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January 17, 2019 Timeline Predictions 2019 ONLY  

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Hi Community!

I am posting 2019 here. I will post 2020 & beyond in a separate topic. It was the largest meeting ever and there were over 600 lines of predictions.   Bright Opal did a monumental job of putting everything into an excel file. 

What a  crazy year it is going to be. Quite a few people thought Trump would be out this year. . A couple of people saw Pence in but then out, then Pelosi in charge. It all seems to hinge on Muller's work, (and Trump's rising craziness) and one person saw that the new Justice head would support Muller.  Wouldn't that be nice? 

I have to say that I did not see these things but it was hard to run such a large event in which I was both teaching and guiding and see as clearly as I usually do. So I will read the Trump/Muller events again when I am quiet in my meditation space and get back to you. 

Please read the positive predictions first - they really are the direction of the future. They are where we are headed. If you read positive predictions we did in 2017, you will see how much of it is unfolding. 

The regular predictions often contain the tough  stuff in the news that is the transitional roller coaster we are in.  

I will post the 2020 and beyond as soon as I can. Cheers to you all! 

Please email me if anything comes true!  -- Jeanne

2019 Whole Year - done 1/17/19

Positive Predictions Positive visions show the light that is expanding beneath the headlines.  Please let them fill your being. Then read on to see the monthly regular predictions further down.  The regular predictions are usually more transitory. The positives fell into the following categories:

Hope rising

  • There are wild winds now, but wildflowers are coming. (Bluebelle)
  • I see hope rising in spite of all the chaos and fear. (Bluebelle)
  • People are hopeful because of Nancy Pelosi. They see that a politician can stand up to Trump and back him down.  She encourages the nation.  Pelosi stands up to Trump and wins.  (Bluebelle)
  • In May, Spring brings a feeling that things are turning around. (Jeanne Mayell, Michele M.)

There are wild winds now, but wildflowers are coming. (Bluebelle)

  • People are hopeful because of Nancy Pelosi. They see that a politician can stand up to Trump and back him down.  She encourages the nation.  Pelosi stands up to Trump and wins.  (Bluebelle)
  • I see people planting new seeds and those seeds taking root. (Karen)
  • The Northern lights bring hope. (Baba)
  • There is collective anxiety yet many children being born giving us hope and happiness. (Vagabeau)
  • I see pink petals for Australia. (Vagabeau)
  • December 2019 brings a more hope-filled holiday season. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I hear Olivia Newton John singing Xanadu. It brings hope. (Vagabeau)

Women rising

  • More sexual harassment is exposed, but it’s a positive thing. The wound is cleaned and has a chance to heal. (Bluebelle)
  • Women are increasingly empowered and are facing off with the tough stuff. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • We feel stronger. Lightworkers are gaining strength. More women becoming wonder women. Women studying martial arts too! (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Women in the streets smiling with hearts, marching. (Kristin)
  • I see a female eye in the sky with sun rays coming out around it. She is looking over the land. (Kristin)
  • The feminine timeframe is moving forward with greater strength. (Renée)

Greater sense of unity

  • We see unity among people. Love rising in the collective. Hearts rising, lifting one another, joining, singing. (Jeanne Mayell, Eric, Sue, Jordan, Alisa)
  • More marches. protests, solidarity. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People sharing stories, and food. (Jordan)
  • Families spending more time with each other and the TV off. (Vagabeau)

More Clarity and Awakening

  • More clarity. Progressives becoming clearer and less confused about the opponents and how to make change in spite of them. We get it. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Clarity breaking through in the collective. People finally waking up. (Eric)
  • More information becoming known, secrets exposed. (Alisa)
  • The world is waking up to darkness and injustice. (Doris, Eric)
  • Intense vibration in the third eye rising in the collective. (Tina)

More humanity, equity, compassion and sharing

  • More concern for suffering in the world especially at the border and in Africa. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The press focusing on the reason people need to flee Central American violence. Compassion for their situation is rising.(Jeanne Mayell)
  • Some progress with gun control! (Jeanne Mayell)
  • More state governors are standing up to Trump and the ultra right. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • More equity in people’s visions of social justice, not just fighting for causes that affect them but opening up to peace, love and what is right. People understanding that we humans and Mother Earth are on the same trajectory and that justice is for both Mother Earth and humans simultaneously.(Michele L.)
  • Neighbors starting to share resources to build community. They are connecting and also conserving. (Miriam)
  • Young voices, young folk rising up, not playing the political game anymore, looking at the past trauma that colonization has caused and wanting to make repair, create a system that is equitable for everyone, more kindness, less selfishness, less consumerism, people becoming more conscious of their spirit and about not eating other animals. (Michele L.)

