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January 22, 2018 Reading by World Predictions Group  


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Positive Visions for 2018 – The Whole Year

Note: These visions came spontaneously from a meditation.  I then grouped them according to the following categories. -- JM

Greater understanding about events, people are wiser:

  • Looking back at at year and seeing why it happened and needed to happen. Feeling more spirituality, needing that viewpoint more and more in collective. (Michele)
  • People begin to understand where to look now. Realizing where the deceptions lie. Opting out of what can’t be changed. (Wayne)
  • We are seeing what we are made of, both good and bad. It was necessary for the changes coming to go through what we’ve gone through. (Kathryn)
  • 2018 was the year of a huge wake up call in a good way. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • 2018 Congress has shown its true colors. People will really see now. (Jeanne)

Rise of caring and understanding of others

  • People begin to understand each other more. (Donna)
  • More love in the collective. Hearts are opening like never before, more compassion, candles burning, groups of people singing.
  • I see a public that realizes it is entitled.  (Andrew Posey)

Women rising:

  • Feminine rising, lightness spreading among the people.  (Charisse)
  • Women rising to power, taking office across the country.  Record numbers of women entering politics and winning races.  (Bluebelle)
  • Women continue to successfully step up in all areas. (Harriet)
  • Women rising, girls watching and starting to believe they will make a difference when they grow up. Angry at what they see but they will make it better for everyone. (Doris)
  • Women are feeling genuinely powerful, embracing a womanly form of leadership that men can emulate, rather than trying to gain power by emulating men. (Ginny)
  • More women in more industries speak out against sexual harassment. changing cultural views and norms. (Bluebelle)

People realizing their strength

  • It’s chaotic.  We know we need to be strong and centered like an old cedar tree while the foxes fight around us. (Kathryn)
  •  Slugging, work is hard but will pay off, keeping the eye on the prize will pay off. (Doris)
  •  2018 was the year of new possibilities. (Jeanne Mayell)

Rise of inner peace and a kind of spirituality

  • Cheering, relief, white light, spaciousness in the center of the USA.  (Beccay)
  • People prayerful. I see the peace sign. (Billie)
  • I sense Angels everywhere. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Things are better, things are different. (Andrew Posey)
  • Huge increase in spiritual awareness. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A sense of peace. (Ginney)
  • More peaceful in America, people feeling strong, united working together. Fighting for rights, I saw women coming into their own, smiling, but determined.  I heard the words, “we are in it for the long term.”  (Lola)
  • I do feel like I’m going to cry, cry for the better.  (Ming)
  • Life goes on. Parents and children window-shopping in NYC. (Jeanne Mayell(
  •  A newer normal, there is nothing solid, but there is a huge shift away from the extremes and to the middle. This is good news, but also bad, that the bad forces are still active. At least it is less partisan. (Andrew Posey).
  • Fireworks, family gathering eating a warm dish. (Bin)
  • England, Scotland to Norway: something happy about Queen Elizabeth II’s crown.  (Sophie)

2018 The Whole Year (Thanks to Asian for sending us his predictions. The rest of us made predictions by month this time.)

  • There won't be any world war this year though tensions and conflicts between nations will rise up. (Asian)
  • This is the year of Russian election. Russia will be busy protecting Putin from Western mechanisms. So, during the first half of the year they will remain mostly quiet. They will again become active in international arena at the end of the year. (Asian)
  • China and Russia have a silent understanding between them. Otherwise Russia would not have entered Syria. As both countries relationship begins to turns cold with USA it will take a shape of an alliance in coming years. (Asian)
  • In Middle East Jerusalem will continue to be a controversial issue. Israel won't agree to any type of compromise. Rather they will tighten their grip on Jerusalem. It will make them more isolated in international arena. US will continue to support Israel. Palestinian authorities may go to international court. In Middle East public opinion will turn increasingly against Israel as more casualities happens in protest against Israeli government. Even in friendly countries like Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia etc. Relation between Qatar and Saudi & UAE will deteriorate more. (Asian)
  • Europe and Middle East become divided into Anti-USA and Pro-USA camp. It is the result of the waning global influence of USA. (Asian)
  • China-India relation will remain mostly cool this year, however a border incident may occur between two countries. In both countries leadership there will be lots of confusion regarding each other. In coming years however their relationship will continue to deteriorate rapidly. (Asian)
  • Another important area is Afghanistan-Pakistan area. In Afghanistan, the Jihadi influence will continue to rise, although media probably won’t give importance to this. In coming years due to close proximity to Afghanistan, central Asia will flare up. (Asian)
  • Both the UK and France will continue to be the terror hotspots in Europe for long time to come. Australia will begin to see lone-wolf attacks which will continue into the future. (Asian)
  • Terrorist attacks will also increase in Israel and India including one major attack in Israel. Jewish synagogues in Europe may come under attack from terrorists. The leadership will take tough stands against terrorists. After March, terrorist attacks will continue to rise in Kashmir and the state will continue to boil for next few months. The India Pakistan relationship will take downward turn because of this. But despite bloodshed, India will be able to rein in cross-border terrorism somewhat. (Asian)
  • President Putin will win this time too, despite many Western attempts. (Asian)
  • Chancellor Angela Markel won't serve full term this time. She would be out of office by 2019 at earliest. (Asian)
  • Egypt will see a new president this year. (Asian)
  • PM Modi will continue to be a popular and strong leader. His party will continue to win elections although they will begin to suffer setbacks. Also, there will be increasing inner fighting within his party. Women will get higher posts in his party and in the government. (Asian)

Economy (2018)

  • There won't be economic crash although economy will take many hits through out the year. 2019-20 are the final years of old world order. Everyone should get ready for them. (Asian)
  • Square root sign in the stock market movement for February. But no crash in 2018. (Jeanne) Market dropped 665 points February 3, 2018.
  • An announcement about the stock market and the banks. (Wayne) Market dropped 665 points February 3Steep rise in stock market followed by steep fall. (Alisa) Market dropped 665 points February 3
  • American economy will stay strong most of the year due tax bill. But, eventually only large corporations would benefit from this tax cut. It will boost economy and employment for a short time but will ultimately fail to reach its objective. In longer term it will increase economic inequality and create a market bubble. I see from late 2019 people will begin to feel negative consequences of this bill. (Asian)
  • China will continue to have internal economic issues with their rising debt level, but outwardly China will look strong, signing more treaties, and in this way creating a cushion to survive upcoming economic and financial collapse and spreading their geopolitical clout in Asia. This year is their last chance to handle this problem correctly. Because when geopolitical tensions begins to escalate next year there won't be any room to maneuver. Their vulnerability to debt may come to light in second-half of the year. (Asian)
  • Indian economy will take a sharp turn upwards this year and will see rise of GDP returning to above 7% by second quarter of financial year. They will end the year stronger. Real estate markets in new developing cities will begin to thrive. But in big cities market will collapse. (Asian)
  • European economy will continue to stagnate. Italy and Greece both will continue to be sore spots. Both of them will become major economic headache for EU in next year if they don't leave this year. (Asian)
  • It ultimately depends on Greek leadership whether they will leave EU or not. They know leaving EU will earn them nothing but enimity from other members of block. Plus greek politicians are kind of afraid of the repercussion it can bring from globalist mafia for them personally. So, they didn't leave until now. If they finally decide to take the plunge then know that it came after assurances from Russian leadership and it's likely to happen at the end of the year. Even if they didn't leave this year, I see them being the first one to leave post-2020 after economic chaos hits EU in 2019-20 and authorities face population unrest. (Asian)
  • Bitcoin will suffer a crash this year but will recover well by the end of the year. But rising incidents of cyber-crime will make people worry. Other than that new crypto-currencies will continue to emerge as digital cash becomes more popular. (Asian)

February 2018 Predictions


  • Children crying, Noooo!    (Jeanne)  This is about the Parkland, Florida mass shooting and the students' outrage and protests. 
  • Tension, anger, my heart is beating quickly, I feel like I want to cry. (Kathryn)  Parkland, Florida shooting.
  • Anger at Congress. (Jeanne Mayell)  National reaction to Congress's refusal to pass gun control
  • I see a lot of old people leaving the U.S. in 2018. (Andrew Posey)
  •  Chaos instigated by group of men from the U.S. government. (Doris) A GOP plot involving Trump, Nunes, Kochs, McCarthy, and Ryan to destroy the rule of law.
  •  The color orange.  (Melanie) [This usually refers to warnings.] Parkland, Florida students wore orange during their gun control protests. 
  •  A lot of stress. (Barbara)  High school shooting.
  •  Moon shining with dark clouds behind it.  (Doris)  [This is a foreboding symbol].
  •  Explosion in the U.S. (Billie)
  •  An eagle gargoyle s sticking out of the walls of a building, looks like the Chrysler building  An ominous sign from the halls of corporate power.   (Jeanne) 
  • Flags half-mast, marble steps, mausoleum like. Someone important has died. White hair, blue eyes, rosy face, old.  (Michele)  Evangelist Billy Graham dies.
  • Vicious attacks on Democrats by Republicans.  Breaks all norms. (Bluebelle)
  • Koch brothers are afraid. (Bin)  Koch's put $400 million into local races to curb the blue wave that appears to be coming. 
  • Fear in the collective. (Alisa)
  • Religious leader passes. (Wayne)  Billy Graham dies. 
  • In the news: An issue with the Empire State Building and electricity.

