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June 6, 2019 Predictions: 2021 - 2030 ONLY  

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I split up the June 6 Predictions into Three Topics: 2019, 2020, and 2021-2030.  2020 is the next topic and 2019 is the topic below that one. 

2021 January Only

U.S. – The Presidency

  • New president this year Trump lost. (Faye)
  • Trump staring blankly at an audience. (Doris)
  • Prosecutions against the Trump family will begging. (Bernie)
  • Dark and cynical. I see a cold yellow light, on a grey landscape. (Andrew Posey)
  • Harris is asked to be AG. (Donna)
  • Trump kisses China's ass, lies to people that we are sovereign. (Sydney)
  • I see man as president with a long black coat. Very large crowd at swearing in in Washington DC. Some groups in US are extremely anger and want to fight. (Michelle)

U.S. – Congress/Politics

  • Pelosi is still smiling but I see a tear in her eye. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Still treading water with proposals in Congress. (Molly)
  • Mitch McConnell is found out to be working for Russia He’s gone. (Molly)
  • The people I’m with are somewhat relieved, related to politics, but we know we have to stay focused on our own projects. Washington politics are not all that matters, and politicians alone won’t give us the future we need. (Coyote)
  • Schiff looks tired. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Kamala Harris feels like she has been duped. (Jana)

U.S. – Economy

  • Economy is still bad. (Mia)
  • Food shortages due to global weather issues tariffs and poor trade deals. (Mia)
  • Economy is calm, not bad. (Theng)
  • There is so much to be done.  Attention turns to the economy.  Believe it or not.  People are more worried about the economy and jobs than the outcome of the election. (Linda)

U.S. – People

  • Fox News tries to incite civil war by trying to get gullible people to rebel. It's not successful, but a few unstable people commit acts of violence. (Bluebelle)
  • People are working up the rubble of something destroyed. (Karen)
  • Something new is afoot and there is much to be discovered.(Karen)
  • Mechanical failure, cable car falls. (NJ)
  • Building something new. (Gail M.)
  • An accident at an amusement park. (Bernie)
  • There is a sense of cold and hardship in New England.A hard dense somber coldness. (Karen)
  • I see the Capitol in the distance. Images of nearly invisible men working. What are they doing?  Secret cyber work. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A faraway light in a tunnel, feeling of hopefulness. (Pam)
  • People gather in small private groups. (Sharon)
  • So much work to be done to fix things. Immigrant children truth revealed - horrible things. (Irene B.)
  • People joining hands. (Sharon)
  • It’s harder now, like a revolution in our country. (Kolsoum)
  • More states’ rights. Moving away from central government. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • US is holding hands together. (Donna)
  • I keep seeing green - something different. People shaking their heads not understanding. Something not status quo but much denial.  Green - military green everywhere. (Melanie)
  • A year of uphill transformation. (Theng)
  • Abortion still legal in Maine. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People are talking instead of shouting. (Doris)
  • The rising din, the noise and speed of information is choking reason and making it hard for people to believe in anything. We have a public that is more engaged with each other and less engaged with the world. (Andrew Posey)
  • Children leading the way, making adults look old fashion. (Doris)
  • Women in pink hats cheering. (Baba)
  • Negative energy and challenges begin to dissipate but others are unhappy. (Lauri)
  • I see a big pink and white 3-tiered birthday cake. (Sharon)
  • Boxes wrapped in colored foil paper. Fairly large boxes in pretty colors. (Jordan)
  • A bridge (arch) to the other side. (Lovendures)
  • I feel anxious waiting for a ball to drop. (Doris)
  • Yellow ribbons around trees. (Bernie)
  • Exposing the underbelly. (Patty)
  • I see a big funnel close up. (Doris)

