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Predictions on the Whistleblower Scandal  


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09/26/2019 8:29 am  

I'm using this thread to post some timeline readings done by a couple of people with exceptional accuracy who have sent me their predictions.  I will also post my own  and any small group sessions I do occasionally with people.

  • If anyone else has predictions they want me to post, email them to me and I will gratefully add them to the next group of readings that we will all be doing November 11 at Read the Future night. Please use the Timeline format (Prediction followed by your name in parenthesis followed by the date you made the prediction followed by the approximate month or time frame you feel it will happen.)
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Latest Readings by Baba. Baba has shown astonishing psychic ability in past readings which is why I thought you'd like to see these. Note these are purely psychic readings.  Neither Baba nor I are claiming these allegations are true. 

This reading was done September 17: 

  • Will Netanyahu win re-election? Yes, just barely 
  • Is he able to form a coalition to govern?No
  • Is he held accountable for his crimes? Yes
  • Will there be war in the Middle East soon? No, but it comes very close
  • When does the tide turn (in the US)?  Nov. 2019
  • Will the AG (Barr) be held accountable for wrongdoing? Will he quit? Does he turn on DT? Yes, he is forced out when someone new comes into power. He turns on DT to try to minimize his legal problems. Does he go to jail? No, too sick but lives out the rest of his days in disgrace.
  • Will Kav be impeached? Yes or resigns. Will not be on the SC for an extended period. Leaves under negative circumstances. 
  • Will DT be impeached? no, but the stress of the process takes its toll on him. 
  • Does he resign? Yes
  • Are his children held to account criminally? Yes, especially the oldest one and the first born girl and her husband.
  • Is this only after he is gone? Yes
  • Anything else I need to know about this? October and November gonna be lit. (This was funny because it is not language that I would use).
  • Does Pence ever become pres? No
  • Caretaker government after something happens to disqualify him. 
  • Who is next in charge? Warren and Harris 
  • I heard “golf money kickbacks”- eventually the govt demands that money from all of the golf outings be paid back. Laws are changed to prevent this happening again. 
  • Who is the most unexpected person to be in deep trouble due to all of this?
  • I see flipping pancakes (someone flips big) it is a female in an admin position. She is scared but decides she has to do the right thing. She testifies before Congress and knows lots of important details. KC? When? Saw a 1, (January 2020?)
  • Devin N. tries to slink away but is held accountable and is shamed.

Earlier predictions from Baba:

Meditation done June 11, 2019:

  • I asked where DT and Putin are now and in 6 months - very negative for both. Things go disastrously for DT and he is brought bad news by a young person. P is surprised and thrown off balance by events and ends up stuck. Asked if P does anything to hurt DT’s chances in election and  got yes and it will involve money from a corrupt source.
  • I asked about where Paul Manafort and OD (a certain oligarch close to Putin) are now and in six months. PM not in a good place right now but things take a turn for the better. OD’s situation takes a turn - not very positive. PM may choose to reconsider his options for providing info. to the government due to a change in situation of powerful people that he fears in order to improve his situation. 

Meditation done June 18, 2019:

  • McConnell and his wife both sad and in hand cuffs (this could be literal or figurative)
  • Cohen and Manafort old men smoking cigars together and laughing. They become the pundits telling about this time period in the future. Something changes and Manafort flips and lowers his liabilities. 
  • The separate realities of people in the US merge again like double vision correcting itself. I heard a clap and then my vision snapped into clarity like during an eye test. When does this happen? 2020

Meditation done May 15:

June 2019 Mueller testifies, points fingers showing the way

July 2019

  • Large protest Washington DC
  • Trump defiant and shouting - face red
  • Bolton out
  • Rudy G. - laughing doesn’t understand his legal peril
  • Ivanka and Jared confident that they have gotten away with something
  • Trump Jr - defiant

End of month - Congress makes decision to activate impeachment - triggered by actions on/around the 4th of July - It was the straw that broke the camel’s back

August 2019: Hearings all month, drama

September 2019

  • - Barr leaves, has had enough

October 2019: 

  • The tide turns:   Leaks, drips that turn into a gush of info.
  • Sessions indicted

November 2019:

  • Trump in panic and trying to negotiate a way out. Pence smiling like a crocodile and tapping his foot.

March 2020

  • Large snowball rolling downhill which breaks and criminals fall out.
  • Info comes out about GA gov election cheating - Kennesaw is key.


