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June 6, 2019 Predictions: 2019 ONLY  


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06/27/2019 11:54 pm  

Warning: This is L-O-N-G. Also the election predictions are all over the place.   I am splitting it into three Topics:  2019, 2020, and 2021-2030.

Please let me know what jumps out at you.  It's just so long and I need to summarize.  What are the highlights you see? Also any typos or errors, esp. of your own predictions. Also: BIG HUGE THANK YOU TO BRIGHT OPAL.  She did the lion's share of converting over 1600 lines of chat to a readable, organized Word document.  I could not have posted anything without her help. 

Finally, some things have already come true in the three weeks since we held this event.  They are in bold.  Mainly

  • (1) the tragic events at the border involving children and
  • (2) the announcement that Mueller will be testifying before Congress after all.  
  • (3) Military action between U.S. and Iran

2019 Predictions Made 6/6/19 

 June & early July 2019 

 Predictions that have come true are put in bold. Explanations and news links will be provided over time.]

 U.S. – Trump

  • Calm before the storm. (Kathleen)
  • I saw Trump and heard the word, “bleeding.” (Lionelle)
  • Trump becomes even more chaotic, if that is even possible. His mental state becomes a bigger concern and harder to hide. (Bluebelle)
  • Trump breaks his foot or lower leg. (Cindy). [This could be a symbolic break, reflecting part of his foundation or support system.]
  • Microphones straining to hear, excitement, stunned, jaw dropping.(Clarissa)
  • Things are going to get really crazy with developments about Trump in Congress. People want him out now. (Molly)
  • I sense Melania alone. (Lovendures)
  • Trump giving a press conference, but everyone is straining to record, photograph the moment. (Clarissa)
  • Trump is trying to run and hide, but nowhere to go. (Molly)
  • The White House starting to crumble. I see bricks starting to fall from the building. (Bernie)
  • The White House is going upside down. I hear the clamor of loud, strident voices. Angry dead people lying in their graves at Arlington cemetery suddenly bolted up to a sitting position to march. (Florida)
  • Trump is acting out Putin's orders to him. Seeing him as a fool, people are laughing and in disbelief at his ignorance and stupidity. (Molly)
  • A horrible turn of events will occur related to the detainment of asylum seekers. The Trump Administration will consider that Mexico's efforts to decrease the number of people looking for sanctuary is inadequate. There will be extra governmental /private groups hunting these unfortunate asylum seekers. Eric Prince or his company may have some involvement. (Kathy G.)

U.S. – Congress/Politics

  • There’s a growing consensus that the House needs to do a public inquiry into Trump’s crimes. They debate impeachment, and the consensus says that they can’t waffle much longer.  They have to take action. (Bluebelle)
  • Something is about to break, like a pipe, like a burst of news.  Huge, unexpected. (Andrew Posey)
  • Fighting in Congress. (Deetoo )
  • Many people tired of going backwards in the US with policies in environment and healthcare. (Molly)
  • Pete Buttigieg making an impact with new ideas, loving kindness and compassion. (Molly)
  • Mueller is angry and wants to speak. I see him braiding a woman’s long, thick head of brown hair. (Sharon). [Mueller agrees to testify on July 17)

U.S. – Economy--Housing prices dropping in southern California. (Theng)

U.S. – The People 

  • I sense grassroots empowerment. (Faye)
  • I see large red flags or cloth waving across US. The flag or cloth moves in the air up and down. It tells me that we are all connected. I also see the color blue.  People in the world want peace. (Michelle)
  • There is massive movement of people. (Betty)
  • Women are angry. People feel forgotten. (Pam)
  • People are so uptight and stressed. (Gail M.)
  • Homeless numbers are rising. Flooding is causing more public health issues, such as mosquito borne illness. Increased diseases found in crowded conditions. Concerns about upcoming flu season.
  • In Michigan and the upper Midwest region, I see confusion and chaotic thinking. Then I see the Southern border in deep dark shadow. (Mia)
  • We are trying to calm ourselves to deal with all the grief. (Molly)
  • The Collective is afraid of change, anticipating the negative, they fear losing status or position.People are trying to keep the old wheels on a metaphorical car. They are clinging and white knuckling. So much fear of the unknown that is coming.  (Jana)
  • People want to move into new ideas and ways of doing things. Letting go of the past. (Molly)
  • The collective has a huge wound it is working on healing. Many are on the precipice of a new paradigm,  but there is so much blame and finger pointing that needs to end first. (Melanie)
  • Following a tragedy, many people are waking up about gun safety and common-sense laws. People are no longer interested in hearing politicians’ thoughts and prayers, only action. (Molly)
  • People showing more compassion with one another. (Gail M.)
  • Migration out of California’s big cities is beginning. (Sydney)
  • No need to hurry anything. All is coming on its own terms. (Kathleen)
  • It’s all going to get better. A glaring sun behind a lightning cloud, trying to get noticed. Many people stepping forward to state their truth. It is a time for bravery. (Camel)
  • A prison on fire around El Paso. (Florida). [Not a prison, but a children’s detainment facility in El Paso was metaphorically on fire when news broke of inhumane conditions.]
  • Australian Stock Exchange in the headlines, financial anxiety. (Sarah V.)
  • Elon Musk will develop something new. (Bernie)
  • I am seeing green trees and a growing storm, white uniforms and limos or ambulances in a new England setting. (Andrew Posey)


  • People are more interested in growing their own food. (Bluebelle)
  • Another blow will come to Monsanto. (Susan)
  • I see a rise in communal gardens. (Rob)
  • Farmers standing together in an uprising.(Randi)


Military Action: 

  • I see tanks, the military somewhere dry. (Doris)
  • Focusing on U.S. Middle East policy, I see two interlocking pistols, which I feel means conflict. (Arianne)
  • A submarine accident. (Bernie)
  • Military boats, Chinese, moving in the water with a purpose. (Doris)
  • A bear and a mouse playing chess (Russia and America). (Rob)
  • Big bear going wild. (NJ)

Other International: 

  • UFO’S seeming like a normality. (Gail M.). [Airforce briefs Congress on a UFO]
  • Heart transplants will change the way they are being performed. (Bernie)
  • A Picasso painting in the news. (Bernie)
  • In the news: man-made island somewhere in the Pacific. (Doris). [Editor’s note: this may be about islands of garbage that form in the Pacific.]
  • A rainbow over the statue of Jesus in Brazil. Brazilian people dancing in the streets, it’s a soccer win for them. (Karen)
  • Despite the decrease of esteem in the American government around the world, there is still compassion for the American people. (Kathy G.)
  • In Australia, Australia Stock Exchange is in the headlines.(Villager)
  • Arguing with Winston Peters. (Rob)
  • Space! We are finally getting back. (Jennifer)
  • Social media search engine. This miasma of Facebook/Twitter will change or be left behind. (Kathy G.)

