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June 1 Read the Future Predictions from Jeanne's Become Deeply Intuitive Class  


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06/26/2020 7:59 pm  

Below are the latest (June 1) predictions.  

Predictions that have come true are in bold. Please help us find more by posting them here or if you choose not to register in the forum (which is the only way you can post a hit), send me the hit via the contact form of this website.

JUNE 2020 Predicted June 1, 2020:

Overview, energy shifts and protests:

  • I am seeing a black mass, or a black moth, swarming, flying out of a moldy wool or earth, out of something rotten, moldering.  It turns and rises, and I see grey smoke and a swirling of anger and then calm. A growing panic, a growing calm.  There is so much tension, so many dynamics, questions about whose side you’re on and all the sides there are, and confusion on all sides.   Then this swirling moves into a churning.  Everything is churning so much it makes you swoon. It is forming a whirlpool. (Andrew Posey)
  • I felt a flash of an intensity, the pressure coming to bear on all but in ways each thinks is unique, but all are feeling the compression, the tension and the confusion of not even knowing what side you should be on or if sides even matter as the entire thing – existence – has morphed into something no one can see – get a grip on – like a wrestler locked in battle with his competitor – so close and unable to see the whole but feeling the strength of the individual parts, the struggle that is now.  (Andrew Posey)
  • I saw a triangle that had three points of light at the corners.  It may have something to do with balance of powers in government or the Washington Monument.  (Lovendures). Supreme Court decided three major cases on June 15thwhich created more balance of power. 
  • Who will win?  Now is the battle.  We can’t tell.  It is anybody’s game and good always makes a surprising move to win. But there are costs. (Andrew Posey)
  • I feel energy rising; a mobilization; an awakening. (Carol C)
  • I see an energy swath to the sky, like a triangle. Then I see energy or water flowing upward, like a fountain, and then falling down around the outside edge, natural looking, keeps moving in that pattern. (Christine B.)
  • Clash of people in the streets. (Christine B.)
  • Flashes of white lightning bolts from the Gods. (Pikake)
  • Panic; grief; hope; empowerment on a large scale; crowds; bipolar groups. (Mary Kay)
  • I also see a storm rising, I see animals running for cover. This seemed to be in the Caribbean or the Mexico coasts or the Gulf of Mexico. It seemed rural and it seemed sad.  A waiting for the other shoe to drop. (Andrew Posey)
  • This is actually the calm before the storm, like the still moment between breaths, I see dark gray color. We are on the edge of something. Sense of standing on the edge of a cliff - in front of the cliff is a massive amount of gray and black churning energy. (Karen C)
  • Each country or place having their own race issues; aboriginals, people of color, not just black lives but all forms of discrimination. About inequality. It’s a wake-up call, the realization of it, it is finally coming home, and people are understanding it for the first time. Tipping point around the world. (Doris)
  • Efforts to make peace. A glow blooming. Also, a lot of upset. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Hearing a buzzing sound, being spread around the world. It is about the demonstrations of anti-racism. I see a circle of white light, like a band or ribbon around the planet. This is representing people of all countries having had enough of the status quo. (Doris)
  • I see an image of someone, a knight of Cups, rising up from something, holding a chalice with the light in his sights. (Carol C)
  • Good will prevail. (Lauri M-D)
  • Some darkness continues over the next several weeks; something around the eclipses. At the end of the month, I see the sun coming out (things lighting up for a bit). (Susan A.)
  • White streak across the horizon like things get a reprieve for a bit. (Sharon G)
  • I’m getting physical chills. (Esther M)
  • A rising sun above a city of heat, but above this smudge line, above the city is the sun, shining bold and hot. (Andrew P.)
  • I see rows of young men with bandanas marching with sticks. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • It’s time; one for all; the future is ours.  (Lauri M-D)
  • Grief and lots of anger. (Lauri M-D.)
  • People hoping for change. Underlying fear. (Lauri M-D)
  • I see a tribal chief crying standing alone. (Teri)
  • I got the number 120,000. (Caroline)
  • I sense eruption of deep grief, chaos, and churning. (Karen C)
  • A fence a wall tumbling down. (Teri)
  • I hear, “let’s get together and feel the love.” (Lovendures)
  • Sadness, tearful people. (Christine B)
  • What is the president doing? Sneering and jeering. He loves this. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see Centennial Park in Atlanta. It’s empty.  People were killed there and then it’s empty.  (Bluebelle)
  • It’s like an anthill, ants running around a smashed anthill trying to restore order.  Confusion at the top, order at the bottom.  (Andrew P.)
  • Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. Hear Tom Petty song “Won’t Back Down.”  (Deetoo)  
  • In George Floyd case, Officer Chauvin charges upgraded to 2nddegree murder; remaining officers charged. (Deetoo)
  • More violence tonight (June 1). (Bluebelle) Came True.
  • I see a vast crowd in a coastal city. A lot of heat. A black man and woman look all the way across a crowd to each other. When they looked at each other my heart dropped. It was like they were saying, “Oh no,” and there was a feeling of sadness, regret, and even impending disaster. Both the man and the woman wore a bright white net of energy in the form of a wrist band or bracelet. There will be good and bad outcomes. (MBK)
  • I hear the song, “Give me Light give me Light, give me peace on Earth.” I see a huge cloud of smoke. I see charred land, smoking ashes. (It might be North Korea and a nuclear explosion or accident.) I see a bright fire in the center that cleanses and brings forth a new energy. New leaderships arise. There are new treaties. I see the hole in the Earth. There’s a bubble around the earth. Entities are watching us guiding us and the civilizations that have been here before are helping to control the darker energies. Helping us to rise. (Teri)

Politics and People (June 2020)

  • I see black arms reaching out of the bars of jail cells. So many people jailed. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Something big will happen in US politics. (Baba)
  • Health information about Trump leaks. (Baba)
  • Professional basketball starts organizing the way forward. They make progress.(Baba)
  • A large hotel chain goes into bankruptcy. (Baba)
  • Pears are in the news. (Baba)
  • People are eager to travel but are still adjusting to the new normal. (Baba)
  • There is great new creativity shown in celebrating events in a new way, i.e. weddings, graduations. (Baba)
  • Joe Biden announces his running mate by the end of the month. Val Demings or Kamala Harris (Baba)
  • Hot and dry weather in Germany. (Baba)
  • I see a spider which is a sign of something dark and sinister afoot, like a terror attack.  (Lovendures). (UK terror attack)
  • I see a mother and child in a park, like a 50’s perfect photograph.  Beyond I see a mushroom cloud of smoke rising up but there is nothing wrong – mother and child are fine.  Do they not know it’s about to hit? (Andrew P.)
  • I sense victory. (Ginny) (Tonya) (Pikake)
  • Foreign interference/involvement. (Susan A.)
  • My heart in my throat. (Anna V)
  • A band tightening across the nation like something is being constricted. (Anna V)
  • A military aircraft in the sky maneuvering.  A hornet? (Lovendures)The pilot of a US Air Force fighter jet Eagle which crashed into the North Sea has been found dead.
  • Astronauts in space in the news. (Christine B)
  • Voter suppression in the news. (Deetoo). Georgia primaries had long lines and broken polling machines.
  • Val Demings playing a stronger and stronger role. (Sharon G.)
  • A Snowboarder in the news. (Christine B.)
  • I see a dollar sign, a symbol for money. Something is going to come to light about money or the monetary system.  (Julie N.)
  • Flowers, roses or tulips, placed on the ground as a memorial or on a grave a roses or tulips. (Lovendures)

Trump (June 2020)