U.S. – Election visions

  • January feels disorganized regarding election. (Irene B.)
  • Mayor Pete is VP. (Patty)
  • A lady on the podium. (Bernie)
  • I feel the new president is a male, lean and tall. (Theng)
  • Democratic leadership. (Kathleen)
  • There is no joy. Even the victors (Republican president) are not joyful, they are mad and angry. (Jana)
  • I see a quiet Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren smiling. (Lovendures)
  • I see Kamala Harris again. (Irene B.)
  • Calm, quiet, grey skies. Jan 20th - feels like new start, still uncertain, pink dress. (Jennifer)
  • Definitely more women senators. More blue, a gold watch . (Karen)
  • Navy blue suit-male, female-in white. (Pam)
  • More diversity in the House of Representatives, more diversity in the Senate purple color all around something about Stacy Abrams not the president but prominent job. (Mia)
  • On Inauguration Day I feel fearful. (Betty)
  • A man at the podium but only for 3 months. Gas prices are crazy high. Small cars no one wants the SUVs. (Linda)
  • I keep feeling Hillary Clinton on the podium with Kamala Harris. I ask, “Why on podium?” I felt, “they won. They’re together” (Florida)
  • Nancy Pelosi is bringing a book (bible?) to a ceremony. She is leaning back against a throng of women leaning forward, like a dam. She looks contented and a little excited. It feels as though she thinks it is a good time to hand over to the new generation. She feels that they are ready. She can now let the dam of their energy burst forth. (Villager)
  • Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris are at the inauguration together. (Claire de la Lune)
  • A Woman in red is being sworn in. There is weariness but excitement about the inauguration. (Baba)
  • I see Obama at the pulpit on inauguration day. This will happen only if eligible person votes.  I felt there was a lot of influence from coming from Obama which could be why I saw him giving a speech during the 2021 Inauguration. (Bright Opal)
  • "Cold day in hell" are words that come to mind. (Bright Opal)
  • Swearing in, Hillary and Obama there. (Faye)
  • I see Buttigieg sworn in with female VP, possibly Warren. (Bin)
  • Kamala is still in the game and determined to win. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • The Eiffel tower wounded. (Jordan)
  • Britain rejoins EU but on their terms. (Kathleen)
  • Birth pains of a new country. (Kolsoum)
  • India in the news. (Jordan)
  • More people feeling connected around the world. (Doris)
  • I see the sign of the Egyptian goddess Isis with wings, which I think may be a pun on ISIS, perhaps indicating the Islamic State makes a comeback (perhaps in Egypt?). (Arianne)
  • I felt Chinese shipping barges and worldwide travel. (Florida)
  • Pope Francis resigns. (Baba)
  • Brexit plan gets extinguished. (Bin)
  • Progressives will win in Australia. (Bin)

Climate & Earth

  • Massive amounts of snow in northeast. (Kathleen)
  • Cold brrrrr here in New England. Worldwide it is still warmer than ever. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Alaska no snow. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The Arctic should have more snow at this time of the year. (Doris)
  • Fires where the fire season should be over. (Bluebelle)
  • Fires in woods deaths. (Donna)
  • A white blanket keeping things silent and still. (Jordan)
  • Pipelines in the news. (Doris)
  • Snow melting early in northeast U.S. (Rob)
  • It's a time of emergency measures due to the climate.The world consciousness is beginning to change now that the rich countries have also been affected. Food  and water supplies are threatened; people's livelihoods are threatened. Food prices rising.  (Paula)
  • Earth is drained. (Gail M.)
  • It’s not cold enough up north for the ice, for the polar bears. (Doris)
  • Wild life sick in Arctic. (Donna)
  • States determined to do environmental initiatives. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Cleanup in the great lakes has begun. A stop to oil drilling and the pipelines that damage ecosystems.   (Karen)
  • Wind turbines coming to the waters of New England. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • All the EPA stuff is back. (Mia)
  • Winter is too cold in Northern Hemisphere, transport of heat oil disrupted. (Sydney)

Science & Technology

  • Seeing stars in the galaxy a new age in space travel (Bernie)

2021 Whole Year

 U.S. – Congress/Politics

  • This is the year that the truth comes out about the depth of corruption of the Trumps and within the Republican Party. (Baba)
  • The economy hurting. (Bernie)
  • I have a headache when I think of 2021, although it is less dark than 2019. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Chinese military in our country. (Sydney)
  • Polar bears in the news. (Lovendures)

Positive Predictions

  • Lightworkers stronger than ever. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Hope for the future - focused on what we need to do to fix economy, loss of jobs. (Kathleen)
  • 2021 is lighter than 2019. (Melanie)
  • I hear, “We got this”. (Lovendures)
  • We will make things better (Donna)
  • Canada and the U.S. present a more united front than before. (Bright Opal)
  • Standing Rock Reservation Celebrates. (Karen)
  • A slow upward path, but definitely going up. (Theng)
  • People more realistic despite chaos and misinformation (Faye)
  • Hope, but a slow climb. (Kathleen)
  • I see spring flowers. (Theng)
  • We begin correcting economic inequality in US. (Lauri)
  • A shiny new train carrying charcoal vanishes into a cloud of smoke. People and governments are saying goodbye to coal as a source of energy. (Villager)
  • Unity in dealing with green deal issues. (Mia)

Shift in Consciousness

  • The new light of a new day. A new awareness as if there is a sense of what we know, as if we know what we are up against.  I see good rising up to meet bad and things that could have gone wrong, don’t. (Andrew Posey)
  • This is a Guided Birth. We need to lean into it. (Kolsoum)
  • The more difficult it gets, the more spiritual I get. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • New generation is taking charge, pushing the oil barons out of the way. (Doris)
  • I see the Kabbalisitc tree of life, a skull, and an octopus, which I take to mean that both death and life extend their reach. (Arianne)
  • The world is opening up. Feeling more connections and compassion towards others who are different than themselves. (Doris)
  • Immigrant children reunited with their parents. (Bluebelle)
  • The giving tree. (Jennifer)