Climate & Earth 

  • I can see the curve of the earth and a jet flying just over the Arctic circle. Something is going on in the North Pole that we need to understand. (Andrew Posey)
  • Very windy in the in the U.S. West. (Michelle)


  • Animal species are disappearing at a rapid rate. People are beginning to realize that animals are precious and need to be preserved. The world is beginning to look at animals in a new way, as treasured natural resource.  (Bluebelle).
  • Goats suffering. (Irene B.)
  • More animals will disappear. Climate change will cause so much movement that scientists will have trouble keeping track of various species. Some species will be thought to be extinct although they have simply migrated. (Villager)
  • I see whales and dolphins in the deep blue water. They are drifting further from the Australian shore towards Antarctica. There is a cliff at the ocean’s edge. Parts of the cliff are falling into the water. (Villager)
  • Alaskan malamute is winning. (NJ)


  • Muddy brown flood waters. (Donna)
  • Seeing a lot of rain coming. (Rob)
  • I sense there are rough waters beneath calm water. (Kathleen)
  • Hot, still rainy, asphalt, cracking, shiny, bright, cracking, roadways. (Jennifer)
  • Florida under water. (Bernie)
  • Australia will need to find new sources of water. (Villager)


  • I see an image of a tower shaking and people are bracing and asking, "Is this the big one?" (Jana)
  • There will be a lot of volcanoes erupting around the world, including under the ocean. The world will shake. (Bernie)

      Other Climate/Earth:

  • Fires in California breeding anxiety and worry. (Sydney)
  • There's a pink dawn but then to the left comes a front of dark clouds. It will pass though. (Susan)
  • Warmth coming from below. Steam on rocks, hot boiling water. Waves crashing and a bleached seal washed up with its overheated skin. (Karen)
  • People are starting to notice that the climate is changing and how serious this problem is. (Molly)
  • People in impoverished counties are using solar energy. (Betty)
  • A possible outbreak of E.coli in cauliflower. (NJ)

July 2019 – Predictions that come true are put in bold. 


U.S. – Trump/White House

  • Immigration coming to a head. Politically, the situation for the Republicans is out of control; kids in trouble, people hurt. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trump in trouble. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see vision of Trump riding in Dumbo the Elephant ride in Fantasyland. (It’s a metaphor).  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trump is very ill, mentally and physically and trying to hide it. (Molly)
  • Drug smuggling part of the trade deals that Trump is involved with as well as child human trafficking they are caught. interrupt the fourth of July ceremony (Karen)
  • Secrets are revealed. (Mia)
  • Formal impeachment hearing begins. (Kathleen)
  • Group protesters hurt infant of White House. (Donna)
  • Nancy Pelosi is gearing up for a big blow to Trump in August. (Molly). [Mueller has received Congressional subpoena and agreed to testify in July.]
  • Dark money beginning to turn against Trump - pushing Senate to fix it (Kathleen)
  • Something is happening to Trump (Bernie)
  • I see Donald Trump scowling at his critics, defending his position and power. The critics are buzzing around him like flies, there are economic jitters. (Jana)
  • Markets seem nervous because of Trump’s policies. (Jana)

U.S. – Congress/Politics

  • There will be large protests in the capital and there will be violence. People won’t give up. They know that Trump was wrong and that they must fight for what is right. (Baba)

U.S. – Economy

  • Increased gas prices. (Kathy G.)
  • Snorting bull fighting back. (NJ)
  • Economy is worsening as Trump pursues tariffs. (Sydney)

U.S. – People

  • Another shooting. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Restlessness in the inner city. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Plane crash in Ohio; no one dies. (Paula)
  • Seeing a beachball held by a life guard at an ocean beach. There’s a feeling of anxiousness. Tense stillness.  A bullet pierces the beach ball. (Susan)
  • The specter of a Middle aged man with top hat looks sad. Could be a metaphor for Uncle Sam at Trump’s Fourth of July celebration.  (Rob)
  • Protesters during the 4th of July (Donna)
  • Cars and police cars racing in the rain. (Doris)
  • Children are crying for help. They miss their parents. (Molly)
  • The children in detention centers here in Florida are being freed and trafficked. (Karen)
  • The circle of deceivers is caught. (Karen)
  • We are ready to move forward and not backwards in the US. (Molly)
  • I felt the words “clarion call” for Washington D.C.I saw trumpets and a marching band. It is horrible, not good, there is terror and people are mowed down.  On one side, I see people on the grass relaxing, and on the other, there is clamor. (Florida)
  • I see a lonely road through the desert and deserted mining communities. The mining communities are fading and depressed. (Villager)
  • I see oil ships held in port, feels like it’s on the eastern seaboard. (Rob)
  • I see purple skies and purple flags dotting the landscape. (Melanie)

Climate & Earth

Recording breaking Storms & Heat: 

  • Hot summer in Europe. (Paula)
  • Hurricanes in the southeast. Early hurricanes.  Tremendous heat across the southern US.  Some drought in this same region.  Record breaking temperatures. (Bluebelle)
  • Hot seas churning in North Atlantic Ocean. Fish are hot.(Faye)
  • The heat is so hot the pavement tar is melting in places. (Karen)
  • I feel insufferable heat, and I feel it toward the western US. I see fire, with yellows and reds. and smoke. (Betty)
  • There will be an oil spill in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico side. (Baba)
  • Nonstop severe storms hit the southeast USA. (Baba)
  • Big black rain umbrellas opened over a lot of people. (Jordan)
  • Thunder, lighting, very dark clouds, feels like on a prairie or flat area. Severe storms. (Doris)
  • Fire, hot burning, flames (Sharon)
  • Large forest fire in western states. I see embers falling from the sky. It is extremely hot and frightening.(Michelle)
  • High winds, and large fires. (Paula)
  • Mountaintops glowing. (Jackie)
  • In Australia, brown earth, scorched, no vegetation. Animals having a tough time and many dying. animals. Planes flying overhead spreading water to stop the drought in these places. (Paula)

Earthquakes & Floods:

  • A minor earthquake around San Diego. (Lauri)
  • Southern California earthquake is significant but not devastating. (Sydney)
  • River overflowing its banks (Doris)
  • In the news: a dam or levee breaks in Tennessee (Cindy)


  • A flat oily ocean and a yellowish sick sky. (Andrew Posey). Sounds like another oil leak in the ocean.
  • Windmills important and on the rise in the U.S. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see a huge rainbow, straight line into sky. (Jackie). This is a good sign.