  • I see Trump wrapped in a Russian flag. He’s on a helicopter that is stalling. He is stuck. (Jeanne Mayell). [Putin, Trump's friend, put a bounty on U.S. soldiers in June.]
  • Trump’s threat to use the military will backfire on him in a spectacular way. (Bluebelle). Pentagon pushes back, as well as Mathis and other former military leaders at Trump's use of military on protestors. 
  • Trump is hot air with his threats. (Deetoo)
    Trump has digestive upset. It feels like his lower G.I. (Deetoo)
  • Trump getting weaker and weaker physically and in the polls. More and more bent over and befuddled. (Sharon G)
  • I see a centipede on its back - someone lying on his back trying to right himself with help. I think it is Trump. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trump ignored. End of Trump as we have known him.  Change is underway; the riots are beginning. The ground is shaking.  (Susan A.)
  • I see Trump looking like an idiot in a grey suit.  I think he was looking down at the press corps.  In my notes it just says, “Looking stupid. Really stupid.” (MBK)
  • Planes flying in formation. (Anna V) West Point graduation with Trump.
  • What Is happening with Trump?  I see a pig face. Police.  (Lovendures)

Climate and Earth. (June 2020)

  • Part of the Antarctica, under the ice, is not under water. It has its own eco-system. It's not totally dark, it's really strange.  Discovered in 2020 but we won’t hear about it until after 2021 or later. (Bright Opal)
  • There is an area in Alaska close to northern British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. Something that is not right is going on there.  Could there be a Stratovolcanoes activity?  Or could it be about HAARP and the tests being conducted to control the weather?  Either way, something is not right there.  (Bright Opal)
  • White wheat sheaves blowing down from southeast to Midwest. Something aerial like Van Gogh’s Starry Night coming in the opposite direction from the sky. All Motion. (Lorraine V)
  • A settling down feeling, like sediment settling down in a beaker and clear water above the dirt layer, and a ray of sunshine on the water. (Pikake)
  • I see an animal that looks like a bear holding onto some honey or gold and gifting it, smiling, a peaceful gift. The bear is California, the golden state; there will be some positive news. (Sharon M)
  • Clouds rolling in, building up, dark clouds. I see the State of Tennessee. (Avon)
  • Something happening in Brazil. I felt this was related to Covid and I saw the leader of the country hiding this fact like the country of Iran did. I kept seeing them on fire. But a slow fire from within. Like a slow cooker. From Covid and civil rights issues. I feel like the country will continue to have other problems overall and be in the news spotlight. This will be related to the leader, Bolsonaro. As I think about this I feel there may be an assassination attempt against him. (Tonya W). [In the news: Brazil hiding rise in Covid cases.]
  • A sprinkler, water spurting out, flowy, a women darker tone addressing something; I see a darker tone woman making a very powerful speech at Washington square or somewhere with flowing water.
  • There is a warning about a waterborne illness at a swimming area due to pollution that causes bacteria to grow. (Siobhan)Acul
  • Heavy winds, a big storm. (Teri)
  • Harry beast. (Teri)
  • A chill in the air. (Anna V)
  • Fire in the north.  (Anna V)
  • “A river of birds in migration” - a chant that popped into my head. (Anna V)
  • I saw a patchwork quilt.  Deep maroon patches stood out.  I saw heat and meadow lands. They were sunny and the feeling was not negative. (MBK)
  • Parched in southwest. (Deetoo)
  • I see buffalos, a sign of the future. (Jeanne Mayell) In the news:  drought in the plains states are bringing back buffalos to original levels.

Covid (June 2020)

  • Americans are going to be shocked at the Covid-19 second wave and will take the situation more seriously than they are now.Over 200,000 casualties of the disease between June and year end. (Bright Opal). [New wave of the disease is hitting.] 
  • There will be a rise in Covid-19 cases in the United States due to people not wearing their masks or practicing social distancing.(Siobhan)
  • What is going on with Covid?  I see sharp spikes on a hand and a flower fanning out.  (Lovendures). [New evidence that some covid sufferers develop chronic disease after they recover.]
  • Covid cases are rising in the South and Texas. Hospitals in the South are overloaded.  (Bluebelle)
  • I see a dam collapsing in Texas. I felt this related to Covid directly. Hospitals being overrun and cases skyrocketing. No one is taking it seriously there. Country is divided about “rights” like their guns such as right to work and not wear masks and right to, well live I guess. (Tonya W)
  • I see sales and people shopping.  (Andrew P.). Parts of the country are opening up. 
  • Resurgence of virus in pockets around country; people getting lax (Deetoo)
  • China in the news. (Christine B.) June 13 news: Covid rising in Peking.
  • North Korea, Kim Jung Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong she is definitely in charge of NK now and she is a very dangerous woman. My past predictions on Kim Jung Un were a description in his lost of power to his sister over the past 6-8 months (Bright Opal) [North Korea threatens South Korea.]

JULY  2020

People and Politics (July 2020) 

  • An opening like energy moving upwards; light energy and positive. (Anna V)
  • I see a star. a new star, shining in the sky that causes wonder. (Andrew P.)
  • Things are shifting; why did it take so long. (Lauri M-D)
  • Thailand is in the news. I see the king being criticized. (Baba)
  • India and China almost come to blows over disputed territory. (Baba)
  • I see Liberté (the female representation of France). The freedoms of the people under pandemic conditions are being questioned strongly. (Baba)
  • England’s pandemic death toll keeps rising strongly. It starts to affect the politicians in charge negatively. (Baba)
  • Fourth of July celebrations are smaller than usual. People celebrate in small groups and privately - both because of the pandemic and because of politics. (Baba)
  • More intensity. The country is reeling from all the news that are occurring. It feels like things are speeding up and producing myriad of emotions from anger to frustration to hope. (Lauri M-D)
  • The stress of the riots is over. I can breathe easier, meaning people can breathe easier.  It feels like a huge weight is off our shoulders. (Bluebelle)
  • Shadowy figures lurking in government hallways. (Anna V)
  • A rise in patriotism in the United States. People are more upbeat and talking about how to make things better. There is a sense of relief. (Siobhan)
  • People redefining patriotism. (Deetoo)
  • “The ants go marching one by one.” Feels like we just made it through civil war. American patriotism strong right now. (Tonya W)
  • A bomb goes off in a public place. Perhaps in the south. June/July (Tonya W).
  • A tunnel collapses in the news. (Tonya W)
  • People marching in masks, dark smoke in the background, Asian people. (Karen C)
  • I see a women standing, a girl by her side in a princess costume. They are the family of a fallen person being honored. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • There is someone in the making, someone who is coming but being trained in the month of July. (Joan M).
  • Recent protests in the streets will bring about constructive and long overdue changes. (Debbie M.)
  • I feel that the energy of the collective is unstable. I see the moon and feel we are in that state of unknowing what is going to happen. (Carol C)
  • A lit fuse bomb about to go off. (Pikake)
  • Horrible scandal with immigrants being held in detention centers. July/August (Deetoo)
  • I see a rodeo and a star rider in the news. (Andrew P.)
  • Feet in the sand at the beach, enjoying the summer, joy. (Avon)
  • I see kids playing. (Esther M)

Election Issues and POTUS (July 2020)

  • Trump desperate; more and more outrageous (Deetoo)
  • William Barr worried; thinks “If I can just hold on a little longer.” (Deetoo)
  • Trump and word soup; language that makes no sense. (Anna V)
  • Trump's rallies get more hateful and more people are infected with the virus. (Debbie M.)
  • Trump gets sick at the end of the month. (Debbie M.)
  • Biden chooses his VP pick, might be Harris.  (Deetoo)

Earth and Climate (July 2020)