2022 Whole Year

2022 is quiet. I get shots of landscapes and nature. (Andrew Posey)

U.S. – Congress/Politics

  • Capitol building looks bigger, a sign that the federal government is more connected to the people, but I still avoid it. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Powerful gun control. (Donna)
  • I’m seeing someone, I think it’s a public figure, with fingernails so long they look like claws. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Major changes are introduced and put into law to avoid the mistakes and corruption of the past. (Baba)
  • I heard "Selma". Major changes are made to civil rights legislation. (Baba)

U.S. – Economy

  • Financial rebounding beginning. (Pam)
  • Smell of hot dogs and fair food, good year for the state fair. (Jennifer)

U.S. – People

  • There seems to be more social stability. (Bluebelle)
  • There are many national problems yet to be solved, but people are more optimistic than they've been in years. (Bluebelle)
  • Communes, hippy-type communities expand. People bartering goods. Living simply.  Off the grid. (Sharon)
  • Hunkering down. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Reduction in crime in large cities. (Kathleen)
  • There is lack of water, food, electricity with demonstrators being locked up. (Sydney)
  • People seeking asylum in Canada. (Sydney)
  • Champagne and celebration. (Gail M.)
  • I felt a big Christian cross with bugs crawling on it. (Florida)


  • Drum beat a gathering of nations speak. (Karen)
  • Native Americans or First Nations tribes in Canada speak the truth to power and are heard by someone in power. (Faye)
  • I see a lion/sphinx like statue. Northern Africa is looking to the ancient past to plan the future. (Villager)
  • Money is dropping China's hands. (Susan)
  • I see the waterfront Taj Mahal or a mosque turn into the actual capitol building, perhaps indicating American influence growing in the Muslim world. (Arianne)

Climate & Earth 

  • New powerful push for environmental concerns never like before trending like crazy. (Donna)
  • Hope for animals and environment again, finally. (Irene B.)
  • Drought and flood new ways to produce food. (Karen)
  • Reinstate environmental protections. (Irene B.)
  • Something happens with Thailand's elephants. (Susan)
  • Back to nature enjoying simple things as economy rebuilds. (Lauri)
  • People will be doing anything to save the environment. (Bin)
  • Waterfalls in Iguacu and birds flying, like they and nature are getting a new lease of life. (Paula)
  • An awakening that the planet is in trouble and all of us caused it, but it is very late to fix it. (Eric)
  • Major water shortages. (Michelle)

Positive Predictions

  • We are at a huge turning point; seeing better how the world connects together. (Claire de la Lune)
  • More social stability. (Bluebelle)
  • A renaissance is happening (Doris)
  • People feeling more comfortable in their communities world getting “smaller”. (Mia)
  • Inventions to save the planet and eat up pollution. (Doris)
  • Clean energy a focus. (Irene B.)

2023 Whole Year


  • The beginnings of matriarchy. (Irene B.)
  • Higher education is in disarray, young adults not as interested in spending a fortune for a bachelor’s degree. Want to be taught more relevant subjects about repairing ecological/economic damage. (Coyote)
  • Steady improvements. US has lost its power on the world stage. (Kathleen)
  • We are working so hard to manifest change. (Kolsoum)
  • Trees burning. I see Christmas trees in symbolic protests. (Karen)
  • Beginning to take shape and less nationality.Populism subsiding. (Kathleen)
  • I felt the country was a sunken ship. (Florida)
  • It has taken a while to find our balance again, but the lessons of the past are behind us. We are battle fatigued, and there is nowhere to go but up.  (Claire de la Lune)
  • People also migrating to pockets in Heartland to regroup. (Sydney)
  • Women on the rise with new successes. (Lauri)
  • Dems powered in government all houses. (Donna)
  • Trucks not moving on the highways. Shipping costs are insanely high. (Linda)
  • Talk about how people getting married without a wedding, weird cheap trends. (Donna)
  • This time feels gloomy. (Theng)
  • Surprised we are all just moving along. (Mia)
  • Secession movements. (Bin)
  • How is Buttigieg doing? I don’t see him.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Kamala is still in the game and determined to win the next election. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Energy medicine is accepted as a method of choice for treating many illnesses. (Melanie)


  • Africa in the news. (Sharon)
  • Things are a little brighter in India. (Lovendures)
  • Major changes occur within China and Russia. (Baba)
  • Democracy will triumph in many countries. (Bin)

