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Predictions done on April 29, 2018  

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 Latest visions (made April 29, 2018). Thanks for Daria for helping me put these together.

Messages from an Angel: Before we meditated on the future, we asked for messages from an angel to you all.  Here are the messages which I’ve grouped: 

You are loved. Be true to your Self.  Be brave.

  • You are okay. You are enough. Keep going. Be brave. You will be glad. “Is the world going to be okay?” I asked.  She replies, “Yes. There will be a wave that will go through the earth and across the land. It will shift the collective. But the people will prevail.” When I heard this message, I thought of the song and music video, “Brave,” by Sarah Bareillis.  It is a message to be your self, be whom you really are inside. (Jeanne)
  • The Universe is a safe place; be brave. (Rayna)
  • You are love. You are joy. Right now. Peace. (Stacie)
  • The angel sees people who want to be loved. Everyone has a deep longing to be loved and love in return. She sees a great yearning for love. (Bluebelle)
  • You are loved, supported, protected, will see you through this, hang on, we are here. Keep driving, don't give up, follow the light, go higher, raise your vibration, meditation, go into nature because it is good for your soul, reconnect with the land, ground yourself, let your spirit rise, let it sing. (Doris)
  • Relax, and all will be well in the end. As long as you keep holding space for Love, Light, and Kindness your dreams, and accomplishments will come true. (Carson)
  • The angel sees an explosion and then a contraction of good and evil as one ebbs and the other flows. She is encouraging the good in all of us, and in each nation, to expand like lungs when they take in air.  As the evil rises up, the good will ride it to a new level for us all. (Andrew)
  • You are loved, supported, protected, will see you through this, hang on, we are here. Keep driving, don't give up, follow the light, go higher, raise your vibration, meditation, go into nature because it is good for your soul, reconnect with the land, ground yourself, let your spirit rise, let it sing. (Doris)
  • There is nothing to fear for I am with you and you are well loved. The world is full of lovely beings. You are all so bright and beautiful. You are all similar, so You shimmer like fire flies on a summer night. (Luminata)
  • I see a hand with a colorful set of balloons. (Arianne)

Connect with the earth, with the ancients, and with each other

  • Listen to the songs of the ancient ones. They will give some answers we need to hear. Dance the dances of the ancient ones. Pray for Mother Earth. She needs it now. She needs to know you care. Community will rise naturally. You don’t need to make it happen. It will unfold. (Karen)
  • Look inward first and then to others. We return to our centers and together we are stronger. We are resilient when we are together. (Julie K)
  • The human race is beginning to move to a higher more unified consciousness through the process of natural disasters. Within a few years we will all share ways to improve life on earth for everyone. There will be suffering before we reach that time. Stay grounded through the changes occurring on earth and in our conscious awareness. (Ann)

Go do the work

  • Continue down the path you are on. (Mary Lo)
  • Go do the work. Keep going. (Kelly)
  • The message from the angel is to move forward. (Adrianne)
  • Take the time to nurture yourself. Plant seeds for the future. (Shelley)
  • Cleanse your hearts. (Bar)
  • Know that hardships serve a positive purpose. (Audree)
  • I see solar flares, dark horizons, North American brown bear, and division of the earth on the east coast from east to west. (Cheryl)
  • We can't just sit back and think someone else is going to take care of us. Embrace the change. (Rebecca)
  • Believe in what you can’t see. Let go of what you have. Stop doubting yourself. There is much suffering and there is work for all of us to do. Now is not the time to lose your head or your heart. Now is what we have all been waiting for.  Now is the time before it all gets better. (Andrew)
  • I see a bright light around the North Korea and Russia border moving into Russia.. It’s a positive development. Kim Jong Un is as opened as he’s ever going to be. Sophie)
  • I see visions of an angel in Israel, South America, Turkey and California. (Kelly)
  • The angel sees the world spinning too fast, and all the animals with it. She wishes for us to stop this race.  (Andrew)