  • It is a good year for the corn crop in the US Midwest. (Baba)
  • July is soggy in the SE of the USA. (Baba)
  • It is unusually cold in the south of Australia and unusually warm in the north - unseasonable thunder storms in the northern dry season. (Baba)
  • There will be extreme heat worldwide and increased earthquake activity around the Pacific Rim. (Debbie M.)
  • Lightning rod, embers, the color orange.  I saw a road close to where I live that passes a field of corn, it was nighttime, and the view was from a car. I felt fear. A firehouse. All of this seems very much to be about fire, but I didn’t see an actual forest fire. (MBK)
  • Waves in the ocean. Caution in the collective, but a sigh from the prior chaos. (Susan A)
  • I see Russia and the growing bear of a storm.  In Siberia a fire. (Andrew P.)
  • A big dark wave emanating from the northeast to the rest of the country. I feel a sense of oppression, sense of not being able to move. (Karen C)
  • Heat, hot sun, fires in the West (Anna V)
  • A lull. Heat and sluggishness.  Riots are over. (Sharon G)
  • I see a crack in the earth, a large opening. (Teri R)
  • Lakes blooming record amounts of algae all over US. It’s making me ill. Does no one see the changes. It’s heat. Climate changes. July/August (Tonya W).
  • Fires in Utah and California in the news. Firework accident. (Tonya W).
  • I continue hearing the same buzzing sound. There is an increase of COVID-19 cases in some parts of the world. I hear insects, bees. I see a torrent of water, a waterfall. This feels like it is somewhere in Africa. I see insects like locusts in Africa. (Doris)
  • A body of water, likely the ocean.  At first, I feel the gentle swaying and swells of the sea, it is peaceful.  Then the water gets choppier.  Then the waves are getting turbulent and large waves are forming, suddenly they are huge and powerful smashing downward. (Lovendures)
  • Murky, greyish, light not getting through. (Lovendures)
  • I see an explosion with fire close to water. (Deetoo)
  • Grey skies. (Karen C)
  • Sweltering hot, steamy in east coast (Deetoo)
  • There’s reason to be hopeful about a Covid treatment. (Bluebelle)
  • I see a bright sun and earth; I see the dry cracking of soil and desert.  Where?  The Midwest.  (Andrew P.)
  • Wheat crop in the news. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Heavy wind and rain (Deetoo)

 AUGUST 2020

  • Chaos at the Republican Convention. Trump is still sick and can't attend. (Debbie M.)
  • Covid cases in Greece begin to rise due to tourism. (Baba)
  • Trump has gone quiet and is indisposed. His daughter and family members try to represent him but are heckled by the public. (Baba)
  • Cheese is in the news. (Baba)
  • Unemployment numbers surge in the US as children are about to start school. (Baba)
  • Rebirth; more kindness; peaceful. (Lauri M-D)
  • (Esther M)
  • Heavy feeling. (Avon).
  • Dark and still, not like a normal summer. Many people saying indoors, with a sense of apprehension. “All hide and no seek.” Weather issues or another coronavirus lockdown. (Lorraine V)
  • I see young, gritty Yankee soldiers (white & black) jumping into the trenches, ready to fight against the Red-uniformed invaders & gain new territory. They are laughing because they know victory is on their side. The white-wigged Red soldiers are more about pomp & ceremony - with a drummer boy and flutist keeping them in formation. But they are dressed for show, not for war. They seem mindless. Interpretation: grass-root Democrats, especially the younger generation, will be fired up to volunteer & go get out the vote for November. They are creative & enthusiastic because victory is in the air. The Republicans are locked in paralysis; they seem wooden & may be just going through the motions. There is no real purpose driving them. (Pikake)
  • A woman with light hair and red lipstick. Someone that will cause Trump a lot of grief, stress and anxiety. Maybe it’s his niece or someone within her book that will confirm her stories about his wrong-doings to little girls. (Sharon M)
  • Blossoms red white and blue in parade. (Teri R)
  • Something unusual happening with the DNC convention. Feels like the DNC has to hurriedly reorganize who and how they are messaging at the convention based on a current event/something transpiring. Empty chair at RNC convention. (Susan A)
  • In the news: I see soldiers next to a small bridge with train tracks. (Karen C)
  • Just northern pine trees, night again. Feeling was calm. (MBK)
  • Rockets are being tested. (Jeanne Mayell).
  • How is Trump?  His face is filled with lines, his eyes are scrunched and squeezing closed.  He is grimacing, tantrums childish behavior.  He is closed off.  (Lovendures)
  • There is a new focus on fixing things that are broken and how to make things at home. This type of information is relayed through television and YouTube programs. (Siobhan)
  • A child holding an ice cream in a theme park, spaced apart, there is no sickness. (Andrew P.)
  • Research scientists close to testing for new Covid 19 treatment. (Deetoo)
  • Huge protests in DC – some outside instigators. Heavy police presence.  (Deetoo)

Earth, Climate and Covid (August 2020)

  • This Fall, there is going to be a super hurricane, not a Category 5 but a super hurricane. There will be two in the Caribbean.  Back to back, tail to tail.  One is turning clockwise the other counter clockwise.  It makes the infinity sign the way they are position.  Then I see a 3rd one a little farther away. The three form a humongous triangle.  Brazil, Mexico, all Caribbean islands and small parts of Florida will be affected.  I see many deaths and islands razed by these things.  It may happen twice this fall and Puerto Rico will be left alone on its own again. (Bright Opal)
  • Image of a volcano. (Lorraine)
  • Sunflowers are in the news. Maybe the sign of a political movement? (Baba)
  • The fields in France look like a Cézanne landscape painting. People discover the beauty of their own countries again this summer. (Baba)
  • French grain crops are plentiful this year. (Baba)
  • Still some virus outbreaks, but better. (Deetoo)
  • Stormy, with boats on the sea. (Lovendures)
  • I see dry fields in the prairies, stunted wheat and cracked earth. The sun is blazing with no rain in sight. (Anna)
  • Healing blue and turquoise. There will be emotional healing on a cellular level within the collective. This healing will begin to change how we communicate with each other. (Anna V)
  • A yellow and black bumble bee. A beehive. Bees working together. I get the feeling that it is people working for a common cause. (Doris)
  • Flowers feeling warmth of the sun, soaking in the rays of the sun Energy.  (Lovendures)
  • Tractors are plowing fields under because there is a shortage of harvest workers. (Bluebelle)


