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August 23, 2017 Predictions I (Jeanne Mayell) did while on a Silent Retreat  


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03/04/2018 5:38 pm  

I just realized that I never posted in this forum a set of predictions I did while on a retreat last summer.

They are in a post I did on Robert Mueller last summer (it's been on the website among Popular Posts since last summer) and I also mixed them into the predictions on the World Predictions page,  but not here. This is the one place where I can post our Timeline predictions by dates predicted.  I see that a lot of them came true.

August 23 TIMELINE of WORLD PREDICTIONS. (This began as a Mueller timeline but spirits started giving me world predictions) 

September 2017

  • A chasm. Mueller knows it's a new era he's working in. An era of lawlessness and lies. Anything goes including large scale efforts to discredit him and the FBI from all sources.  So he has to be perfect, attention to details. Regarding Manafort, Mueller knows it's like the OJ Simpson trial.  He could make a clear case beyond reasonable doubt and still lose. He's not going to have the GOP on his side. They will use Johnny Cochran moves. He hates how this issue has become politically aligned. He hates that he only has the democrats on his side.
  • Palm trees in the news (this is probably hurricane in Florida and Caribbean). No information, but had seen three years ago that in 2017 there would be an epic storm with many dead (in the thousands). I don't believe there will be thousands of dead but it will be a devastating storm.
  • High water. People with raised hands to be seen/rescued.
  • The Capitol is exploding. Paul Ryan has his orders not to do anything. They worry about the market - how A failing presidency will affect market. McConnell also does nothing.  Much talk.  Someone says, "This house cannot stand." They re referring to the famous Lincoln 1858 quote,  "A house divided against itself cannot stand." I think this quote came to me because our country cannot stand unless the two sides unite. They won't unite. So absolutely won't. So the country is in big trouble.
  • Expectations regarding getting rid of Trump will be dashed.

October 2017

  • Muller making progress. Another raid.
  • Image of the Statue of Liberty looking like a mess. Looking away from the sun which is a symbol of truth. Ruled by the dollar. She's weak and she's falling apart.
  • Severe drought and fire conditions in the Western U.S.  Saw a key which means these conditions are a peak into the future for decades to come.
  • News about another planet. A space vehicle on the ground.  Is this Saturn?  

November 2017

  • Muller: I see a wrist watch. Timing is important.
  • Witches on their brooms, a dove of peace is flying across the country from southwest to northeast.
  • I saw Daedalus' wings melting and he looks like an aircraft that is falling out of the sky.  (This may refer to a movie that came out called Icarus on the Russian olympic doping scandal).

December 2017

  • Boats, including fishing boats, men with guns,  getting into the water. Looks like we might be in the far east.  Trump trying to create another distraction from the Russia investigation with a military move.
  • Middle East issues heating up.  In November, Jared Kushner visits Saudi Arabia, a week later there is a coups there. War signals with Lebanon.
  • I see the sign of infinity which represents the G-20 summit nations confering on these issues.
  • I see a jeweled ring which is an issue.  I see Ivanka.  Then I see a naked white woman, which probably stands for vulnerability.  There is a scandal involving a blond woman and a man. Wondering if this is about Ivanka and Jared.  In mid November, press reports that Ivanka may be investigated for her involvement in Panama Hotel deal that is rife with money laundering and organized crime figures.

January 2018

  • Terror attack in Europe, perhaps Luxembourg. Not sure of the city. Looks like it might involve a military base as well.
  • Markets in a square root sign. This means there's a big drop and some rebound. Bad sign of things to come.  (Market dropped 1200 points Feb 3 &4)

February 2018

  • Big Royals affair. Young woman in a long ruffled light dress. Hat's.  
  • Justice department is very much  in the news, along with Congress.  (GOP pressure on Rosenstein to release classified documents, followed by release of documents, followed by more Trump pressure on Sessions to resign.)
  • Image of helicopters off to war.
  • More news about that blond woman and a scandal.   (This is about Trump's stripper payoff)
  • Markets make the news, no crash but not good.  (This happened in early February when Markets dropped most points in financial history)

March 2018

  •  Another possible terror attack, don't yet know where.  (Parkland H.S., Florida)
  • March & April: U.S. Capitol (Congress) prominent in the news. GOP doing what it can to thwart Muller investigation.  This happened in January and February with Devin Nunes memo.
  • Jared in the news.  (Jared has a bad week: loses security clearance, being investigated for trading U.S. foreign policy for business loans.)

April 2018

  • Man in police officer's hat in North Korea. Something  is up with Kim.
  • In North Korea, I saw that something gets blown up, which indicates more testing. The potential is becoming great for Kim to be deposed.
  • Earth is upset. I see volcano, seas and fish in trouble, and forest and trees on fire.

May 2018 Floods in the UK.  Maybe the Thames and London.

June 2018

  • Market falling.
  • Seismic readings off the charts in the Heartland.

July: Markets going wild. Not good.


  • Markets still acting up.
  • War images in the news, not in the U.S.

September  2018 - Something going on in Middle East or North Africa. Feeling of controversy and talk of war.  


  • Floods in Indonesia. Whole forests flooded.  (This happened when a tsunami hit Indonesia)
  • Image of the world going sideways. this is a very bad image.

November -  War images. Image of a pretty  young woman, a young madonna.  This is probably a news image that goes viral.

December 2018 Hawaii fires.

Markets: Markets overall from 2017 to 2018 show a bubble in 2017. (This happened with 36% rise) Then in late 2018 it looks like short rolling hills. So there will be lots of ups and downs in 2018.

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03/04/2018 6:07 pm  

Also, Wayne predicted that in February 2018 "religious leader passes" -- that would be Billy Graham. Great hit.

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08/25/2018 9:42 am  

Hit on prediction about sizzling meat, a safe and "That's All Folks" on a  Trump Section. I extend this and heard, "Stick a fork in him, he's done."

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08/25/2018 2:03 pm  

Thanks for the hits tips.  Is there a news story on sizzling meat and that’s all folks or are you just referring to the safe that the national enquirer kept the Cohen documents in?

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08/25/2018 4:30 pm  

Hi Jeanne, 

This article showed up a couple days ago and may allude to the red meat prediction:

Apparently right wing is promoting all meat diets as a counter to  perceived “liberal” aims to reduce meat consumption (and therefore methane emissions and water usage)

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08/25/2018 9:18 pm  

That was predicted by someone in your group. I think it refers to the catch and kill stories in the National Enquirer Safe, yes.

Could also be Porky Pig reference, Th-th-th-that's all f f f folks!

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08/26/2018 12:57 am  

Lauri H and Ghandigirl - too funny.  Thanks for the references. I will update the prediction page.  What an amazing prediction that was. 

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08/26/2018 4:22 pm  

There was another shooting today in Jacksonville,Flordia at a Madden Tournament, 4 dead 11 injured. It says a player that lost took fire.