World Problems in the Middle East, desert, southern peninsula. (Kathryn)

  • Iran becomes a threat now. (Bluebelle)
  • Assad in the news. (Kathryn)
  • North Korea soldiers busy.  (Ming)
  • Activity in the Middle East desert. (Kathryn)
  • Scandal with Dennis Coderre, Montreal ex-mayor. (Sophie)
  • Calm seas but something is looming in the Pacific. There is tension, anxiety, and military ships. The ships are grey in colour. I cannot see any ensigns or flags but feel they are American. Their mission is to race to a specific location at full speed in order to get there as soon as possible. (Doris)


  • More snow, Russia snow, cold. Bitter cold in Afghanistan.  (Andrew Posey)
  • Sweetness in South America. Argentina.  Butterflies and clean fresh air. (Andrew Posey)
  • Seismic shifts in the West beginning in California. (Bluebelle)
  • Very high up snow capped mountain, rounded at top then snow.  I think this is about possible earth changes coming. I don’t know where this is.   (Jeanne)
  • Distant thunder and a narrow pathway. (Skye)
  • I see the color red. I see fire, bomb, volcano. (Ginny)
  • I saw the Atacama Desert in Chile and heard the words, “ the earth will shake”.  (Paula)
  • This vision may apply to Feb – April:  Floods on the Mississippi: I’m seeing the Mississippi river, a brown river, I’m high above the ground and the river appears like the thread of a vein on the arm of a human, and I’m seeing winds.  There are winds on the plains and tears in my eyes.  I am seeing white and snow and whitewater and I am seeing this in the Great Lakes area and now I’m understanding that the Mississippi has turned brown from these floods. So I’m seeing floods on the Mississippi and that makes my stomach flighty. (Andrew Posey)
  • In Greenland, big pieces of ice falling in the sea.  The land underneath is small. (Sophie)
  • Elephant graveyards. (Andrew Posey)
  •  In the news: Canada is losing land mass due to climate change.  Water is rising.  (Sophie)
  •  Cold snap in the Northeast. (Wayne)
  • An old Inuit woman is smiling wisely. She likes Trudeau.  The river is overflowing on land, she knows it is supposed to happen as this is a new age beginning.  (Sophie)

March 2018

U.S. Politicians

  • Paul Ryan in trouble. Wrongdoings exposed.  (Bluebell)
  • Trump repressing voices. (Barbara)
  • The feeling of darkness in the White House. (Kathryn)
  • Mueller trying to meet with Trump. (Ginny)
  • Trump can't reach agreement with his people. (Wayne)
  • I see a white skyscraper in the news. It is old and dilapidated and needs to be rehabbed. I sense a Russian influence or foreign power. I think it might be Kushner’s 666 Park Avenue building that is at the center of his treason. (Jeanne)
  • I see an image of a very tall tower, almost like a skyscraper, a lot slimmer than a traditional skyscraper. Very tall and slim, maybe made of glass and metal. I think it's in a city. (Blue)

U.S. People


  • The wind is still blowing and it’s sweeping across the prairie and I see tumbleweeds and I see the mothers of lost children and I see Utah and a dryness and a reckoning of sorts.  (Andrew Posey)
  • Many new faces in Congress getting interviewed (Donna)
  • In NYC trains brakes fail, jerking, throwing passengers, screaming.   (Michele)
  • Demonstrations and government retaliations. (Wayne)
  • Tornado through the center of the White House. (Skye)
  • Mueller trying to meet with Trump. (Ginny)
  • Crowds of happy people in a march. (Kathryn)
  • This time makes me feel anxious. (Doris)
  • Crowds of people. It looks like a march, but it’s happy. (Kathryn)



  • Russia and North Pole activities.  Canada is watching.  (Sophie)
  • Calm seas but something is looming in the Pacific.  There is tension, anxiety, and military ships. (Doris)
  • Large glow. People are shielding their eyes. (Terry)



  • I’m seeing a map of South America with an emphasis on the West Coast, southerly section, which would be Chile. It is about the faults in that area. Portends earthquake. (Jeanne)
  • The earth is quaking. It feels like Chile. It is happening in a dry, desert-like place, fairly narrow and not far from water. (Doris)
  • Mountains in the news. (Ming)
  • Thick snow in the Himalyans.  (Ming)
  • Spring is green. The feeling is of happiness, flowers and art, like 60's style art and hippies. (Kathryn)
  • Birds crashing, dying, navigation off, eagles dying, pigeons not homing, many lying on steps in (Michele)
  • Snow or ash raining down. (Alisa)

April 2018


  • People outraged, yelling at the Congress. Talking heads telling the story. (Jeanne)
  • More turmoil in Washington. More corruption exposed. Many Republicans exposed. (BlueBelle)
  • Sanders speaking at a town hall. (Bin)
  • Congress passing a bill. (Bin)
  • Paul Ryan hedges on something. (Wayne)
  • A notable death.

White House

  • Trump’s tax return leaked. (Bluebelle)
  • Clearer findings on Russia investigation. (Ginny)
  • I see George Washington’s face on Rushmore. This is in the news for some reason. (Jeanne)
  • Melania looks angry. (Bluebelle)
  • I see Trump front and center. He feels heavy and dark and I hear loud noise in my ears, like something is closing in. The whole White House feels dark. (Kathryn)
  • Jared Kushner is in so much stress. (Barbara)


U.S. People


  • Traffic lights not synchronizing, cars crashing, t-boned. Baby crying, hurt but still alive. (Michele)
  • Dog in the news, saves someone. (Michele)
  • A painful time in the collective. I feel a throbbing on my right temple and pain on my right shoulder. There are troubles and  worries. I feel sad for many people. (Jeanne)
  • Sad event around Easter, nationally. (Wayne)




  • Parchment remnant, Holy Land, sepulture, Shiites in the news. (Michele)
  • A tall purple tower shaped like a skinny pagoda in Kuala Lumpur; feeling calm. (beccay)
  • Large wave. (Skye)
  • North Korea people conditions revealed. (Ming)
  • I see these white clouds rolling across a blue sky, I see a wound healing a wound in the land. (Andrew Posey)




  • Strawberries are rotting in the fields due to excessive rain and mud. (Bluebelle)
  • Italy volcano. (Doris)
  • Mississippi flooding.  (Andrew Posey)
  • Elephants are herded.  It is  dusty.  (Andrew Posey)

May 2018



  • Some people cornered as far as the Russia investigation. I see one man really cornered. (Jeanne)
  • (Skye)
  • Lighting of the national mood. Women clearly are empowered now, and focused. (Ginny)
  • I see freedom riders across the country, especially in the southwestern desert. (Bluebelle)
  • I see a woman in a full spreading white gown.  She is frazzled. Speaking out.
  • (Michele)
  • Hispanic groups taking a stand. The Pope gets involved. (Wayne)
  • Camera up on the wall. (Terry)
  • A cornered and shackled. A big man, a heavy weight, maybe a boxer. (Jeanne)
  • A struggle to reach an agreement. People are trying to very hard to resolve something, may be war-related, but I was feeling their struggle and deep desire, and it's a struggle. They have good intentions.  It could be international affairs. (Blue)