  • Advertisers abandon Fox News. (Baba)
  • New programs are considered for young adults to do social work (domestic peace corps?) before starting college. - this is a suggestion of Democrats if they win. (Baba)
  • Large numbers of people are hurting economically and it is coming to a head across the world as economies are unable to rebound quickly.(Baba)
  • Multiple bankruptcies of large, well known companies take place. (Baba)
  • Local communities start to organize to take care of one another during the economic troubles. (Baba)
  • United Airlines declares bankruptcy again. (Baba)
  • Earth is quaking. Sept-Dec. I see a big earthquake in UT and perhaps somewhere along the Pacific coast. The month of September will be rough in USA in general. Schools will be chaotic trying to find a new normal and new Covid outbreaks will occur. Schools not taking proper precautions with Covid. I see a news article in my mind showing so many kids have not even returned to school, so many will be homeschooled. Worries for the future of education. (Tonya W)
  • The Pacific Northwest is open again after a long shut down. Business as usual.  (Bluebelle)
  • People on guard for Covid Part II. Shift from summer.  Holding breath as to what may happen next. (Susan A)
  • I see fire, burning. (Mary Kay)
  • Winds of change. (Lauri M-D)
  • Exhaustion from the summer and the pandemic. (Sharon G)
  • Fractures in the earth, dry, parched land. (Pikake)
  • The world holds its breath. (Pikake)
  • Waving hands, frantic waving, like no, stop! (Avon)
  • Ouch, it’s hot, the market? (Teri R)
  • Indigenous musicians playing flutes, the sounds of nature. It could be the Sami people from Scandinavia using mushrooms as a cure or medicinal purposes. (Sharon M.)
  • Knight of wands. Energy moving forward.  (Carol C.)
  • Men fist fighting. (Julie N)
  • Doors opening, balloons. Re-starting normal life, celebration.  (Lorraine V)
  • I have a sense of a collapsing above, like the sky can fall down. (Karen C)
  • The quilt image again. A fence. Leaves falling on water. A marshy ditch. A torch—but not a bad torch.  It was like a victory torch. (MBK)
  • So dark that people can see stars in the city. (Anna V)
  • Hearing the song Three little birds” by Bob Marley; “Don’t worry about a thing…” (Anna V)
  • I see a pig and other farm animals in the news. There is an issue for the nation’s livestock farmers, likely involving the campaign. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I hear a white noise. There is an energy shift. We are at a new level, and this level is more solidified, grounded and permanent. (Doris)
  • I see rockets going up in space or being planned for lift-off. NASA or a private company like SpaceX. (Doris)
  • A sea of people marching or gathered closely together.  Person after person after person. Their backs are to me.  Their heads are filled with light.  They are lightworkers lighting the path, lighting the way.  (Lovendures)
  • I see birds in the news. (Lovendures)
  • Movement, like insects, like gears moving but in square, city-like patterns. (Christine B)
  • The nation is focusing on children and schools. (Siobhan)
  • Schools are in disruption. (Andrew P.)
  • Sales embargo. (Andrew P.)
  • Murder in a local grocery store – a woman and two others. (Andrew P.)
  • A mother torn from her child – screaming. (Andrew P.)
  • A bus picking people up. (Andrew P.)
  • A fire an explosion in Santiago. (Andrew P.)
  • A baby is born and found in a strange place. (Andrew P.)
  • A discovery is made and attached to it is darkness.  (Andrew P.)
  • No rest for the weary. People worried about election, jobs, Covid.Schools scrambling to adjust to pandemic.  (Deetoo)
  • Hear song “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.” Hear lyrics  “Looks like nothing’s gonna change, everything still remains the same.”  Feels like a sense of resignation, but there’s more below the surface.  It’s really the calm before the storm.  (Deetoo)
  • Trump quieter – not sure why. Secret talks, plotting behind the scenes? (Deetoo)
  • A vaccine for the virus is successful. Covid-19 disappears. The world calms down. (Debbie M.)
  • Armada of ships going towards the China see. Australians, New Zealanders and British.  The US participation is very small.  China not happy at all (Bright Opal)


  • Halloween is cancelled. (Baba)
  • October is unusually warm in the US. (Baba)
  • Walt Disney corporation is in the news for a negative reason. (Baba)
  • Lizards in Fiji are in the news. (Baba)
  • A breakthrough in cancer treatment is announced. (Baba)
  • Audi announces a new racing team. (Baba)
  • BMW has financial struggles. (Baba)
  • High school football has to be put on hold. (Baba)
  • Pumpkins become popular for a new type of usage. (Baba)
  • The answer is near; be prepared; victory around the corner. (Lauri M-D)
  • I’m looking down at animals in single file in narrow rows, like livestock going to slaughter, slowly, so much anxiety. This could be polling places in Republican counties where they are keeping people from voting.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Limp balloons, deflated rubber balloons. (Avon)
  • Protests and unrest. I think this has something to do with voting and the upcoming election. (Tonya W)
  • I saw an airplane with smoke coming out of its tail end. It was crashing and it was night. I see rain falling. I feel this will lead to many lives being lost unfortunately. It is a malfunction with the engine. (Tonya W)
  • Got a jolt of fear for October. Throat closed up.  (Lorraine V)
  • Strength, hope, communication. (Mary K)
  • Some optimism coming back, on tenterhooks but feeling uplifted. (Pikake)
  • Trump looking like a wraith, ghostlike. (Pikake)
  • Horses going really fast, a yellow star, windows and arrows pointing to the light.  It’s a wild race between the horses, probably representing the two Presidential candidates.  Trump holding up some kind of star symbol, another hate propaganda trying to declare many people the enemy of the state.  But people are not falling for his childish hate rhetoric anymore and his rhetoric is used against him and turning it in a positive language.  Windows bearing symbols of possibilities and hope. (Sharon M.)
  • A cooling wind, calmer minds, people taking charge. (Teri R)
  • I pulled the Seven of Wands, Valor. I feel there is a victory of some sort; a show of strength, a phoenix rising.  (Carol C)
  • High alert for Covid, however more info available to manage. I see a picture of the virus. People gearing up to vote.  Feeling of empowerment; ready for change.  (Susan A.)
  • I see a bleak “Halloween” scene, spooky cemetery, suggesting deaths. (Karen C)
  • I see a small African American girl with pig tails being pulled away from African American male that appears to be her father. She keeps reaching out to him. He might be in spirit only. I feel a deep sadness. (Karen C)
  • A resurgence; unsure if it is the pandemic, the protests or both. (Anna V)
  • I see closed doors. I see a long corridor or hallway and a well-dressed man in a business suit. He has a heavy and authoritative step. As he walks, doors are closing. Even before the election, those associated with the Trump admin are being locked out of future work. (Anna V)
  • Panic in the south. (Anna V)
  • Cold and snow in the North. (Anna V)
  • I see the Statue of Liberty lit in purple. (Anna V)
  • High anxiety concerning the U.S. election campaign. It is heating up, there is a lot of rhetoric. The entire world is watching and is very anxious. The focus is on the U.S. It is like the country is under a microscope and the world is mesmerized by what they are witnessing. (Doris)
  • There is a large tree, its roots are gripping fiercely into the soil. A is battle going on between the forces that want to keep the tree firmly in the soil and for the roots to release their grip and have the tree  move onward.  I believe this may have to do with keeping our foundation as is or allowing for an uprooting,  where a replanting of the tree  in new fertile soil with new opportunities and awareness will occur.  (Lovendures)
  • How is the weather?  I see the face of a lion which may be symbolic of alt right and Trump. (Lovendures)
  • A jeep driving through tall jungle plants or tall farm crops in a tropical area.  It is a bumpy road, I am going quickly and I can’t see beyond what is directly surrounding me.  (Lovendures)
  • I hear the song, “Blow ye wind down,” and feel a  large storm is coming. (Lovendures)
  • I see people in lines, likely waiting to vote. (Christine). Note: In many counties, keeping people waiting in long lines is a deliberate voter suppression method.
  • A big tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico will bring heavy rain to the U.S. (Siobhan)
  • It’s very quiet, which in itself is odd. There’s not the usual last-minute campaign ugliness.  Trump isn’t around.    (Bluebelle)
  • I see rolling footage of the cartoon of Animal Farm. It may be a reflection of how the Republicans have moved our country towards totalitarianism. (Andrew P.)
  • I see demonstrations and bombs going off and force being used and people rising up. Or not.  This is a time when we will not know, we do not know, we cannot know because it will depend on all of us, these points of light and how we outshine the dark that is closing in.  Those of us whose hearts are here because of what we see, and we are in the middle of it…  I see the battle and I see it in high gear in October. (Andrew P.)
  • Heavy rain, winds; hurricanes. (Deetoo)
  • Resurgence of virus. (Deetoo)
  • Republicans determined to suppress vote. (Deetoo)
  • A sun flower and a black thing that is alive being lifted off of it, a person being brought out of the water on a vehicle with big wheels, light yellow wet hair. (Jeanne Mayell)




