrew Posey)
  • I hear, "The Fall of Rome.” It means a major shift of control in US government. (Karen R.)

U.S. – Election & Inauguration


  • Race is heating up. I see Nikki Haley prominent. Republicans want to get in favorable positions because most feel Trump will be leaving. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • We are hearing so many promises, promises.  There is political fatigue. (Claire)
  • GOP has backup candidate, not just Trump, could be Nikki Haley or Romney. (TriciaCT)
  • Nicki Haley (Kathryn L.)
  • Trump may not be the Republican candidate. I see someone else running, not Trump. (Claudia)
  • September = Lies. (Bright Opal)
  • More attention on vote hacking and interference. (Karen R.)
  • Do not see Trump running. (Kathryn L.)
  • News of attempted election hacking by foreign bad actors becomes public. (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19
  • see an image of Sen. Ted Cruz. Then one of deceased GOP Senator Richard Lugar. And then cows. (Mike B)


  • Democratic nominee is either Biden or Mayer Pete. (Kim)
  • I see the Democrats and a tartan plaid. (CDeanne)
  • I see Pete, I don’t see Biden, I see Warren and Pete. (Andrew Posey)
  • Warren is strong. (CJ)
  • I see Warren active, and a man with dark hair. I am shown that the winner will be a man, not a woman. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see Biden off to the side. (Andrew Posey)
  • Pete B in the news. (Karen B.)
  • Warren prominent now. (Kathryn L.)
  • I see Warren campaigning and Biden campaigning. They must be together. (Bluebelle)
  • I see Mayor Pete with huge crowd. (Michelle M.)
  • Biden, Warren on top and Buttigieg still in the game somehow. (TriciaCT)
  • Bernie playing a big role for DNC, a team has formed of a man and woman. (TriciaCT)
  • Warren withdraws – very sad because she was having a promising run, something forced her to drop out. Sorrow. (Carrie)
  • I am seeing donkeys and they are making a real ass of things. (Bernie)
  • Sanders is still in the race. (Bin)

U.S. – People/Other

  • College students will be voting on election day and they will make a difference. (Bin)
  • A new thing: paper clothes. (Karen)
  • Economy is stable. (Bluebelle) Predicted 10.9.19
  • There is something in the news about LGBTQ+ rights.  I see people rushing to get married, before it’s too late, but not sure where this happens.  (Laura F)


  • Talk of war somewhere. Thinking Iran. (Bernie)
  • Northeastern china being walled off. (Broadbean)
  • Big problem with the government of Brazil. Bolsonaro gets sick and proves not able to stay in office. Cancer? (Paula)

Climate & Earth

  • Fall trees more beautiful than usual on US East coast. (Michelle M.)
  • Hurricanes stronger (Darlene)
  • Rains heavy in Australia. (Bernie)
  • Fire widespread on U.S. West Coast and Western Canada. (Betty)
  • A lot of rain, storms. colder than usual. ( Claudia)
  • Standing up brushing dust off overalls on a farm. (Laura C.)
  • Dry cornstalks, crops failed. (Laura C.)
  • New Orleans will be flooded. (Bin)
  • I see a sunset of yellow, gold and blue. Tiny bees are not hibernating when they should be. Honey production is affected. (Vagabeau)
  • Some kind of natural spectacle is seen by many - meteors? (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Trees are in trouble. They seem confused, in shock from heat. (Paula) Predicted 10.9.1

October  2020

U.S. – Trump/White House

  • Trump using a cane. (Arunika)
  • Dark clouds over the Capitol building. Bad for Trump.   (Mary L.)
  • I see Trump giving a speech on the White House lawn. (Broadbean)
  • Very large pools of slippery ice completely surrounding the White House.  (CDeanne)

U.S. – Election & Inauguration

  • Mitch McConnell is no longer trusted in his own homeland. (Claire)

  • GOP: I don’t see Trump there. (Andrew Posey)

  • All the Democratic candidates are out campaigning for the Democratic ticket. There is such unity in the party, it’s quite remarkable. (Bluebelle)
  • Veterans and active military have loud, supportive voice for Dems. (Karen B.)
  • Some states start to investigate paper ballots. (Karen R.)
  • Elizabeth Warren in the center. (Kim)
  • Democrats feel strong to me at this time. (Michelle M.)
  • Dems are on fire! I see Mayor Pete prominent. Warren is still there. People are excited. (TriciaCT)
  • Republicans are falling apart. (Bin)
  • People will be helping others to register in a big way. (Bin)
  • I see Jim Jordan crying. (the Republican Congressman) (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19
  • The presidential campaign is in full swing, but it’s not as volatile as the last presidential campaign. There’s not the ugliness and vitriol we’ve grown accustomed to seeing. (Bluebelle) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Walls are being erected by people in mud up to their chests. They are wearing white hardhats. Everything else is grey. (VagabeauI see the “Rising Star”, a candidate who had been rising in December 2019. (CDeanne)

U.S. – People/Other

  • I feel change is coming. Many in collective are happy. (Michelle M.)
  • Markets are in flux. (TriciaCT)
  • The country going up a roller coaster ride. Scared of what will happen next. (CJ)
  • Route 66 in news. (Bernie)
  • A southern woman with blond hair, the wife of a senator or governor, or maybe an actress playing a role, is in the news. (Carrie)
  • Confusion everywhere, people are saying “What the H*** is going on? (Laura F)
  • Nobody believes anybody anymore. (Andrew Posey) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Full moon celebration with people cheering happily. (Andrew Posey) Predicted 10.9.19


  • Germany's Chancellor Merkel in the news. (Paula)
  • I see the Eiffel Tower and it looks sideways. This means problems in the French capital. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Middle east prominent this month, especially Iran and Iraq. (Kathryn L.)
  • Italy in the news. (Kathryn L.)

Climate & Earth

  • Fungus in pumpkins. (Bernie)
  • Plankton die-off or acting strangely. Moving to new areas. (Betty)
  • Discoveries made high up in mountains due to melting ice and snow. (Karen R.)
  • In the news: the image of a yellow bird canary in the coal mine, trying to keep alive. (Karen
  • Australia: I see the Earth cracked because of lack of water in lake beds. Drought in north western Australia and also around a blue lake.  ( I later found out there is a Blue Lake in the south of Australia) (Bright Opal) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Trees sick. Some kind of mold has hit European trees (Paula) Predicted 10.9.19

November  2020

U.S. Election with predictions grouped under common themes:

  1. Some people saw delays and confusion at the polls:
  • Worries about the election, about outside interference. The FBI is talking to the American people, telling them what they are doing to protect them. (Claudia)
  • Polls closed for some reason. (Jeanne Mayell).
  • I see an abstracted image of the US Capitol surrounded by the color black. There's uncertainty and confusion about the election results. (Coyote)
  • Election delayed. Things are stalled, and now it’s looking bleak. (Karen B.)
  • People are on edge, police at voting stations. (Jennifer)
  • All I see is black, I’m being told there’s nothing to see yet and that it’s for the best. (Laura F)
  • I see a grinning donkey. But the election is contested. (Julie K.)
  • I see anger, crowds. I see the military coming in, but the people are not into them. (Andrew Posey)
  • A democratic friend of mine looks happy, but I am unsettled. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • GOP lost and they are poor losers. The results are blue, but the red are not letting it go and what is scary is the reaction of those who do not want to let go. (Andrew Posey)
  • It's like a third world country after the election. Chaos. (Julie K.)
  • Confusion in the USA. (Patty)
  • Elizabeth Warren looking shocked or confused. (Jordan)
  • Blue dominates but there is some darkness surrounding election. (Michelle M.)
  • People are relieved but there is strain, something is not right. (Michelle M.)
  • Confusion looks muddled and murky (Arunika)
  • I feel a heaviness about the president result . I see a heavy cross that has been set down.  Trump is crying. Ivanka is trying to comfort him. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Voting machine hacks in the news. (Karen B.)
  • Federal agents are on alert . (Betty)
  • Moscow Mitch is out. (Claire)
  • Presidential election is in tumult; cautious elation riddled by nitpicking and ridiculous conspiracies. (CDeanne)
  1. Predictions of a Blue Sweep:
  • Democrats take over the government. (Bin)
  • The political climate has turned a healing blue.Lessons were learned, Millennials participated; they voted and their votes counted. (Claire)
  • Blue Wave. What a backlash against Republicans and Trump. The House and Senate turn blue.  An enormous sigh of relief waves across the country.  Arizona and Texas go blue. (Bluebelle)
  • Evidence revealed that the election system was tampered with, but the massive turnout made the difference. (Bluebelle)
  • People happy and relieved. The GOP lost. The House is blue. The Senate has a blue majority. (Siobhan)
  • The only thing I see when I think of the GOP is bright red, fire, and angry. When I think of the election map, I see it all blue, I see a blue state with these bright, fires of red. (Andrew Posey)
  • There is a big crowd in front of the White House. People are cheering and relieved. (Doris)
  • Pence loses president election. Pence and mother are sad. (Betty)
  • Democrats won. (Doris)
  • People are celebrating finally someone that will do something for the people of USA. (Bernie)
  • “It’s now or never.” (Lilli)
  • Blue senate. After the election, everything looks normal. (Ana)
  • Senate is barely blue. (Julie K.)
  • Senate and House blue. (CJ)
  • House remains blue. (Julie K.)
  • Following the election, Congress is predominantly blue because of black (Black voters).   (CDeanne)
  • Some are disappointed and some happy - I see the dems being successful in all three places. (Sheila)
  • Congress Blue. (Arunika)
  • Relief, the Democrats won the WH and the Senate, they will be in control and they have two years to get things done. A lot to do. I see women in power. ( Claudia)
  • House results feels confused. But Schiff is smiling broadly. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see people coming out, I don’t see Trump there. I don’t think he makes it to this point, he’s in Florida. (Andrew Posey)
  • Warren and Pete. (Andrew Posey)
  • There is a man with grey hair like a comb over and thinning on top with a smile. He maybe a vice president. (Bernie). [Jeanne’s Note: grey comb over sounds like Bloomberg.]
  • I asked, “Who would be president,” and saw a montage of every current Dem candidate, and even some prominent Republicans, speaking from podiums. But no Trump. (Coyote)
  • There is a sense of relief, but also a darkness at how much damage has been done, how much work is required to start and repair the country. Senate is green! (Karen R.)
  • Democrats in presidency. (Kathryn L.)
  • Mitch is physically feeble but might still be there. (Kathryn L.)
  • I feel intense energy, a surge of hope but it is urgent and a big mess to clean up. (Kathryn L.)
  • Republicans are shocked and confused. (Kathryn L.)
  • Dems victorious. (Kim)
  • People are dancing in the streets. (Kim)
  • Very blue election results. (Kim)
  • Senate and House are blue. (Laura C.)
  • Fake news diminished. (Laura C.)
  • White House filled with white light. (Laura C.)
  • There will be grace. (Laura C.)
  • Democrats blue wave end of year 2020. (Michelle M.)
  • I keep sensing Pete for presidency. (Michelle M.)
  • I see Warren, Dems win. (TriciaCT)
  • Dems win but GOP saying it was corrupt and they are trying to make people think it's not real and all fake news. (TriciaCT)
  • I think Senate is Blue! (Karen B.)
  • Trump hunkered down with his family in a high rise. He is down. (Kim)
  • Senate blue, House turns over many red seats to a stronger blue House. (Lovendures)
  • House blue, Senate purple and a lot bluer. (TriciaCT)
  • I still see the dark clouds over the Capitol building. Bad for Trump but can't tell how.  He is inside at a political gathering pretending to celebrate. (Mary L.)
  • When I look for the election, I only see monks in saffron robes praying. I feel they are sending good vibes for a fair and just election in the country that can do so much good or so much harm to the world.  (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Election results blue everywhere. Senate is blue. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • High voter turnout. People are motivated to have their vote count. (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Election Day, blue skies, and massive, massive Democratic turnout. Massive independent turnout.  The Dems win. (Bluebelle) Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see Biden and Warren (she’s not smiling but she’s there. I also might be seeing Pete. (Andrew Posey) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Good wins, there is a huge amount of noise here and I see a surprise, I see one half happy and one quiet. I see a convention all red white and blue half empty. (Andrew Posey) Predicted 10.9.19
  1. Predictions of some red victories: Either Trump re-elected or either a House or Senate GOP, or some purple colors which means a blue and red tie.
  • I see a graph – a continuous line with 30% colored in red and 70% colored in blue. Bitter defeat. Very devasting. Trump, McConnell, Graham survive. But profoundly compromised. (Carrie)
  • I still see Trump, but don’t know if he is a candidate. The House and Senate races are toggling blue to red, blue to red. I cannot determine who wins Congress. I do see Ted Cruz again. It’s all in flux. (Mike B)
  • I see red. (Bernie)
  • I see dark purple for red and blue mix. (Darlene)
  • Senate purple. (Kathryn L.)
  • Senate red. (Arunika)
  • Trump is re-elected, the Senate blue, the House is red. Nancy Pelosi has a red suit on and is half seated on her chair. (Bright Opal)
  • House blue - Senate Red (Howard)
  • In spite of everything uncovered during the Impeachment hearings, Trump wins the elections. (Bright Opal)
  • November 9th is a date to watch. (Bright Opal)
  • (Karen R.)
  • We are licking our wounds politics in US. (Kathryn L.)

U.S. – Trump/White House

  • Trump is fighting legal battles, but no one cares, we don’t want to hear about him. (Claudia)
  • Scaling back on military expenditures, wall project is kaput. (Karen R.)
  • Settling into new house, big changes politically. (Jennifer)
  • Americans want more political parties. (Lilli)
  • AOC bright future, she can unite people for the future. (Karen R.)
  • I see AOC and her face looks distorted and in stress. (Ana)

U.S. - People

  • There will be violence after the election. (Bin)
  • People are happy and furious at the same time in the US. (Doris)
  • Fox News bought by someone. (Laura C.)


  • I see planes dropping bombs and civilians running. (Broadbean)
  • Preparing for bush fires in Australia. (Arunika)
  • Russia in the news again. (Bernie)
  • I see masks on the members of Parliament. (Karen)
  • The issue of coal companies still burning coal. I see coal cakes in China on small ovens being burned. (Karen)
  • Australia and Indonesia are heavy and pulling our attention this month. (Kathryn L.)
  • Trains collide. Big crash.  In a European country. (Paula) Predicted 10.9.19


  • Greta Thunberg achieves a lot. She is satisfied that governments finally see that what she said was right. (Paula)
  • I see snow covering  a Christmas cactus. Tree roots are either brittle or soaked. Communications between trees is cut. (Vagabeau)
  • Cats are in the news. (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Antarctic circle south of Australia, west of NZ, something going on there (Bright Opal) Predicted 10.9.19

December 2020

U.S. – Politics

  • I see Trump shouting and making lot of noise, perhaps at a rally, but he's not in charge of the country. He's still very visible and making lots of noise. (Mary L.)
  • The world is watching, on the edge of their seats. The greatest show on Earth. But people are shaking their heads. (Doris)
  • I see simple silver decorations at the White House. Lots of white and silver. This is odd seeing how Trump loves gold. (Vagabeau)
  • Something big happens in Kentucky politically, something very unexpected, unclear if it’s a good or bad thing, although I’m hearing an echo of “fine people on both sides” in the distance. Laura F)
  • Rebuilding in the news. (Karen B.)
  • The use of a luxury tax being considered. (Kim)
  • The far right will fall. (Bin)
  • Where’s Trump? Stomach distress. Where’s McConnell? Gone. Even so, I still see old withering white men looking satisfied. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Democrats are preparing to take power. They are up to the task. (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Claims of fraud in the election process from Fox News and all the regular Right Wing news outlets. They rile people up. (Bluebelle) Predicted 10.9.19
  • The Capitol Building is in the headlines. It’s a people’s Capitol. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19

U.S. – People/Other

  • Jubilation among the people. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trust is regained. There is joy this Christmas. (Claire)
  • Extremists right wingers are paranoid. (Lilli)
  • A new toy kids want for Christmas. People going crazy to get it. (Bernie)
  • US is divided but urbanites are happy. (Betty) [Jeanne’s note: urbanites tend to be liberal, rural voters tend to be conservative.]
  • Giuliani convicted. (Carrie)
  • Women on the rise everywhere! (Karen B.)
  • There’s a sense of peace now, as though we have weathered the worst of the political storms. (Bluebelle)
  • Cities emptying people going rural. (Broadbean)


  • Putin is mad, weakened. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see the pyramid at the Louvre. Maybe endangered by terrorist attack. (Carrie)
  • I see the artificial islands in the south China sea. War ship frigate. (Bright Opal) Predicted 10.9.19


Burma Myanmar earthquake. (Paula)

Winter is not cold in Europe. No ice or snow. When winter in Europe should be cold. (Paula) Predicted 10.9.19

2021 Whole Year

  • The western world is celebrating. (Betty)
  • Companies start to do more. People start to do more. They don’t trust government, but they do more. (Andrew Posey)
  • People awaking new level of kindness for each other. (Arunika)
  • Religious leaders speak out about climate and need for action. (Arunika)
  • I immediately smiled when I thought of this month. I’m in a good place and things are renewing. I feel the strength of the summer solstice. (Coyote)

Science and Technology

  • I see people having cars that drive themselves. (Andrew Posey)
  • I’m seeing space and stars. There will be a new adventure for a crew on a space mission. (Bernie)
  • New ways to recycle food which has been thrown out. New ways to reduce hunger and poverty. (Karen R.)
  • An underwater algae that has promise for food. (Karen)
  • Plastics reduced in ocean water. (Laura C.)