Green consciousness rising

  • There will be a new sense of kindness towards Mother Earth. (Sue)
  • Blue states start their own climate policies. They take the lead, while the nation as a whole lags behind.  These states are trailblazers and inspire the country. (Bluebelle)
  • People spending more time in nature. (Sue)
  • Blue states start their own climate policies. They take the lead, while the nation as a whole lags behind.  These states are trailblazers and inspire the country. (Bluebelle)
  • Paris climate accord - US may rejoin. (Julie)

Spirit rising

  • Streams of light coming from other dimensions, and hands holding and nursing the planet. (Caroline)
  • Snow and glistening land, the feeling of peace and light opening. (Kristin)
  • I sense the air at the top most part of our oxygenated atmosphere will be turning over, will be refreshed, with cobalt blue waves of fresh air being turned into our existing atmosphere. This felt very positive to me, and also this renewal was something that was not manmade, but was a gift from creator/source at a time when we need it most. (Renée)
  • Ascension, ascension, ascension. I keep hearing that word throughout the year. (Renée)
  • People feel the sun again. We know who the bad guys are and can be free of all of them. (Luminata)
  • Ascension, ascension, ascension - I keep hearing that word throughout the year. (Renée)

Advances in Science and Technology that help us:

  • There will be an exponential expansion in tech, science, bio medical sciences. (Alisa)
  • Breakthroughs in fertility treatments.  More babies! (Julie)
  • Medical breakthroughs. (Caroline)
  • Revelations about plants and true medical powers & cure. (Alicia)

2019 regular Predictions by month – done 1/17/19

February 2019 (also includes last week of January 2019)


U.S. - White House

  • Trump is starting to tumble. (Bernie)
  • The shutdown will end. Trump will not get his wall. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The border continues to bleed. People there treated cruelty. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The nation is in shock, reeling from controversy and chaos in Washington. The tide of public opinion is beginning to turn even more against Trump.  (Bluebelle)
  • Trump finds threats don't work anymore. Real consequences are happening now and more are encroaching. (Luminata)
  • Donald Trump Jr. is indicted. (Siobhan)
  • More Mueller leaks. (Julie)
  • The image of Pinocchio in the news. (Editor's note; These will be about politicians’ lying.) This has come true with Washington Post's Bottomless Pinochio series gets media attention regarding Trump's border wall claims. (Karen)
  • Trump and McConnell lose, get angry (Bin)
  • Trump gets louder. Yelling and insisting on his wall. (Julie)
  • Around Valentine’s Day things change for the shutdown. (Baba)
  • Red hearts face off with devils with pitchforks. (Baba)
  • News revealed about Mueller findings. We knew it was horrific, but it is even worse. (Molly)
  • Confusion in government and lack of leadership, bickering over bullshit. (Alisa)
  • Trump’s approval rating declines. (Bin)
  • More departures in Washington. Fired or quit.  President is lonely. (Julie)
  • Shutdown controversy continues. (Julie)
  • Sara Huckabee (the press secretary) has stomach issues.  She is holding her stomach.  There is an issue with her father.  (Andrew)
  • I am nervous, I am seeing a fight, the aggressive attacking the passive and the passive waking up. (Andrew)
  • Nobody believes anything.  Nobody is certain.  Who is nobody? The US people.  We are reading and not believing, but this is making us think for ourselves. (Andrew)
  • I see smoke clearing. I see the smoke from the ruin of man’s arrogance.  I see the smoke on charred earth. And I see people coming again, out of the char. I see people in the desert rebuilding.  I see sorrow behind and current but resolve ahead. (Andrew)
  • Someone discovers a huge amount of gold (Andrew)
  • DC in a fog.  Light shining through.  Dome of Capitol is above the fog (Andrew)

    Feb 2019


  • Sickening feeling about the political news.(Molly)
  • There is so much confusion and yelling in politics and in our collective. People will get tired of the yelling, they will realize it only brought pain, and then it will begin to subside. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People starting to conserve resources because the future doesn't feel as rosy as the "experts" reported during the holiday spending days. (Miriam)
  • A heavy heart. (Molly)
  • Garish carnival sideshow.  Hawkers. (Andrew)
  • Love in Feb.  Mothers are acknowledged.  (Andrew)
  • Economy is starting to tank. (Miriam)
  • Subways in the news. (Alicia,
  • People frustrated with the NYC subways. (Bin)
  • What a wonderful world song I hear in February (Michelle M.)
  • I hear someone yelling,"New York City!" (Michelle M.)
  • Am feeling that the collective is unbalanced, with pain on the right side of eye or body. Feeling of being allergic to all these dense energies coming through. Trying to be guided by the light. (Alicia)
  • Confusion in the country. (Molly)
  • Mountains to climb. Dark cloud over the mountain.  Light on the horizon.  (Tina)