  • Something wrong with the Royals. I hear crying. I see people wearing veils.
  • North Korea. Possible nuclear explosion.
  • There’s a nuclear explosion. (Kathryn)
  • North Korea quiets down. (Ginny)  Kim Jung Un in the news. (Terry)
  • I am seeing Paris and it’s green and it’s not so grim here and I see smiles and greenness.  There’s a lightness in Paris! There are fireworks too, and a bowling ally.  
  • There’s a bowling championship in the news. (Andrew Posey)
  • I see an image of a cartoon general, frustrated and peeved. I see a temper blowing and shooting out of cartoon ears. It’s likely a satirical commentary. (Andrew Posey)
  • I hear distorted radio signals. (Bluebelle)
  • France, Spain, Italy, mountains are in the light.  But north of these countries is getting darker.  Related to Russia and Putin. (Sophie)
  • May Day, Massacre, Festival, I see old ladies, Belgium or France, children killed. (Michele)
  • Sunken ship or similar discovery, Indian Ocean.  (Michele)
  • Soldiers marching. Muddy bodies of soldiers in the water. (Terry)
  • Big problems with Africa in the news. (Jeanne Mayell)



  • I see a volcano. (Skye)
  • Volcano, grey clouds and ash in sky. Feels like Southeast Asia or Philippines. (Doris)
  • Off in the distance I heard an explosion and saw cloud. (Kathryn)
  • I see the words, “Corn plunges”.  Could be stock futures.  Heard “justify nothing”. (Beccay)
  • Problem with flooding. I see a riverbank carving up its banks, fast flowing, run off. It’s somewhere flat, like a valley or tundra but cannot provide a location. (Doris)

June 2018


  • China is doing something really good for itself financially at Canada’s expense.  (Sophie)
  • Lighter energy in the middle of country. (Charisse)
  • Feels good. New opening, like springtime. (Alisa)
  • The New York collective feels rushed.  (Wayne)
  • Willy Wonka in the news. (Kathryn).  Chocolate River. (Kathryn)
  • Freedom riders in the southwestern desert.  (Bluebelle)
  • I feel my skin burning I feel the light of a strong sun.  I’m a looking at a desert and I am seeing over the ridge a dune and over that another dune and just over that a team of roaming people, more than I could ever have thought…and I see hot sand.  And these masses of roaming people are in the news. (Andrew Posey)


July 2018




  • Mueller makes a big move.  Another indictment. (Bluebelle)
  • Something, explosive happening in the U.S., a big event. (Sophie)
  • Explosion in downtown Manhattan.  Probably a gas main. (Wayne)
  • I see the news focusing on a beautiful woman with long legs. I see that women are really coming out more and more. Beautiful women are speaking up. (Jeanne)
  • I see Uncle Sam pointing at the Middle Class. (Donna)
  • Tension with crowds, agitated groups of people, not happy, demonstrations in the streets. (Doris)




  • Violence in Central America, in Honduras or el Salvador.  (Ginny)
  • I see Australia and something blowing up and it could be political, but I am seeing the red rich sand of that land. Native folks or head of government. (Andrew Posey)
  • I see images of Napoleon. (Terry)



  • I see an alligator.  Something newsworthy going on in the Everglades.
  • Much too hot, parched, dry. (Kathryn)
  • California is dry, even the rattlesnakes are thirsty.  (Kathryn)
  • Excruciating off the charts heat.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Sweltering humidity.  (Melanie)
  • Wildfires in Nevada and Utah. (Ginny)


August 2018




  • Asian Americans protest. (Bluebelle)
  • Midterm races heating up. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Calls for impeachment. (Ming)
  • Seeing things as they really are, no compass, no sense of direction. (Michele)
  • South America, Brazil is in the news.  I see something like Nazi or a swastika.  Probably something related to WWII because I thought of the name Hitler but the name Hadler was heard on the recording.  (Sophie)



  • Volcano erupts. (Donna)
  • Head shaking from side to side. Could be earthquake in L.A. area.  (Alisa)
  • The pace has slowed a bit. People are feeling more clear and calm. (Wayne)
  • In another country, I see a man pulling a wagon where normally a horse or ox would be. Poverty and near slavery. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Hit a wall with Wall Street. (Kathryn)
  • Tension in a group who cannot hold back any longer and so they start to protest. (Doris)


September 2018




  • I feel a turnaround of political energy. (Donna)
  • We are in so thick with Trump (US). (Kathryn)
  • Multiple scandals in Congressional races. (Bluebelle)
  • A serious shooting. (Ginny)
  • I feel a shock. Not sure what is causing it. (Ming)
  • Gut wrenching feeing during this time. (Barbara)
  • People are waiting for help in the sand. (Terry)
  • People are tense expecting problems. (Wayne)
  • North Korea tension strong. (Doris)




  • Mussels, oceans, fish dying, toxins, water polluted. .  (Michele)
  •  It’s a hot in Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica, it’s not supposed to be.  (Sophie)
  • A peat fire in the far northern hemisphere as seen from the space station. (beccay)

October 2018



  • Gray, sense of mourning, a popular figure dies, large funeral and open-air memorial. (Ginny)
  • Military situation in Asia Pacific is bad, I see dark clouds. (Doris)
  • Something really bad happening. (Barbara)
  • People are waiting on a shoreline. They are tired. (Terry)




  • Storms starting in the South Atlantic. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • High winds, clouds blowing across the skies. (Bluebelle)
  • A huge clear blue wave in the Gulf of Mexico, coming from right to left towards Texas. The sun is bright and shining, no indication of a storm.  A metaphor for Democratic Party or a tsunami.  (Beccay)
  • US national anthem.  Trump is excited again!  What is he up to?  (Sophie)
  • Something has made the Collective very sad. (Ming)
  • Fear in the financial market. (Alisa)


November 2018



  • I see large groups, power blocks for the good. (Donna)
  • Dems gain ground. Republicans still hold power but more tenuously. (Wayne)
  • Democrats poised to take control of Congress. (Bluebelle)
  • Feel sadness about the election.  (Sophie)
  • Dems take over either Senate or House. I lean toward Senate but gains in House. (Charisse)
  • Donald Trump has his hands on face, head shaking side to side.(Billie)
  • The people are powerful and will not take it lying down! (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Chuck Shumer (Democratic Minority leader) smiling and looking up. (Donna)
  • Trump is fading away. (Bluebelle) This weekend is an example of how Trump will fade away and become irrelevent.  Signs of new form of government beginning. (Harriet)
  • I see a split line. Very delineated. Lots of choices. (Kathryn)
  • I see dancing.  Looks like a Spanish flamenco dancer. There are parties. This is political celebrating or rallying. (Jeanne)
  • I see women cheering, lots of "pussy hats" in a crowd, Elizabeth Warren, but younger women are also stepping forward, people we haven't really heard of yet. (Ginny)
  • I am feeling better.  Perhaps progressives have taken over the House of Representatives. (Ming)
  • Women speaking at a podium. (Doris)
  • A huge circular circus tent; the canopy is striped red, blue, yellow and white.  There is a small red pennant shaped flag flying from the top. Many Elephants come from the right and trample the people inside. (Beccay)





  • Contaminated food, fruit from a tropical locale, mangoes for bananas. (Melanie)
  • The snows are here again.  I see Boston in frigid cold.  There is a boat off shore, bobbing in the ocean.  I see grey waves and really cold weather.  It’s November so we are thankful. I feel the election is positive. A kernel of hope. But I also see that it’s a shuffle; it’s more a battle. (Andrew Posey)


December 2018


  • Trump/Congress
    • Trump is silent.  He can’t or won’t speak.  Odd. (Bluebelle)
    • Trump less relevant. (Charisse).  Trump is less powerful. (Donna)
    • People are yelling at the Capitol steps. (Jeanne)
    • I see men in front of a microphone podium, men with suits and ties, all men. (Doris)
    • One house of Congress won over by dems. (Donna)
    • Washington continues in turmoil. (Bluebelle)
    • Someone important commits suicide. (Ginny)


  • A man is sitting in a chair with hands locked behind. (Billie)


  • Holidays
    • Christmas is good in the old manner. Simple, not flashy, people
    • This is a good Christmas for all.  There is a soldier who is celebrated. There is a red rose and red ornaments on the Christmas tree or perhaps that spattered blood on the trees. (Andrew Posey)
    • spending a little less but enjoying time together. (Wayne)
  • Israel flexing their muscles, chests out, standing tall. (Barbara)
  • Big royal ceremony. (Alisa)
  • Bittersweet time in the markets. Perhaps gold is doing well. (Ming)

I see Africa and I see dust and I see elephants and they are thirsty and sad and being lost in dust as they walk to elephant grave yards. (Andrew Posey) armored trucks securing cash

  • armored trucks securing cash
  • armored trucks securing cash

2019 – Positive visions for the Whole Year

Hope rising in the young:


  • Lots of healthy, happy children well fed. Green growth. (Beccay)
  • Young people feel strong, robust, beautiful!  Working on the land. (Jeanne)
  • The youth do not want to play the old corporate game any moe. (Jeanne)
  • Many youth are leaving corporate world (Jeanne)
  • Children are growing up kinder. (Ginny)