U.S. Politics

  • A designer steps forward, wants to dress the first lady. (Bernie)
  • Legal action against Trump. (Amy N.)
  • Rainbow over the White House. (Laura C.)
  • Positive change in DC. (Betty)
  • Taping moving boxes. A female politician in very bright red suit greeting people. Blonde woman. In Texas. Popular. (Carrie)
  • Fixing old relationships with our allies. (Karen B.)
  • Legislation which will significantly alter online media. Companies will be held accountable for the lies they disseminate. (Karen R.)
  • Constitutional changes to protect democracy. (Karen R.)
  • Changes to taxation system. (Karen R.)
  • There is legislation that prevents companies becoming too powerful, too dominant. More support for small rural companies. (Karen R.)
  • At a parade in NYC, I see AOC waving. (Kathryn L.)
  • Big change in energy and in US politics. (Kathryn L.)
  • Russia is repudiated. (Laura C.)
  • Working on fixing what Trump broke. (TriciaCT)

U.S. - Economy

  • Businesses are not happy with the Democrats. They fear loss of profit, warn of layoffs. Housing market slows. President sends reassurances. ( Claudia)
  • JC Penny in the news. (Kathryn L.)
  • I see a barge of U.S. grain moving along a river for international trade. (Siobhan)

U.S. – Election & Inauguration

Predictions that see Democrats being sworn in:

  • Biden is sworn in as U.S. President. (Siobhan)
  • The Inauguration is huge. People are jubilant. The crowd is large. (Lilinoe)
  • A celebration for Democrats but angry Trump supporters protesting at Inauguration. New president cannot walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, too risky. ( Claudia)
  • Warren being sworn in. (CJ)
  • A lady president. (Bernie)
  • Warren is wearing a blue boat; Pete is wearing a black coat. It is cold but a blue sky.  If it’s not Warren, it’s Nancy Pelosi. (Andrew Posey)
  • I see Warren on platform, but I don't know if she is president. (Betty)
  • I see Warren. (Amy N.)
  • I see a woman in a light blue coat. Elizabeth Warren is there, but she could be a guest or the vice president. I see Biden too. I can see him taking the oath with his hand on the Bible. (Claudia)
  • The woman being sworn in is younger than Warren. (Ana)
  • Inauguration: People in DC are in a generally in good mood and smiling, but not ecstatic like they were when Obama was sworn in in 2008. (Coyote)
  • The new Congress is blue, and the presidency is blue. Dems are sworn into office.  The time to rebuild has come.  Better days ahead. (Bluebelle)
  • Washington prepares for the Inauguration and there are riots by the alt right, white supremacists. (Bluebelle)
  • I see Warren and Biden. I keep seeing Warren with her arms held up high in victory.  She has so much energy.  I see Warren and Biden, but it’s Warren with the victory signs and the high energy. (Bluebelle)
  • Elizabeth, Pete at the Inauguration. She is beaming. (Karen B.)
  • Warren and Biden. (Karen R.)
  • Feels like relief and hope. (Kathryn L.)
  • I see Warren at the Inauguration. (Kathryn L.)
  • Michelle Obama is a guest in the audience at the swearing in. (Kathryn L.)
  • I see Kamala and Pete (Laura C.)
  • I see blue everywhere (Laura C.)
  • Inauguration: Pete long black coat, top hat like Kennedy and woman vp. (Michelle M.)
  • We have our work cut out for us. Younger people demanding a better world. (Michelle M.)
  • Progressives are victorious. Woman and man on Inauguration podium. Obama on podium looking happy. I saw Biden and Warren after a ceremony. (TriciaCT)
  • It’s not Trump and it’s not Pence. I see Biden smiling and waving and I see Warren not smiling, but there. (Andrew Posey) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Trump locked up. (Paula) Predicted 10.9.19
  • The U.S. isn't ready for a woman as Commander in Chief. Not yet this year. The Inauguration has Buttigieg; I am not clear who is V.P. Klobuchar becomes a cabinet member. Warren is there in some capacity that will put her to work, but not as president. (Claire)
  • I see Bush, Clinton and Obama at the inauguration. (Bin)
  • I don't find Trump anywhere. (Bin)

Predictions that a Republican is being inaugurated:

  • How did this happen again? Others elated. (Arunika)
  • Russia again. Dammit! (Kathryn L.)
  • I feel Trump is there at the inauguration, but not all there mentally. He is taking himself for a dictator. "It's my way or the highway, no BS.” (Bright Opal)
  • Swearing in Trump but not in platform. Inside White House. (Carrie)
  • Pence and Mother are in the background looking kind of smug. Similarly to visions I’ve had before, the crowd is a mix of people very happy with the election results, and people who are very upset. There were shenanigans by the Russians, and somehow through extensive manipulation, Gabbard won as a third party candidate. The people who are upset feel that they were deceived completely into thinking that Gabbard is a voice for the people, and are just now realizing we have yet another Russian asset in the WH. Her VP is a man, but no one I recognize at all, but I feel he was handpicked by Putin.  Kamala Harris is nearby, and she is very angry. The crowd disperses without applause; skies darken, it rains. (Laura F)
  • I see Trump as well, but he mild, old, soft. Looks sedated, like a mental patient. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Trump in white coat. (Paula) Predicted 10.9.19

Visions of someone but no explanation of who wins:

  • I sense a woman in a white suit, white jacket and white skirt, blond hair, gets sworn in. The old administration is gone. (Paula)
  • I see a woman on the stage. She has a big wide open left eye. Her hair is dark. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see Biden present at the Inauguration with a tears in his eyes. It was an emotional moment. (Lovendures)
  • The US still isn’t ready for a woman as Commander in Chief.  ​Not yet this year. The Inauguration has Buttigieg; I am not clear who is VP.  Klobuchar becomes a Cabinet member.  Warren is there in some capacity that will put her to work, but not as President. (Claire)
  • I see a female v.p. sworn in. (Bin)
  • I see the Inauguration setting. Pelosi is there. I think that Pence is there. I can’t see Trump. (Mike B)

U.S. – People/Other

  • I see an eagle rising and with it the hopes of a nation, I see the people cheering and I see a hope of what was dead, now alive again. I see poor people who seem native American, they are dusty and poor, and they are cheering, as if a dam has been opened and they are now receiving water. (Andrew Posey)
  • People rolling their sleeves up getting to work, I see women in 1940’s manual worker clothes, happy, arm in arm. (Broadbean)
  • I see changes in how companies and workers function. There will be more fairness to workers, possibly a four day work week being discussed with the new Congress. ( Claudia)
  • Another shift. Things are still wobbly and moving. Good and bad forces are both making strides. Life is more local. (Andrew Posey)
  • A lion gets loose in a zoo. (Bernie)
  • My heart is heavy. It is a time of contemplation and regaining strength to start over. (Arunika)
  • People are impatient. They want change to come fast. Even at the state level, they are voicing how they feel and what they want. ( Claudia)
  • Women wanting equal pay. (Bernie)
  • Chocolate in the news. (Bernie)
  • Dick Cheney in the news. (Andrew Posey)
  • Las Vegas shooting in the news. (Andrew Posey)
  • Charlie Sheen in the news. (Bernie)
  • Scandal about past hero revealed. (Andrew Posey)
  • Postage stamp with an African American woman on it in an old fashion cotton prairie dress. Maybe Harriet Tubman. (Carrie)
  • There is talk about impeaching Kavanaugh. (Bluebelle)
  • Washington is humming right along. Diplomats who left the State Department are returning   Scientists are returning to the EPA. (Bluebelle)
  • Realization of another world. (Karen B.)
  • I see a babysitter problem in the news. (Karen B.)
  • Big trial lawyers on the scene. (Karen B.)
  • More blending, less polarizing in all realms of life: politics, sexuality, economics. (Karen R.)
  • Quiet celebration, a new sense of the original intention of Christianity. (Karen R.)
  • People helping each other, beyond family, neighbours, beginning to understand that we are all here to take care of each other. No government or church will do this, we must do this together. (Karen R.)
  • A Broadway smash hit that shines light on a group of people, moves people to tears, gives a reason for living, giving, and sharing. (Karen)
  • There will be something in the news about hot dogs. I hear the Oscar Meyer Weiner song. (Kathryn L.)
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel show will be in the news. (Kathryn L.)
  • Actor who played Elf (Will Ferrell) cannot remember his name. (Kathryn L.)
  • Fashion in the news: Platform shoes back in style. I see 60's clothes and hear, “Groovy." (Kathryn L.)
  • When I meditate on 2021, a calmness came over me. Stillness, water, calm. (Kim)
  • We know we can’t keep going as we have. So the direction is towards simplifying. (Laura C.)
  • Be kind to Ocean (Laura C.)
  • Beer festival on the Capitol Mall. (Laura C.)
  • Winds of change from seeds blown; seeds take root. (Laura C.)
  • I hear the words, “Every man, woman, and child.” (Laura C.)
  • March 2021 feels much better and calmer than last March. What a difference a year makes. (Michelle M.)
  • April fool joke goes wrong. (Michelle M.)
  • People are happier with a new administration. Even people who were unsure are coming around. (Michelle M.)
  • Health care changes in the news. New flu strain. (TriciaCT)
  • Rainbow going from one hand to another. Sharing of light. (Bright Opal) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Big changes are made to US policy. (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see construction, I see building blocks symbolizing the rebuilding of our institutions. Congress passes laws to prevent the abuse of power by any future president.  I see a commitment to the Constitution of the US by both parties. (Bluebelle) Predicted 10.9.19