  • Tower of Pisa looks grey and drab. There are few tourists. An image of the Coloseum looking blackened, as though burnt. Feeling that Italy is depressed economically. (Villager)
  • Tension in the collective has reached new heights. England is scared, there is no resolution to Brexit. They are asking with baitedbreath for Brussels to give them an extension. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Progressives are coming together in Europe. (Doris)
  • I see an upsidedown maple leaf. Ed Note: could be a problem with Canada. (Vagabeau) This came true when Chinese technology giant Huawei CFO was arrested at Vancouver airport last Decmeber and in late January China threatened Canada with execution of two prisoners and other trade reprisals.
  • Brexit falls apart. May cannot get a deal.  (Bin)
  • A ferry capsizing. (Bernie)
  • In the news: Men in red soldier uniforms guarding a prison.(Eric)
  • Assassination attempt on a world leader. (Miriam)
  • Nuclear power accident Ukraine. (Baba)
  • There is a poison in the air. It is chemical. An attack. (Bernie)
  • Turkish president addresses German Turkish community - not positive. (Baba)
  • There is a beach and a dead baby, white and poor (Andrew)

Climate & Earth

  • Wet and snowy in Boston. The weather continues to be strange and volatile. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Paying more attention to national weather reports night after night because the climate is getting so hostile. [Deep freeze in U.S. causes dangerous conditions, schools closed, fatalities.] (Miriam)
  • Huge coastal flooding (Eric)
  • Snow very high - almost up to pedestrian bridge over stream.(Kristin)
  • Apple crops and prices in the news. (Carson)
  • Water pollution crisis in NE USA (Baba)
  • Whales coming to surface more to try to communicate with us. (Michele L.)
  • Sinkhole in the Midwest in the news. (Julie)
  • The climate is screaming for us to stop the insanity. (Molly)
  • Lots of snow, cold, extreme blizzards in the U.S. (Alisa)
  • Very icy and cold. (Michelle M.)
  • A prevalence of wild weather, extreme weather, unexpected weather patterns, jolting of earth, volcanoes brewing coinciding with the Collective knowing that vulture capitolism is harming us. (Michele L.)
  • Gusts of wind, flights cancelled. Storms and gusty winds making plane flying difficult. Sea rough. Europe winter weather. Lost men found in the sea, two men. Sala. (Paula) Note: Paula actually got the word in Spanish "found" not rescued but she changed it to "rescued" in hopes that it would infused positive energy to the situation. Predicted on January 25, 2019.
  • Seaweed increasing in the oceans, choking marine life. (Bernie)
  • Penguins on Australian shores . Not normally their home. (Bernie)

March 2019


  • I see the image of the Tower from the Thoth Tarot, especially the big red dragon breathing fire. This portends a major crisis is unfolding this month. (Jeanne Mayell)

White House

  • There is a huge, angry bull charging around the White House. (Molly)
  • I feel things go sideways for Trump in March- April (Alisa)
  • Trump has been put in restraints and six or so men are trying to push and ultimately carry him, head first, up the stairway of a private plane.  Trump is fiercely cursing (he's also been muzzled) and wildly thrashing as he resists, making it very difficult to make progress up the stairs.  This scene is the opposite of June 16, 2015, when Trump descended, arrogantly and unrestrained, down the golden escalator and officially announced his candidacy for president. (Cdeanne)
  • More major revelations by Michael Cohen. Trump is livid.  Like a rock dropped in the water, the ripples keep multiplying.  There are major realignments in the Congress because of these revelations.  Some Republicans break ranks. (Bluebelle)
  • Uncovering more information about Trump. Many Triump political operatives involved in the coverup. (Eric)
  • Fear in the public about economy and climate. Collective anxiety Trump lashing out more.
  • The Shutdown finally ends in mid-March. (Bright Opal)
  • Trump gets booed. (Bin)
  • Trump is fearful, shadow cast over White House and Capital. (Alisa)
  • Someone going to jail from Trump administration. Mueller’s work is starting to unfold. (Bernie)