Climate & Earth 

  • Climate change escalates to the point that active measures are required to combat it. It may be too late. Animal species are severely threatened. (Baba)
  • No more palm oil or cutting down of forests. Amazon is being protected. (Paula)
  • A new kind of animal (a million years old) will be discovered (maybe even before 2023). It comes from the depth of the sea. (Bright Opal)
  • A lot of activities in the southern hemisphere, specially surrounding Antarctica. (Bright Opal)
  • White picket fence that has mud splashed on it, painting it again. (Jennifer)
  • I see fires. (Theng)
  • I see greening. (Jordan)
  • Small fires burning, looks like forest fire, but they are not bad. (Theng)
  • I see a wall of snow. (Gail M.)
  • Environment improving. (Sharon)
  • Whales in the Atlantic ocean are in the news. (Betty)
  • Brambleberry bushes are everywhere. Things are tangled up. The growth is so thick and thorny that we can’t pass. We have to abandon some parts of nature to their own devices. (Villager)
  • Dollar signs bouncing around. (Pam).
  • I see fields of flowers and they smell wonderful. (Michelle)

Science & Technology

  • A new type of vehicle is unveiled, a kind of hovercraft, but for individual use. It looks like a car that hovers over the streets and powered by electricity or solar power. (Bluebelle)
  • New virus discovered. (Faye)
  • Dark tunnel UFO sighting said to be real. (Mia)
  • More alternate methods of transportation; electric cars more prevalent. (Irene B.)
  • Petrol cars are vanishing. We are using more electric . (Bernie)

2023 Positive Predictions

  • Singing, working, playing, hope. (Karen)
  • A sense of renewal. (Theng)
  • There is hope for the planet but also a huge amount of cooperative work to do to get there. (Doris)
  • Fracking becomes outlawed in US. New science of physics takes off, more about electricity than gravity. (Susan)
  • I got visuals of fish, a mermaid, rainbows, life and happiness, with the message, “Love is the only name you need”. (Arianne)

2024 Whole Year  

  • Optimism with the young leaders of the planet, fresh ideas. (Doris)
  • I feel the country jumping for joy, back to nature, peaceful, calm, old-fashioned togetherness. (Florida)
  • Reorganization in society. (Linda)
  • New values equality among people; older white male authorities are dying off. (Lauri)


  • The US is having difficulty digesting all the massive changes, like an elderly person only able to eat applesauce. (Susan)
  • Palettes of products are sitting on supermarket shelves. Supermarkets are becoming more like Aldi (discount supermarket chain). Bare bones has become luxury. (Villager)
  • Women in charge. (Irene B.)
  • Either the world is over or everything seems to be okay.I see some Amish folks. (Andrew Posey)
  • I get a sense of booing and raspberries, indicating that people aren’t happy about what’s going on. (Arianne)
  • Interesting election, now we are getting somewhere. (Faye)
  • Economy is still doing poorly. There is a major food shortage and poor people are struggling to eat. (Michelle)


  • All I get is China. (Melanie)
  • Big Ben is chiming. (Lovendures)
  • I see the U.S. Capitol building, then Italy or Turkey or some Mediterranean country where men wear red pill box hats on their heads and rust/amber colored robes. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Britain and France not coming to our aid. (Sydney)
  • I see lively festivals in Asia. (Bin)
  • UK: The queen is dead. (Bright Opal)

Climate & Earth

  • I see cloudy sky but no rain. It’s damp. (Theng)
  • Electric cars being used by all countries (Paula)
  • Venice is under water. (Baba)
  • There are more natural disasters and crashes. (Bluebelle)
  • Clouds are moving, and heavy rains are coming. (Theng)



  • Republicans need to reboot as more humane. (Faye)
  • The judicial branch of government is doing something it did not do before. This makes history. (Karen)
  • Things have moved to a more “normal”. It seems as if we are not miserable. (Andrew Posey)
  • Tumultuous times, but it’s a cleansing, we need to shed things that don’t serve us. (Doris)
  • I hear “prosperity at home America, though not abroad.” (Arianne)
  • Something is going on with Hawaii. It is assessing where it fits in the US. Hawaii looks to assert and honour its heritage and become more independent. It becomes allied with California. (Villager)
  • There are more women in politics and in positions of power.There is more equality for women and better health care provisions.  There will be positive examples of how to work together to get things done. Cleaner bills will begin being passed. (Claire de la Lune)
  • People are still impatient for change. (Baba)
  • It’s like the late 90s and early 2000s, when people were protesting free trade agreements and neoliberal projects. Except this time, the protests are here to stay. (Coyote)
  • Definitely a sense of newness. (Theng)