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09/26/2019 10:38 pm  

The first Netanyahu prediction sort of came true, and the second one might be in the process of being fulfilled. Here's the lowdown on the situation in Israel from The New Yorker.

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09/27/2019 9:03 am  

Another reading from Baba, it just came to her last night.  It is strange, lyrical, with rhymes! 

Mr. McGuire will be fired

The situation was dire and 

He was a liar 

(He is on their (the R’s side) and tries to skirt as close to the line as possible without going over it. He will have to testify publicly again when this is all over and own up to what has happened. There will be regrets expressed.)


RG* in handcuffs, wants a pardon

When will this happen? 10, soon

*Rudolph Giuliani


What else do I need to know? 


You reap what you sow

Hi ho, hi ho

Best to be in the know 

There comes a hard blow 

And down he will go

The Lady N* gives us a show

And from there it all flows

Mitch then goes

Then do his foes crow 

*Nancy Pelosi


I hear the song “Blow the Man Down”


Kelly Ann will quit soon.

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09/27/2019 10:04 am  

Wow, brilliantly creative. I always love hearing Baba’s predictions, and this one smacks humor on our overly serious obsession with the “takedown”. Everyone loves a good ending! Watching nervously popcorn in hand. 

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09/27/2019 10:57 am  

I read this right after I happened to listen to one of my favorite youtube psychics say that Guiliani would be questioned and go down for his lies.

Baba is "lit" lol - great job.

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From Bluebelle: This is a combination of posts she made on this forum. I am putting them here because she has had a lot of accuracy in the past.

July 2 meditation:

  • Will the House impeach Trump?Not at first, but the investigations will continue to reveal who he truly is.  
  • Will Trump resign?  He will have a physical problem…stroke, that will incapacitate him.  He will try to campaign, but not be effective.  
  • What will happen to Mitch McConnell?  McConnell will be prosecuted for corruption.  He will fall from grace.
  • How bad will the recession be?  It will be significant, yet not a major depression.  People will lose jobs and there will be a panic about the economy, but the actual economic numbers will reveal it is a normal recession and not a catastrophe.  People will panic because of all the other horrible things that happen this year and the visible instability in our government.  These are well founded reasons for panic.  Yet people will go to work and the economic engine will continue.

August 31 meditation:

During meditation today, I found myself looking back in time to our present day and saw the words folklore and mad king.  Then I saw his orange, angry face imposed on a tiny cartoon body as he floated up and away.  Several times I saw his face surrounded by a different costume and a tiny body as the air lifted him up.  Each time he wafted away in the breeze with his angry face talking and blustering.  He was as weightless and inconsequential as a dandelion blowing away.

September 2 meditation:

I went to a group meditation yesterday and during one meditation, I saw that the universe is going to deal with the orange one.  I saw the imagery of a gob of spit (sorry) dropped into a roiling, stormy ocean.  He will be completely obliterated and become a minor footnote in history.  So even though we are horrified on nearly a daily basis and despair for our country, he will not matter in the grand scheme of life on our planet.  The universe will deal with him.  As for the Russian one, he has enemies, more than one, and they are all close to him.  There is jealousy, hatred and there are people seeking revenge.

August 16 meditation:

August (second half):

  • A boat capsizes off the coast of Japan.  
  • Korea will launch another test missile.  
  • The economy becomes more unsteady.  
  • Trump is in a downward spiral towards dementia.  
  • The Republican Party is becoming more anxious as they discuss whether his candidacy is even feasible for the next election.  More GOP members speak out.  
  • Trump’s speeches are becoming more erratic and incomprehensible, a lot of repetition and lies.    
  • Mike Flynn is in the news again.  He’s going to face more charges from NY State.


  • Ivanka tries to salvage her reputation and tries to create space between her and her father.  It’s obvious and no one buys it.  
  • The market falls again in September.    
  • Worldwide markets are rattled.  
  • China fights back against tariffs.  
  • And Trump is panicking.  There’s something wrong with Trump’s left hand.  Some paralysis of his fingers.  Mini stroke?  Reporters pick up on it.  
  • More hot weather in Washington.  Very hot for September.  It’s sweltering.