May 2018 – Positive Visions

  • Hearts opening. Voices rising. (Bar)
  • Eureka, someone is shouting. Hitting a jackpot. (Jeanne)
  • Cherry blossoms symbolize more people are waking up. (Christina)
  • Lots of gatherings. It is a more relaxed time. (Julie K)
  • White petticoats. Lively fun. Blossoms blooming, flower energy. The power of the flower, so light and delicate, is the beginning of the seeds of the future. (Karen)
  • Millions are awakening like spring flowers, they want guidance. This is for May-June. (Howard)
  • Peaceful Protest including black clergy and church members singing “We Shall Overcome.” (Stacie)
  • Whatever you see, feel. It is good. (Jeanne)
  • Building and planning for the future in progress. Many new sturdier bridges and earthquake-safe buildings, Elon Musk tubes, high speed trains for land across/under land or water and hands across land and seas between people and nations. Leaders coming together more than before, at least trying to work together for our world, especially in North and South Korea. (Michele)
  • Symbols of power, birth, death and rebirth, represented by little Prince Louis, by Prince Philip and John McCain’s decline/and their deaths as foreshadowing of the decline of royalty, changes in power. (Michele)
  • The marriage of Harry and Megan and the joy and hope for the future are all huge symbols of the changes to come as we face major life changes, Love is stronger than hatred and will persevere when all else is gone. (Michele)
  • Spring is coming to Boston where the mood is lighter. I see college students outside in Boston. Celebrating. Protesting. Feeling alive and vibrant. In Cambridge, I see lots of students celebrating. (Bluebelle)
  • Birds everywhere happy songs. Graduations new beginnings. (Luminata)
  • Flowers blossoming after a rain. (Bin)

May 2018 – U.S.

  • I see a pyramid with an eye, like on a dollar bill. It's the eye of Provenance.  Then I see images of Italy and of Big Ben in London and am thinking that something is going to happen involving Brexit negotiations. (Arianne)  Predicted on April 29, 2018 for May 2018.  On May 29, the DOW dropped 500 points as markets reacted to all over the globe to Italy’s political crisis that, like Brexit, could lead to withdrawal from EU.
  • War is coming. (Alisa)
  • Military planes buzzing overhead. Not in the U.S. I see a grey sky.  People die.  Shouting. Bombs. Tan camouflage uniforms. (May to December) (Stacie)
  • Decisions are now being made which makes some more comfortable and others not. Some hard-core followers of Trump are starting to waiver in their support. (Wayne)
  • The big pharmacies are beginning to be held accountable. (Wayne
  • Selfish, greedy people at the top trying to squeeze out even more for themselves at the expense of the poor, disabled, and children. (Julie K)
  • The pace of the news cycles continues to be so fast that they can’t keep up. (Julie K)
  • I see people in houses, with picket fences, subdivisions around the country. I sense that people just want to be loved and have community.  People are inherently good.  I see children behind barriers, being held. There are fences they have to look through. They also only want to love. They only want to belong. They only want to breath freely. (Jeanne)
  • I sense heart trouble for Trump. (Adrianne)
  • Trump is getting sicker and breaking more from reality. (Ann)
  • Trump is hiding. (John T)
  • The US is tired. Even though it’s springtime and all is new. People are tired of drama and conflict and ready for normalcy and peace. Corruption is rampant. People are aware of it. Some are in denial but the majority is becoming more aware.  (Bluebelle)
  • I see the freeway and am reminded that the rat race continues unabated for now. (Sarah)
  • An increased focus on privacy as breach after breach happens. New solutions are coming. (Julie K)
  • Eruptions and dissent increase especially over immigration issues and at worldwide borders of exclusion. (Michele)
  • John Boehner in the news. I see prayer and a rosary. (Karen)
  • FBI moves forward, more conflict in the news. (Andrew)
  • High school football tragedy. Someone gets a broken neck, very sad.  (Andrew)
  • Visual of a Swastika. Based on the way it was pointing, it’s a Nazi Swastika, not an Indian/Aryan Swastika. (Arianne)
  • Military in the countryside. They might harm some young people (teenagers and early 20’s). (Stacie)
  • I see large ships coming from another country to the U.S. I can’t tell if they are battleships or ocean liners. (Mary Lo)
  • I see the movie, The Post, which is about the newspaper the Washington Post releasing hidden Pentagon documents that revealed massive government wrong-doing.  I expect more revelations about political scandals. (Rayna)
  • Ivanka standing on a desolate plane. (Luminata)
  • Sunset meeting of army intelligence in the desert. (Luminata)

Congress/Politics (May 2018)