  • I see long voting lines. (Baba)
  • There is a record turnout for this election despite voting difficulties.(Baba)
  • I see Putin with his hands tied in front of him. He looks angry. (Baba)
  • Mitch McConnell does not win re-election. (Baba)
  • It takes a few days to tally the final votes for the election because of the large amount of mail in voting. (Baba)
  • Biden wins easily. (Baba)
  • I don’t see Trump, but I do see Nicky Haley skulking around. (Baba)
  • Devin Nunes is not re-elected but does not bow out gracefully. (Baba)
  • Thanksgiving is scaled back due to the pandemic and difficult economy. (Baba)
  • Covid cases begin to surge again towards the end of the month. (Baba)
  • We are finally there but we have to be patient. (Lauri M-D)
  • Everything stops. (Lauri M-D)
  • Paper ballots, anxiety surrounding voting in person. (Avon)
  • The American flag waving fiercely and victoriously in the wind. (Pikake)
  • Freedom rising (Carol C.)
  • Strong sense of Trump; he looks scared and angry, like he is not going to give up. (Mary Kay)
  • Chaos with election. (Esther M)
  • Trump’s nose getting longer and longer, a light-skinned woman making a speech. (Sharon N)
  • I see Blue. (Please God this isn’t wishful thinking.)  (Lorraine V)
  • I see a big orange balloon, huge, floating away. (Teri R)
  • Anxiety and tension so high. Life is so stressful for everyone. Country more divided than ever. Better not even get online right now. Everyone fighting. I saw blue behind my eyes. (Tonya W)
  • Blue wave. Blue wave.  Blue wave.  Democrats sweep the election.  (Bluebelle)
  • Chaos around election. Uprising from Alt Right questioning election results.  Trump out of control.  I am staying inside, low profile.  Everyone watching election results. (Susan A.)
  • Droves of people vote. Republicans lose Senate, House, and White House. (Debbie M.)
  • Bad feeling, a drag. I see a tall white woman with red hair, in her 50’s-early 60’s, certain arrogance, lacks compassion. (Karen C)
  • Trump is unsteady on his feet, kisses Melania; he thinks he has won. He thinks he has it in the bag. (Karen C)
  • Images of intellectuals leaving a building in a northern environment. A philosopher from the Age of Reason walking onto a street with snow just starting to fall. Good feelings.  I felt cheer and fear in the night. (MBK)
  • I feel a heaviness in my forehead like a pressure headache before a storm. Election results Unclear. Deliberately obscured.  (Anna V)
  • I see a villa somewhere, perhaps Greece or Turkey. I also see the Eiffel Tower and landmark in Italy. People are watching the election with bated breath all over the world. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see fire on the ground. Could be a sign of stress in the collective. (Anna V)
  • I see jubilation, a very happy crowd in a big stadium or convention center on election night in the U.S. (Doris)
  • I feel able to breathe, there is relief the world over. (Doris)
  • “Thank God, it’s over” feeling from the collective. (Doris)
  • Mail-in ballots will be the preferred way to cast the vote. (Siobhan)
  • I see the white sheets and nurses and I see the snow and Red Cross logo on flags, on tents.   I see a nurse, like Florence Nightingale, The Queen of Cups, recognized for being so brave.  I see the blood of a robin and the white of a priests vest. (Andrew P).
  • More people thrown off voter rolls; legal challenges. (Deetoo)
  • Problem with election; Trump contests it. Angry, raises a stink.  (Deetoo)
  • Fighting on House floor over Presidential election, voter suppression.  Feels like it’s after the election. (Deetoo).
  • Trump is winning the election. I can only see this happening through cheating and voter suppression.  Still, he will be removed within 2 years, I see him gone in 2022.  The election results will be reversed and the rightful president will be sworn in. (Bright Opal)
  • More political scandals come to light. (Deetoo)
  • Massive voter turnout, in spite of voter suppression, Covid virus. (Deetoo)
  • So many images of farm animals, problems with farm animals. Horses, as well as cows.  There is a media focus on the nation’s livestock. Covid has left livestock untended.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • When I focus on this month, I feel, “Ugh.” (Barbara)
  • Nancy Pelosi will a tough time at the next election, people want someone new and younger and they have issues with the way the impeachment was conducted (Bright Opal)
  • Adam Schiff, I don't see him going back to Washington for the same reasons as Pelosi: Impeachment outcome. (Bright Opal)
  • The House will be blue and the Senate purple, which would mean 50/50. (Bright Opal)
  • Mitch McConnell is out. People are realizing he is part of what is keeping America at a standstill. (Bright Opal)



  • The Age of Aquarius begins. (Debbie M.)
  • Record colds. (Tonya W)
  • The Grinch who stole Christmas is in the news. Television loves to show this every Christmas, but it has particular significance this Christmas because of Republicans undermining free elections.  (Jeanne Mayell) It is
  • I see the warmth of family, closeness. (Pikake)
  • Joy, happiness, people reveling, some rebelling. (Teri R)
  • Feels cold, tension, I see faces but can’t tell who it is; Trump angry and fuming. (Sharon M)
  • Election still in question. Trump and followers fighting to hold on.  Sad year retrospectively.  Family and peace important. (Susan A)
  • I see people all separate, on their phones, disconnected from each other, texting. (Karen C).
  • Still tense. I see a red robe, like the robe of a monarch. (MBK)
  • Hands folded across a desk. It’s a sentence or determination of some kind. (Anna V)
  • High unemployment. People are desperately hoping for better things. (Baba)
  • Christmas is quiet this year. People stay at home and don’t spend big. (Baba)
  • I see a picture of Mitch McConnell as the Grinch. (Baba)
  • A breakthrough is announced regarding a covid vaccine. It is not yet ready for widespread use though. (Baba)
  • I feel calm, like a snowy day when the sound is muffled by the snow. Everything is white and peaceful, and it is so welcomed, with a feeling of relief. (Doris)
  • I see raccoons in the news; could be symbolic of a bandit. (Lovendures)
  • I am seeing big wings of a bird or an angel. (Christine)
  • People are more relaxed. The news is not as toxic as it was in previous months/years. (Siobhan)
  • The Electoral College votes. Biden is officially elected.  (Bluebelle)
  • I see green trees and white snow and a star in the black sky.  I read of a big loss.  I’m not sure of what. (Andrew P.)
  • Blue wave. (Deetoo)
  • McConnell still there, but hands are tied behind his back. (Deetoo)
  • Biden wins election. Trump goes nuts.  (Deetoo)
  • The Mad King is leaving, but not willingly. (Deetoo)
  • Christmas 2020 will be a sad one because of COVID-19. People are waking up and realizing it is serious.  Less family reunion.  The social medias are going to be very busy! (Bright Opal)


Visions of a Democratic victory

  • I see Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Not Stacy and not Elizabeth for V.P. I see a battle raging and a country almost at war. (Andrew P.)
  • We made it. A long road. Recovery will take time, lots of work ahead, but willingness to tackle it.  (Lauri M-D)
  • Biden smiling. Democrats happy.  Relief on the platform.  (Sharon G)
  • Biden-Biden-Biden smiling.  Lots of Biden everywhere.  I see a black woman.  I think it is Kamala because I want it to be, but it may be someone else. (MBK)
  • Joe Biden is sworn in as president. (Siobhan)
  • I see Biden smiling; a new dawn. (Pikake)
  • Uprising from Right. Elections results are being called into question (Susan A)
  • I see Obama and Pelosi at the inauguration. (Karen C)
  • The road is clearer. More peaceful.  Everything will be okay.  (Tonya W)
  • Better than 2020. Calmer, less vitriol, less violence. Progress on political agenda instead of trying to turn back the clock. (Lorraine V)
  • My heart feels light, like it could take off. (Mary Kay)
  • Masses of blue. Blue crowds. (Anna V)
  • Scales of justice but also panic and unrest. Those who participated in corruption are doing their best to escape. (Anna V)
  • What a blessing. Things are calmer.  (Lauri M-D)
  • (Sharon N)
  • A quiet inauguration. (Bluebelle)