A positive shift in consciousness


  • Consciousness is rising. People are becoming more self sufficient internally. Maybe not externally as yet, but realizing that they are
  • In some positive ways we've grown wiser as a people, and tapped into our own personal wisdom. We can see through B.S. more easily.  (Kathryn)
  • We have come to the center and moved away from the sides and while there is no cohesion, there is also not the confusion. We are no longer shocked and we are no longer stunned but we are not sure of what to do next and there is still this sense of entitlement by those who have and a growing sense by those that do not that they are not getting their fair share. (Andrew Posey)
  • There is more light and more room and a feeling not so much as if we are falling but we have fallen, or that we are used to falling. So things are not better but people aren’t freaked out.  I see bluer skies and rolling hills. (Andrew Posey)
  • The years feels brighter, a higher vibration, but still chaotic. (Kathryn)


A positive form of activism


  • A lot of chanting, meditation, sit-ins, protests, people are determined. We shall overcome. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People are tired but not giving up.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A good year for the end of patriarchy. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Sanders spreading positive message. (Bin)
  • More racial empowerment, greater justice at the grassroots level. (Ginny)
  • People continue to wake up and become more aware of their power. (Charisse)
  • People coming together, more cooperation with groups, working for a coming good, leaving their differences aside (Doris)
  • Feels better more quality people being the voice of reason.  (Donna)
  • People are helping their neighbors.  It’s a national movement.  Grassroots. (Bluebelle)
  • Tide is turning, however slow it is. (Ming)


Caring for the earth:


  • Multiple states have signed on to the Paris Climate agreement despite what Trump has done (Ginny)
  • Good harvests.  Food prices come down. (Bluebelle)
  • Feeling like land or landscape is getting cleaned up, like a crew of people picking up litter and junk. (Kathryn)
  • Big reality check on climate change hits many, beginning of turn towards one another instead of away, in it together now, hearts and helpers rising in the light of unity begins. (Michele)


January 2019


  • Throughout 2019 - I keep seeing a white arm coming across my vision, barring everyone else from seeing.  I think this is cyber censorship – is feels like a fake person made up by thousands of bots that impersonate human feelings and crowd out real news. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Cyber attacks of a mountain region. I think it is California.  (Barbara)The US is under threat of war.  Not sure that it’s North Korea, maybe a surprising new enemy. (Bluebelle)
  • Iran has become a threat now. (Bluebelle)
  • Activity in the Middle East desert.  (Kathryn)
  • Palm trees and desert, see a hill in a desert. Sand cloud, dust storm. (Kathryn)
  • The old Congress nervous about the newbies. (Kathryn)
  • Mueller has damning evidence about Trump and the GOP. (Bin)
  • Truth rising, secrets revealed. (Michele)
  • People feeling some relief. (Lola)
  • An automobile revs up but then stalls. (Wayne)
  • Kim Jung Un looking forward. He rules over an unpopulated country. No one is there.  (Sophie)
  • A newer normal.  There is nothing solid. but there is a political shift away from the sides and to the middle which means it is less partisan. But the bad forces are still active. (Andrew Posey)
  • Seeing the color lavender. (Melanie) [a color of peace]
  • A kind of new beginning, though not completely. (Ming)
  • Still major dysfunction in the government.  (Harriet)
  • Quieter January in the White House. (Donna)
  • On MLK day, something big happens, not clear if it's good or bad, but much bigger than usual. (Ginny)
  • Lots of new kids in the school (meaning Congress). Lots of excitement. The color is purple, a combination of red and blue. (Kathryn)
  • Feeling the sentiment that we must not give up.  It is hard but it will be worth it in the end. People are giving encouragement to each other.  (Doris)
  • Scuffle in the U.K. A man on horseback horses rearing up, a redcoat down on the ground. (Jeanne)
  • Getting headache.  My scalp is crawling around this month.  (Sophie)
  • Nunavut territory in Canada suffering.  (Sophie)
  • I’m seeing an image of people in the UK.  It’s a woman and a man trying to figure out how to move forward in their present situation. I see images of nineteenth century Britain. This period is comparable to the economy of nineteenth century England. (Jeanne Mayell)


February 2019

  • I see a desert with many helicopters rising up out of the sand, stirring sand into the winds.  It feels like preparations for war in the Middle East.  (Bluebelle)
  • Secret keepers filled with fear, hiding papers, crazed.   (Michele)
  • Truth revealed about Putin and Russia. (Lola)
  • Mexico is suffering. US openly refuses to help. This is likely climate related. The world is watching. (Wayne)
  • It looks like early 1900s late 1890s in Quebec City.  People living like they did in those days.  Back to basics, simple living.  Slush in the street.  Survival situation, but we’re OK.  (Sophie)
  • The fear of a North Korea bombing is down. (Kathryn)
  • Quebec city mayor’s tramway project not going well at all.  (Sophie)
  • Mardi Gras is slow. (Terry)
  • The fearful feeling I had in 2018 with N korea and the bombing isn't there anymore. (Ming)
  • Russia in the news, more meddling in U.S. business. (Charisse)
  • I see red fire, not sure if it is a bomb or volcano. (Ginny)
  • I see a child’s face relaxing more. (Ming)
  • Elephant graveyards. (Andrew Posey)


March 2019

  • I am in the tropics, there is a no sense of danger.  And I look up and there is a huge comet a huge comet that streaks across the sky. (Andrew Posey)
  • Warmer than usual, drought in California. (Donna)
  • Hearing a buzzing sound, white noise. (Doris)
  • Many new faces in Congress getting interviewed. (Donna)
  • Trump can't reach agreement with his people. (Wayne)


April 2019

  • I’m still seeing desert sands. I see scorpions scurrying across the desert floor.  I think there’s war brewing in desert countries. (Bluebelle)
  • Thinking of Trump.  He’s quiet and confused. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Flowers are blooming in North Korea. (Ming)
    I see submarines. (Charisse)
  • A lot of rain. (Lola)


May 2019

  • Stock market in trouble.  The top of the market was reached and now it’s in decline. (Bluebelle)
  • Trump is in Florida, sulking. (Andrew Posey)
  • The Capitol (Congress) looks smaller and in disarray. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A very feminine woman in Texas takes a leadership role. (Ginny)
  • Something big. Feels intense. Makes my neck and shoulders hurt. Possibly related to Trump. A feeling of confusion or not knowing what is going on. (Kathryn)
  • I sense a North Korea watchful eye. (Barbara)
  • I see Germany’s Andrea Merkel, she is shaking hands with a dark force, it looks like she is shaking hands with death, and behind her she holds this pink flower (Andrew Posey)
  • Images of UK men in white wigs gathered together trying to decide what to do. This is about Brexit and their trade disaster. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Image of soldiers marching in a line. This is an image of war.  (Ginny)
  • Trade problems in the UK. Affects the US. (Jeanne Mayell)




  • I see a long desert road, going down the center of it for a long way. (Kathryn)
  • Rushing rivers from floods. (Ginny)
  • Flood in Southeast Asia (Ming)
  • Water, flooding, submerged, animals dying, people depressed, power gone.  (Michele)
  • The southwest is struggling. Thought of Santa Anna winds. (Wayne)


June 2019

  • Another very large, very long rock like asteroid appears (like the one that was from outside our solar system). (Beccay)
  • Something falling from the sky. (Terry)
  • There are many tears in the collective.  (Barbara)
  • New moon significant.  Someone is taking money from the till and it is now discovered. Feels related to Trump. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I sense evil afoot.  Greed has gone hog wild. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People are scared.  Frightened for their future. (Bluebelle)
  • The southwest is struggling. (Wayne)
  • The countries of Syria and Turkey are in the news. (Kathryn)
  • I see a glow in the sky. (Ming)
  • Very, very hot, sun is very bright.  (Ginny)
  • Independence for some group or country. (Doris)
  • Celebration, someone banging on an instrument like a metallic drum. Somewhere in Philippines or Africa or Indian subcontinent. Dark skinned people with colorful clothes (Doris)
  • I see the World Bank and what is going on in Geneva. There is a conference here involving Nestle or some company related to Nestle. (Andrew Posey)