  • I see saffron robes and the Dalai Lama saying a healing prayer that helps humanity. His soul is reverberating. (Karen)
  • I see a young man who is attempting  to tame a fire breathing dragon.  He may be trying  to ride it as well.  Perhaps this dragon is China. Predicted for May, 2021 (Lovendures)
  • The US-Canada border still dark. There is still a lot of work to be done to repair the relationship between Canada and the U.S.  Trump has done a lot more damage than it appears. (Bright Opal) Predicted 10.9.19
  • China is happy and laughing. They have won a trade dispute in court. (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see a priest rolling up a ceremonial Catholic pope’s dress up.  The pope has gone. (Broadbean)

Climate & Earth

People waking up about the climate and taking more climate action

  • We will discover that trees have information to share with us. Predicted for July 2021-Dec-2021 (Lovendures)
  • Public attention is drawn to setting free the Dolphins, whales, and other captive marine life from U.S. theme parks. (Siobhan)
  • Somber because people finally waking up to climate change. (CJ)
  • Mass immigration due to climate change. (CJ)
  • More awareness about climate effects on the ocean. (Coyote)
  • New plans for green energy, infrastructure. (Karen B.)
  • The US is back in the Paris Climate Accord. (Bluebelle)
  • Cars getting much smaller on the whole. (Karen B.)
  • The issue of cleaner air in the news. (Laura C.)
  • Spring on the land, spring in people's hearts. (Karen R.)
  • The air is starting to clear in countries that have had problems with pollution. (Bernie)
  • Young people take to the street over the environment. (Arunika)
  • Someone swimming for climate change. (Karen B.)
  • Oil industry is fighting back hard. (CJ)

More climate events:

  • Los Angeles is hot all the time now. (Andrew Posey)
  • Massive firestorm. (Andrew Posey)
  • Polar bears almost extinct. (CJ)
  • Whale beached on shore. (Andrew Posey)
  • Wherever I am, heat has arrived early. (Coyote)
  • There is another tsunami in Japan. (Bluebelle)
  • Red dust, bare paddocks, starving cattle. (Arunika)
  • Bison are in trouble on the plains. (Bluebelle)
  • Sun flare. (Karen B.)
  • Pelicans are in the news. (Siobhan)
  • An issue with crops in the news. (Karen B.)
  • Very difficult weather in unexpected places, snowstorms that immobilize cities on the east coast. (Karen R.)
  • A sense of new growth, small plants emerging the soil, literally and figuratively. (Karen R.)
  • Flooding, huge rainstorms, in the west and Midwest. (Karen R.)
  • Dams collapsing. People needing to relocate. (Karen R.)
  • A large sheet of ice on a large body of water. Sounds like a glacier has broken off and fallen into the sea (Kathryn L.)
  • Mother Earth stretching shaking off crumbs from the table cloth. (Laura C.)
  • Clouds stratosphere understanding. (Laura C.)
  • Tornados in the news. Earthquakes in the news.  (Laura C.)
  • Oceans warmer. (TriciaCT)
  • Bananas in the news. (TriciaCT)
  • The climate continues to worsen. We scramble to deal with it. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • The weather is not normal. (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Buds are coming out on trees too early (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19
  • The snow comes now. later than expected (Paula) Predicted 10.9.19
  • The planet is hitting us with extreme weather. We have to adapt (Paula) Predicted 10.9.19
  • I see fringe white nationalist terrorists , independent militias in the US. (Bluebelle) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Things are getting better between Canada US (Bright Opal) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Politics are irrelevant. Weather is main news. (Paula) Predicted 10.9.19
  • People have adapted to weather extremes a bit more (Paula) Predicted 10.9.19


2021 By Month

January 2021


  • Another shift, things are still wobbly things are still moving and good and bad are both making strides, it is more local, (Andrew Posey)
  • Time of contemplation regaining strength to star over. (Arunika)
  • My heart is heavy. (Arunika)

U.S. – Election/Inauguration

  • Warren is wearing a blue boat; Pete is wearing a black coat.  It is cold but a blue sky.  If it’s not Warren, it’s Nancy Pelosi (Andrew Posey)
  • I see Warren (Amy N.)
  • Democratic POTUS a man and a woman (Tricia CT)
  • The new Congress is blue, and the presidency is blue. Dems are sworn into office.  The time to rebuild has come.  Better days ahead. (Bluebelle)
  • New president. Change in political momentum and directions. possible serious trouble in the middle east.  war tendency (Howard)
  • The new Congress is blue, and the presidency is blue. Dems are sworn into office.  The time to rebuild has come.  Better days ahead. (Bluebelle)
  • Washington prepares for the Inauguration and there are riots by the alt right, white supremacists. (Bluebelle)
  • I sense that a woman in a white suit, white jacket and white skirt, blond hair, gets sworn in. The old administration is gone. (Paula)
  • I see Bush, Clinton and Obama at the inauguration. (Bin)
  • I see a female VP sworn in. (Bin)
  • I don't find Trump anywhere. (Bin)
  • Can't see who is sworn it but it feels like new blood, not old Washington cronies (Julie K.)
  • I see a woman in a light blue coat-Elizabeth Warren is there, but she could be a guest or the vice president. I see Biden too. I can see him taking the oath with his hand on the bible. ( Claudia)
  • I see Biden, he is crying, not sure if he is sworn in. (Lovendures)
  • Blue everywhere. (Laura C.)
  • I see Buttigieg. I also see Warren. (Mary L.)
  • The woman being sworn in is younger than Warren (Ana)
  • Work, work, work. That’s what Elizabeth Warren is saying. (Lilli)
  • It is cold and sunny for the inauguration. (Baba)
  • See Kamala on the platform at the inauguration. I also see Obama and Oprah attending. (Baba)
  • I see Pete B. and two women prominent at the inauguration. Half the stage is smiling; the over half has a pokerfaced look. I don’t actually see Pete B.’s hand on the bible I’m not certain it means he is sworn in. Just that he is prominent. (Vagabeau)
  • I feel   Trump is there, at the Inauguration, is not all there mentally.  He is taking himself for a dictator. "It's my way or the highway, no BS.” (Bright Opal)


  • There is a treaty with North Korea under Kim Jung-Un. (Siobhan)
  • WWII type of coming together for a bigger purpose. (CJ)
  • Deaths in Europe. (Andrew Posey)
  • Trump and Pence out. (Andrew Posey)

February 2021


U.S. – Trump/White House

  • The full scale of the mess left behind in the US government becomes clear. (Baba)
  • Trudeau is skeptical of Pete B. This doesn’t mean he’s bad, just that Trudeau is being cautious. It’s hard for the world to trust the U.S. administration right away.
  • There is talk of impeaching Kavanaugh. (Bluebelle)
  • New hearings are started to explain what happened during the last administration. (Baba)
  • We are in a recession. People will be cutting back. (Bin)
  • Car explosion. Ancient Sequoia Tree wins lawsuit. (Carrie)
  • There is talk about impeaching Kavanaugh. (Bluebelle)
  • Nobody will be celebrating on Valentines Day. (Bin)


  • Fixing old relationships with our allies (Karen B.)
  • A big rift in the earth in Canada. (Jordan)
  • I sense that a castle in Austria gets toppled down. More like a symbol of power that is being lost. (Paula)
  • I feel Trudeau is skeptical of Pete B. This doesn't mean he's bad, just that Trudeau is being cautious. It's hard for the world to trust the U.S. administration right away. (Vagabeau)
  • I sense that a castle in Austria gets toppled down. More like a symbol of power that is being lost. (Paula)

Climate & Earth

  • Pelicans are in the news. (Siobhan)
  • S. is back in the Paris Climate Accord. (Bluebelle)
  • The oceans. Big, important. See kelp swaying (Kathryn L.)
  • A sense of new growth, small plants emerging the soil, literally and figuratively. (Karen R.)
  • Somber because people finally waking up to climate change (CJ)
  • I see myself vigorously shoveling snow. (Coyote)
  • The US is back in the Paris Climate Accord. (Bluebelle)

March 2021


U.S - Politics

  • Working on fixing what Trump broke. (Tricia CT)
  • Washington is humming right along. Diplomats who left the State Department are returning.  Scientists are returning to the EPA. (Bluebelle)
  • The Trump family declares bankruptcy (Baba)
  • I see a black, white and red checkerboard. Not everything is in black and white. Russia is trying to disrupt Western society.
  • Constitutional changes to protect democracy. (Karen R.)