Visions that are unclear which party is taking office: 

  • Inauguration: I see little fires everywhere.  People setting off fires, rockets, guns. I think it is in protest.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trump still active. People raging. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • My left arm is tingling and I’m seeing bows and arrows, like a lawless time of Robin Hoods who believe they have to take the law into their own hands. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People are super excited for a new year and hope that it will be better than 2020. (Baba)
  • The Inauguration is sunny and cold. More people turn up than expected despite the pandemic. Everyone hopes that this is the start of a new positive era. (Baba)
  • Massive New Deal style infrastructure projects and employment initiatives are announced and begun. (Baba)
  • Mitt Romney is offered an important government post. Possibly Secretary of State. (Baba)
  • I see T. Is he getting sworn in? I don’t see Biden.  (Julie N)
  • Huge mountain to climb. Tons of work to be done.  (Sharon G)
  • Reform, good changes, hope. (Esther M)
  • Silence, beautiful white calming silence. (Teri R)
  • I pulled the Ace of Discs which represents new beginnings in earth energy. Solid, back to stable ground; rooting ourselves for recovery.  (Carol C)
  • New beginnings; hope; transformation; enthusiasm (Mary Kay)
  • I have a vision of people who have cut off their noses to spite their faces. This vision refers to a dream I had in 2016 when I walked through a gilded room full of men, preparing to eat a banquet at a heavily loaded table with silver serving dishes. I went upstairs to wash my hands and found a jar full of noses on sticks. They had cut off their noses. During this June 1, 2020 visioning, I saw that image again. The day of reckoning for those who abused the power of their office has finally arrived.  (Anna V) 
  • An arrow pointing down and then slowly moving upwards. I think this is a reference to the post-election stock market. (Anna V.) Or it might be about the rise in the spirits of our Collective.
  • It’s a new start. I see someone wearing a white tubular covering – like a muff, walking in the snow. Everything is white and peaceful. (Doris)
  • There is no leader. (Christine).
  • It seems like an Oliver Twist sort of winter.  I am in London and it is very cold. I am not sure what we are to do with all of this.  What are we getting used to?  It is a new normal. (Andrew P.)
  • I hear the Rolling Stones’ song, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”  Feels like a Democratic disappointment of some kind.  Some sort of compromise made.  Not sure if it involves the election or is legislative.  (Deetoo)   
  • Sigh of relief in collective. People happy election has been decided and Trump is gone.  (Deetoo) 
  • Long road ahead of us to repair the damage. (Deetoo)
  • Quiet inauguration because of virus resurgence. (Deetoo)


  • Recovery; hope; relief. (Carol C)
  • Science reemerges. Experts lead us through the pandemic.  Government is rebuilt and fully staffed. (Bluebelle)
  • Catching breath from 2020. Healing trauma from chaos.  Slow beginning, but the Dems are actively mobilizing and generating bills. (Susan A)
  • I see the colors of the Ace of Cups, blues, whites, some lavender and purple, near the beginning which is a sign of expanding love. Then some light towards the end, sense of cleaning up a big mess. (Karen C)
  • I see farm animals. More people want to move to farms. But there is also a queston about the fate of farm animals as a plant based diet begins to take hold. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see angel wings of protection. (Anna V)
  • A feeling of excitement as the country begins to undo the damage of the Trump presidency. (Baba)
  • Things slowly begin to improve for people as the year goes on. Recovery has started. (Baba)
  • White supremacist terrorism is finally addressed by the US government. (Baba)
  • A vaccine is finally ready for mass usage for covid. (Baba)
  • 2021 is the year of the woman. (Baba)
  • I see an opening. There is less virus. The economy, social interactions are opening and getting back to normal compared to before. (Doris)
  • I see two gargoyles protecting something.  ( Lovendures)
  • I am seeing an LGBT leader who comes to power in the mid-western states. I am seeing Wisconsin. This person appears as male; he is a millennial, and he will run for governor. (Natasha)
  • In late 2021, I am seeing a shot being developed for an illness. I am picking up HIV. (Natasha)
  • I feel that we are picking up speed, could feel the energy accelerating through circular motion moving forward (like train wheels). (Christine)
  • A vaccine for Covid-19 is coming this year. A mass vaccination is underway. People are standing in long lines to be vaccinated. (Siobhan)
  • Pulled Magus card. It’s our opportunity to recreate from the ground up.  So much has been destroyed by this administration, but we can rebuild our crumbling structure with wisdom, transparency and accountability.  Coalitions form to see where we are and to make serious changes within government.  “Out with the Old, In with the New.”  We have an opportunity to create whatever we want, to begin eliminating/rewriting the old rules.  (Deetoo)
  • Problems with courts. Can some of these judges be removed? (Deetoo)
  • Further corruption and scandals exposed; various high office holders involved. (Deetoo)

Climate and earth (2021)

  • There is a Tsunami from the Arctic ocean into Russia and it's a big one. Could be coming from an Asteroid coming at such an angle that the major part of the Tsunami is moving towards Russia.  Canada is not impacted as much as Russia and other northern European countries or Alaska.  It will be a huge wave as if it was meant to be for Russia. (Bright Opal)
  • I see a man with black ski pants and red parka with brown fur around the hood of his coat. He is hiking up towards what looks like the crater of a volcano where he will discover a new animal species.  It looks like a mix of seal and whale.  It is more menacing than a dragon seal. Its food source is the penguins.  (Bright Opal)
  • I see the equatorial countries turning brown, meaning without vegetation (Bright Opal)
  • Strong solar storms during this year. (Baba)
  • Space travel is hindered by the storms. (Baba)
  • I see the earth and it has a shield or storm over the Arctic. The shield is yellow/gold and has multiple sides, like a satellite station. The shield relates to protecting the Arctic. (MBK).
  • Volcanoes bursting. (Sharon N)
  • 2020 –2022: More volcanoes erupt around the planet, some that have been dormant for thousands of years are waking up.  I see Krakatoa blowing up like it did in 1814 or thereabout.  New ones will be discovered on the US and Canadian Pacific coast.  Also possibly Alberta.  The Pacific rim of fire is on fire. (Bright Opal)
  • Dead bones laying about. (Teri R)
  • I see the grim reaper but there was something positive before that. (Pikake)



  • Path to recovery is continuing to go up. (Esther M)
  • Stock markets are reorganized. New laws are passed to make trading more equitable. The government intervenes to curb the behavior that brought about past financial collapses/instability in markets (Baba)
  • There are numerous, notable scientific breakthroughs in the fields of space sciences and physics. We begin to have a new understanding of our universe and how it works. (Baba).
  • A mission to Mars is being planned and concrete steps are being taken to make it possible. (Baba)
  • I see bright green behind my eyes. It has to do with environmental “green’’. Everyone is striving for it now this year. That is our goal. Everyone is worried about the planet. It has finally sunk in. I see the faces of worried scientists working long hours to come up with solutions. (Tonya W)
  • Wet grass not cultivating crops, life. I saw water rising so fast. Over my feet, then ankles, knees, thighs. It was a flood. I looked up and I saw lands flooding everywhere. Water levels rising and flooding bad this year. Sad times for a lot who will be displaced from homes. Coastal towns and the south will be hit hard. I also see Florida as one of the worst places to live from now on. (Tonya W).
  • Biden not well. VP taking more and more responsibility.  (Sharon G)
  • I feel a glow. There is a sense of peace and well-being. The country is rebuilding and things are progressing on course.(Lauri M-D)