U.S. - Other

  • An important wedding in March. A veil with sequins. (Karen)
  • The mood is a little lighter, but still very serious. (Molly)
  • A feeling of pressure, unsettledness. (Julie)
  • I see in my mind's eye an aircraft in horizon. Not sure what it portends. (Alicia)
  • Restaurants are packed. (Bin) In NYC, restaurants thriving.
  • Tents, old style pup tents in green fabric. (Jordan)
  • Feel peaceful. Break in the craziness. we can take a breath. (Eric)
  • Evil is showing its faces finally to the world. (Molly)
  • A lot of snow in the Midwest. (Michelle M.)
  • Duckworth and Murphy in the news. Gun control with veteran support. (Luminata)
  • Shutdown ends in March from overwhelming personal involvement in reconciling the stalemate. Proof that Government is not the answer; that we the people hold the power. (Luminata)


  • Dryer weather. Feeling really angry “Dammed Brexit.” Really angry. It won’t go through. Too much (Paula)
  • Still fighting about Brexit March. (Baba)
  • Cloud of exhaust from a fighter jet over desert mountains. The fighter jet is out of control,but does not crash. (Villager)
  • Things feel quieter. The commotion has been subdued. (Betty)

Climate & Earth

  • Heavy rainstorms in the southern U.S.(Siobhan)
  • Gentle waves, not tsunami or hurricane waves, coming into shore and taking things out to sea. Metaphoric not literal. It’s a cleaning and clearing of things unwanted. (Renée)
  • I see birds falling to the ground in Australia. (Bernie)
  • Northern lights in the news. (Julie)
  • Tulips in the Netherlands in the news. (Baba)


April 2019


White House

  • A big question mark about Trump and what will happen now. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Some federal institutions are holding firm—mainly the judiciary and the Justice Department. Congress still waffles around even though more Republicans are speaking out against Trump.  Mitch McConnell is nowhere to be seen. (Bluebelle)
  • Old guard of Republican party hiding. (Michele L.)
  • Trump freaks out, tweets shit storm. (Bin)
  • Wet spring (too wet) in Midwest. (Sue)
  • Arrests in the administration. (Julie)
  • Getting the sense that it will be over soon for White House and Trump. (Molly)

In the news, controversy over the Interior Department's policy of hunting coyotes and wolves.  (Baba)

  • Trump getting sick. (Bernie)
  • The IRS can barely function because of the length of the shutdown and all the confusion surrounding it. Collecting taxes, doing tax returns is chaotic. People distrust federal bureaus even more now, which is what many on the ultra Right now want. They want chaos surrounding all the government agencies. (Renée)
  • Great relief. Government open, McConnell shuttered.(Luminata)
  • McConnell is nowhere to be seen. (Bin)
  • Legal impeachment started. (Luminata)  [note: Not started but in the news due to Mueller report].


  • I saw dollar signs and a busy stock market. I can’t tell if there is joy or panic, but people are talking about the market. (Betty) predicted on 1/17/19
  • Downturn in the markets and there is global conflicts between China and the U.S. (Alisa)
  • I've stopped dancing but I don't know the cause. (Vagabeau)

U.S. – People/Other

  • Stardust particles being observed under microscope. (Alicia)
  • Time stops for a moment. (Molly)
  • Something happens at a high school event that makes news.Maybe a dance or a sporting event. (Julie)
  • People are gasping over the news. (Molly)
  • Amusement park disaster. (Bin)
  • Wedding bells for someone famous. (Bernie)  [Emilia Clark and Joe Jonas]
  • People from the Camp Fire CA are revolting because lack of progress about re-building. They have no idea where to go or if they should stay. (Miriam)


  • Middle East conflicts is growing. There are problems in Saudi Arabia. (Alisa)
  • Tulips. Tulip inn under water. Weather threat to the Netherlands. Rising sea levels has become an issue.  As though awareness is growing and a movement is rising. (Paula)
  • Image of cheese and wine. Something is not quite right with these products. It feels like harvest or trade problems. (Villager)

Climate & Earth

  • In the southern U.S. I see rivers overflowing their banks.(Siobhan)
  • Boys in the river, thigh deep in mud. (Jordan)
  • Green nuclear waste is in the news. (Tina)
  • rain. snow, storm systems. heat. (Michele L.)
  • Wild horses are in the news. Editor's Note: This may be about the controversy about Trump administration allowing killing of wild horses. (Baba)


May 2019



  • On the steps of the Justice building I see a throng of reporters questioning a portly white-haired man. (Villager)
  • Freshman representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez making impact, people supporting young freshman politicians, involves banking committee. (Michele L.)
  • Still tension in the collective, but there has been some relief. (Molly)
  • I feel nervousness. Markets are jittery like Jell-O. (Julie)
  • Long lines at airports. (Bin)
  • Fear increasing, feels like panic. (Alisa)
  • Strong woman coming forward. (Molly)
  • A hero dog. (Julie)
  • Sadness, people of US are hurt. (Bar)
  • Possible pipeline problems in the North Central U.S.(Luminata)
  • May seems very sad (Michelle M.)
  • I see children, a dark haired boy and a girl are swimming. There is a lot of stress in this scene. Might be at the border. (Jeanne Mayell)