U.S. – Presidency

  • Second term for a lady. (Bernie)
  • I see Nikki Haley. (Bluebelle)
  • A woman president. Could be Kamala. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Beginning to climb out of populism - democrats will hold onto their platform. Republicans will lose considerable ground among the population. (Kathleen)
  • Such a young president in the US. (Linda)
  • Socialist President aligned with China and Russia. (Sydney)
  • The incumbent president is elected. (Baba)
  • The president will be a black female. (Bright Opal)
  • Government feels off or something is wrong. I sense a lot of anger. (Michelle)


  • There is an issue about underground and undersea cables. (Karen)
  • When I ask for a name that will be relevant, I get “Ahmadinejad.” (Arianne)
  • A female Canadian prime minister. (Bright Opal)
  • Famine starting in northern Africa and the Middle East. (Bright Opal)

Climate & Earth


  • More natural disasters and crashes. (Bluebelle)
  • Fresh air, people can breathe again, they had lost hope but now it is renewed. (Doris)
  • Browner farm fields. (Lovendures)
  • Increased damage from global warming. (Lauri)
  • I see trees being regrown to stop desertification. (Bin)
  • The permafrost in the Canadian territories and northern Quebec is gone. (Bright Opal)
  • Quebec City looks like Venice. (Bright Opal)

Science & Technology


  • More dehydrated foods will be used. (Bernie)
  • Drones in the Arctic circling the land. (Doris)
  • New solar-powered vehicles. Focus on environment. (Sharon)
  • Space travel is here. (Bernie)
  • New air travel. (Gail M.)
  • I see wind turbines being built. (Bin)
  • I see advances in robotics. (Bin)

Positive Predictions:


  • Humanity will survive. (Linda)
  • Education becomes more important - part of the influence of women in charge. (Irene B.)
  • Plants being grown in dirty containers in peoples homes. (Donna)
  • Great efforts to deal with climate change, as it becomes overwhelming. (Kathleen)
  • Congress is more blue. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The two parties are no longer the same shape - perhaps there's a another party added. GOP may be gone. (Susan)
  • New president and Congress are blue and have a female African American leadership. (Paula)
  • Compassionate Congress. (Lauri)
  • More positive programs in place. (Mia)
  • People are celebrating. (Theng)
  • I felt a door opening to a highway and flags and streamers flying, people joyous, uplifted and happy. (Florida)


2020 to 2030


I hear the message "You have a miracle on your hands.”  (Lionelle)




  • I see the Capitol building now tiny and remote. This implies that people feel distant from the federal government and more focused on local governments. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Around 2028-2030: women have fully risen. Feels like there are two governments: the old one and an anti-government group.(Jeanne Mayell)
  • Greater regionalism in the U.S., perhaps dividing up into regional governments with a national head, but lesser powers. (Kathleen)
  • The decade will be a time of healing. Out with the old, and in with the new. A better stronger, more determined group. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A feeling of discontinuity, so much has changed. (Coyote)
  • Have doors been shut and not opened back up? (Karen)
  • Australia comes to our aid. 2030 (Sydney)
  • There is a lot of shame in the U.S. with the sovereign borders. We'll discover there has been a lot more deaths due to the current administration, I don't want to share the number that was given to me. (Bright Opal)
  • Stock market bell ringing huge downturn. (NJ)
  • I see a female president in the Oval Office. (Bin)
  • Restoring our relations with the rest of the world. (Irene B.)



  • China in the mid-2020s: Beijing looks like a husk of itself. Streets are empty, Tiananmen Square is deserted except for a few people on bikes. The entrance to the Forbidden City is no longer decorated with a giant portrait of Mao Zedong. People have turned their backs on the communist regime?  (Coyote)
  • It’s calmer. I feel recovery and repair. Maybe now the aliens can show themselves. (Irene B.)
  • People crave peace more than ever. There is an international movement. (Baba)
  • A rogue country tries out an EMP attack. (Baba)
  • I see a female PM in Japan. (Bin)
  • Northeast part of South America keeps coming back in my visions since last year. Something is off with Brazil and its surrounding countries.  I feel like Brazil is to South America what Russia is to the western world.  They are causing migrations to the U.S. and political discourse in the continent. (Bright Opal)
  • The early 2020s feel like the 2030s in Germany.  I keep hearing the name Hitler. The extreme right continues to have a hold on the world. (Bright Opal)