We feel like we have a lot of work to do to rebuild. We will do it.  It is a new world and we are ready to be in it.  Farms are an issue. (Jeanne Mayell)

We have made a lot of progress. Things are much more peaceful.  (Lauri M-D)

  • Regrowth organic farming. (Teri R).
  • Palm trees, fresh air, breezy, light. (Sharon N).
  • Feel strong sense of feminine energy; working together to build. (Mary Kay)
  • Green, sustainable technology, greening of the planet. (Pikake)
  • Laws are written to block authoritarian actions by future presidents. (Bluebelle)
  • Still recovering from 2020 economically and within our human nervous systems. Country starting to stabilize. (Susan A)
  • Something dark and evil happens suddenly. I see evil fantasy creatures like goblins and orcs, representing the monstrous side of humanity. I see a Civil War-type battle field after the battle, and it is burnt out. I’m down, and looking up at the night stars. I see the silhouette of a burnt cannon, and the broken and burnt wood of a wrecked wagon. This may be about race relations or the political divide more broadly. We take a hit (MBK)
  • I see a Civil War cannon. Nighttime. Civil War ruins. Civil rights are in the news again. I see Biden and green mountains in the background. There may be legislation to protect the environment. (MBK)
  • The end of extreme conservatism in Canada. Moderation. Liberal red in Ontario. (Anna V)
  • It is calmer in every way. There is a feeling of being settled in, like the calm after a storm. We are able to breather and are very grateful. (Doris)
  • Spina bifida is in the news; possibly a new treatment. (Natasha)
  • Feels like a Merry go-round. (Christine).
  • The U.S. implements vocational training programs to put people to work in more technical jobs. (Siobhan)
  • It feels so much easier on the mind here…not so much to notice or feel as the year we are now in.  I am on a freeway, looking out the window, at the landscape I’m going somewhere and somewhere new.  (Andrew P.)
  • Health issues for Biden (could even be late 2021) (Deetoo)
  • Government rebuilding, laws rewritten. (Deetoo)
  • 2021-2025: There will be a major rise of women in power. The first woman president will be elected in 2024, probably AOC. This will be the era of change in humanity that was started in the 1960’s. Peace and love will finally replace centuries of patriarchal rule. (Debbie M.)
  • Krakatoa is blowing its top off like in 1814. Mount Venusius will create another Pompeii event. (Bright Opal)
  • 2022 to 2025: I see the Pacific plate which is pushing against the North American plate. Something will snap there,  . (Bright Opal)
  • Despite having all those volcanoes blowing up, I don't see a year without summer. I see the smoke ashes being pushed so the sun can shine through.  Authorities are controlling the weather and they will control these events happening between 2022 and 2025.  They are expecting those events to happen and are preparing for it. (Bright Opal)



Overall (2023)

  • The world is finally starting to recover.(Baba)
  • I see a hammer in someone’s hand, sign of a society that is building anew. Public notices. These are signs of greater local community living.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see space exploration taking place, with many scientific discoveries around space. (Doris)
  • Out of balance.  (Lovendures)
  • An invention add-on to the cell phone; this will be like our printing press moment for Generation Z and Generation Alpha. (Natasha).
  • People are back at work, but they have a different perspective about work. They are less materialistic. (Siobhan)
  • Biden gone from office? Change of power; country continuing to stabilize (Susan A)
  • Biden is out. Someone else is in. (Carol C)
  • Biden does not complete his full term. Feels like it’s health-related.(Deetoo)
  • Investment in further space exploration. (Deetoo).
  • Laws rewritten to limit executive powers. Legislation put forth to limit terms for Congress, Senate and Federal judges. (Deetoo)
  • I hear the song "My Sharona" by the Knack (1979). They recently made this into a song called "Bye Corona" to the same tune. I think this is the year that we can finally say that we beat Covid 19.(Baba)
  • Hydrogen energy is in the news and becomes more accessible. (Baba)
  • Switzerland makes a big change. Women are finally guaranteed equal rights and equal pay. (Baba).

Climate and Earth (2023)

  • There are climate change worries: rising seas, flooding, hurricanes.  (Bluebelle)
  • I am brave but it seems that much has changed and much has been lost, but nature endures, and the seasons are encouraging.  That each follows the other once again.  There is a winsomeness to this time.  A new spring.  (Andrew P.)
  • I see a barren landscape where trees have been cleared.  When I went back to that landscape and talked to the trees, they told me that a giant swath of old growth forest will be illegally clear cut. I can feel the entire earth, all beings in mourning for this desecration. The tree spirits are still there, like grey shadows, working to begin renewal of the land. The country is outraged (this could be Canada) and this represents a turning point. Never again will we abuse and desecrate nature in this way. (Anna)
  • I see a sunrise over fields, a pastoral scene. A positive sign of change. (Karen C)
  • I see water flowing through the courtyards and courtly areas. Sunny days, pastoral. This is a time of regeneration and play. (MBK)
  • Water is rising. But cleaner, brighter. (Anna V)


  • Renewal in earnest. Forward movement.  (Carol C)
  • Women to the top. (Lauri M-D)
  • We are in a new place People are feeling positive with the steps that our leaders have pursued and the progress that has been made. We are tackling the challenges one by one. The country is rebuilding in a good way for the first time in many years and moving forward. We are focusing on the needs of our citizens. (Lauri M-D)
  • I see a NASA symbol.  An announcement regarding our space program. ( Lovendures)
  • Parties, garlands, merry-making. (Pikake)
  • England (UK) abolishes the Monarchy. (Baba)
  • Scotland wants to join the EU. (Baba)
  • Changes in the way the economy and markets function – more inclusive and kinder, more intentional in a sustainable way. (Mary Kay)
  • Taking a breath after merry making in 2023, rolling sleeves up to make things work. (Pikake)
  • There are new amendments to the U.S. Constitution. (Bluebelle).
  • Woman in power. Making progress on behalf of all citizens.  Still cleaning up but making ground. (Susan A)
  • Skies are blue and the feeling is positive. I see a man who feels like a leader and looks like Biden.  (Karen C)
  • Women rise up.  We are buoyed by light forces - energy/angels/spirit. (Anna V)
  • A climate victory of some kind. The younger generation is rising and healing the earth. (Anna V)
  • A government food program starts in US; it looks like everyone gets a voucher for food. (Natasha)
  • Feeling good now. This is so cool. (Christine).
  • There is more peace and goodwill among nations. (Siobhan)
  • People living with less; focus on simplifying your life. (Deetoo)
  • Lots of women running for office. Focus on fairness, transparency, equality. (Deetoo)
  • England (UK) abolishes the Monarchy. (Baba)
  • Scotland wants to join the EU. (Baba)

Climate and Earth (2024)