  • A ship sinks. Some are rescued but fatalities are high.  It was all avoidable. (Bluebelle)
  • Something happening to a tennis professional. (Bernie)

Climate & Earth

  • Mangroves being planted along coastlines. Initiative in Indonesia. (Paula)
  • Drought in Australia. (Baba)
  • I see a beautiful blue sky and ocean, yet I feel fearful. The beautiful scene is deceptive. I also have a sense of a large iceberg floating in the ocean. (Betty) predicted on 1/17/19

June 2019


  • Mueller is in the news. It feels like Trump has become rigid.He can’t move from his position. I see his arms folded and they are carrying him out like that sideways, arms still folded and body rigid. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trump administration falls apart, members leaving. (Bin)
  • Pence goes down. Irrefutable evidence is presented that he is involved in the Russian conspiracy. Trump is next.  (Luminata)
  • President's family members implicated officially in collusion. (Miriam)
  • Pressure building. Teapot whistling, everyone seems ready or explosive, buzzing energy. (Alicia)
  • Lots of trouble in June, people upset, lots confusion, anger. (Michelle M.)
  • In June, the NRA is officially rebuked and good gun laws passed. (Luminata)
  • Special dad honored on Father's day. (Julie)


  • Italy and Pisa in trouble. I see the tower of Pisa tumbling, or threatening to fall. Venice is under water again. (Paula)
  • Coast of Britain. There are no fishing boats in the water, it looks deserted. (Villager)
  • Heat in Australia despite it being winter (Baba)
  • Rocket ship in the news. (Tina)
  • A submarine accident. (Bernie)
  • Italy earthquake. (Baba)
  • The continent of South America is all yellow. (Ed. Note: Not a good sign.) (Renée)

Climate & Earth

  • Ice sheets breaking off of Antarctica and Greenland are a concern.  (Siobhan)
  • I see moths. There are record numbers of moths.  They make driving hazardous. (Bluebelle)
  • Government finally working toward mitigating climate change, too late. (Michele L.)
  • Sun is becoming white hot. (Vagabeau)
  • I’m visualizing beautiful golden wheat fields, but then I see mold on the wheat. The fields are too wet and frustrating farmers. (Betty)
  • Don’t know which months, but I see really devastating hurricanes. (Caroline)
  • Hawk flying over burning landscape. Red sun. (Eric)
  • Floods in Midwest. (Julie)
  • Wet, rainy West Coast. (Bin)
  • Cooler than usual across the US. (Baba)
  • Outbreak of a disease waters in trouble around Florida panhandle. (Michele L.)
  • Problems with ocean, fish supply, global warming, ice melt. (Alisa)


July 2019


  • Whatever trouble has been occurring, months before slows down in July. (Michelle M.)
  • Children are released from the internment camps at the border. (Bluebelle)
  • Someone is screaming takedown! (Alicia)
  • Kamala Harris is smiling at a parade and rally wearing a white blouse. (Melissa F.) predicted 2/2/2019
  • July is strong month for markets, business. (Alisa)
  • Something happens that makes us all laugh. (Julie)
  • Fireworks and repression in US. (Baba)
  • Something to be hopeful about. (Alisa)
  • Crowds of jubilant cheers of freedom. (Eric)
  • Governmental chaos in US. (Sue)
  • As a country we are in our head not guiding with heart. (Alicia)
  • New hotel chain in US. (Baba)
  • The stars and stripes, then it moves left in a swirl and becomes huge wave crashing to the right. Lots of white water in wave.  (Kristin)
  • Citizens stepping in to handle things where government fails. (Sue)
  • Terrorist activity at a July 4th celebration.  (Siobhan)


  • Men with shiny dress shoes walking into a tunnel. I think they bought it at a very low price. (Vagabeau)
  • People on an island waving for help. Large bags of Flour and other supplies being sent. (Bernie)
  • Pope names female saint. (Villager)
  • I see people scrambling, screaming, and bombs blowing up. The words Syria or Greece come to my mind. (Betty)
  • Deflection in Middle East. Trump puts the spotlight on the Middle East to deflect from his impeachment. (Luminata)
  • Mohammed bin Salman problems. Iran again raises its head.(Luminata)