Climate & Earth


  • The further north you live in the continental United States, the better off you will be. Climate change has accelerated. (Bluebelle)
  • A big chunk of ice breaking in Antarctica. This will cause what we thought to be extinct marine species to rise closer to the surface. (Bright Opal)
  • The earth is drier. People are clustered together more, creating environments which are livable. (Kolsoum)
  • Nature is being given room to grow and find its own course, we are being restricted to our own living space but this feels in balance. We grow plants and trees. Less selfish and more in line with sharing space with nature, like it was meant to be. We are less noisy and no longer think we can do what we want with our environment. I see a vision of a man and a woman next to a tree, together in consciousness. Adam and Eve, the serpent and the apple tree, the unity and balance of humans, wild beasts/animals and nature, as it was meant to be. (Paula)
  • I see small islands disappear from rising sea levels. (Bin)
  • Food shortages. New development for food source.
    First half of this 10 year spread has a great deal of hope but second part feels like hope is hard to come by. (Michelle)

Science & Technology


  • I see a cosmic combustion at the end of the decade. (Theng)
  • Advances in science regarding diseases, space exploration somewhat (Faye)
  • Unusual space mission in 2027. (Lovendures)
  • Hover cars become a reality. (Baba)
  • Hydrogen energy becomes important (Baba)

Positive Predictions 2020-2030


  • 2030: I get a message of “Long haul” and visuals of trucks rebuilding, so this will be a decade of reconstruction for the long-term. (Arianne)
  • Music and thoughts are transpired differently. (Donna)
  • Huge decade for changing the vibration of the planet. Light workers get ready   (Melanie)
  • Accountability, finally. (Pam)
  • A decade that made everyone aware of excess and the dangers of corruption and extreme thinking of the left and the right. When bad came up, good defeated. (Andrew Posey)
  • Women in red capes are choosing to go their own way, together. They are being filmed from the air, like a herd of elephants in the Serengeti.  I take this to mean that while women are pushing to be in control of their lives, large parts of the establishment will choose to sit back and observe, dismissively. Nevertheless, women will persist. (Villager)
  • Rebuilding human relationships will become more important than financial gain and greed. There will be many new innovations in all areas. (Lauri)
  • Setting the stage for a better world, more compassionate. (Doris)
  • Less divisions among the population. (Kathleen)
  • 2030 does not look anything like 2020 - great strides in all areas a smaller yet a more inclusive world. (Mia)


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Whew! What a lot of work to compile that list! Thanks! I'm looking forward to working my way through it all.

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Raindrop, thank you. I know I need to write a summary and highlights.  It is coming as soon as I return from a few days vacay.  Some of the people who are participated are brand new to the process and some are more seasoned. I also will, when I have time, move the more experienced readers to the top of the list. However in the past there have been brand new participants whose visions were remarkably accurate, so don't want to miss them.


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There is an interesting dichotomy here, I think best voiced by Andrew Posey:

Either the world is over or everything seems to be okay.I see some Amish folks.

I haven't actually counted, but it seems to be split down the middle as to whether our current society survives/improves or whether it vanishes. I've been reading the predictions for nearly 3 years, and this is the widest spread I have seen in outcomes for 2020-30, as compared to prior readings.

If we all believe in The Multiverse, is it possible that intuitives are picking up on different timelines from different dimensions, and that is why this set of predictions is kind of all over the place?

Food for thought... And now back to our regularly $hitty, bizarre timeline...


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07/01/2019 7:01 pm  

We are going down a rabbit hole over the next five years. It's time for some serious energy work.  Tomorrow night at 8 pm eastern time/5 pm PT, we are holding an energy healing session for America on its true birthday, July 2.  Please join me.  When things get this bad, the best thing we can do is sending healing to our nation, our earth, and our selves.  It should be helpful to you individually, as well as to all.

It's free, less than an hour long and here's the link to register.

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07/01/2019 11:47 pm  

Thoughts on the multiverse and the divergence of our visions. In his memoir Coyote Medicine, Lewis Mehl-Madrona, a traditional healer of Cherokee, Lakota, and European heritage who is also trained in Western medicine, recounts a vision quest he had in 1984. In the quest he meets his sprit brother and grandfather, who are Lakotas in the Dakota Territory in the mid-19th century. Here's an abridged version a conversation Mehl-Madrona's spirit brother and grandfather have:

Grandfather: "His (Lewis's) world is more complicated than ours. The Creator has given them the means to destroy the earth and is waiting to see what they will do."

Brother: "What will they do Grandfather? How can we live today if our earth is in danger of destruction?"

Grandfather: "Our earth is in no danger, as only one image is of theirs. Lewis will choose that image of the world in which the earth will live. Others there will cross over onto the earth that is destroyed. It is their way and they will learn from this, and will start again. Next time will be easier for them."

I've interpreted this exchange to possibly mean that, true to the multiverse hypothesis, we as individuals get the future we envision, giving rise to an array of future timelines and dimensions. Those of us working for the more just, beautiful world our hearts desire will proceed to the world "in which the earth will live." Those of us who are less attentive to our higher selves may proceed onwards into something less desirable. Yet even those less desirable timelines contain lessons that will aid the spiritual development of the meta-collective. Life is the universe discovering itself, mistakes and all.