 August 2019 

U.S. – White House/Congress

  • The White House is turning black, the base creeping upwards. (Bluebelle)
  • Trump is gone, he's not in power. (Molly)
  • Trump is seen as a big failure. (Patty)
  • Hearings for investigation into impeachment begin towards end of month. (Baba)
  • If there is an Impeachment procedure happening, I fell it will be in August. (Bright Opal)
  • It is a slow progression, but there is progress and clearer vision of crimes that have taken place. (Claire)
  • More confusion in the government. (Linda)
  • Nancy Pelosi is a hero. (Molly)
  • Congress begins Impeachment Investigation. (Donna)
  • Congressional hearings - public watching, like they did for Watergate. (Irene B.)
  • Things coming more to a head. Public hearing, more information revealed, people feel like heads are exploding with so much information that is out there. (Mia)

U.S. – Economy

  • Increased food prices. People are hungry. Food banks have a higher than usual demand. Bill or budget presented to Congress decreases school lunch funding, this is being discussed. (Kathy G.)
  • A recession is starting, precipitated by Trump’s tariffs. (Molly)
  • A bull market slipping into a bear market. (Coyote)

U.S. – People

  • Growing anxiety, people asking, “when will it end?” A groundswell of rebellion and outrage. (Clarissa)
  • New directions for us to go. (Linda)
  • I see men in uniforms marching in the U.S. streets. It feels as those the military has been activated here in the U.S. (Bluebelle)
  • A flurry of activity. Need to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. (Linda)
  • Embarrassment at a fancy-dress ball is funny. (Karen)
  • The blue dress is back, but it is pink. (Karen)
  • August feels lighter. Averted any major difficulties, changes or shake ups. People go on "business as usual." A month of recreation. (Jana)

U.S. – Election

  • Deep summer turns blue, demonstrations, huge field of Democrats running, all very green in their policies. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Exhausted politicians are taking a break. (Muriel)
  • Someone else is going to throw their hat in the ring for Presidency. (Bernie)
  • Democrats candidates trying to outdo each other. Taking their cue from AOC. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The question of election tampering and what to do about it is of concern. (Kathleen)
  • US election campaign churning, disinformation; people are afraid. (Faye)
  • Hawaii makes progressive waves. I see leis in red and white. (Baba)


  • There’s an embargo. I see a white building in the desert. (Rob)
  • Boats on the sea, military ships moving. They feel Chinese (Doris)
  • Gathering of world leaders, important politicians. (Doris)
  • Upsets in Europe are confusing. It’s also steamy and hot. (Andrew Posey)
  • Mass burnings of bodies charred bodies on the street, the Middle East. (Andrew Posey)
  • I see a warrior in Turkish Seljuk armor, probably indicating that Turkey is going to make a move involving Iran (as the Seljuks had Persian influence).  (Arianne)
  • There is heavy, grey-white smoke covering the rainforest in Indonesia. I hear the word ‘trifecta’. (Villager)
  • Pirates in Somalia are caught on a ship. Drought and war in Somalia causing more pirates to go to sea. More migrations out of Africa looking for better places to live. (Paula)
  • New Zealand has more struggles. (Susan)
  • A cruise ship sinks north east of Australia towards the area of Vanuatu. (Baba)
  • China tries to corner the market on corn/ethanol. (Baba)
  • Spotlight on Eastern Russia, I see airplanes F18 (Canada) and F15 (US). It could be something that's already happening in the news, but I see more of them. (Bright Opal)
  • Migration continues as China gets mad at U.S. (Sydney)

Climate & Earth 

  • Water problems and shortage, now dry mud where a river used to be, Feels like this is in the U.S., probably out West. (Michelle)
  • Southwestern US is panicking. People running from smoke and fires. (Susan)
  • Hot seas in North Atlantic are churning, fish are hot. (Faye)
  • The rattlesnakes are migrating in an odd way. (Karen)
  • Waters are warmer. (Bernie)
  • Scorched earth in the news. (Pam)
  • Fires on west coast, out of control. (Kathleen)
  • Landslide somewhere. (Doris)
  • We will, for sure, see hurricanes in August. (Kelly C.)
  • A rising thunder a growing storm, there is a feeling, a breaking point. As if we are about to step onto a sink hole (Andrew Posey)
  • Wildfire in the north west Rockies. (Rob)
  • People underwater. (Pam)
  • I felt Florida was hot, but no hurricane. I heard, “Ding, dong, the witch is dead,” and the lollipopkins joyously dancing.  We shall overcome. (Florida)
  • The eastern seaboard of the US will experience intense heat this month. (Baba)
  • Extreme heat around the world. (Lauri)
  • Huge cyclone hitting the Caribbean islands. It's so big it covers the whole gulf! (Bright Opal)
  • A rising thunder and a growing storm, there is a feeling, a breaking point.  As if we are about to step onto a sinkhole. (Andrew Posey)
  • I am seeing the riverbeds of Missouri. They vacillate between dry and flooded. (Andrew Posey)

September 2019. Predictions are in bold if they are coming true. 

U.S. – Trump/White House

  • Court room, a judge with gavel. (Sharon)
  • Low point. Journalists are imprisoned, White House is desperate to keep status quo. (Kathleen)
  • Trump is still there doing his thing. He's not smiling, very cold calculated loo. He's up to no good.  There's some heat on his back. (Bright Opal)
  • Skeletons begin falling out of closets for the current US administration. (Baba)
  • Something changes in the collective's energy.There is a seriousness about a new direction.  I see a ship changing course.  A course correction. (Melanie)
  • Don't despair of the leadership. Something will be revealed by September. (Kathy G.)
  • Lacy leaves, acorns, another shooting, a man with head in hands, Trumps? (Clarissa)
  • I hear the words, “All is as expected.” (Jeanne Mayell)
  • No more lies. (Molly)
  • Movement behind scenes. (Kathleen)
  • The country feels rudderless. An absence of leadership and that makes people uncomfortable. I see the president as absent or somehow invisible during this time. He seems in over his head and avoiding, laying low. (Jana)
  • Cleansing with the truth. (Molly)
  • I sense secrets, lies, and fires. (Kathleen)
  • The charade is over. (Molly)
  • Saw a grey destroyer type ship from the U.S. in calm waters.  (Lionelle)

U.S. – Congress/Politics

  • I see Pelosi speaking to the nation. She is very somber.    It takes courage for her to do this. (Bluebelle)
  • Mueller testifies. (Donna). [When this prediction was made, Mueller had declared he would not testify. But two weeks later, he agreed to testify in July]
  • Congress back from summer break. Has a new energy plan. (Kathy G.)