July 2019

  • Stock market down (Barbara)
  • Saudis at war. (Bluebelle)
  • Bombs hitting oil fields. (Bluebelle)
  • Sweltering humidity.  (Melanie)
  • Getting ready to move out of the White House. (Donna)
  • Wildfires in Nevada and Utah. (Ginny)
  • Plane in the air over high mountain, feels and looks like the Andes (Doris)
  • See large march by US Capitol, large US flags waving.  (Kathryn)
  • Russia involved through Syrian alliance. (Bluebelle)
  • The feeling at this time is jubilant but serious. (Kathryn)
  • UFO information coming to the surface.  (Ming)
  • Thick silver, mercury like liquid streams from the sky. (Beccay)
  • Something good for the US.  A win. There is a March: I see one-legged people.  I see people who have lost arms and legs, I see people and behind them glows a light a bright luminous light. I see a silver horse and a shield with a seal with a red splash of color and iron. (Andrew Posey

August 2019

  • Mueller is in the news (Donna)
  • I see Mueller talking at a podium. ( Kathryn)
  • I see so much decadence in the U.S. capital. Babylon. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Petula Clark in the news. (Michele)
  • Outdoor cafes with umbrellas over the tables.  No people at the cafes or on the street.  Down a long boulevard the Statue of Liberty is seen from a distance. (Beccay)
  • A resolution between the parties in DC. (Wayne)
  • I see a scene in the cornfields of the US.  I see dogs on the porch and I see a homecoming.  It is an ending to something and a happy homecoming coming for someone who is very tired and glad to be home. (Andrew Posey)
  • Rains are coming. Then it is lush and green after the droughts. (Ginny)
  • I hear the words Jerusalem, Jerusalem. (Bluebelle)
  • Intense interest about outer space. (Ming) 
  • More in the news about aliens. (Doris)

September 2019

  • Trump is sitting down. Confused. Can’t figure out his own thoughts. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • When I think of what is going on with Trump at this time, I see the fallen burning tower of the Tarot. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A graph with a W shape and then a very long line up.  Might be the stock market. (Beccay)
  • Super storms worse than before.  (Michele)
  • Hear the phrase “quiet before the storm.” (Lola)
  • Mercedes Benz company under fire. (Wayne)
  • Throne Alien (like in the movie Ragnagarok). (Terry)
  • There is a photo in the newspaper of two children laughing.  They are Royals. (Andrew Posey)
  • Flood in Southeast Asia.  (Ming)
  • More happening in the Middle East. I see a desert, mosque, people, official heads of state talking. (Kathryn)
  • Middle east prominent in the news.  (Kathryn)


October 2019

  • I keep seeing a white arm coming across my vision, barring everyone else from seeing. I also see so much stress in the Capitol.  I think this is a kind of cyber censorship. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Europe is spilt in two by a sunbeam.  The West is sunny. The East is dark.  Netherlands light, getting closer to Russia is in dark. France is OK, but anything north of it is dark.  Hungary, Austria is dark.  Countries north east of Italy are in the dark.  It’s all related to Russia.  (Sophie)
  • A large black cliff of monolithic shining black rock facing left.  Could be from outside our solar system. (Beccay)
  • Something is happening in Washington State. It might be an earthquake. (Bluebelle)
  • Gray, sense of mourning, a popular figure dies, large funeral and open-air memorial. (Ginny)
  • Russia in the news at this time.  (Kathryn)
  • People nerves, U.S. still off balance. (Donna)
  • Helping others, compassion rises.  (Michele)
  • See an image, like a double developed film of the US Capitol. (Kathryn)
  • The word “Jewish” in the news, something happening with Jews. (Doris)


Late September - October - November 2019


  • After Nov. 2018 elections, stock market fluctuates, then drops for good. (Harriet)
  • US going through a bad crash.  May not be related to money, but the country is in the dark. (Sophie)

November 2019

  • News being blocked and crowded out. Bots controlling. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The people are sick of politics and power plays. (Wayne)
  • The people are upset. I see a lot of pushing and shoving. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • It’s as if we don’t have a functioning federal government. (Bluebelle)
  • The people are powerful and will not take it lying down! (Jeanne) Mayell)
  • I asked “where is Donald Trump?”  I see a large rectangular slab of black granite in a grave yard. Then I see him in a black overcoat looking down at the grave from the foot of the slab.  I think he is there in spirit visiting himself. (Beccay)
  • Very cold and dreary in New York, and not as active as it had been in the late teens. I feel that there has been a A subway is flooded. (Donna)
  • The subways are flooded in New York.  There is also flooding in Miami and the lower part of Florida there is no power. (Andrew Posey)
  • I see a parachutist fall to earth. (Wayne)
  • Disney World 2000 leagues under the sea in the news.  (Kathryn)
  • People with hands tied go down into a well or cave. (Terry)
  • Bloated carcasses, many deaths in the news. (Michele)
  • Attention on the Middle East, the desert, Arab men in white. (Lola)

December 2019

  • Lots of things to clean up in Florida, I see counts of the dead and fallen trees in piles, I smell dead animals I see the heat raising off the road.  I see an army tank in a place it shouldn’t be.  (Andrew Posey)
  • I see bandages and surgical strips. (Kathryn)
  • Serious looking people in NY City. It might be a problem with the economy.  (Ming)
  • Trump is in serious trouble. (Ginny)
  • Something scandalous, perhaps a murder, happens at the Trump Hotel. (Ginny)
  • Melania leaves Washington, taking her son.  She’s done. (Bluebelle)
  • Washington monument in the dark. (Donna)
  • The U.S. Congress is the center of government but it feels small and in the distance. The people are angry. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Political tide turning noticeably. (Ming)
  • Deep freeze in South US. (Charisse)
  • Recovering from the November crash. (Sophie)
  • No money for Christmas. (Sophie)
  • Christmas tree on it side on the ground with no ornaments (Lola)
  • Small pink flowers peeking through snow. (Beccay)
  • A dog chases his tail. Maybe a Youtube video? Or maybe a metaphor for the government. (Wayne)
  • A football team in the news. Players are standing around looking at their hands.  It is about a scandal. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Riots or demonstrations in an African equatorial country. (Doris)







  • Spirit guides being heard. People standing up. Increase in people who channel spirits. Golden spirits standing up. they look like they are made of gold like the academy award statues. They are everywhere. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Spirituality and personal conviction on the rise. Organized religions falling away. Our connection to spirit and the earth becomes more evident in daily life activities. We are simplifying our personal lives while the government babbles. (Wayne)
  • A new style in men’s hair, ponytails and Colonial day hair and outfits. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People are much less enamored of technology. Facebook is declining, strong movement to get people interacting with one another as a way of improving mental health--like public service announcements. (Ginny)
  • Silent protests, non-violent resistance. (Doris)
    There's a push for alternative energy. Coal and old energy fighting it, but they won't win. (Kathryn)




  • We are still in the middle of a shift.  There are people without and there is a struggle to keep what we have.  There is more acceptance. It is good for some but bad for many others. (Andrew Posey)
  • Merging of goals, needs, desires for our world, seeds planted in spirit of cooperation. (Michele)
  • Barack Obama is taking center stage for the election campaign.  (Sophie)
  • I saw people escaping on boats, climate refugees and other refugees – large scale. (Alisa)
  • The jet pack, finally! (As in the Jetsons.) It took long enough. (I ask for one every Christmas). (Wayne)
  • A lot of young people, and people just deciding to move to a better life (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Determination among the crowds, one purpose, to get rid politicians who don’t serve well. (Doris)
  • Corporations are still trying to keep us in stranglehold, but people starting to ignore it and turn their back on it.  (Kathryn)
  • People are disillusioned with federal government, apathetic.  They don’t think their voices are heard after all the corruption by Congress.
  • Bridge with lights. People coming over. (Terry)
  • More of the people cleaning up, like a litter crew, but are  everyday citizens. (Kathryn)
  • Not that much different than above, we are still in the middle of a shift, there are people without and there is a struggle to keep what we have, there is an acceptance.
  • Russian oligarch is exposed. (Bluebelle)
  • US beaches getting cleaned up. (Charisse)  




  • New President (note a variety of differing visions here)