U.S. - People/Other

  • Big changes to taxation system. (Karen R.)
  • I see stores and restaurants closing. (Bin)
  • There is another shooting (Jennifer)
  • A marching band marching in a parade. Feels like NYC. (Doris)
  • People are impatient, they want change to come fast, even at the state levels they are voicing how they feel, what they want. ( Claudia)
  • I see 60's clothes and hear 'Groovy" (Kathryn L.)
  • I see a bunch of naked people stalking around . Must be a dance or a movie ( Jeanne Mayell)
  • Real issue with gun laws. Country is deeply divided in reference to weapon. (Jennifer)
  • Postage stamp with African American woman on it in cotton prairie dress. Maybe Harriet Tubman. (Carrie)
  • Washington is humming right along. Diplomats who left the State Department are returning   Scientists are returning to the EPA. (Bluebelle)
  • Marijuana is legalized federally. (Baba)
  • Net neutrality is restored (Baba)
  • I don't see a crowded subway station during rush hour. (Bin)


  • There is a new development in the structure of the Iraqi government. (Siobhan)
  • The world is looking at us. They support our decision. (Lilli)
  • It’s a mess. this world but it’s our The danger is the gap between the people and the governments is wide, I see people falling between the gaps. (Andrew Posey)
  • A ship is lost at sea (Julie K.)
  • Nazis in the news. Feels like it is in Europe. (Lilli)
  • A boat capsizes in Egypt, the Nile (Paula)
  • I see a black, white and red checkerboard. Not everything is in black and white. Russia is trying to disrupt Western society. (Vagabeau)

Climate & Earth

  • Red dust, bare paddocks, starving cattle. (Arunika)
  • Winter 2021 Wind and snow (Lovendures)
  • The pacific northwest is really warm, especially Washington state.  No one is happy about it. (Mary L.)
  • Very blustery winds (Julie K.)
  • A new way we fight fires being introduced in Australia (Bernie)
  • Los Angeles is hot all the time now. (Andrew Posey)
  • Tornados (Laura C.)
  • Sun is melting snow over a large area (Lovendures)
  • Egrets are in trouble. Something is wrong with their breathing or necks. (Betty)
  • Larges waves crashing up against and battering shore barriers. A battered sea is a battering sea. (CDeanne)

April  2021


U.S. – Politics

  • I have electricity shooting through my right pinky, up my arm and in my low back. Trump is sitting slumped in a wheelchair looking sedated with a blanket over his legs. (Vagabeau)
  • Fights between Warren and large companies. (Deborah)
  • Taping moving boxes. A female politician in very bright red suit greeting people. Blonde woman. In Texas.  (Carrie)
  • AOC is still strong. (Bin)

U.S. - People/Other

  • Price of gas in the news. (Julie K.)
  • I see a barge of U.S. grain moving along a river for international trade. (Siobhan)
  • Big trial, lawyers (Karen B.)
  • Farmers are worried. They come to the government with their hats in their hands. (Baba)
  • S. people are tired, need a break from having been so focused on the Presidential election for so long. (CDeanne)
  • April fool joke goes wrong (Michelle M.)


  • I see riots in a South American country. People on the streets angry at their government because they took all the money for themselves (Doris)
  • Food is scarce and expensive because of drought last year. (Paula)

Climate & Earth

  • Young people take to the street over the environment. (Arunika)
  • Weather is strange. High winds. Much too high winds ( Jeanne Mayell)
  • There’s been another tsunami in Japan. (Bluebelle)
  • So windy you could get blown away! ( Jeanne Mayell)
  • Wherever I am, heat has arrived early. (Coyote)
  • Something is happening in the redwoods. (Jennifer)
  • There is another tsunami in Japan. (Bluebelle)
  • Some kind of white blanket down by the sea shore. (Jordan)

 May  2021


  • I see the Capitol building looking sacred. ( Jeanne Mayell)
  • Virginia becomes important. It may have to do with the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. (Baba)
  • I see an oil rig explosion. (Bin)
  • A class action lawsuit is in the news. It has something to do with either discrimination or lack of protections afforded to women. (Julie K.)



  • Cuba is in the news. (Siobhan)
  • I see a young man who is attempting  to tame a fire breathing dragon.  He may be trying  to ride it as well.  Perhaps this dragon is China. Predicted for May, 2021 (Lovendures)

Climate & Earth

  • I am in the Utah dessert and it is dry, and I am alone. (Andrew Posey)
  • A large sheet of ice on a large body of water. (Kathryn L.)
  • Flooding, huge rainstorms, in the west and Midwest. (Karen R.)
  • An earthquake in Hawaii will make the news. (Bin)
  • Children are twirling around a maypole. Ribbons are being blown by a very strong wind making it hard to hold on. (Vagabeau)
  • I see blue sky. It doesn’t feel as hot. I see some progress being made in global warming. (Lilinoe)

June 2021



  • Rainbow over the white house. (Laura C.)
  • Legal action against Trump (Amy N.)
  • Businesses are not happy with the Democrats. They fear loss of profit, warn of layoffs. Housing market slows. President sends reassurances. ( Claudia)
  • Healthcare in the news - changes discussed. (Tricia CT)
  • Dick Cheney in the news. (Andrew Posey)
  • A big book opened I see a woman with big hat and children singing . An important marriage widely celebrated. A lot of women. Bride is a woman of color with long dark hair. ( Jeanne Mayell)
  • Someone is fleeing to another country. (Tricia CT)
  • Las Vegas shooting (Andrew Posey)
  • There's a diving board over a lake in the US. A man in smallish swim trunks gets a lot of attention. He's young, maybe early 20's. He's small but no one comes close to his physical abilities. He's standing in the ready position, waiting to dive in. His breath is strong. (Vagabeau)
  • I see the road runner chasing the coyote. (Baba)
  • More people will be preferring vegan diets. (Bin)


  • Rome has a huge celebration. News about dogma changes at the Holy See.  water purification …salt to clear. (Andrew Posey)
  • A castle up for sale. (Julie K.)
  • Prince Harry and Meghan move to the US. (Bluebelle)
  • Someone swimming for climate change. (Karen B.)
  • Countries are communicating once more. (Sheila)
  • A mountain meadow somewhere in Europe. But something is not right with this mountain. It’s in danger of collapsing or having a mudslide. (Doris)
  • The color gray. A small stocky nun in brown habit with black sweater bending over – maybe a garden. Calm (Carrie)
  • Prince Harry and Meghan move to the US (Bluebelle)
  • The European Union is in trouble, it’s an economic struggle. (Bluebelle)
  • Gulf of Mexico in the news 6/2021 (Betty)
  • I see a succession movement in China. (Bin)

Climate & Earth

  • It’s Spring but there’s strange water. It’s too warm and big rains. (Deborah)
  • Oceans warmer (Tricia CT)
  • Polar bears almost extinct. (CJ)
  • Dams collapsing. People needing to relocate. (Karen R.)
  • I see bison in trouble on the plains . (Bluebelle)
  • The land is being soaked, can’t be helped. (Deborah)
  • Northern part of the US is very warm/hot. No one happy about it feel worried.   (Mary L.)
  • Bison are in trouble on the plains. (Bluebelle)
  • Like a moving mountain, tremendous mounting clouds dominate the sky-either from fire(s) or volcano(es). (CDeanne)
  • I sense that a herd of elephants are in the news, the last remaining sort. (Paula)

July  to December 2021

U.S Politics

  • Big fights between big business and the presidency. Business is crumbling and in chaos. (Deborah)
  • People's heads are down. They're getting work done. There are many war rooms around the White House. Bipartisan teams are working hard to achieve the same goal. Some feel it's going to take a century to fix , then say "No, a decade." They are careful not to exaggerate. We've seen enough of that in the Trump years. (Vagabeau)
  • U.S. politics trying to now rationally figure things out without bickering (CDeanne)
  • There will be a rise in autonomous vehicles. (Bin)
  • This period is about repairing the damage done by Trump and the Republicans, and all of the democracies in the world that conservatives messed up. (Paula)

U.S. - People/Other

  • JC Penny in the news (Kathryn L.)
  • There is some work being done on construction - providing many jobs. (Sheila)
  • There is legislation that prevents companies becoming too powerful, too dominant. More support for small rural companies. (Karen R.)
  • There will be large scale investments in high-speed railways. (Bin)
  • Charlie Sheen in the news (Bernie)
  • A flew epidemics. (Bernie)
  • I really feel people are happier with a new administration. Even people that were unsure are coming around. (Michelle M.)
  • Lots of Alt right activity in the news. There is a reaction to the elections. (Mary L.)
  • Scandal about past hero revealed. (Andrew Posey)
  • People will be driving less. (Bin)


  • Migration now an issue around the world. Countries passing legislation to prevent new migrants coming into their borders. Large groups are moving away from the cities. (Paula)
  • There is military tension with Russia involving a U.S. battleship. (Siobhan)
  • Toxic disaster somewhere in Siberia or close to the Chinese border (Doris)
  • The European Union is struggling. It’s an economic struggle. (Bluebelle)
  • New sailing records. (Andrew Posey)
  • Jakarta gets moved. (Paula)

Climate & Earth

  • This period is about climate adaptation, better flood protection, people moving.
  • Bananas in the news (Tricia CT)
  • Massive firestorm. (Andrew Posey)
  • Mass immigration starts due to climate change. (CJ)
  • Whale beached on shore. (Andrew Posey)
  • Trees have information to share with us. (Lovendures)
  • Permafrost melting and creating chaos. (Doris)

2022 Whole Year

  • New world order seeking harmony between nations (Arunika)
  • School safety in the news. I see a red, old-fashioned school house with a bell on top. (Siobhan)
  • Major cancer prevention medicine. (Karen B.)
  • Diabetes and insulin. The way medicine is given has changed. (Bernie)
  • Artificial Intelligence in the news. Concerns about it taking over. (Betty)
  • I see new inventions for environment, around water. (Michelle M.)
  • New kind of cars. (TriciaCT)