  • Federal Reserve under attack by Trump.  
  • He tries to fire the head of the Federal Reserve.  Trump doesn’t understand economics.  He doesn’t understand economics and recessions.  He’s desperate to stop the recession.  
  • Steep market declines in October.  
  • Sense of panic in the country and around the world.  
  • Real estate markets are slowing.  
  • Trucking is slowing.  
  • Retail is down.


  • Trump has few public appearances.  Lots of speculation about his health.  His children are seen in the White House.  Worried faces.  Melania does not appear in public either.  Something  is up.  ‘

December:  All indicators mark a recession is officially underway.  Slow retail season this Christmas.Spending is down.  People need to save money to get through this time.

May 3 Remote Viewing:

Yesterday I meditated and then did a remote viewing/channeling/automatic writing exercises looking at the next  few years.  The following is what came to me during that experience:

  • I am floating in time and space.  Lavender colored clouds swirl, collapse and rise up again in front of me.  I am looking to the future and what will happen to the US over the next few years.
  • Everything looks normal.  The turmoil is Washington is less and people are distrustful of government and politicians.  The democracy survives, somewhat tattered, but recognizable as the same system of government.
  • He is gone.  His children are gone.  His minions are gone.  He is taken down by the Congress and the Republicans join the Democrats in forcing him out.
  • Something bad enough has happened that the GOP realize they can no long associate with this president.  Barr was the first to go.  Then Mnuchen.  The sycophants are out.
  • What is the terrible thing that happened to turn the GOP against this president?  Something has happened regarding children.  Children died.  It was all avoidable.  It was one last coverup that couldn’t be sustained.
  • In the more immediate future, Mueller testifies in Congress and the nation watches.  
  • The nation gets an education about the reality of who Trump truly is.  The GOP turning against him is a matter of cutting their losses, not loyalty to country.
  • The government is damaged.  Not all judges held firm against the threat of anarchy.  Choose your judges wisely.  They tried to stack the judicial odds in their favor, those Republicans, but there turned out to be honorable people with integrity in the mix.  Other institutions remain damaged, like the State Department, the Department of Education, to name just a few.  Good people have left government.  The brightest, most competent people were driven out by this administration.  Everything has to be rebuilt.
  • What happens with all the  White House’s stonewalling against the House’s oversight committees?  People are cited with contempt.  A few are thrown in jail.  Others looked at the ones in jail and decide he isn’t worth it, so they cooperated.  
  • It’s an ugly  season coming up.  It feels like forever, but it’s only a season.  You will be okay.  The country will be okay.  Wiser heads will prevail.  Democracy will prevail.
  • Looking forward a few years, I see him back in his penthouse in New York.  He’s still connected to Fox News and continues to nurse his wounded pride and stir up his base.  Fox News doesn’t change, still panders to the far right and the evangelical right.    It won’t fade until the Boomer generation is gone.

May 3 Tarot reading:

  • By looking back to our founding fathers and the Declaration of Independence, we see the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We long for normal life again when we don't have to worry about what monstrosity against humanity will emanate from this administration every morning. 
  • We all need to be brave and persevere during this time frame.  That's our country's challenge:  to believe in the might and right of the majority of Americans to endure this upheaval and find solutions to our present danger.
  • The founders of our country included the best minds of their time.  They couldn't foresee lobbyists, gerrymandering unequal representation or meddling by foreign adversaries, but they did give us a foundation of government that could be modified in the future.  While we feel stuck right now with our leadership controlled by a minority, we can get through this.  We can make changes in the future.
  • Again, I harken back to the founders and their vision for our country and the safeguards they built in to our system of government, the checks and balances of three equal parts of government.  At present, we chafe at their creation of the electoral college and the abuses of gerrymandering, but the founders clearly did foresee the need to safeguard against would-be tyrants.  They worried.  When they created our system of government, they were at a time in their lives when they were looking back at all they had learned about life and government, good government, bad government.  They saw the necessity of separating church and state to avoid religious bias.  They had experienced the tyranny of a monarchy.  They chafed at injustice and oppression.  They tried to give us safeguards built on everything they could imagine happening in the future.
  • I saw Nancy Pelosi as the powerful leader of the House, her experience and brilliance putting her in the right place at the right time for our country.  She symbolizes  matriarchal power beginning to take the helm.  
  • We are going through a period of adjustment, but this also has to do with karmic justice.  Over the last two and a half years, we have seen the country's bigotry, racism and white supremacy exposed.  While this ugliness does not represent the majority of the country, these deplorable ideas are clearly acceptable to a sizable population within the minority controlling our government.  As a nation, we can no longer turn a blind  eye to this reality.  We can not be a better nation until we expose this depravity and deal with it.
  • We are definitely on the wheel of fortune right now, balancing our determination with our fears, holding on in spite of a frightening possible future.  As Jeanne says, it's all about how we ride the wheel.  If we get overwhelmed and panic, we fall off.  If we hang on with all our strength, the wheel will turn and we will rise again.
  • The battle is over and we no longer look forward in fear, but in accomplishment. 
  • In looking at the political landscape in 2021, I saw a Democratic gain in government, Democratic power.