Climate & Earth

  • Heat wave in Europe. (Bin)
  • Baking in the hot sun. (Karen)
  • Trouble with crops all around the world. Water logged fields. Potatoes wet. (Paula)
  • I see a big great white shark in the news. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Feedback loops in climate change unstoppable. more space flights, set up of satellite colonies, pictures of colony on the moon. (Michele L.)
  • A disaster which could have been prevented with proper EPA oversight. (Miriam)


August 2019


U.S. - White House

  • Mueller finishes his investigation. (Bluebelle)
  • Trump is gone. (Bluebelle)
  • Final blow for Trump - Mueller testifies in House. Leads to more legal action and impeachments of members of Congress. Senate Dems involved as well as GOP in taking Russian money. The investigations mean Kavanaugh impeachment possible. (Luminata)
  • Nancy is in charge now (Molly)

U.S. - Other

  • Space travel, astronauts in the news. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see a huge gorilla in the news, must be a movie. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Men in suits. Tycoons. Wall street barons. (Jordan)
  • School starts with only pencils, paper, and desks. They are making do with little else.  No more vying for supplies. (Karen)
  • Blah, blah, blah. We are all sick of hearing about something. (Julie)
  • Protests, people want change now, want to end use of fossil fuels and support a green economy. (Michele L.)
  • A bomb strikes in a hospital. (Karen)
  • Hawaii in the news . (Baba)
  • Navy ships in the water. Heading somewhere in a hurry. Tension in the air. (Villager)


  • Lancaster in the news. (Alicia)
  • An airliner flying to England is in the news. (Siobhan)

Climate & Earth

  • Heat levels reach new highs. Very hot. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The land is parched. Dry from California, to the Rockies and beyond.  The dry line marches eastward. (Julie)
  • Huge wave of water in Asia. (Eric)
  • I see a desert, drought in Arizona (Bin)
  • Crop problems due to lack of water. (Baba)
  • Peach crops are in the news. (Carson)
  • End of summer extreme heat East Coast. End of summer extreme heat on East coast. (Michelle M., Molly)
  • Flash flood in Far Rockaway, NYC.
  • Melting sidewalks in some countries. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I sense earthquakes in unexpected places. I see Russian forest fires. (Betty)


September 2019


  • William Barr supports Mueller. (Bluebelle)
  • America forgotten. No one listening to anything to do with Trump. Corruption out in the open. (Paula)
  • Grey skies over Washington. (Bernie)
  • School in the news , trouble of some kind. (Michelle M.)
  • In the news: More funding for schools and students are getting better teachers. (Bin)
  • Big changes for US citizens, more healthcare. (Molly)
  • A bright, golden star on top of something. Might be an illuminated sign. It's a good omen.  (Jordan)
  • I see a big, thick legal book with a judge presiding over a court. The book represents all the new cases, judgments, laws and various legal activity over the past several years. He ceremoniously turns a page which means, justice will prevail and these things will never happen again. (Melissa F.)
  • A very long white banner, stretching far into the distance, is being held up by many.  Behind the banner are tens of thousands of smiling, even jubilant individuals. With confident voices, united by positivity, not anger, they are chanting, "This is what we need!  This is what we can do!" (Cdeanne)
  • September a car full of happy teens make the news singing in a car. Something funny here I don't know what. (Karen)
  • Amber waves of grain. Patriotism above politics.  There is a group that comes together to bridge the parties. (Julie)
  • Sailing, I hear pirates in the news. (Baba)
  • I got a cold chill in my body that was very uneasy in September. (Carson)
  • Start of new school year delayed because of some disaster, regionally, along coast, eastern seaboard. (Michele L.)
  • Acela Amtrak train derailment. Acela is on the Northeast corridor between Washington D.C. and Boston.  (Bin)
  • People feel the sun again. We know who the bad guys are and can be free of all of them. (Luminata)
  • There is a focus on gun safety in U.S. high schools.(Siobhan)
  • There is a minute of silence in the US. I see men and women in office attire. (maybe 9/11, looks like Wall St) (Villager)
  • I notice Putin is in trouble and in the news. (Betty)



  • Sailing, I hear pirates in the news.  (Baba)


Climate & Earth

  • This fall is hot. I see a young woman or girl being carried by a fireman. (Jeanne Mayell). [California wildfires at all time high]
  • Schools openings delayed because it is too bloody hot! (Miriam)


October 2019



  • It looks like the map of the US is on fire. Stress in the collective and in the environment. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A lot of stress in Texas. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Gas pipeline demonstrations in the Dakotas. (Bluebelle)
  • The field of candidates for President is full! So many people. (Julie)
  • Government operating more smoothly now. (Sue)
  • Male and female politicians on a rollercoaster ride on the Golden Gate bridge. The women on the ride are not worried. (Villager)
  • Trump is deteriorating mental and physically in the White House. I see him melting into orange goo. (Betty)