  • Mueller makes another arrest/indictment. (Bluebelle)
  • Trump-Melania conflict more apparent (Rayna)
  • Stormy Daniels has an accident. Maybe it wasn’t an accident. A car involved. (Bluebelle)
  • My ears hurt there is a feeling a rising rage among the progressive population, and also on the other side. I keep hearing the words, “We call B.S.!” (Jeanne)
  • There is a growing public resentment of government. (Andrew)
  • Members of Congress going back and forth across the aisle, something unexpected has happened and they are trying to deal with it. Seems like something positive for the Democrats. (Mary Lo)
  • Democrats getting ready for Midterms. (Sarah)
  • The Democrats believe they are winning. (Jeanne)
  • Bad events in the South. Clashes, public violence in Texas but further south as well. (Luminata)

International  (May 2018)

  • War is coming. (Alissa)
  • Iran deal does not fall apart. The world holds it together. (Ann)   [Note: this is interesting, given that Trump has reneged on the Iran deal, but we’ve seen predictions that the EU will try to fix it.]
  • North and South Koreas will be more peaceful toward each other. (Howard)
  • Turkey comes on the scene in the Middle East and stirs it up. (Luminata)
  • I keep going back to NK, and continue to believe Russia is mixed up into this whole opening of North Korea to the world. Kim Jong Un smiles, satisfied with himself. I see a link between Pyongyang to somewhere South South East of it in South Korea where there is a bright light. (Sophie)
  • Hunger continues in Venezuela. (Sarah W)
  • Children suffering from poverty throughout the southern hemisphere. (Grace)
  • I see a mountain avalanche of rock, and a rare bird falling out of the sky. (Cheryl)
  • I see Italy on the map. It reminds me that great civilizations fall. (Arianne) I also see a building that looks like Big Ben and it reminds me that Brexit negotiations will be in the news again soon. (Arianne) On May 29, the Dow fell 500 points amid worries that Italy's political crisis will spark an Italian Brexit.
  • I see a puppy for the royal family (Donna)
  • Good news in Brazil and Argentina. There is the birth of a baby. There is good news in India. There is a development in terms of human rights, and advances in that area that were previously unheard of. (Andrew)
  • I see the Taj Mahal which signifies love. (Arianne) This prediction came true a week after it was made: In the news – the Taj Mahal is turning green due to pollution.
  • The population is opening up, and not so gullible. It is starting to doubt what is being said in the media and elsewhere. (Doris)
  • There is consciousness rising, naivety is being lost in a lot of people.
  • Flowers blooming, youth coming up, there is a lot of cooperation like working together for the good of others. This may be behind the scenes or not being reported in the mainstream news but it is happening nonetheless.
  • Environmental consciousness is rising among not just the youth but people of all ages. This is starting to make a difference even though it may be small steps. (Doris)

Climate/Earth (May 2018)

  • US farming not doing as well. (Donna)
  • I see a dark silhouette of a tree. The bushy “top” of the tree is round, like an apple tree in shape. (Arianne) Note: this vision may involve news that is coming about fruit trees, especially apple trees, that are suffering from climate change.
  • Climate change, polar ice cap melting. People are scrambling, trying to help each other out. (Alisa)
  • Monkeys are getting sick. There is illness in jungle (Donna)
  • I feel anxiety in the collective mixed with wildfires across the forests. (Carson)
  • Raging wildfires out west, hitting hard on national parks. (Carson)
  • People in California getting their animals on trucks, etc. to get away from fires (Mary Lo)
  • I am seeing a huge black dust storm across the Midwest. (Liz)
  • Something is opening up and the water is flooding a town very slowly. The water is smooth, the people are canoeing on it. (Karen)
  • I see the importance of a mosquito in the news. (Grace S)
  • I see mud-encrusted rocks with water bursting forth. (Karen)
  • Increasingly young people are successfully suing the government for failure to do something about climate change. (Jeanne)
  • Oceans in need. (Rayna)
  • Livestock break through – there is some cute sort of animal that’s born. (Andrew)
  • Nuclear contamination in the Western US (Mary Lo)
  • Finally, we have beautiful weather on the east coast, good for crops, and lots of healthy rain. (Jeanne)
  • More sun in the Northeast in May. Warming and lighter energy. (Ann)
  • This spring is bringing forth a new vibration. It is in the flowers. The Sun is harsh, and the heat is hard on the grass, but the insects will do well. Some places have too much water, others not enough. (Karen)
  • Tightness in the grass. This refers to grassroots. (Karen)
  • More lava fire in Hawaii and then another volcano soon to erupt. A volcano in Italy, and Yellowstone rumblings. These worldwide volcanoes are connected to each other.  People become more interested in fault lines this summer, in volcanoes, cracking earth, earthquakes, and tsunamis. (Christina)
  • I am seeing Trump as Donald Duck. I’m seeing the feet of a dock, and the tracks of a duck in mud. The investigation continues in examining his footprints.  He’s left a lot of tracks. And he is covered in mud, which he cannot get off of himself. There is some significance in his clothing and the tracks.  There may be DNA testing involved as well. (Christina)
  • The first thing I see is a horse race in the news. An injury. (Wayne)
  • I see a graph that dips, either the economy, or housing or the markets take a dip by month’s end. It is related to China. (Wayne)
  • I see grey clouds moving in. I see grey, naval ships on the move. I don't know from which country they are from but they are military ships.  There is a blockade stemming form a political disagreement. I feel it is in the Middle East but could also be in the Pacific region with China. (Doris)