U.S. – Economy

  • Bull market becoming bear market. (Coyote)
  • The stock market is in upheaval.    A foreshadowing of things to come. (Bluebelle)
  • Economic fluctuations. (Muriel)
  • Problems due to trade war: I see bottles of something, like olive oil or a food products at issue. (Jeanne Mayell)

U.S. – People

  • Migrant children are quiet, big eyes, alone. Fearful. It has been a long time. (Lovendures)
  • Frantic people, not knowing where they belong. (Kolsoum)
  • Picking up the pieces in US. (Molly)
  • S. citizens are clamoring for change in the White House. I feel like I'm in Washington DC with crowds of people. (Betty)
  • A big sigh of relief. (Molly)
  • S. relaxes There is a shift in energy. Something happened, the truth has been revealed. (Irene B.)
  • The government handlers want them to prepare for war effort. (Karen)
  • Change, moving on, moving, packing, tired, lots of stuff to do, momentum is building. (Jennifer)
  • Men in white uniforms. (Jordan)
  • People aren’t feeling relief. (Pam)
  • Lull, empty. (Kathleen)
  • People are planning and preparing. (Melanie)
  • A feeling of tension in the US, something has to give. (Coyote)
  • Firewood, fuel. The blowing wind has stopped. Quiet. Determined. One foot in front of the other. (Linda)
  • Lots of cameras in an urban setting. Women running wearing miniskirts and running. (Susan)
  • Changes that have thrown us out of balance over the summer are more stable now, as more information is revealed during this time. (Claire)
  • There is a murder on the L.A. Metro. (Andrew Posey)
  • There is blood in the streets in Dallas. (Andrew Posey)
  • There is a birth of a miracle baby, I think it’s on the subway. (Andrew Posey)
  • The top is the bottom and the bottom is the top. (Mia)
  • A silver lady watches. (Rob)


  • There is a schoolhouse where the seats are torn apart in an explosion, a mess everywhere.Mothers grieving, it is an elementary school, perhaps in Jordan. A bomb went off.  Children’s fingers are burnt. (Karen)
  • Good news from Portugal. (Andrew Posey)
  • The KPOP band promotes peace. (Karen)
  • In the news: long boats on a river, Danube river. (Doris)
  • Tension, something is shaking. (Theng)
  • Middle East peace possibility. (Muriel)
  • A giant cat towering over everything on earth. (NJ)
  • Something big with China in the news. (Muriel)
  • A Ferris wheel at a fair, people enjoying themselves. (Doris)
  • Rumors of a diseases and that the Congo has more Ebola. (Andrew Posey)
  • I have an image of primitive people teaching modern people about preserving food in a cave in France. (Melanie)
  • In Perth, Australia, a surfing competition is in the news. (Andrew Posey)
  • A bus of school children in danger. (Bernie)
  • A young female pop star dies. (Muriel)
  • I hear whistling in one ear. I get the feeling that communications are disrupted and people are ‘flying blind’. (Villager)
  • I hear whistling in one ear. I get the feeling that communications are disrupted, and people are ‘flying blind’. (Villager)
  • In the United Nations there is disorder in the assembly. A woman in a black dress and red jacket is standing up waving an object around. She is outraged. (Villager)
  • There is a cape wearing horseback rider riding with urgency along an empty road. The road looks as if it is in the Swedish countryside, like the ones you see in car commercials. It is as if the medieval past is catching up with modern Swedish society. (Villager)
  • Eiffel Tower Explosion occurs, a terror attack. (Sydney)
  • Iran and Israel get in each other`s faces. (Sydney)
  • I heard “bumper cars”. A massive accident on highway in Great Britain takes place due to fog. (Baba)
  • A female singer in Japan passes away. (Bin)
  • There is a feeling of sadness in Great Britain. A prominent person passes. It is possibly someone royal (I don’t want to say more here). (Baba)
  • Rapid dissemination of news across the globe. (Lauri)
  • I see a hate group rally that makes the news. (Bin)

Climate & Earth

  • The Arctic ice hits all-time low. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Methane gas is a concern. Scientists are desperately trying to track its release into the atmosphere from the Arctic Ocean. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Environmentalist becoming more fierce. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Mother earth is screaming to stop abusing her. (Molly)
  • Problems in the oceans. (Rob)
  • A shark attack. (Bernie)
  • Dried wheat, grass, parched. Ice melting, people running from the flood. People lying down on the street. (Clarissa)
  • Early hurricanes or typhoons. (Muriel)
  • Fall is early this year. (Linda)
  • Intense fire and flame. (Lovendures)
  • Whales diving down and covered in plastic. (Rob)
  • Red flowers all over. (Gail M.)
  • Shortage in wheat. (Bernie)
  • I see smoke, dust or some sort of haze on the U.S. east coast or Europe. (Betty)
  • In the news: I see a clip of a woman caught in a wind storm, ruffled by it, her blue dress blown about inconveniently. (Jordan). This vision is probably about unusually high winds this month.
  • A leaf is full of butterfly eggs, but the season is off.The leaves have browned too soon. (Karen)
  • A large land mass approaching. (Clarissa)
  • I felt a lion’s roar in the panhandle and hurricane destruction in Alabama. I felt large cymbals clashing in DC. (Florida)
  • There is a heartland earthquake, May be Tennessee. (Sydney)
  • Something breaks apart. I see furniture broken as if a building came down or it fell off a truck. Could be an earthquake in the U.S. (Michelle)
  • Water pouring down with large hailstones, Germany and northern Europe. Hailstones so large they break car windows and greenhouses. Crops destroyed. (Paula)
  • Panic in the children stuck in IS fighting zones. Europe trying to get the children to safety. But the children are abandoned to fend for themselves. This only hardens them more. (Paula)
  • There will be more rain than usual in Italy. (Baba)
  • It is warmer than usual in fall for Northern Europe. (Baba)
  • More fires, heat, earthquake in California. (Kathleen)