  • Tower of London, a flag half mast. (Bernie)
  • Some kind of insect swarm, Australia. (Baba)
  • (Jordan)
  • More legal ramifications for all players in the worldwide conspiracy to overthrow democratic governments. (Luminata)


Climate & Earth

  • Amber waves of blaze. (Alicia)
  • I see a cyclone; the biggest ever recorded in the US. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • Lots of wind, wind storms. (Alicia)
  • Wind gusts unusually high in Boston. (Bin)


November 2019



  • A small bright circle of yellow light revolves around an orange pumpkin shape...The pumpkin starts to look like a molten lava pumpkin with a black  crust beginning to form around the burning red/orange.  At first I am think it reminds me of something about to explode. (Lovendures)  L.A. Wildfires burn homes with elaborate Halloween decorations. 
  • It looks like the U.S. is tipping sideways. Am unsure if this is political or environmental stress.   A lot of distress in the southwest and Texas. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The tipping point comes in US politics. (Baba)
  • Suspicious packages are mailed to prominent people.(Julie)
  • Airline crash or plane issue in news. (Michelle M.)
  • Trump is at Arlington cemetery, flanked by security personnel. He is trying to appear as an authoritative commander in chief, but he isn’t fooling anyone watching him on tv. The staff around him can barely hide their contempt. The military and citizens have contempt. He has a short moment of feeling insecure and falters in his stride. (Villager)
  • I’m feeling something about corn or cold. Then I hear icy corn. (Betty)


Climate & Earth

  • Huge hurricanes. A reality check on climate change. (Michele L.)

December 2019


  • My stomach is hurting. I see Pence with ruddy cheeks, smiling. He is seated in an Oval office chair. (Villager)
  • The White House is quiet, no-one is there to celebrate. (Molly)
  • Trump Tower is dark. The family is gone. (Bluebelle)
  • Native Americans are unified. Coast to coast.  All the tribes are united politically. (Bluebelle)
  • Big lottery winner. I think from the south. (Julie)
  • Tiny Tim theme in the news. (Ed. Note: Tiptoe through the tulips). (Alicia)
  • People are chanting, "Lock him up! Lock him up!"  It is not happening. (Karen)  Happened to Trump at October 27 Game 5 of World Series in Washington D.C.
  • People in U.S. are glad the year is over. It was a difficult year. (Michelle M.)
  • People feel sober but start to have hope for better things. (Baba)
  • I feel happy. Change is near.  The new year is going to be awesome! (Julie)
  • Wall Street weakening, banks scrambling, economy is tanking. (Alisa)


  • Something is happening in the Himalayas, potentially an earthquake. (Caroline)


Climate & Earth

  • There is an earthquake (hearing these words). I don’t know where. (Paula)
  • Mold is growing on a beach. (Villager)
  • Unseasonably cold. Freezing temperatures. (Eric)
  • I see a blizzard in Chicago. (Bin)


villager, BlueBelle, Tiger-n-Owl and 11 people liked
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02/05/2019 6:16 am  

I don't know where it was, but someone predicted that this year there would be a Progressive movement in Australia holding the Government accountable, especially as it is possible Australia will have a change in Government in May, do you remember this Jeanne? Also, does anyone forsee a change in Government for Australia?

villager liked
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02/05/2019 5:04 pm  

Agreed that Trump will be out before end of year. Spring will be brutal for him. I've mentioned several times on here that he won't be able to escape with what is revealed Feb. Could be the SDNY. They hold the Trump card. Pun intended.

villager, BlueBelle, numerologist and 5 people liked
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02/06/2019 1:35 am  

In reading through the January and February predictions, one of the predictions reminded me of a news article I read two days ago.

Gusts of wind, flights cancelled. Storms and gusty winds making plane flying difficult. Sea rough. Europe winter weather. Saving people from the sea, two men. Sala. (Paula)

The article was on the disappearance of Argentinian football player Emiliano Sala and his pilot (David Ibbotson) in the English Channel in late January, and the discovery of the plane's wreckage on Feb. 3rd.

Edit: Linking is not working for me, but you should be able to find it through Wales Online.

Joined: 3 years ago
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02/06/2019 1:42 am  

Thank-you, Rmn002, and welcome to our forum.  It is so helpful when someone provides this information. I will look for the article.  The reason you couldn't add a link is just that the forum prevents newcomers from linking in the beginning as a measure against spam.  Thank you again!  