  • An unknown Democratic woman soundly beats Trump, GOP support of Trump is lukewarm, Pence declines to run.  (Ginny)
  • I see Kamala Harris at the Inauguration, maybe being sworn in.  (Lola)
  • The Inaugural parade.  I see Melania Trump looking stern.  Then a woman with long dark hair, in a red suit.  She is waving and walking the parade route.  I think she is the president.
  • People are resolute, willing to accept some limitations but not others. Another white male president, someone not in the spotlight now. Seems a good man. We'll see. Peace movements become serious now. People not willing to make war for profit. (Wayne)
  • Barack Obama is in the news. Biden is there in the background.  (Sophie)
  • I don’t see Trump around for the Inauguration. (Sophie)
  • Blonde woman, blue suit, white shoes, pushing eyeglasses up onto her head, in the news. (Michele)
  • Joy! Jubilant! Man President. Not Trump. Happy people. (Billie)
  • Trump bloated up, tantrum inside, seething.  (Michele)
  • Trump has a heart attack scare but he's okay. (Ginny)
  • Feels feminine, strong, older female. Or older wiser person. (Kathryn)
  • Mood is somber. (Kathryn)
  • Male President. (Barbara)
  • The mood is somber.  The old status quo is maintained. (Bluebelle)
    GOP splits into traditional and radical (Ginny)
  • I see a Nazi symbol over white building. (Doris)
  • Another white male president, someone not in the spotlight now. Seems a good man. We'll see (Wayne)
  • Happy hopeful time, the worst is over! (Lola)
  • Beautiful red electric race cars. (Beccay)
  • Overall feeling for 2021 is clean and safe. (Beccay)
  • I want to see it all good, but it’s no.  It’s cynical the election and it’s a joke and while I want to be positive I feel like I am in Gotham City. We are in a Marvel Comic book and we are at risk and not okay. I see Fascist Art work of a 1984 world.  (Andrew Posey)
  • People are resolute, willing to accept some limitations, but not others (Wayne)
  • Ripping stock market page in newspaper in half.  (Michele)
  • Gloomy but working through it. It will end one day. (Doris)_
  • I see a long flowing robe or scarf. The scarf is long and purple, and it looks like a judge’s robe. (Kathryn)Happy with new president first week good then beginning of 2020 is chaotic something happens. (Bluebelle)
    Organic farming surging. (Jeanne Mayell)
    People moving a lot. Many people moving out of the U.S. to more affordable places.
    (Jeanne Mayell)
    Several species are taken off the endangered list. (Ginny)
    More American elderly moving to other countries. (Jeanne Mayell)
    Blue skies over a green prairie. Rain in US. Fertile. (Andrew Posey)
  • Hospitals set up free clinics where doctors and nurses volunteer .(Bluebelle)
    Finally calm people are getting their footing back, but they have less. (Donna)
  • I see a Nazi symbol over white building. I felt this was a USA government building with white steps leading to its front door. I definitely felt the people in the building were really Nazis but trying to appear otherwise to the general public. Hiding their true colors. (Doris)



  • It seems like a dark and somber time. Something has happened to this country and people are disillusioned. (Bluebelle)
  • Dry spell, east coast in America. (Lola)
  • Positive vision: young people smiling.
  •  It’s not what the people want but it’s what the people need. (Sophie)
  • A resistance like movement is on the rise.  (Sophie)
  • New normal, working really, really hard now, collective is merging in purpose, (Michele)
  • Intent for and toward the land, sweat equity new stock market.
  • Guardian angels around each of us, multitudes of them giving guidance, we begin to self correct from judgment, anger, darker emotions. Heart lights grow, the golden egg of our future planet is beginning.  (Michele)
  • Spirituality and personal conviction on the rise. Organized religions falling away. Our connection to spirit and the earth becomes more evident in daily life activities. We are simplifying our personal lives while the government babbles. (Wayne)
  • Blue skies over a green plain. I see weldome rain in US.  It’s a quiet life like a Rockwell painting. Government is not relevant and not connected to the people. (Andrew Posey)
  • King Kong on the New Year’s Ball Drop Tower. (Terry)
  • Military people, generals, in a hurry to go to MARS. (Terry)
  • Recluse, going inward, inside, meditations, people re-evaluating their lives and commitments, making choices.  Gun control legislation (Ginny)
  • Peace movements become serious now. People unwilling to make war for profit. (Wayne)
  • A lot of women in politics.  Women, women, women. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • More LGBT people in elected positions. (Ginny)
  • People jumping off the cliffs, people in boats below trying to catch them and telling them to jump. Looks like the white cliffs of Dover. (Kathryn)
    Putting a flower inside a gun barrel. (Doris)
  • People are focusing on what matters the most, their families, their communities, their friends. (Bluebelle)
    Too much mining. (Kathryn)
    Learning new things about solar system and everyone excited. (Donna)
  • Innovation in cleaner air. (Charisse)



  • People are busy working, hands-on work. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Major technological, energy news, seeing ideas of solar powered cars, harnessing powers of wind storms for good.  (Michele)
  • Scientific breakthroughs in America. Saw planet Mars and space travel. (Lola)
  • Iran is safe.  The outdoor markets are open and lively. (Beccay)
  • East and West Malaysia connected by land. Prayerful. (Billie)
  • Strong vision of women coming into power and taking leadership roles in the US. They held up their arms like the statue of liberty to light the way.  (Alysa)
  • I see a lot of my friends have died.  I see the sounds of the dead across a river and they are wearing robes of shinning white. I see a choir of angels and I see the earth, despite us all, still spinning. (Andrew Posey)
  • Marijuana is legalized nationally. (Ginny)
  • The dome on the capitol building is beginning to look straight again. (Jeanne Mayell)
    Plans for major infrastructure in NY. (Donna)
  • I see Trump, he's in sweat pants and lounging in a lazy chair. (Kathryn)
  • Sweeping changes happening, people trying to keep up, some making it and others not. (Doris)
  • New free energy, or the concept of it. (Ming)
    Resources in Ireland are scarce, most of Europe too. (Wayne)
  • Climate storms and fires are higher more frequent. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People go their own way.  Chart their own course. (Harriet
  • This was the last presidential election. (Harriet))
  • More volcanos. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Iran in the news. I see women in hijabs in a crowd. (Doris)
    Mid air airplane explosion. (Ginny)
    We are still here. No nukes. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The younger people have a whole different reality than we did, completely. (Kathryn)
  • Many people learning new trade with renewable energy. (Donna)


  • Women taking a leadership role.  A woman president. (Sophie)
  • A fat Chinese nun in a black head covering and white robe is really a man - Kim Jong Un escapes from North Korea in disguise. (Beccay)
  • Water levels continue to rise forcing people from the coasts. (Wayne)
  • As the earth turns in space and it is still here and also are we and as I fly over the surface of the earth, above it like a satellite. I see the lights of man still there, but there are less lights, there are fewer lights made by humans as I fly over the earth at night. So we are still here, but not as many of us. (Andrew Posey)
  • The new Amazon type grocery store is the norm (Kathryn)
  • Water levels continue to rise forcing many people from the coasts. (Wayne)
  • More spirituality. (Bluebelle)
  • Effective treatment for opiate addiction that is affordable. (Ginny)
  • It's clear to people that the old ways aren't sustainable.  Water problems.  Storms. (Kathryn)




  • See a black woman president.  (Katherine)
  • 2020 to 2025 Everything is more local. Communuities connect across the country but in a person-to-person way. (Wayne)
  • There is so much hope. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The economy is better (Bluebelle)




  • Fires in California are over the top. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Sustainable greenhouses and food grown there. (Kathryn)
  • New understanding. (Donna)
  • A female president and vice president in 2025. (Charisse)
    Food and energy are cheaper due to new technology.  (Ming)
  • Female rising to full powers begins now.  (Michele)
  • There is hard, aggressive and strong assertiveness in the collective. (Sophie)
  • Women are still fighting to gain credibility despite having taken a leadership role. (Sophie)
  • A black woman is in the news. (Sophie)
  • Two submarines collide nose to nose and shoot out of the water in a pyramid shape.  (Beccay)
  • Capitol looks smaller in power and significance.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A dark haired woman is elected president. (BlueBelle)
  • The U.S. Government is more impotent now. (Wayne)
  • I see a focus on fields, growing and harvesting wheat. (Barbara)
  • My heart leaps. This is a happy time. (Ming)
  • Major break through on breast cancer treatment. (Ginny)
  • Ability to breathe again. (Doris)
  • We've had crazy weather over the last several years in the US. (Kathryn)
  • Something invented called “bounce suit” for workers. It’s a safety suit. (Donna)
  • People are more upbeat and happy.  They have hope again. (Bluebelle)
  • An Obama-like person, trustworthy, stable. (Ginny)
  • New form of government. No president. (Harriet)