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Here is a meditation I did and then posted on December 29, 2018 that still holds for today. It is posted in the article in the footer of this pageso some of you have probably already read it.  I am posting just the parts that start in September:

Notice November and March that fit what others are prediction here.  

September 2019: The Western U.S. is on fire, both literally and symbolically.

October 2019: The West is upside down indicating they are unable to get out of a difficult situation which is in part climate change but also political furor.

November 2019: I ask how Trump is doing and I pull a card called “Defeat.” It’s not going well for him. This may be it for Trump, or he may hang on longer.

December 2019: I see a map of the U.S. with the lower states under stress. I see upside down images, which symbolize something there, likely environmental, is unhealthy. There may also may be political and economic stress.

January 2020: Trump looks debauched. Face is sweaty and there’s a little drool round his mouth, not acute illness but deteriorating.   Reminds me of images of Elvis Presley the years before he died.

February 2020: The bear, a symbol of Russia, is still around, foraging, interfering.

March 2020: I see an elephant with a huge rear end and it’s back turned towards us. Then the elephant’s backside opens up and hundreds of packages of  booty fall out. The elephant is the GOP.

April 2020: Image of Trump protesters’ balloon as a baby in diapers.  Protesters have flown this  balloon  at various international summits. This image of him will last for decades to come.

June 2020: A scarecrow propped up. Feels like Trump is absent but the scarecrow is there.

July & August 2020: no images.

September 2020: I can’t see Trump

October 2020: no images

November 2020: I see a lion resting. The lion often symbolizes Trump. I don’t know if he got the nomination or even ran. He’s still there but is quiet and resting.  In a later meditation on the U.S., I saw a blue wave in both houses of Congress, so Trump will really be done at this point, if not before. He cant take office if he wins because he will be impeached, removed and prosecuted. So he will be considering another way out.

January 20, 2021. I asked who wins the presidency and pulled the Empress card, a woman. But there may be a problem.

When I pull the card she is right-side up, which would mean that a woman wins, or we expect her to win, but she lands upside down as I throw the card onto the tabletop. Not sure what this means.

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09/27/2019 2:41 pm  


Thank you for taking the time to put these groupings together.  They really flow.  There are some very gifted people on this site.  I am sure it has taking a great deal of your time to do so, especially when including what you have done with the climate predictions also.

So interesting to re-read Bluebelle's now as time has gone by and Baba's prediction from last night was done in such a very entertaining way.


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09/27/2019 2:58 pm  


Thank you dear friend. Your posts always fill me with such a happy feeling.

What I’m learning about this process of bringing out the intuition in  people is what I had always hoped would be true and now is showing itself to be true: That we can develop our God-given ability to see ahead which will help us not only to choose what direction is best, but it will help us to hang in there when the current situation is bleak.

Intuition or psychic ability is like a musical ability: there are some people who have honed it and or are more prolific and even more precise than others, but everyone can make music.When I noticed in the climate readings that I posted and also if you read all the predictions, is that while some people’s hits are quite specific kind of like The strikers on a soccer team who get the goals, It takes a whole team to win a game. I think of all the other readings as assists. 

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Bluebelle emailed these visions to me. I am passing them along to you because she has had a lot of accuracy in the past.

September 30 morning meditation by Bluebelle

During my meditation, I saw a hill.  Impeachment is the hill the Trump presidency will die on.  I also saw handcuffs on his minions, the staff who covered up the evidence of Trump breaking the law and breaking his oath of office to further himself.  I see Melania hiding from public view, ashamed of her own role in supporting this president.  His children are panicked, panicked about their own self dealings being further exposed, afraid of their future liabilities, afraid that they will spend the rest of their lives in court, their reputations in shreds.  Don Jr.’s girlfriend will desert him early in the gathering storm.  