October 2019

U.S. – Trump/White House

  • Trump is ill. (Jordan)
  • Nothing is as it seems to be. Smoke and mirrors open up and the reality is worse than anticipated. (Mia)
  • I see boned fish and bottom feeders. The wealthy and their corporations have eaten the fish to the bone. (Jeanne Mayell)

U.S. – Congress/Politic

  • Pelosi thinking more about impeachment. (Bin)
  • Republicans go quiet because of disturbing news they can't defend. (Donna)

U.S. – Economy

  • I’m noticing market watch in the news, may not be a good sign for the economy. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Drought in Midwest, food prices rising significantly.Impacts the economy. (Kathleen)
  • Economy dipping more and Trump attacking Medicaid/Medicare/Obamacare. (Sydney)

U.S. – People

  • Somehow we are all ok and there is a growing disconnection from government. (Andrew Posey)
  • People on strike, a union meeting, hard hats. look like builders. (Rob)
  • The mayor of Atlanta resigns. (Baba)


  • Military action on the seas. (Bernie)
  • Brexit feels like a joke, many people disillusioned. I see a demonstration in the streets of London, UK. Not happy about what is happening to the country. (Doris)
  • Brexit coming to a head. Trump’s earlier advice spurned. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Canada joins hands in solidarity against prejudice and injustice, tries to help children displaced by crisis in middle America and the US policies towards them. (Baba)
  • Canadian elections are not going so well. We may not be voting for the right person to lead in our times. (Bright Opal)
  • Rise of right-wing beliefs in Italy. (Lauri)

Climate & Earth 

  • More fires, heat, earthquake in California (Kathleen)
  • Snow comes very early to east coast. (Muriel)
  • The leaves have fallen too soon. The heat has stolen the Fall season, so it goes right into winter. The skies are so clear blue.  No clouds of rain or snow. The weather is arid. (Karen)
  • Rains and hurricanes are large in force and their destructive power hits not only the US but also parts of Europe. Solar panels destroyed. (Paula)
  • The western US experiences a stormy season. (Baba)
  • Crops fail in the Midwest U.S. (Baba)
  • There is a strong earthquake in California. People are hurt. (Baba)
  • There is a heavy rain in Atlanta that will reach New York. (Bin)
  • Early frost in the Midwest. (Michelle)

November 2019  

U.S. – Trump/White House

  • Big change for Trump. Senate turning against him. (Kathleen)
  • Trump is aiming a slingshot at someone he is livid at. I think he's taking military action. (Susan)
  • Something has to be done, now. (Kathleen)
  • Artillery firing, in relation to Trump. (Cindy )
  • I feel like a wave passed over U.S. People in post shock state;  vacuum left in government leadership. (Irene B.)
  • People moving to support Trump. (Sydney)
  • Trump goes into hiding. (Baba)
  • Manafort changes his mind about giving information to the authorities. (Baba)
  • People are weary and reflecting on what the country has been through and a way forward over Thanksgiving with their families. They are trying to figure out how to heal the hurts and divisions of the last few years and are beginning to reject politicians who try to divide everyone.(Baba)
  • Something bad about Trump -- bad digestion, blood. (Clarissa)
  • People will be chanting for impeachment in front of Congress. (Bin)

U.S. – Congress/Politic

  • November hearings. (Kathy G.)
  • A dark month politically (Patty)
  • McConnell is being exposed. His corruption is exposed.  His days as Machiavelli are over. (Bluebelle)
  • Big revelation, lies, more deception uncovered within Senate and White House (Kathleen)
  • A senate or committee hearing. The chairman has his gavel in the air trying to bring quiet and order. There is an exchange going on between two people. Everyone else’s head is going back and forth following the exchange, as if watching a tennis match. It is a ‘popcorn’ worthy event. (Villager)

U.S. – Economy

  • Markets a concern. Too many houses on the market. People trying to unload houses. Turning to a buyer’s market. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Around the US Thanksgiving, I see brightness then pop!It goes into dark night. I see something happening in the US Black Friday reminiscent to the infamous October 29th 1929.  There is an economic crisis, but I don't know how far it will go. (Bright Opal)
  • Feels like a depression could come to U.S. (Molly)
  • Gas is super high. (Donna)
  • Stock market in news a mini crash (Bernie)

U.S. – People

  • The Macy's day parade has a Trump baby balloon. The people carrying it are arrested and this starts a bigger protest.  Enough is enough. (Karen)
  • Macy day parade something happening (Bernie)
  • Thanksgiving, we are grateful for food and our health.We are straining to look toward the future. (Lovendures)
  • Tired of politics not moving to protect us from climate change. They are still stuck on themes like improving the economy, while weather systems are getting fierce. Ordinary people are wondering where and when the weather will strike next. People are scared. (Paula)
  • I see a glass ceiling that breaks. Then it was smashed and jagged glass laying all over the ground. This is about women’s advancement. (Michelle)
  • Too many airplanes in the sky. (Jackie)
  • Columbus Day no more! Calmer, we can see a way forward. We can do it. We are no longer chained to Trump. (Clarissa)
  • Thanksgiving has new meaning. (Mia)
  • There is more calm now, politically. We are ready to feel thankful this year, and Thanksgiving is celebrated. (Claire)
  • New medical cures in US. (Lauri)
  • My energy feels drained and I am exhausted. Something has made us all tired. (Michelle)
  • The air is clear after September 's haze and people are agitated. (Betty)
  • People are asking, “How could this happen here?” (Molly)
  • How will we take care of them all? (Kolsoum)
  • Similar gouging happening as with Enron in California.(Kathy G.)
  • Airplane smoke in one engine south east U.S. (Rob)
  • I see grapes hanging on the rear view mirror of a car and a sword on someone’s back, which I interpret to mean grapes of wrath are following us. (Arianne)

U.S. – Election

  • Politicians heating it up, more rhetoric, bad mouthing others. (Doris)


  • Celebrations of a royal baby. (Bernie)
  • Russia, Poland oil and cold. (Andrew Posey)
  • I see a giant fish being hauled out of the ocean. I think there is a person inside it. (Jeanne Mayell). [Note in an earlier month, Bernie saw a shark attack. Maybe related.]
  • A big accident in a tunnel it is dark. (Bernie)