  • I see the Congress. I’m looking down at them from a balcony. They are actually working on real projects to help the world. They are busy working with plans.  Real public servants in Congress trying to do productive work. It’s been half a century since we’ve seen this.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A mass of people working as one, determined to ensure that they do things differently to how they were done before. They see how those past ways turned out to be wrong and caused so much harm and they are notgoing to follow that path again. It’s a hive mind working together for the good of the whole. (Blue)
  • Britain's global power diminished. (Blue)
  • Self-driving cars are the norm. (Ginny)
  • More serene, less hectic, more pastoral by choice, back to the land. (Doris)
  • Seas have risen noticeably now. Most of the expansion is due to heat but glacial melting is also a factor. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Lightweight space suits are the style. (Donna)
  • I'm wearing some kind of "intelligent bracelet".  Somehow it's used for communication and to monitor health. (Kathryn)
  • There is a push to make healthcare and healthcare technology available to everyone in the US (Kathryn)
  • NYC drenched and flooded. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Physical world is in bad shape.  Space travel to other worlds. (Harriet)
  • Mass transit becoming high priority in the US. (Jeanne Mayell)
  •  We know ourselves better.  Visions are broader, more tolerant. (Doris)
  • We are busy seriously working on zero fossil fuel emissions. (Jeanne)
  • Healers more prominent. (Donna)
  • Roads are blue and white from crushed gravel like sodalite because it is cooler than black tarmac. (Beccay)
  • There will be medicines to improve the aging process, like human growth hormone, that make aging slower and more comfortable. (Ginny)
  • More people heal with their hands. (Donna)
  • People doing what they need to in 2030. Connecting more with each other. Hands on work, taking care of each other and adapting to climate change. (Charisse)
  • We are becoming way more psychic now, even the older folks .(Kathryn)
  • Housing is more modular. Extremely energy efficient. The sun is hot people protect themselves from the environment and strive to find ways to improve weather conditions. (Wayne)
  • The world is so different from what we had imagined.  It’s as though progress stopped.  It’s like the 1950’s, as in a simpler lifestyle.  Not as technology driven as today.  But not as repressed as the Trumpian years either. (Bluebelle)
  • My bones ache.  I walk a lot.  The world is different now.  I don’t drive much.   (Andrew Posey)
  • Large communication screens everywhere broadcasting. (Donna)
    Climate cooler in some places.  (Barbara)
  • Reforestation everywhere, fields planted instead of fallow.
  • New ways to create food, climate control, working on universal health care.
  • I heard a siren to warn people of something.  (Sophie)
  • Province of Quebec bankrupt.  Party Quebecois runs the province to the ground. (Sophie)
  • The sun is hot, People protect themselves from the environment and strive to find ways to improve weather conditions. (Wayne)
  • I see beautiful Rockies – like Lake Jenny near Jackson Hole… I see a wolf and a fox.  I am in a cabin.  My bones ache.  I walk a lot.  The world is different now.  I don’t drive much. (Andrew Posey)



  • Flying cars! (Lola)
  • An architectural overhaul. I see communities that look like large pods, solariums self contained environments.(Lola)
  • Truly modern alternative cities. (Lola)
  • Heard the phrase, “less is more. ”(Lola)
  • Smaller villages.  Buildings are clad in colorful adobe. (Beccay)
  • I am seeing a water world, or like little islands and lots of water and it’s warm. (Andrew Posey)
  • People living in the northern most regions of Canada. (Andrew Posey)
  • Life is about living, and not about wondering if it’s hard or not.  It is just what is it. (Andrew Posey)
  • I see giraffes for some reason. (Jeanne)
  • I see settlements on Mars, space colonies. Planet Mars. (Doris)
  • Very little fossil fuels burning.  Clean energy.  (Charisse)
  • A solution has been found for the opiod crises. It feels more humane, they are compassionately trying to help people.(Kathryn)
  • A landmark building is swaying, a white tower is decaying. (Jeanne)
  • Humane leadership is the norm; old boys network is taboo. (Ginny)
  • Interplanetary settlements. (Doris)
  • Technology rises again.  More innovations in transportation.  Cars are fueled by solar and plants. (Bluebelle)
  • US less internationally focused, and more focused on internal affairs, tech and healthcare. (Kathryn)
  • Our energy is much more inline with peace. There is the knowledge that there is “enough for all” is the state of mind for most. (Donna)
  • (Louli)
  • There’s contact with aliens. (Doris)
  • China big and important. (Kathryn)
  • Car museums.  We have less. We are okay with this. We look at the 1950-60 cars as so strange. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Happier days. No struggling to live, People have time to contemplate their place in the universe. Healing is the biggest interest and vocation. (Wayne)
  • China biggest world power and India more important too. (Kathryn) China is a dominant power. (Alisa)
  • Voice-activated robots do everything in the home, but worries about hacking. (Ginny)
  • Young people see new ways of doing things, they think bigger. (Kathryn)
  • More world cohesion but some part of the planet still resisting. (Doris)
  • People are too busy rebuilding to worry about the GOP and what they did. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Concerns and attention to the ocean. (Kathryn)
  • Ocean is now a focus, had been a bit forgotten.  (Kathryn)
  • Government has less importance. (Harriet)
    I’m on the moon.  And it’s a thin purple blue atmosphere and the earth looks huge. (Andrew Posey)
  • Happy days, No struggling to live, People have time to contemplate their place in the universe. Healing is the biggest interest and vocation. (Wayne)



  • Something whirling around buildings an energy whirling around skyscrapers. A new kind of energy. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • More food is being drawn from the oceans.  Surprising new sources of food.  (Bluebelle)
  • Largely agricultural. Not the high tech sci-fi world I would imagine. No taste for aggression and wars. Everyone just gets along. (Wayne)
  • Only one Korea by then. (Sophie)
  • Pie in the sky, equal pieces for all.  (Michele)
  • Yellow wafers for food. (Beccay)
  • Space and multicolored cubed lights. (Billie)
  • Some type of algae helping. (Doris)
  • Food is more scarce. Less processed foods.  Less obesity is the benefit. (Bluebelle)
  • I see ladders and construction equipment. Everyone is working and building.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Arctic circle: energy mining or exploration. I see ships there.  (Kathryn)
  • Personal robots. (Barbara)
  • Chickens abound.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I’m watching from the moon and I see shooting stars. They are planes landing to and from the planet.  (Andrew Posey)
    Not much ice on the poles. (Kathryn)
  • More women in powerful posts. (Doris)
  • Looks like the Jetsons with people flying in individual planes.  (Ginny)
  • The kids who are being raised to be kinder to one another now will have grown up and brought that into the workplace. The workplace culture will be transformed from what we know it. Work hours will be family friendly.  (Ginny)
  • I didn’t see a pandemic but it feels like so many fewer people. People are not striving, just living and being glad for it.  Earth rated once again as one of the best places to live in the solar system.  (Andrew Posey)\
  • The U.S. Capitol is small. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Less population, more cooperation among countries. (Alissa)
  • Plants grown in clear glass with gel. (Donna)
  • I’m on the moon.  and it’s a thin purple blue atmosphere and the earth looks huge. (Andrew Posey)
  • People must stay centered. There are many places in the world that are good, but other places are really rough due to climate change. (Kathryn)
  • Acid rain burning. (Louli)
  • Green growing on the sides of tall sky scrapers. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Lots of water canals in some places, need boats to get around. (Barbara)
  • I see tanks and hear motors.  (Kathryn)



  • I see a lot of old people, implies life extension, age, sex, gender, race, and cultural blending. I sense wisdom in the collective.  (Michele)
  • Everyone is wearing uniforms, are dark blue, very military. (Lola)
  • Cities floating on the ocean in international waters. (Beccay)
  • Images that I don't understand. Swirling dance like energies at play. (Wayne)
  • Life spans double what they are now. There are ET outposts in remote areas. (Wayne)
  • 2058-2061 another World War.  Feels like people are living in late WWII Germany ghettos.  China, and other Asian countries and Japan allied against Australia and its allies.  (Sophie)
  • Indonesian countries are in the dark.  The Philippines are free of the Duterte-like regime.  But they are flooded.  Feels like Venice! But it is worst than a third world (Sophie)
  • Bad decade, people suffering.  But it ends on the lighter side. (Sophie)
  • I must be living in the boondocks. It’s quiet and rural. (Andrew Posey)
  • Did we live through something in which balance was restored?  Less people, more life. (Andrew Posey)
  • Bow Hunting more prevalent now. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Flying pods. (Doris)
  • Nuclear warfare is banned everywhere. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Space travel, inter-dimensional awareness, knowledge of other dimensions. (Alisa)
  • Sky highways not just for the planet, but for going into space. (Doris)
  • Human and animals are considered equals. (Louli)
  • We finally took climate change seriously and tried to reverse it. Spending more time outdoors instead of in front of the computer.  (Ginny)
  • Greenhouse plant culture with well controlled conditions. (Ming)
  • People cook less.  They buy their meals at machines or communal kitchens.  It’s more economical that way. (Bluebelle)
  • All content will be streamed, no more television signals. (Ginny)
  • Our homes are high up in dome like building, lots of plants for oxygen. (Donna)
  • People can communicate by telepathy. (Ming)