  • I see Amy Klobuchar appointed to a cabinet post. (Bluebelle)
  • Universal Health Care and gun laws passed. (Laura C.)
  • Economy may be down. (Kathryn L.)
  • I feel contentment. Our personal dreams are being realized. (Coyote)
  • I see a child running toward a woman. I see the woman kneeling down and hugging this child as if her life depended on it. It’s a feeling of absolute terror followed by immense relief. Feels like a bombing. (Andrew Posey)
  • I look and see a new city. I see the twin cities, in the distance is the burned hull of a skyline. (Andrew Posey)
  • A new fashion: curly hair popular with red lipstick, like Betty Boop. (Karen)
  • This year there is more excitement and energy among the people. (Kathryn L.)
  • The year of the immigrant on the cover of Time Magazine. (Laura C.)
  • People holding hands, reminds me of the Coca-Cola song in the 70s, “Teach the world to Sing.” (Michelle M.)
  • I see a major dam collapsing. (Bin)
  • More people will be joining labor unions. (Bin)


  • They will be people lost at sea, but they will be found on a raft (Bernie)
  • Canada comes in new focus. (Andrew Posey)
  • An airplane on the runway but close up view of front end focusing on a single wheel under front end like might have on a small plane but it’s an average commercial passenger plane. Something ominous. (Carrie)
  • Germany in the news. (TriciaCT)
  • I see sand-beach-wind. Italy in the 1950’s. Beach blanket bingo and a white convertible. We enjoy ourselves more. (Vagabeau)

Climate & Earth

  • I sense something about cars, if cars could fly.  People may be using electric cars more, or flying less, or using cars less, all of the above.   The whole idea of travel is transforming. Going green. (Paula)
  • I see the Marvel character Groot, an ET tree sentient being, transformed into the form of flames and wind. This vision may pertain to future knowledge about how some trees survive forest fires. Predicted for 2022 (Lovendures) 
  • Seas inundating. (Broadbean)
  • S. wheat fields are baking in the sun. There is a drought. (Siobhan)
  • I see green pastures and think of butter. (Ana)
  • Ocean currents in news. (CJ) [This likely refers to problems with ocean circulation from climate change.]
  • Mexico earthquakes. (Andrew Posey)
  • There is more flooding in coastal areas because of rising seas. (Bluebelle)
  • Huge upsurge in alternative energy production. Use of coal and oil significantly reduced. (Karen R.)
  • World population shrinks. (Karen R.)
  • People dying of disease and environmental shifts. (Karen R.)
  • More communal living. (Karen R.)
  • I see a dust cloud in the news. (Karen)
  • Kelp and foods from the sea become popular alternatives to meat. (Kathryn L.)
  • Marine mammals in the news. (Laura C.)
  • Huge earth-wide youth movement, ushering in a beautiful new age. (Lilinoe)
  • People in a vehicle wearing silver suits, closely packed in there. (Jordan)
  • Global action to take the environment back. Whole populations are becoming more sensitive to the severity of the crisis. Backed by policy. (Jennifer)
  • New legislation toward improving environment, consciousness changes the begins to tip the balance to massive programs. (Howard)
  • Local politics very important in 2022 due to climate problems, the economy and the coming mid-term election. People get involved with solving problems. (Claudia)
  • Fishermen will have less to catch. (Bin)
  • Spring has become the longest season in Canada. Floods are prominent. (Vagabeau)
  • In forests, woods, and jungles, trees are trying with great concentration to find ways to communicate with humankind. (CDeanne)

2023 Whole Year

  • There is a focus on transportation involving cars and the railroads. (Siobhan)
  • People are more aware of what's going on and not afraid to take peaceful action to fix it. (Darlene)
  • Many will awaken spiritually. (Arunika)
  • Children marching in the millions (CJ)
  • Lots more grassroots activity and peaceful protests. (Coyote)
  • Highways are being built that are more ecologically sustainable and better for the environment (Doris)
  • Sreet parade/ticker tape in eastern U.S. city. Someone’s returned from somewhere or new president. (Broadbean)
  • Desalination of sea will be used to solve water shortage. (Laura C.)
  • Green cars are rolled out. (Laura C.)
  • Aviation somehow greener, less pollution. (Laura C.)
  • Crossing the ocean with speed. (Laura C.)

U.S. Politics

  • Trump in a dark suit with the usual scowl on his face and lots of metal lockers slamming, one right after another, almost deafening. (Bonnie)
  • Nancy Pelosi gains a victory. (Betty)
  • Consolidating and firming up gains made in more liberal election. Feels like solid and not very dramatic news but solidification of gains made. (Mary L.)
  • Economy up and down and back up. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Rank choice voting in the news. (Laura C.)
  • Several parties emerge, not just red and blue. (Laura C.)
  • A new political party in the US develops quickly. (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19

U.S. – People/Other

  • Walt Disney in the news. (Julie K.)
  • People helping others more than ever. (Sheila)
  • The Titanic in the news. A new ride or amusement park dedicated to it. (Julie K.)
  • I see that what went down has come back up. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • New memorial opened with lanterns and yellow lights. (Andrew Posey)
  • Riots in some American states. (Bernie)
  • The DOJ starts to reform and begins tackling the problem of racism across the country. (Bluebelle)
  • In some remote areas local government is being replaced by shared community cooperation. (Karen R.)
  • Stacy Abrams in the news. (Kathryn L.)
  • More affordable housing. (Laura C.)
  • Families important more than ever this month. (Michelle M.)
  • People are talking about angels a lot. (Michelle M.)
  • People are singing together. (TriciaCT)
  • People are impatient for change to happen faster than it can, but changes are happening. (TriciaCT)
  • There is mass murder in a sect in Utah or nearby state. (late 2023, early 2024) (Bright Opal) Predicted 10.9.19
  • I sense the economy is changing. New models being applied that benefit the whole of society and no longer only a few. (Paula)


  • Bananas get a fungus. (Bernie)
  • There are terrorist attacks in France again, dealing with public transportation. It’s a large attack and a large number of fatalities. (Bluebelle)
  • Putin gone. (Karen B.)
  • Europe seems to be together and doing well within EU. (Michelle M.)
  • Russia is not doing as well as they anticipated. The middle eastern countries are still unsettled. (Sheila)
  • I see a map of Central America, looking towards Panama. (Mike B)

Science and Technology

  • Women in environmental sciences invent something with wind turbines (Vagabeau)
  • I see a new cancer treatment on the market. (Bin)

Climate & Earth

  • People moving to higher grounds and preparing for new super storms. (Paula)
  • More people will be using renewable energy. (Bin)
  • Bees are starting to increase again (Bernie)
  • Not raising as much red meat. Moving away from cows. (CJ)
  • Sea levels are rising noticeably. (Betty)
  • A major shift away from commercial farming, establishing more local farms with climate appropriate crops. (Karen R.)
  • Resurgence of native teachings. (Karen R.)
  • Fewer planes flying. (Karen R.)
  • Environment is the focus. Climate change is accelerating. (Kim)
  • Turkeys in the news (the birds, not the country). (TriciaCT)
  • I see famine.  (Bin)
  • Unusually high winds in Texas. (Bin)
  • Some provinces in Canada don’t have snow for the first time in many years. I feel this in the West while Toronto still has very inky nights and slushy streets with grey days. (Vagabeau)
  • Water and drought issues. (CDeanne)
  • I see There is a sunset, but it is muted with greyish tones. (Mike B)

2024 Whole Year

  • People so very hard at work. Building. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People laughing together, starting to unwind some of the trauma and feel freer to enjoy life, bond, and figure things out going forward. (Jordan)
  • New types of airplanes like blimps are becoming more common. (Doris)
  • Non-profit organizations are at an all-time high. People are generously supporting progressive causes. (Julie K.)
  • Light workers are everywhere rising. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The youth are making an impact. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • We’re listening to our higher selves more. (Coyote)
  • We’re going into nature more, figuring out what this is all about. (Coyote)
  • A sense of a new beginning, of our dreams for the world coming true. (Coyote)
  • I keep seeing children, families, hugging happy (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • People walk on the moon again. (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19

U.S. Politics

  • There seems to be a lot of feminine energy in the White House (Lilinoe)
  • Laws have been significantly reformed. Closing the loopholes in US code.   (Julie K.)
  • We are becoming more socialist. (Andrew Posey)
  • A woman back in the elections. (Bernie)
  • A woman president. (Bin)
  • More progressive policies. (Bin)
  • Men and women have equal pay. Equality is a big issue now. Many inequalities being cleaned out.  (Paula)

U.S. - Economy

  • Minimum wage raised to a new national level forcing some states to catch up. (Julie K.)
  • The IRS is significantly downsized after the tax code is simplified. (Julie K.)
  • I hear the word “crash”. (Ana)
  • Stocks go down after Thanksgiving in December and through February. (TriciaCT)
  • Electric cars begin to lead car sales. (Bluebelle)
  • Eggs in the economic news. (Kathryn L.)
  • Food shortages in the news. (Bin)