Like most mortals, I have trouble grasping the ramifications and hypothetical mechanisms of the multiverse, so this is all conjecture. Bottom line is, this period of darkness the world has been in since 2016 should be a call to (light-working) arms for those of us who want to proceed onwards into "the earth that will live." 

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07/06/2019 1:09 pm  

Thank you for this, Coyote. I think about the ancient and current indigenous people's long term view of the earth. I wonder what they see. 

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07/07/2019 9:58 pm  

Scientists are looking into the Multiverse as Mirror-verse - that there is another dimension right at our fingertips!  I have every hope that one day science and belief will converge.

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Posted by: Jeanne Mayell

We are going down a rabbit hole over the next five years.

I've been noticing rabbits and the phrase "rabbit hole" often lately.  That tells me spirit is warning me it's going to be a bumpy ride ahead.  I already sort of see it through an unusual tropical storm forming in New Orleans.  What's unusual about it is that the storm is developing inland and moving to the ocean and the back to land.  They usually start in the ocean and move inland.  

Oh and I just saw a news report that iranian ships tried to seize a british tanker.  Good times.

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I can remember avidly reading every quantum physics book I could get my hands on in our public library in the 90s. There were just too many visions,  dreams and astral traveling experiences needing some sort of merging validation in my mind, body, and spirit   

As a little girl I dreamed of those mirror images seen in mirror images lineups  on into infinity and visions of our being in God's eye and while I couldn't understand it, even as a 10 or 12 year old, i knew it to be somehow true. 

It kept me going through a strange near death experience when I fell down a long, steep flight of stairs at 10 or 12 and a mystery illness at 16 that all but incapacitated me. 

I always felt, saw and experienced more than one world at a time. 

The hard part is seeing things or hearing things and knowing which one is "real" and I need to recognize or respond to by answering.



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PracticalNihilist, rabbits are a representation of the goddess in some ancient cultures. They certainly have been proliferating in my yard lately! A day or two before my cat died a couple of years ago, I dreamed she lay down in the grass a cat and then turned into a rabbit as she slept.  In waking life the following day I let her out the front door and she toddled down the front porch steps, weak as a newborn kitten. I had gone out to the backyard for something, and she rounded the side of the house carrying an enormous rabbit in her mouth! I was dumbfounded. How did she catch it, let alone carry it?  Soon after, I found her dead right where I had dreamed of her asleep. I like to think she lives on in all these rabbits. Still miss her like crazy.


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07/12/2019 6:25 pm  

Raindrop, I would think she likely does live on in those rabbits, or visit you through them.  If nothing else, your thinking of her linked to the rabbits would likely bring her to you through them.  

 PracticalistNihillst, I just used the term rabbit hole in an email.  I am also seeing a lot more rabbits in and around my yard than I used to.  Perhaps 2 recent years of frequent rabbit visits out of .25 years of  only an occasional visit. 


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I'd like to add these predictions to the June 6 list.  Ellie sent them to me on July 7.   This was her first try at this kind of practice. Very interesting and notable!  Looks like a possible democratic win in 2020, although curious about the dark haired woman with short hair - I think of Nicky Republican (sorry I have blocked out her name but we all know who she is),  or Kamala cut her hair.  Thank you Ellie!  I will be incorporating them into the main body of our predictions on the prediction page. 

Seen on 07/05/19

July 2019 Predictions: 

I saw something like a big storm or something water related in India or Indonesia. Could also be a tsunami. 

Earthquake in Fukushima prefecture near the coast of Japan. (Ellie)

Hong Kong taken by China. (Ellie)

I saw Yellowstone and felt that there was more activity than usual. (Ellie)

Migrant children taken to buses, moved somewhere. (Ellie)

Fires rampant somewhere, Australia perhaps. (Ellie)

Extreme heat the trees are turning into crisp. Feels like the US. (Ellie)

Gulf coast water is heating up; fish seem to be dying. (Ellie)

Tornado in Kansas, big one. (Ellie)

Grand Canyon water going down, looks like a line. (Ellie)

Earthquake in central California again. (Ellie)

Georgia and Alabama, Tornado rips through. (Ellie)

Beaches become dangerous to go to in Florida. People weary of going swimming. (Ellie) 

Earthquake in between Mexico and Guatemala 6.7-6.8. (Ellie)

Earthquake in Chile 7.8, Earthquake in Columbia 6.2. (Ellie)

Flood in Brazil. (Ellie)

Women’s Fifa team dressed in White cheering, US wins. (Ellie)

People are angry, something revealed. Furious in the collective. (Ellie)