Climate & Earth 

  • Long autumn; people resting from hot summer, cooler winds prevail. (Faye)
  • Snow falling gently on the land. (Doris)
  • Rushing waves, very cold, running, panting, stomach ache, home, mom, hearing loss, food (Jennifer)
  • Warm November (Melanie)
  • A wrinkled turkey. The livestock did not do well this year.  Lack of water. (Karen)
  • It will be frigid cold on Thanksgiving Day. (Bin)
  • Really cold. (Rob)
  • Winter storm, winter comes early in the middle of the continent of North America. (Doris)
  • Dark and stormy weather. (Sharon)
  • Communications, the ocean. Messages the past? (Jordan)
  • A huge ship at sea, then something beneath the sea. (Linda)
  • It's still hot where I live. Doesn't feel like November. (Clarissa)
  • Hurricanes in Florida, but in Orlando it wasn’t bad. It was ferocious on the Eastern Seaboard around Jacksonville. (Florida)
  • The northeast US experiences very cold weather. (Baba)

December 2019  

U.S. – Trump/White House

  • The White House is dark and empty. There’s not the usual fanfare about Christmas decorations. (Bluebelle)
  • People grateful, solidarity, holding together. They are not impeaching Trump. But people are still working hard. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trump and family are as usual. I see Ivanka looking vulnerable, getting crowded by reporters. She doesn’t know what to say. It’s about family business and Jared’s illegal activities of illegal use of his White House position to enrich himself and his family. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trump scowling again. Plotting and planning how to get re-elected. Doesn't even want the job but his ego will not allow him to withdraw or to be beaten. So he will force onward. He actually has no idea what he really wants. (Jana)
  • Lull, but more activity, pressure against Trump to resign (Kathleen)
  • The White House is quieter than usual (Donna)
  • The White House is dark and quiet. (Molly)
  • Underground conversations in government, how can we fix this? We must be rid of Trump. (Kathleen)
  • I asked, “Where is Trump?” I felt he was lying down in the White House. as if he had fallen asleep and was out of it, not there. Meanwhile, there was fighting all around.  (Florida)
  • Deals are being made for the removal/resignation of top officials. (Baba)
  • Pence is smiling and hopeful that he will soon be in power. (Baba)
  • I get the message “Trump and love” and a Peace Pagoda, so perhaps Trump is in promising peace talks in Japan or elsewhere in Asia.  (Arianne)
  • It’s not as peaceful as last December. There’s worry, feels unsettled. (Jennifer)

U.S. – Congress/Politic

  • A senate or committee hearing. The chairman has his gavel in the air trying to bring quiet and order. There is an exchange going on between two people. Everyone else’s head is going back and forth following the exchange, as if watching a tennis match. It is a ‘popcorn’ worthy event. (Villager)
  • Pelosi is working furiously. She wins. (Baba)

U.S. – Economy

  • Layoffs on the rise. (Kathy G.)
  • Stores look okay. Markets may be rallying. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Turkey shortage (Bernie)
  • There is great turmoil in the stock markets. (Baba)
  • Christmas will be a tough one. But the people still manage to be joyous (Bright Opal
  • Trumps’ tariffs have harmed people economically. (Karen)

U.S. – People and the Winter Holidays

  • We are all beginning to see meaning in the situation of the last three years. We know we have become stronger although the Trump government has made things worse. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People turning in, focus more on spiritual significance of Christmas and family. (Kathy G.)
  • Something that makes people happy, like joyful and lots of true love.(Jordan)
  • A happier, more spiritual, calm Christmas. There is more clarity than there has been about those who have let us down.  People are less gullible now. (Claire)
  • Quiet holidays, families are more important to people than perhaps previously. (Faye)
  • Love at the border. Media focuses on the positive stories at the border. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see blood and the color red, southern US. (Betty)
  • People feel heavy, weighed down. (Rob)
  • Clouds of compassion and more positive group movements to overcome hate and diversity. (Mia)
  • Shakiness in the world Collective. The poor are getting poorer. (Faye)
  • Christmas has become a chore. (Rob)
  • Preparation for the holidays seems empty, like everyone’s just going through the motions. Sick of this whole pageant. (Coyote)
  • Traffic jams in NYC. (Andrew Posey)
  • Celebrations are smaller. (Molly)
  • Widespread power outages (Jackie)
  • We are nervous about the new year ahead. (Lovendures)
  • I see a mushroom cloud, which I take as a sign of war.  (Arianne)
  • There are many more people waking up to our inherent freedom but still too many sleepers. (Sydney)
  • People are afraid and at the same time hopeful of better things to come. (Baba)
  • Many feel cheated (Kolsoum)
  • I see a train going too fast in a snowstorm. (Doris)
  • Trains collide. (Bluebelle)
  • A relief, its cooler! We want to slow down and forget, exhausted, but we can't. The end of the month feels like a sharp cliff dropping off. (Clarissa)
  • States are trying to make do with what they have. The feds are not helping with disasters. (Molly)
  • Tiger Woods in the news, something big. (Bernie)
  • People just want this year to end. (Kathy G.)
  • Christmas has some joy. People grateful. 
  • Trump family putting on the show of a happy family and home for the holidays, but this is only an act. And they hate the act, especially Melania who can barely force herself to play the part. Trump uses Christmas as an appeal to Christian values. It’s a campaign ploy to appeal to the religious Right. (Jana)
  • I see a scene from a movie -- a candy cane and a girl skating with ear muffs. The scene contrasts with the reality in America that many people are hungry and lacking in hope and spiritually hollow.  (Karen)
  • People without money to spend. Subdued holidays.   The country feels like it is recovering from an illness. (Irene B.)
  • We begin focusing on alternatives other types of fuels and work options. (Muriel)


  • French Polynesia in the news. (Melanie)
  • People leaving or escaping in boats. (Pam)
  • Christmas bells at an outdoor market in Europe, its cold but people are happy. (Doris)
  • Prime minister pregnant again (Rob)
  • Not yet ready to resolve all issues. (Kathleen)
  • People trying to continue on a long, unending trek like migrants, sleeping with dreary clothes, exhausted bodies, starving stomachs, and little hope. (Susan)
  • Russia and China make a deal. (Shaking of hands) behind our backs as people focus on Iran. (Sydney)
  • Smoke and mirrors. Hovercraft accident. Money being given away.(Linda)