  • Bright, sunny.  Good decade.  Reminds me of the ideal life depicted in the 1950s.  (Sophie)
  • No longer, "when pigs fly," but "pigs can fly!” (Michele)
  • The sky is yellow. (Beccay)
  • The U.S. capital still here. People in space suits protecting from elements. A woman in the market with long hair, a baby sleeping in her arms. Life goes on. People have farm animals.  Baby sheep.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • China at the forefront of technology, they rule and make major decisions, leaders overall (Doris)
  • I see a beach and sand, quiet and close up. (Kathryn)
    Some cities are redesigned to minimize commuting. (Ginny)
  • Swirling dance-like energies at play. (Wayne)
  • Strengths of the northern hemisphere has shifted to the southern hemisphere.  Australia and New Zealand are the only democratic countries.  Antarctica is allied with the Australian continent.  (Sophie)
  • US has no international influence at all.  The decline of the American empire began with Bush.  Trump made it so much worse that it could not recover.  (Sophie)




  • No cars. (Ginny)
  • I see men with beards and suits. We are still here! (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Giant, healthy forests again.  Something has been done to protect our environment. (Bluebelle)
  • People have a lot more pleasure in life, a healthy kind of pleasure, and their minds are cleaner.  (Ming)
  • Psychic phenomena are recognized and accepted (Ginny)
  • Mother Earth rises, Atonement circle is manifest.  (Michele)
  • I saw spaceships, a lot of astral travel. (Lola)
  • I hear Gregorian monks chanting. (Beccay)
  • 2100 It doesn't seem completely physical to me, as if we moved up a notch or two energetically. (Wayne)
  • I feel we lived through something. (Andrew Posey)
  • Integrated with aliens, they live among us. (Doris)
  • The picture that popped into my head is a lush green jungle and dinosaurs. (Kathryn)







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04/19/2018 10:07 pm  


I just joined but have been reading the forum for a while.  Thank you for providing this calm, light filled space. Reading it has helped me stay centered in these difficult times.  

I hope it is OK for me to just jump in, but I actually joined today because it seems that perhaps there are two hits from these predictions that have come true this month (April 2018).

I was wondering whether the prediction of "A notable death" for April could be Barbara Bush?  She certainly was a notable person, and she is connected to Congress and D.C. through both her husband and her son.

Also, news broke today that Jared Kushner's real estate company received a Federal subpoena for records from the U.S. District Attorney in Brooklyn.  I wonder if this could be tied to the multiple predictions of legal trouble for Jared Kushner for this month?


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04/19/2018 10:25 pm  

RosieHeart, Welcome to our community.  So glad to meet you.  And also thank you for letting me know about those hits.  I wouldn't have known otherwise. I will update the main prediction page and include those hits.  Again thank you and welcome!

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10/26/2018 11:33 am  

Jeanne, during the January Predictions Group I had a hit on another seemingly insignificant happening out of nowhere but it was a match to major viral news and you tube animal story that went global.

You can find it in the collated pdf you mailed each of us (I have a screenshot of the download ) but it's not in the final cut above unless it jumped place.

So 2018 Predictions

U.S. People:

(Right under my other vision of traffic lights not synchronizing,  crash etc. Should be)

Dog in the news. Saves someone. (Michele)

The significance was a dog saves his companion, another dog.

Energies of others species showing human traits we wouldn't necessarily expect.

Getting the feeling we will see more and more of these animal stories, indicative if not only the consciousness of all sentient beings but the rising of conscious for all.

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10/26/2018 11:36 am  

Thanks, Michele I will post it. Can you tell what month it was predicted for or just the whole year? Not sure how it got left out, but with so many predictions, that happens. 

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10/26/2018 11:41 am  

II don't know how you even keep up with this site's workload Jeanne!  It and you are amazing!!

Glad Bright Opal is helping you moderate. I was trying to help with my constant uptick of comment support and connecting posts.

Love that she and you are finding a working flow of support. Both of you are wonderful!

When that small bit suddenly popped at and into my mind, I figured it must be significant if spirit is sending me reminders ❤

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10/26/2018 11:49 am  

Michele, you have been a HUGE support.  

The two of you have been so helpful and then there are others who keep sending me hits.  Adora did a lot of that work and others. I can't do it without you. Bin has helped with that too.  

I have given Bright Opal moderator status that allows her to simply go through old threads and close the outdated ones and move any threads to more appropriate categories.  I will be doing that too as time allows.  After that we are going to try to go through threads and assign tags to them so we can set up a useful search system for people to find posts by subject.  Big job.  Fun!  I am always happy to get help.

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Perfectly perfect in everyway!

I think the quote credit goes to Mary Poppins.


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10/26/2018 4:16 pm  


(March 2018)

Birds crashing, dying navigation off, eagles dying, pigeons not home, many birds lying on steps. (Michele)

I got the birds in the first part, they were starlings crashing to the ground in British Columbia.

" Mystery solved for dozens of birds plummeting to death from the sky in BC"

Natural occurrence but it killed 200 birds as they hit the ground  and 42 more by impact.  Being chased by larger birds! Natural but unusual because of large amount.

Eagles dying was the next month in the news .13 poisoned found dead in a field by a farmer.

Pigeons in next post didn't want 3 links in one list issue 😄

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10/26/2018 4:29 pm  

And finally, the pigeons:

All close in time. Apparently I was picking up animals that night. First the dog saving the dog,  then the birds (starlings) then eagles then pigeons.

Before thst it was mosquitos..the one i knew Crspr and genes in mosquitoes to end malaria.


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Good catch!  But birds poisoned? Specially eagles?  That's so sad!

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10/26/2018 8:23 pm  

Our national bird. Tells us the state of emotional illness in our nation!

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10/28/2018 3:06 pm  

Read the Future Night 1-22-18

You mailed us a pdf draft. I discovered that I had predicted:

Sept. 2018


Mussels,oceans, fish dying, toxins, water polluted. (Michele)

I found:

Yangon (Burma)  Thousands of dead mussels wash up on shore in Yangon (Burma) that month. 

Nearly 170 villagers contracted a skin disease after collecting some of the thousands of dead marine mussels that have mysteriously washed up in inlets of the Thanzit River in southern Rakhine State’s Kyaukphyu Township in recent days

Ann Regional China Pipeline Watch (ARCPW), said the group has documented a total of 167 locals in Kyauk Ngu village who have been infected with a mysterious skin disease after returning from mussel



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10/28/2018 3:20 pm  

will review and post. Thank you for finding this.  I am coming to feel that the hits contain hidden messages to our world from spirits. 

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10/29/2018 1:22 pm  


Now, that I'm on a roll and finally seeing I can do this, I realize that I  had a long learning curve with a lot of weird visions through symbols, images of monkeys and cowboys and all finally (thanks to you and my hanging in here in the group with you for this long!) that sooner or later I, and the visions made least to my symbolic energy self.

But now I see all of these early things as hits even way back, after way over a year of fate and time playing out.
And way back to "Mneuchin. Mneuchin" over and over  (angelic messenger within using the organ grinder and Capuchin monkey to make me think of the Federal Reserve and money and therefore of money laundering and all the dark forces already in play (connecting European countries, Russia, the Oligarchs, the corrupt casinos, sex trafficking, all of it) with Trump and others from that level of wealth and power.
My angel was helping in the adjustment of decades of my healing energy work through the spirit realm of how I used to use tuning into their stories playing out in my layered energy screens of visioning to know what blocks and illnesses and emotions they carried in order to move them into healing energies.
This all, now, even in groups meditations is similar but different. I use words to transmit healing and love through my blog and forums and it is lovely to see love unfold into this world, as well as in my spirit realm.
Now at I can find actual events in the month I saw matching the month it really happened.
My time traveling space ship is learning! 🤣

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12/09/2018 10:11 am  

Michele,  This is so wonderful to hear how your learning process has been.  There's no question that your accuracy has soared.  It's a fascinating learning process to begin to take a l look at how the mind and consciousness works.  

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Hi All, the rest of the posts that were in this section were all about Australia's political situation so they have all been moved to a new thread in International Predictions under the title Australia Political Situation.  

Please feel free to go to that thread to post anything on Australia or to continue the fascinating dialogue that started on that subject.