Advancements in Science and Technology

  • There is a massive tree replanting in California’s burned areas. (Siobhan)
  • A new type of water purification system is developed. (Siobhan)
  • Advancements in artificial intelligence (A.I.) (Siobhan)
  • Cancer break through. (Laura C.)
  • Advances in medicine to eradicate diseases. (Karen R.)
  • A medical miracle. (Michelle M.)
  • Technology is just blowing up. Someone (the U.S.? keeps moving in leaps and bounds. (Jennifer)
  • A new machine for energy. Almost like a perpetual machine that has no beginning and no end. Always producing energy. (Doris)
  • Generating electricity around the world is so much easier (Doris)
  • Smaller cars, very efficient, using some sort of alternative fuel/electric. (Lilinoe)
  • Alternative energies are taking over conventional energies. ( Claudia)
  • A new medicine, it almost smells like liquorice. (Bernie)
  • The way we eat is changing. (Bernie)
  • Elon Musk makes big headlines. (Julie K.)
  • An amplified seeking outward: Growing science-based awareness of new and crucial discoveries of minerals/properties we can connect with and benefit from on other suns and planets.  (CDeanne)

U.S. – Election & Inauguration

  • A Blue election year, I see many women of color. (Lovendures)
  • More problems with election interference. (Betty)
  • I see an image of Elizabeth Warren. (Mike B)
  • Gavin Newsome wants to be president. (Lilli)
  • Woman in dark hair running. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People want progressive representatives on all levels of government. (Doris)
  • A young long haired guy very progressive is a prominent politician. (Deborah)
  • The Democrats keep the White House and the Senate but lose some seats in the House. (Claudia)
  • The democrats will win again; however not to the same extent as they did the last time. (Sheila)
  • A man with little hair on top will be vice president. (Bernie)
  • I see Elizabeth Warren and a man with dark hair. (Karen)
  • I see a brunette woman who is either the president or is running. (Kathryn L.)
  • I got a horrible image of Trump with people making Hitler signs for Inauguration. (Kim)
  • AOC is a candidate. (Laura C.)
  • Many more Muslims, women and people of color in office. (Laura C.)
  • Incumbent president re-elected. (Michelle M.)
  • Woman elected in 2024. Even greater rise in women in politics. (TriciaCT)
  • Voting youth will be helpful in this election. (TriciaCT)

U.S. – People/Other

  • Puerto Rico in the news. (Julie K.)
  • It’s like we’ve lost 15 pounds, but we have another 40 to lose. Life is different, things are falling loose, but it’s also the same, there is an awakening, a sense of personal responsibility built on needs not values. (Andrew Posey)
  • The fork in the road, the turn is made, I’m not sure what it is, but it looks like we haven’t lost. (Andrew Posey)
  • I feel like something huge has been avoided; somehow good makes twists that defeat the forces of self-involvement. (Andrew Posey)
  • Somehow the Mexican cartels are causing problems in California. There is major crime  and people feel unsafe. (Bluebelle)
  • More face-to-face communication replacing digital connections. (Karen R.)
  • I see Oprah with white hair. (Kathryn L.)
  • Power shifted toward women. Some men in power formerly with tale between legs (Kathryn L.)
  • Election is blue. (Kim)
  • Work hours are less. (Laura C.)
  • Good child care for children. (Laura C.)
  • Standing on top of the mountain looking down at all we’ve accomplished. (Laura C.)
  • The air feels less polluted in urban areas. (Betty)
  • Love, babies, progress on environmental shifts. First contact by another civilization. Don’t know how it happens but the message is received better than expected. Start of a whole new era. (Jennifer)


  • Difficulty breathing, something bad in in the air in China. (Michelle M.)

Climate & Earth

  • I have a vision of  birds, not unlike Twitter graphic. But more like seagulls. (Mike B)
  • I sense the sea is clearer and beaches too. Plastic being cleared away. Seals are grateful and whales too. Seagulls too. (Paula)
  • There is a migration out of California because of water and fires, and people feel unsafe. (Bluebelle)
  • Livestock being transported across the desert to a more arable place. (Broadbean)
  • Ebola strikes again. (Bin)
  • The desert is blooming with an enormous amount of wild flowers. Rains came and everything is blooming. (Doris)
  • Winds are strong. I see women scientists creating something new. Wind replaces many energy sources. Elon Musk is trying to put his hat in the ring but should concentrate on rockets. Women tell him “You concentrate on rockets and we’ll worry about things here.” It feels more like science fiction then reality but so did much of our technology. Musk’s kind of genius is best used in space initiatives. These women know this and give him resources to do it. (Vagabeau)
  • I see blue sky, a sunny day and a huge glacier mountain and I’m thinking there are still some glaciers! And snow!  (Mary L.)
  • The sun is shining. Someone is watching us outside the solar system. (Doris)
  • I see a brown maple leaf in the fall. Not the right colour. Something’s up with maple syrup. Disruption to the supply. My fingers are tingling. Something is wrong with trees’ root systems. Feeder roots are unable to communicate with each other. (Vagabeau)


  • Women are prominent in government and science. Life beyond the Milky way will be found by a man or small group of men. I picture the 1940’s when women rolled up their sleeves to work at home while men went to war. I don’t sense a big war but men and women working towards the same goal. What is found in space helps heal the earth. I hear over and over in relation to ourselves and our planet, “What makes life heals life.” (Vagabeau)New clothes developed for wet weather (Paula) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Eureka feeling. It’s the improved political landscape. (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 10.9.19
  • There is an extinction emergency for animals. (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19
  • New plants are discovered at the poles. (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19
  • Reaching out to other planets for helpful/crucial information, not just out of the accomplishments of new capabilities to advance scientific discovery, but out of our new awareness and intelligence that this reaching far out into space is necessary. (CDeanne)












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12/14/2019 10:45 am  

A little premature but here's a hit. "Andrew Sheer is quitting the leadership of the Canadian Conservative party. Maybe even retiring from politics. (Bright Opal)" -  

It's under the March 2020 international section. 

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12/14/2019 4:44 pm  

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't say how much these predictions calmed my heart and elevated my soul. To Jeanne and Bright Opal my most heartfelt thanks. (Do me a favor though... No  "Trump wins!" in this or other timelines or any of the miltiverses...)

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12/22/2019 7:57 pm  

We have now added: 

1. 2021 by Month is added.

2. 2020 & Beyond predictions by Baba, Paula, Mike B, CDeanne, Laura F, Claire, Broadbean, Vagabeau, and Bin. 

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01/29/2020 9:17 am  

Here are a couple of possible hits and why I think so.

Feb 2020 U.S. People

 The names “Water,” “Hemmingway,” and “Schulz” all come up together.  (Arianne) Predicted June 6, 2019.

I think this prediction may be multilayered. It is very interesting.

Hemingway called his style the <a href=" removed link ">iceberg theory: the facts float above water; the supporting structure and symbolism operate out of sight. Truth lurks beneath a story, which, as Global Warming, is becoming more and more evident as the iceberg of the Republican blockage melts in the heat.

Howard Schultz, who built the Starbucks brand and inspired customer trust, one store at a time through patience and discipline, also considered a presidential bid. Perhaps this relates to the wisdom of grass roots campaigning over the big moneyed approach.

<a href=" removed link "> removed link

<a href=" removed link "> removed link


Feb 2020 Science and Technology

Galileo was right. (Not sure what exactly this means.) (Baba) Predicted June 6, 2019.

I think this has to do with Trump’s insisting he is right despite evidence to the contrary, silencing and penalizing those, particularly scientists and journalists, who dare contradict his authority. He believes he is the center of the universe and has the backing of Believers. Eventually, ‘though perhaps not at the trial, the evidentiary truth will be accepted and the Republican party and their patrons will be forced to admit to their willful ignorance and apologize.

Background: In February-March 1615, a Dominican friar filed a written complaint against Galileo, and another one testified in person in front of the Roman Inquisition. They accused him of heresy for believing in the earth’s motion, which contradicted Scripture, e.g., the miracle in Joshua 10:12-13.  

On June 22, 1633, the Church handed down the following order: “We pronounce, judge, and declare, that you, the said Galileo… have rendered yourself vehemently suspected by this Holy Office of heresy, that is, of having believed and held the doctrine (which is false and contrary to the Holy and Divine Scriptures) that the sun is the center of the world, and that it does not move from east to west, and that the earth does move, and is not the center of the world.”

“We order that by a public edict the book of Dialogues of Galileo Galilei be prohibited, and We condemn thee to the prison of this Holy Office during Our will and pleasure; and as a salutary penance We enjoin on thee that for the space of three years thou shalt recite once a week the Seven Penitential Psalms.”

Galileo agreed not to teach the heresy anymore and spent the rest of his life under house arrest. It took more than 300 years for the Church to admit that Galileo was right and to clear his name of heresy.

<a href=" removed link "> removed link

<a href=" removed link "> removed link



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@george  I've been wondering, actually, if Hemingway might refer to Fox news commentator and Federalist writer Mollie Z. Hemingway.   She's been on Fox the past few days for saying Adam Schiff should be severely punished for leading the impeachment trial against trump.  Here's one of her articles at the Federalist talking about how Schiff should be punished ((warning: you may need a strong stomach to read it))

I also caught her on Fox news talking about how Sanders supporters think the Democratic Party is rigging the election.  Of course, a lot of Sanders supporters think Debbie Wasserman-Schulz "stole" the election in 2016.  🙂

But, I was wondering if she's the Hemingway mentioned and maybe it's not Schulz but Schiff the prediction was referring too.