  • The wind is blowing in the night, like one of those experimental wind tunnels where velocity is being tested for some product to be marketed. (Doris)
  • A rainbow, daises, butterflies! Sunshine in the best way. (Mary Kay).
  • It is so windy. So many more hurricanes that we deal with now and mild compared to what is coming. States without coasts will be overrun with people. But I also saw winds in desert regions. I see people trying to work outside and dust in their eyes and mouth. So windy everywhere. Barren lands. Climate has become temperamental. Earth is angry with us. (Tonya W)
  • The land is healing; the animals are happy, roaming. (Teri R)
  • The country is dry. Dust bowl feeling but we are all jumping. So the deteriorating climate conditions are not preventing the usual humanity exuberance. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Rhinos are in the news. Emergency measures are taken to keep a small rhinoceros population from becoming extinct. (Baba)
  • I hear the song "O Christmas Tree.” Canada is going to discourage buying natural Christmas trees and by 2024 the sale and purchase of natural tress will eventually be outlawed unless they come ready to be planted in the spring.  It comes from Justin Trudeau and I see an old aboriginal woman smiling at him, approving his move.  (Bright Opal)


  • How am I feeling? It is dusty but bright and I am growing flowers.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Year of the Woman in government. (Deetoo)
  • There is a focus on local farming, farm to table produce. Everyone wants local produce as much as possible.  It’s better for our earth.  It’s better for our bodies.  It’s better for our local economies.  (Bluebelle)
  • The world is ready to party. Luxury goods do well this year. (Baba)
  • Global warming claims a pacific island due to seas rising. (Baba)
  • Artificial Intelligence doctors start being trialed. (Baba)
  • Large earthquake in LA. (Baba)
  • I see a lot of film cameras. Feels like an anti-digital trend. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see Obama and a black man, an encouraging sign about the political climate. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see guns, and lots of insects or ants. This might be about some pieces of legislation  or cases before SCOTUS. (Jeanne Mayell) 
  • Universal healthcare. (Lorraine V)
  • Hearts, flowers, something new created, my heart feels heavy. (Sharon N).
  • Spaceship, shuttles, little girls writing a song, popular. (Sharon N).
  • Women, so many women, strength (Teri R).
  • I feel a frisson in the air and sense we have a female president. (Pikake)
  • More space exploration, expanded (Lovendures)
  • Many circles of people dancing together, people smiling and coming together. (Mary Kay)
  • I see an old man dressed in a yellow/gold top hat and coat. He was progressively aging in front of my eyes, almost decaying into a fragile state.  Represents the Republican party.  (Avon)
  • A saw flower gardens with many red flowers. (Audre)
  • The world has indeed changed. I am in a new location sitting outside wrapped in a wool blanket. I see green lands as far as the eyes can see. We are more humbled. I have lines on my face. I am wiser, as are we all. There is peace. The air is cleaner. So many have moved and changed physically and emotionally. We are learning to coexist with our planet and each other. Still more work to do. (Tonya W)
  • Male candidate emerges on national political stage. Charming, appealing, but is of dark energy.  He is a charismatic and telegenic. (Susan A)
  • I see someone who looks like Biden with an African American man. Arms around each other’s shoulders. Then the man who looks like Biden is saying goodbye, passing on a torch to the African American man. (Karen C)
  • I see a Civil War cannon. Nighttime. Civil War ruins. Civil rights are in the news again. I see Biden and green mountains in the background. There may be legislation to protect the environment (Mary K).
  • I see sunflowers in a field on a mountain meadow. I hear birds singing. It is a beautiful summer day, calm, peaceful. We are experiencing the apex of our hard work. Truly peaceful and wonderful, so happy and content. (Doris)
  • A new discovery in physics is made about the pyramids. (Natasha)
  • Recent College grads are doing research on space travel. (Natasha)
  • A new voucher program in US to get people to buy electric cars; gasoline being phased out slowly. (Natasha)
  • I see green hills, rounded, pretty. (Christine) Perhaps this is due to a greater greening movement.
  • I see a large red tropical flower. (Siobhan)
  • There is not a lot of fun stuff like air conditioning and espresso.  The choices are a bit narrower   There is not a digital culture.   I am sitting on a porch in a neighborhood and I don’t care about the world.  We are focused on our street, not the world. (Andrew P.)
  • A black woman will be sworn into office as US President. But she will be a Republican. (Bright Opal)
  • A celebrated and powerful public figure dies bringing sadness to the Collective. But this person left a beautiful and positive legacy. The young looked up to this person and will continue to fulfill their goals towards a more sustainable world.  (Sharon M.)
  • Flowers are growing again and people are turning more to gardening and farming. People are moving away from the city and creating their own food sources. People are sharing their resources and farming goods (maybe some type of bartering system) There’s a new technology that will help make home gardening and farming easier and fun. (Sharon M).
  • Elon Musk in the news regarding spaceship shuttles. Some may have the opportunity to travel to Mars.  (Sharon M.)
  • Energy efficient cars that are more affordable and driverless will allow people to live anywhere. (Sharon M)
  • Young girls from around the world, together write a song that will move and shake the world. It will go viral on a new social media app. (Sharon M)

We have many more predictions for these same time periods. You can find them combined together on THE MAIN PREDICTION PAGE HERE and also in this forum below this set of predictions. 

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06/26/2020 8:06 pm  

I accidentally deleted the whole topic of containing the June 1 predictions but removed it enough to post again here under a new topic name. Phew.

I had been deleting the first set of predictions since I'd reposted them with corrections and...POOF!... I remembered too late that if you delete the first post in a topic, it deletes the entire topic with no way to bring it back.  That's the bad news.  But the good news is that fortunately I could still hit the back button and find the old topic still on my computer.  So the topic is  back but missing three posts by people noting hits. I am reposting those hits in the HITS section.

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06/26/2020 9:04 pm  


Here is a hit for June 1 predictions that had been earlier spotted by @hazyjane.

"Flashes of white lightning bolts from the Gods. (Pikake)"


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06/26/2020 10:12 pm  


That is cool!

@jeanne-mayell, things happen.  Happy you were able tp figure out a solution. Thanks for working on it.

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06/27/2020 1:35 pm  

I'm writing two books - one on the Tarot and one on the Intuitive Way Class.  Just need a year off. After that,  path to becoming heart warriors.

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06/27/2020 2:10 pm  


If you need an editor Jeanne I'd love to work with you. (Been a professional writer/editor since 1993.)

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06/27/2020 2:23 pm  


Wow! That's awesome and how even more so to offer to help Jeanne!

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07/04/2020 12:52 am  

Setting tentative Read the Future Night for September 14. 

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07/04/2020 11:44 am  

I added a new prediction to the main prediction page for 2020 whole year:

I see a mountain in the US. The top is exploding. The mountain is filled with warm water.I believe this is thermal energy. There are green branches at the base of the mountain. There's a new discovery in thermal green energy. I also sense this is connected to the Lakota tribe and the number 6. Posted July 4 for sometime in the ensuing 12 months. (Teri)

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@jeanne-mayell I've been wanting to join one of these for some time now!  September 14 is on my calendar!

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Posted by: @jeanne-mayell

A Snowboarder in the news. (Christine B.)

Not sure if this is it, but this news happened the other day:


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07/11/2020 11:37 am  

I'm in Jeanne's class so am trying to work on visioning.  Can't say that I sense much of a gift here, but I'll share what I saw this morning.  I saw Bill Barr wrapped up "loosely" in barbed wire, trying to free himself.  However, he kept getting nicked no matter what he did.  

What are others getting about Bill Barr?  

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07/11/2020 1:28 pm  

@saibh. Interesting about that news.  Perhaps that was it.  Also in the news, a two-time Olympic champion just died in a spear fishing accident. Sometimes it happens that two stories come out and we can't know what the reader was seeing.  This month there were two different stories about a new star in the sky that Andrew Posey had seen.

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07/12/2020 1:13 am  

@seeker4 I posted my visions I did on another post but in July I see Barr bloated and scared and also in September I saw Barr coughing with a heavy heart.  Maybe something’s going to happen to him.  Tick tock, it’s only a matter of time.  Seems like we’re both seeing similar visions.




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