Climate & Earth 

  • Something bad in the news involving animals and meat. (Donna)
  • Jacksonville was torn apart in a storm. People should evacuate to NC. (Florida)
  • A crack in a fjord. (Patty)
  • In New England, sudden cold snap. Strange weather. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Warm winter in southern CA (Theng)
  • A lot of snow in New Jersey. (Bernie)
  • Snow is falling on a deserted shopping mall, eastern U.S. (Betty)
  • Raging muddy floodwaters. (Patty)
  • Lots of snow, really lots of snow in Canada. Hard winds and dismal conditions. People walking through the snow to look for shelter.(Paula)
  • Bitter cold and snowy NE people helping one another. (Lauri)
  • I see Big Ben covered in snow from a blizzard. (Bin)

2019 Whole Year from June to December

 U.S. 2019 Whole Year

 U.S. – Trump/White House

  • Trump becomes even more chaotic, if that is even possible.His mental state becomes a bigger concern and harder to hide. (Bluebelle)
  • Revelation will set the course of Trump’s future, or lack thereof. Trump’s base retreating, quiet. (Kathleen)
  • The majority of US citizens have turned against Trump. (Betty)
  • Trump becoming less relevant. (Bin)
  • Trump is acting out Putin's orders to him A fool…people are laughing and in disbelief. (Molly)

U.S. – Congress/Politics

  • I see Pelosi shaking Mueller’s hand. (Bin). Mueller agrees to speak on July 17.
  • Man with a colonial wig. Founding father? (Lovendures). [Note this might be a vision of U.K. where lawyers and judges wear wigs.]
  • The top comes off and we are surprised to see the corruption runs so deep, exposure of poor behavior by those condemn others. (Mia)

U.S. – Economy

  • Fall, some empty spots on shelves (Lovendures)
  • Walmart will have to rethink its business (Muriel)

U.S. – People

  • I see 2019 as a set up for events of 2020/2021. (Kathy G.)
  • Evangelicals are exposed as hypocrites. This is positive because it causes positive change. Soul searching among Evangelicals. (Bluebelle)
  • People are either grounded, or short circuiting.Higher highs, lower lows.  (Linda)
  • People will be helping the needy on July 4. (Bin)

Climate & Earth 

  • Grey storm clouds blowing in the wind. (Doris)
  • Much of the US is really getting flooded like seldom happens. (Kelly C.)
  • Intensity every other month - so many fires, earthquakes and drought. (Kathleen)
  • New inventions regarding energy. (Jackie) 

2019 Positive predictions!  Worth reading because in the past many of our positive predictions have come true.

A battle between good and evil was fought.  Good stepped up, bad is avoided.  It wasn’t as easy as evil thought it would be.  (Andrew Posey)

Hope and Spirit rising 

  • People will report visitations by angels, similar to aliens coming to earth. Groups of people see them and take hope from the sight.(Baba)
  • We know that a cleansing of the earth and collective is coming and we are all hopeful for the future. (Molly)
  • There is an awakening. More and more people are not fooled any more. (Doris)
  • More people thinking for themselves in spite of propaganda. (Mia)
  • Some kind theatre: many people watching and a being shining out. Light at the podium is really bright and lifting people.  Looks like an angel. (Rob)
  • A large sea of women marching together peacefully, arm in arm. Growing easing of dread and anxiety. (Clarissa)
  • Groups organizing for a common goal. (Mia)
  • Hope rising. (Lovendures)
  • College and high school grads are questioning the old wisdom of what makes for a wise career path/plan for life. (Coyote)
  • I hear the word, “Halleluiah!” (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see sunshine and sense people wanting to have fun and be joyful. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Peaceful surroundings on a mountain top. (Doris)
  • Lush forest flowers. (Randi)
  • Little girl on a swing. ( Lionelle )
  • Hands holding and eating desert fruit, enjoying sunshine and fruit. ( Sarah V )
  • People holding hands and praying. (Bernie)
  • Boats floating on the water, quietly resting as the rain comes down. It's like a respite, and people feel reassured. (Jordan)
  • No fear. it’s a cleansing.  (Sharon)
  • I get a bit of unsteadiness overall but very much holding the status quo. Nothing failing and nothing really moving forward. It's a holding pattern. (Jana)
  • I feel green and pink trees, forward motion, groups of happy, strong bonded women together. Alexandria Cortez is a mouthpiece, a megaphone. (Florida)
  • A golden light shines on a waterfall, and the golden gate bridge. It is illuminating and cutting through the fog. The manmade structures and institutions built by Californians are looming large, and projecting strength. (Villager)
  • I sensed more people who are spiritually-connected and loving. There was happiness and ephemeral crescent moon shapes floating.  I hear children drumming. (Florida)
  • I see a deity with crossed arms turning into a tree, which feels like a deity is guiding me through wholesome growth. (Arianne)
  • Starting new. (Molly)More understanding of how to manage life. (Linda)

Shift in Consciousness

  • A year of ups and downs. There is an awakening and changing habits in many people. (Theng)
  • Global vision among nations. A feeling of basic goodness in all. (Faye)
  • Truth! The end of lies. Woman in white is here. (Irene B.)
  • More and more people turning to loving kindness. More groups such as this one, connecting people in a positive way.  New buzz word in the news. (Sharon)
  • Fear turning to action in a good way, movement, involvement. (Mia)
  • People awakening in massive amounts around the world. (Sharon)
  • UFOs landing and bringing us peace and a whole new way of understanding. (Clarissa)
  • More expressions of unconditional love around world. (VFlame)
  • Increased awareness about sentient life, rise of veganism. (Melanie)
  • Pictures coming out of hearts, expanding until it takes up space, becomes real. (Jordan)

Rise in Charitable Work and Caring of Each Other

  • More compassion. (Gail M.)
  • Water filtration system for young children in Africa.A prize is won for this. (Karen)
  • Working together, simpler lifestyle (Molly)
  • People are reaching out more in kindness (Donna)
  • The generosity of Walmart in communities is a surprise we were not expecting. The clothing giant donates clothes to clothe people who have none.  People come together in odd ways we did not expect. (Karen)

Caring for the Earth

  • Although politicians are denying climate change, increasingly ordinary people know it is real and are taking the right measures. (Paula)
  • Beautiful sun reigning over the earth, insects are dancing. (NJ)
  • Animals running happily about, feeling understood and happy about it. (Jordan)
  • Flowers in a mountain meadow, very peaceful, beautiful day, blue sky. (Doris)
  • Enlightened people are trying to save the world. (Molly)
  • Growing their own food - yes! (Melanie)
  • Finland found a novel solution for homelessness that actually works. (Kelly C.)
  • Veganism growing. (Irene B.)
  • Orangutan (baby) in the news, (positive). (Lovendures)
  • (With a positive focus) I see an artichoke, which I interpret to mean a good California harvest.  (Arianne)