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Vestralux sent me these predictions back in January and I am posting them now.  She got a hit with the tornados that hit major metropolitan areas when tornadoes hit Nashville today.  So I thought I'd better get these up before more hits starting rolling in:

2020 US Earth Events
  • California, possibly Los Angeles and San Diego
  • Kansas and Oklahoma
  • States along the East Coast (possibly New York, Virginia, Carolinas)
  • Washington, Oregon, Alaska
  • California (with some casualties)
  • Possibly Alaska
  • Yellowstone (this may actually be falling rock)
  • Gulf Coast. Feels like it may hit Louisiana, perhaps west of Houma/Morgan City (seeing flooding along and to the north of I-90). But may cause environmental and economic impacts from east Texas to Mississippi to Alabama (oil spill?).
  • South Florida hard hit. Diverts to Carolinas? 
  • Farther north: possibly NY/Connecticut or Maine/Nova Scotia
  • Mississippi River + downstream tributary regions along central + southern states
  • Flash and longer-term flooding due to hurricanes and intense thunderstorms
  • Flooding due to infrastructure collapse (dams)
  • Flooding in Manhattan. Subway lines taking on water; there may be electrocutions. 
Massive tornadoes. 
  • Multiple states will be hit hard this year 
  • Tornado destruction in metropolitan areas (south/central states, possibly Little Rock, Memphis, Wichita, Tulsa, Dallas?) 
  • Tornadoes reported in Canada. 
I see tsunami or massive tidal surges impacting US and Canadian shores. 
Inexplicable marine die offs. Bodies of fish and birds washing up on coastal beaches. Problem in the Great Lakes.
Continuing wildfires. Australia, California, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, and Canada. (Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming may be in 2021.)
Sudden polar vortex/sub-freezing conditions. Temps will drop quickly and dramatically. Will NOT be safe to be outside for more than a couple of minutes. Warnings may not reach everyone in time; others have inadequate housing/transportation. Poor people, minorities, elderly, and animals most affected. There may be a story about someone at a bus stop.
2020 Other 
Infrastructure collapse. I see multiple US accidents around failing dams, bridges, scenic structures, and highway overpasses. (Perhaps something with a bridge or rail line in Buffalo, NY)
Another US city with toxic water due to greed, failed infrastructure, and a cover up (Louisiana?)
Italy - I've been seeing volcanic eruption/earthquake event
2020 Political/Global
1. Some kind of attack at what I believe is Rockefeller Center in NY. Can't tell if this is a bombing or a shooting (could be both?). People are running, debris or dust is flying, and the energy is chaotic. First responders on the scene fast.
Possibly intended for MSNBC. I see Rachel Maddow excitedly reporting from a different studio location—no make-up, blazer over a t-shirt. She's promising to offer more information as it comes in, and speaking to colleagues and other witnesses who are calling in. A police officer(s) may be hurt.
2. North Korea at center of a multi-nation military conflict; Trump reacts against Kim Jong-un. 
In the next 5 years, I believe Kim will be forcibly overthrown. I see him fleeing the country and going underground, but there's a bounty and he'll be hunted. I don't expect he'll live much past mid-life. The austerity measures and inhumane conditions in NK will have awakened a longing for change in its people, but revolution may be tempered by Chinese influence. They are collectively traumatized, will be vulnerable to influence, and have been indoctrinated to fear and hate the West.
3. Orchestrated attempt(s) on Vladimir's life. 
The energy I get is that they intend to keep trying until successful. A stress-related illness may be forming, but his physical constitution (and will) is strong, so I predict he's more vulnerable to the former.
4. Don Jr.'s family in danger. I see him breaking down, terribly distraught.
6. Melania and Barron leave DC or are temporarily taken into safe hiding. She feels very angry/upset. 
Note: Not sure if this is connected to Don Jr. or Melania's situation, but I've been seeing a man, possibly 2 men, in black wet suits and full masks, quietly climbing out of water and onto a boat. I feel this is happening near Mar-a-Lago, and I think the media may announce that an attempt has been made on the president's life (he isn't on the boat in my visions). It feels more like his family members are the ones being targeted. 
7. Jared and Ivanka prepare to leave DC, and likely the country. Indictments may haunt them.
For months, I've seen them preparing to move their family to a Mediterranean island but this may now be in jeopardy with Trump's attack on Iran and the killing of Soleimani. It's possible they may elect to be in closer proximity to their Saudi backers/protectors. (Red Sea islands...?) 
8. Trump visibly stumbles/falls and is either caught or lifted, presumably by secret service. He may swipe at or strike this person and it's all caught live on camera. I'm seeing "The Other Pope," so there may be memes of Trump beside Pope Francis (who recently slapped the hand of a woman in a crowd when she grabbed him).
9. Royal family: a funeral, Queen retires, transfer of crown. (I then see the crown moving swiftly to William.) Also, I see Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, pregnant with a girl. 
10. Zuckerberg in the news. Feels alarming: scandal? accident? 

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03/04/2020 7:39 am  

Thank you for posting these. I'm originally from the Buffalo area and thought immediately of the Skyway, which is a terrifying drive on a good day. That may or may not be what she saw, but it wouldn't be surprising, especially if storms worsen on the lake.

Image result for buffalo skyway

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03/10/2020 2:46 am  


Thank you, my friend. I have a feeling these aren't over either. 


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Some hits from 11/11/19:

U.S. - People/Other (even though this is for 2021)

  • JC Penny in the news (Kathryn L.)    (JCPENNY is filing bankruptcy)

I kept hearing "We are the World" song. Over and over again. I put it in as a hit for early 2020, but I kept hearing it and seeing Lionel Ritchie. On Sunday, 5/17, American Idol crowned the winner: "Just Sam" - she made a video with Lionel Richie that will be going global for her Introductory song/a remake with Lionel. They featured the voices of the other contestants and some of the previous winners. They superimposed their faces on the Empty streets of NY, LA, SFO, etc. all over our country and the world - showing the quiet due to Coronavirus.  - TriciaCT (predicted on 11/11/19 for early 2020)

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05/28/2020 9:49 am  

i have been seeing a LOT of protests lately popping up all over the states this summer mostly bigger cities like new york and LA etc because of racism people are fed up with the racism i don't see as much looting as there was this past week though please if any of these protests are happening in your area stay safe! 

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05/28/2020 3:38 pm  


My city is erupting. Our first house was a mile from where George Floyd was murdered. Several friends have been at the protests, taking first aid supplies to the area, watching this all unfold. Many eyewitnesses are describing the looters and those destroying property as white men, agents provocateur, people trucking in from outside the area to take advantage of the situation and sow chaos. Rumors are swirling that the police are instigating - or have operatives to instigate - violence and destruction in order to justify their actions. They are shooting rubber bullets and flash bangs directly at people of color. The officer responsible for Floyd's murder currently has armed officers surrounding his house to protect him, and he is being legally handled by the lawyer who represented the officer who killed Philando Castile. The president of the police union is a racist, potentially white supremacist, cheerleader of the Fascist Goldfish. The police chief is a man of color with a long history of fighting for racial justice in the department. I don't know how this ends, but it will get uglier before it's over. I want transparency from the department, I want justice for George Floyd, I want to see the department do a clean sweep of all officers protected by the Union, and see the Union Pres fired. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

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@saibh I JUST read a piece from Alternet about the Boogaloo movement & how folks are traveling from across the country to blow up the powder keg of racial strife--many specifically motivated to start a race war. Horror on top of a horror. I'm praying for justice for Mr. Floyd and his family.

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@saibh thank you for reporting this.  I was already sensing that the violence and destruction was being conducted by fascist elements, with the assistance of sympathetic police.  They have been using this tactic for years, to try and discredit the concerns and demands of the people.  Contrast this with how the police react when right-wingers w machine guns take over a state capital building.  Or when a Nazi boy shoots up a black church- and the police take him to Burger King, because he was just hangry.  And you will never see a republican trying to bust up a Police Union.

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@saibh I'm sending prayers for for those who stand up for all.

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@saibh My thoughts and prayers are with you all and I hope and pray that there is justice for George Lloyd.  There is a lot of racism in England too and was pretty bad in their Police Force years ago, it is still there but much reduced because it was called out and a documentary filmed via hidden cameras to catch the rogue Police people out. In Scotland we thankfully have only a minority racists but one black family lost their son/brother because of rough handling by Police in my town, several years later there seems to be a protection around these thugs who many folk believe caused Sheku's death and now our Scottish Gov has intervened to hopefully help the family get justice for Sheku   But anywhere in the world, one racist is one racist too many.  We are horrified that black people are so racially abused in US and losing their lives by the very people supposed to uphold law with principles and values and above all impartiality which is sadly missing, Trump has allowed racism to grow and even encourage it against black people, he should be locked up. x 

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05/30/2020 3:30 pm  

I pray the hearts of all those in power have their hearts softened with divine compassion.  I pray for task forces of communication to start in every city and town to stop the unfair judicial system.

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In one of the videos, the policeman told him to get up. This is while the knee was on his neck, and the two other cops were holding him down. Floyd said he would get up. Like he had a chance to do so.

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