Italian volcano 2nderuption. (Ellie) (Ellie)

California feels heavy, see wiggly lines, waves. (Ellie)

I see a big bird flying with it wings outstretched. Kind of looked like a phoenix. (Ellie)

I see a pot of lava. (Ellie)

I see two planes or two tanks heading for each other. (Ellie)

7.6 Earthquake in California again. (Ellie)

Seen on 6/14/19:

July 2019

In the news: I see an explosion somewhere in the US. (Ellie)

August 2019

I feel a heat wave. (Ellie)

I see a fair accident in the US. (Ellie)

September 2019 (Ellie)

I sensed china and something involving the trade. I think its going to get worse. (Ellie)

Rain and floods in the southeast. (Ellie)

October 2019

Blizzard in the north US. (Ellie)

Colder winter in the US. (Ellie)

November 2019

I sense anxiety and nervousness in the Collective. (Ellie)

Stores look empty.

December 2019

I see a snowman.

2019 Positive predictions:

---New nanotech invented or in the process.

---Some kind of marine development or invention that helps clean the ocean.

January 2020

--I saw blue birds.


April 2020

---Australian earthquake.

---Farmers in the news.

May 2020

--I saw the shoreline, looked like California. There will be news about marine life.

June 2020

--It feels hot and it’s hard to breathe. 

July 2020

--New communication tech invented.

---I see submarines in the news.

--I see a woman with dark short hair get nominated for the democrats. I believe it’s Kamala Harris.

August 2020

---I see a waterpark accident.

---Forest fire in California in the news.

---I see Trump re-nominated as the Republican pick.

---I see a scare at a convention.

September 2020

Baseball accident in the news.

October 2020

I sense Iran and see triangular planes flying.  I also see a barrel of oil.

November 2020

--Close race but I see a woman win the election.

--There is a sense of relief.

--Trump red with anger.

December 2020

--I feel a pit or rock in my stomach. A sense of uncertainty.

--Relief, but a long way to go.

January 2021

I see a woman with dark short hair on the Inaugural stage.

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Amy Klobuchar also has short brown hair.  I would be surprised however if she were president.

Migrant children taken to buses, moved somewhere- didn't that recently happen, and then they were moved back again?

Beaches become dangerous to go to in Florida. People weary of going swimming. (Ellie) 

2 shark attacks off Florida in 2 weeks and 3 recent flesh eating bacteria attacks in Florida, 2 deaths.

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Thank you Lovendures .  I will post!

True Klobuchar has short dark hair but  I wondered when I heard that T  was considering Haley as a running mate that  they might win but trump resigns before taking office because there’s a blue wave in the congress or he has a health crisis and Haley is inaugurated. 

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07/15/2019 12:25 am  


Well, I can't bring myself to like that thought so... I am going to hope it is a democrat who is a female and not like the post.  ha ha.

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I should probably add that by short hair I meant like shoulder length 😅. That's my fault.  I think what I consider short hair might be different. The image I got was someone with darkish hair that came slight above her shoulders. That's why I thought it could be Kamala Harris.

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07/15/2019 7:38 am  

Okay that is much better.  Trash what I wrote about that Nikki person.  The reason I couldn’t see Klobuchar in her post was that I was seeing her seeing a very dark-haired, more like black-haired,  person which I could only match to Haley. But she saw Kamala. 🙂 

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I see Warren as the dark horse that everyone keeps talking about could she be in the office and I think that she is winning that behind the scenes. The hair could be some distortion of shadow from the view you see her at in your mind's eye? Or the dark horse feeling of her coming from behind. She actually has many plans on how to get through the areas that we are currently in and bring us together. I just keep feeling her getting stronger and being more cohesive to the nation. 

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07/15/2019 10:11 am  


That's an interesting insight about the hair and inner visions.  And it's true that Warren is gaining fast right now. Where I live (Massachusetts) people are working feverishly for her and she may have more solutions than other candidates for some of the more intractable issues. 

I haven't thought of Warren as a dark horse, though.  Perhaps she's more well known here where I live, but she's been a Senator for seven years and rose to national prominence as a freshman Senator back in 2012. Her grass roots fund raising ability has been legendary from the get-go. 

I had hoped she would run with Bernie in 2016 because she was so well known nationally. But she must have  been convinced that she needed to wait her turn and/or made some pacts that she would not run against Hillary or Bernie.  

I wish I could see her as the winner, but I haven't yet and it is early.  I saw Obama would win in '08 by January of that year. Perhaps she will come more fully into vision by then.  Your point that she has found solutions to problems is part of why she is gaining.  She also is and always has been dedicated to the little guy.  And she's tough. 

Her heart is and always has been in all the right places. 

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