Barr goes down soon.  He is complicit in bending the Department of Justice to serve the President rather than uphold the Constitution.  There will be a threat of impeachment for Barr and he will step down.  

Pompeo also broke the law in conspiring to pressure the Ukrainians.  He will be fully exposed.  Some kind of tapes will be exposed that are evidence of his corruption.

White House lawyers are implicated in the coverup within coverup of Trump’s various criminal phone calls.  More of his illegal pressure on foreign heads of state will come out.  Tapes.  

The evidence will come out like an avalanche, smothering any opposition to impeachment.  It is undeniable and incontrovertible.  The country reels in shock and dismay.  Republicans favor impeachment.

McConnell tries to save himself by turning against the President.  It works only until Trump is gone and then McConnell’s dealings are exposed.  He is not reelected and fights court battles the rest of his life.

Pence hangs on for a while.  McConnell maneuvers the impeachment process so Pence can step into the Presidency, but Pence is tainted by Trump’s crimes and faces his own investigation by Congress.  McConnell does what he can to keep Pelosi out of the White House by having Pence appoint a VP quickly.  

There will be public discord and some few acts of insurgency in support of the Orange One, but overall, it is minor.  The real concern is the stock market and the economy.  The political instability will flow over into economic instability.  The UK and the US are both in trouble politically and financially.  People want to throw these  extreme alt right populists out of government.  

The US Border becomes more stable after Trump steps down.  The border officials realize they no longer have a president’s support for their lawlessness and abuse of refugees.  It will take some time, but tensions at the border will ease.  More will be granted asylum and separated families will be reunited.  Some will never be reunited because of the slipshod bureaucracy involved.  People in Latin America and South America despise us for the our lack of humanitarian decency.

There is no civil war, just a growing realization that the MAGA’s have been duped.  Fox News stops supporting Trump early on and several of the far right instigators on the network will be dismissed.    There are already rumors of this coming and it is borne out in execution.  Fox News wants to cut its losses with Trump.

Trump is completely humiliated and drops from public view. I see him in a white robe, shuffling.   He never pays for his crimes, but his disgrace will live on in history for centuries as a footnote in history, a blot on the US.  

The impeachment process will seem that it takes forever, but in reality, it will be rather quick, months.   Losses will be cut within the Republican Party in an effort to salvage their reputations.  Amash becomes a leader of a New Republican Party.    Never Trump intellectuals and the few Republicans who saved themselves start this rebranding effort.

The coming recession is brief, a year or less, but hysteria is high.  The perception is that the economy is worse than it actually is.  While the UK and US are in tremendous upheaval, the US will fare better economically.  What happens to the UK economy is much worse.   

Bluebelle also mentioned that she saw tapes involved in the discovery process. Tapes could be incontrovertible.  

She didn’t give a timeframe but Baba and I have seen March as significant.

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10/01/2019 4:31 pm  

@jeanne-mayell, I just heard "Beware the Ides of March."  Not sure if it was  association with your statement above or a message, but it popped into my head.


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10/03/2019 9:20 am  

I agree, KellyAnne Conway will quit and soon.  likely  to be within 30 days


I am certain you are all aware that Kelly Anne's husband who is George Conway

absolutely hates Trump.  although, I think the relationship between those two is

wonky, toxic, and crazy


George most likely is telling Kelly to get out of the shit show now. 


maybe it will be her to bring down Trump.  They'll all corrupt and crazy

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10/04/2019 2:03 am  

This caught my eye just now from bluebell's prediction for September:


More hot weather in Washington.  Very hot for September.  It’s sweltering.


I just want to note that yesterday (October 2) Washington DC recorded its highest ever temperature for the month of October and this late in the calendar year.

Article on yesterday's record-breaking heat from the Washington Post:

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10/04/2019 1:16 pm  


It's amazing that the heat wave is extending into October.  I just did a search on heat in the U.S. in September and Washington did have one of the hottest Septembers on record.  Here's the link:

Now if some of these other predictions would just come true about the downfall of the orange one.  I'm like a cat on a hot tin roof today, just so jittery and anxious about the impeachment process.  These are such difficult times to live through.  When I get back from walking, the Twitterverse will have blown up again over some new revelation. And so it goes.  Thanks for pointing out the weather hit, Rosieheart.

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