Joined: 2 years ago
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02/06/2019 2:26 pm  

It's an incredibly accurate hit on Sala if timings are before his disappearance. His plane disappeared on 22/23 Jan, so if 'Read the future' and Paula's submission were before that then crikey, what a hit!

Joined: 3 years ago
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02/06/2019 4:28 pm  

Paula couldn't make the Read the Future night because she is in Europe and it would be too late at night for her. So I sent her the recording on 1/24. The plane had already disappeared.  She predicted on 1/25 it would be found. She changed the word "found" to "rescued" because she wanted to insert hope into her prediction.  But the word she had heard in her mind's eye, which was in Spanish, means "found."  So she already knew about the plane disappearance. But did predict it would be found in early Feb. 

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02/10/2019 7:24 pm  

Sometimes I think we need an OMG emoji.  These predictions!!

Michele liked
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02/11/2019 8:32 pm  


Does this work:


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02/11/2019 9:06 pm  

Yes, Laura, yes!  LOL

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02/12/2019 2:12 pm  

I think Julie has a hit for February:

  • The northern lights in the news. (Julie)

The northern lights are discussed in the context of the magnetic north pole that is on the move. The northern lights move with the magnetic north pole.

Joined: 3 years ago
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02/12/2019 2:36 pm  

Yes, it is a hit and an amazing one at that. I have already posted it. Village thank you for helping with this part of our work. Posting hits is a powerful way to highlight the messages we get when we meditate on our world. And it's a big task to stay on top of them so I thank you for your help. It also helps the reader to learn more about their own intuitive process.

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02/14/2019 1:21 pm  

Has anyone seen anything with the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment? Virginia is looking to ratify... 

Joined: 2 years ago
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02/15/2019 11:36 am  

Thank you and Bright Opal, and everyone else here - this site is a true treasure! 

I was listening to Rachel Maddow's show today, and I was reminded of another discussion in the forum that predicted that Donald Trump would retreat from public life somewhat, and that we would see attempts to project a younger, more appealing Trump. Today Rachel Maddow discussed the White House's attempts to claim that he is taller than in reality, and their production of photoshopped images. I can't find the discussion in the forum or a corresponding prediction on the predictions page, but I could swear that I read it. Does anyone else remember this?

Joined: 2 years ago
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02/15/2019 12:15 pm  

I found the discussion I mentioned above. It is an RV on the end of Trump's presidency with an updated prediction from @jeanne-mayell:

February 2019: Trump’s still there, images of him show a fake persona of youthful vigor that increasingly departs from his debauched aging self.

I hope the link works. This looks to me like a literal hit.

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02/15/2019 3:21 pm  

He also recently dyed his hair again.  It had gotten pretty white.  It was more orange again when he went to Texas.

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02/15/2019 4:57 pm  

Thanks, Villager, for pointing the way to Rachel Maddow's recent piece, "Trump asks Americans to abandon truth with daily, petty lies."  Following the recent physician's report (released by the Federal Government), she details new instances of blatant gaslighting coming from the White House, "a weird kind of vanity; a weird kind of reality."  Just as Jeanne predicted for this month, Trump is attempting to to be perceived as bigger (taller, more powerful), fitter, and more youthful.  Maddow easily disproves his boast of now being 6'3" by showing comparison pics of him side-by-side with other politicians and world leaders whose claimed heights we can believe.  Even clearer proof of Jeanne's prediction is the photo-shopped image Maddow shows, just released by the White House, with such embellishments as Trump appearing trimmer, his hair made to be slightly less odd, his shoulders somewhat broader, and, strangest of all, his pointed finger has been elongated to give the illusion of larger hands!

In light of his unchecked narcissism and delusional vanity, I don't understand how he can reconcile the notion of staying in the spotlight for another term, allowing the world to watch as he grows still more bloated, more bald, and more feeble...

Coyote, Lawrence, villager and 2 people liked
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02/16/2019 5:41 am  

Thank you, @CDeanne. That was exactly what I was trying to track down and articulate.

I think it was a remarkable prediction, because it tuned into something so subtle. I remembered it because at the time it seemed puzzling, almost bizarre. 

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02/16/2019 5:29 pm  

Hmmmm... you all have got me to thinking on Jeanne's (and others) prediction that ~at some point~ Twitler would go silent.  I get the feeling that this will occur when the photoshopped images and reality are so far apart as to raise alarm bells. He'll have to stay out of public view to avoid ridicule and try to maintain power.

Oof. And I JUST got an image of him delivering a SOTU address from the Oval office, which is pre-recorded and heavily manipulated so he looks better...

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02/20/2019 8:18 pm  

Cant remember where I saw it but someone called out a Putin power play about this time. I think this might be the start of it.


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