Science and Technology

  • Flying cars and Elon Musk. (Bernie)
  • Bicycle gears chugging on, continuing on slowly towards shifting energies, towards higher frequencies. It cannot be stopped, but it seems crude and slow at times. (Susan)
  • Innovations will abound in all sectors. (Muriel)
  • g at the polls some fear of foreign intervention. (Lauri)
  • Diehard Trump voters will go on a rampage after the election night. (Bin)
  • Election results: If Trump is not impeached, the Democratic Party will lose the elections.  It is the Dems' election to lose. (Bright Opal)


  • I keep being reminded of how important Shinzo Abe will turn out to be. (Arianne)

Climate & Earth

  • I picture crackling dry earth in southwest U.S. (Betty)
  • I see a volcano erupting - red lava - not sure if this is symbolism. (Melanie)
  • I get the message that, “Disaster comes, but not from where you’d expect,” as well as “Ranchers and poachers” and “Rains and rainforest.” (Arianne)
























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06/28/2019 3:16 am  

Wow!  What an incredible amount of information. Thank you Bright Opal and Jeanne

I am still processing what I have read but I do have a few thoughts.

First, a number of people saw an earthquake happening.  A few in the summer, more in the fall.  I would look towards perhaps a few noteworthy quakes through the fall.  If people live in quake country which really encompasses a lot of the US now, make sure you are prepared.  Actually, be prepared for whatever  natural disaster might occur in the area you live.  I know we all know this but it doesn't hurt to check to see if your emergency kits and supplies are up to date.  

Secondly, the election.  Yes Jeanne, it is all over the place and there are possible reasons why.

1.   Maybe it is too early and there are too many possible paths so we are picking up on the varied possibilities.  2.   Our personal feelings about the election may be too strong  so our hopes or fears may be leading our visions.   3.  Regarding the convention,  it takes place over many days and there are many speakers who go on stage to address the delegates.  We may be seeing any number of headlining  speakers for a given evening, not the actual nominees.   4.   I have seen an un-smiling Harris and a smiling Warren.  Warren often smiles and Harris is often very serious, I am not sure that tells me anything except perhaps they are still important figures.  5.  Perhaps we are picking up upon feelings we have regarding  a local state election.    Are you happy or unhappy about a congressional race or a proposition?  We may be projecting some of our pleasure or displeasure in that direction.  6.  Whoever is chosen as the Democratic Presidential and VP nominee, they  will get a great deal of support from the other candidates currently running.  So, if someone saw a candidate on stage, Biden for example, may be  giving  a speech for the nominee to help bring out the vote, not speaking at a rally for himself.    7.  On inauguration day, many future cabinet members and current and former leaders will be sitting on a platform. ( Think Hillary who was there for Trump's Inauguration).  So again, we may be seeing people who are not going to be the next president or V.P.

 I think the best way to get a handle on who might win at this moment is to think about who wasn't seen. I only think Warren and Harris have been seen for women and Mayor Pete and Biden ( and a mystery  man) for the men.  And Trump.  I am surely missing someone, there are soooo many people.  Anyway, we can look to see who was missing from our predictions to see who will likely NOT be president.   That should at least narrow down the field a good amount.  

Lastly, do we even know if Trump will end up being the nominee for the Republicans? 

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06/28/2019 9:09 am  

Jeanne, I saw this reading for August 2020: Lawsuits against voter supporting will be brought up. (Bin) There is a typo, where it should say "Lawsuits against voter suppression will be brought up."

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07/03/2019 11:53 am  
  • A submarine accident. (Bernie)

Could this be referring to the Russian submarine yesterday?

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08/10/2019 2:19 pm  
  • Huge wave of water in Asia. (Eric) Predicted 1/26/19.

  • Super typhoon (hurricane) Lekima resulted in 22 dead and 1 million evacuated on east coast of China.  Landslide, floods, damaged buildings and power outages.  Storm is tracking towards Shanghai that has population of 20 million.   

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08/11/2019 10:10 am  

Hi, no one seems to have seen Bernie Sanders. What could that mean?

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08/11/2019 11:39 am  


Thank you for seeing this hit. I will post it.  

It's true that Sanders hasn't shown up in predictions which, if we are accurate, does not bode well for his prospects. Warren is the one I'm watching.  In 2012, I felt she'd be on her way to the presidency one day and now she's moving head. 

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08/11/2019 9:12 pm  


OK, so maybe he takes a backseat to support her? I'm concerned, I like Warren, but can she win the Rust belt and maybe even parts of the south? I'm not sure. I think she is engaging with them unlike Hillary Clinton, so maybe she can. Elizabeth Warren seems good. I'm worried by the lack of Foreign policy from most democrats ATM. Bernie has the most comprehensive so far. Also, I think Stacey Abrams could either enter the 2020 race or become the VP to the nominee, because she knows what it takes to win states like Georgia or to at least fight to win them. I could just imagine a Sanders-Abrams, or Warren-Abrams ticket, or even Harris-Abrams. I think Stacey Abrams will play a greater role in the Democratic party regardless.

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08/11/2019 9:19 pm  

I agree with those who have said AOC will start making her plans for a Green New Deal more detailed.

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08/12/2019 11:20 am  


Before the GA gubernatorial election, I saw Abrams losing but resurfacing to become very powerful, and VP was the direction I was leaning. I dont think it will be 2020, but 2024/2028 I see her as Vice President

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08/14/2019 11:47 pm  

Has anyone thought that whoever becomes president for the Democrats tries truly this time to get the US out of all the middle Eastern wars but  doesn’t really succeed, at least not at first?

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09/05/2019 11:14 am  
Posted by: @jeanne-mayell

A submarine accident. (Bernie)

This is he Russian submarine accident which happened recently - it became true

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09/05/2019 11:24 am  
Posted by: @jeanne-mayell

I see a warrior in Turkish Seljuk armor, probably indicating that Turkey is going to make a move involving Iran (as the Seljuks had Persian influence).  (Arianne)

Turkish army is gathering to go into Syria against the Kurdish groups it fears. It is causing friction with the US

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09/07/2019 8:23 pm  


Ernie thank you for updating us.  I will post this as a hit.  This is ominous development.