June 2018 


  • Celebrating the mother energy. (Rebecca)
  • Millions are awakening (Howard)
  • I see more light and a greater sense that we can turn things around. (Jeanne)
  • A rise of feminine energy. The Cosby verdict gives positive feedback to #MeToo. A lot of shuffling in the Middle East. So much misery but some higher power at work. (Rayna)
  • A chorus of voices heard as one. (Julie)
  • A supermarket is reaching out to poor neighborhoods to give them food. (Karen)
  • Swallows or some kind of birds are circling the sky, a giant cloud of birds. Eventually they land and sing in a positive expression. It makes me think of the phrase, “Chickens coming home to roost,” meaning consequences will be felt. (Wayne)
  • I see lots of birds. (Liz
  • Positivity in the Boston area. People on the move rallying and protesting for change. (Ann)
  • A bridge crossed in June. Humanity has reached a positive milestone. (Shelley)
  • The news is less crazy. Welcome relief. (Rayna)
  • Rising tides, excitement, there is some joy in that I hear the laughter of children released. (Andrew)
  • Together. United. I see kids on a merry-go-round. (Stacie)
  • Farming - vast green fields of bountiful corn, then fast forward to
    harvest time where people are laughing, celebrating, and dancing in the fields.(Luminata)
  • I see a love clinic. People are starting to see love as medicine. (Christina)
  • I see a room full of owls. It is a gathering in other dimensions of groups seeking wisdom and solutions that can be shared with us on earth. They see our group as productive and positive and would like to help seed ideas to create a better future. So people take heart and be brave. (Wayne)


  • Some progress with gun control. (Andrew)
  • I see another special race for Congress. A Democrat wins. (Jeanne)
  • Trump is furious with Mueller again.(Lorie/Bluebelle)
  • I hear the words, “Guess who is coming to visit?” (Julie)
  • Secrets being revealed about the CIA. (Shelley)
  • I see a scene from what seems like a war zone. A woman is being pulled out of a manhole. People are lying in the street. (Jeanne)
  • Children are laughing in the Midwest, there is cheering, there is a national title, there is a young girl and she’s a real hero. There is also news about corn in the Midwest. (Andrew)
  • Trump has his cabinet and is using it.  He is striking back against the press at unprecedented levels. (Luminata)


  • I see a group of people crowded into a rickety boat, they are close to shore in shallow water about to take off on a journey, but their boat is too crowded and and not seaworthy. They are immigrants trying to escape to a better place. (Jeanne)
  • Something is settling in and coming together. It is the completion of a movement. The world is working hard, even frantically, to meet a deadline. I felt this was Europe or the EU working behind the scenes to help the Korean talks and the Middle East. (Doris)
  • The word "Cataclysmic" comes to mind.   Kim Jung-un is laughing. "Got you". "I win.” He knew all along that he would win over the U.S. (Doris)
  • Significant military action in the Middle East. The main contenders are Iran on one side, Israel and the US on the other. The main battlefield is Syria. Some action over Iranian territory as well. (Maria White)
  • Military incident in Syria involving Russian forces, Israeli forces and drones that sparks a serious diplomatic crisis. (Maria White)
  • In North Korea talks, the US rejects proposal that is acceptable to both Koreas and China. (Maria White)
  • Kim Jong Un is excited about his talks with South Korea. Not sure about Trump. (Bluebelle)
  • Rio de Janeiro in the news, something big happens there. (Michele)
  • I see a train wreck, possibly in Germany or Austria, and a terrible bicycle accident makes the news. (Michele)
  • I am seeing sand storms in Africa, and seas of starving people. I am seeing hordes of people and animals migrating across Africa. I see the sins of government, the sins of leadership, coming to bear. (Andrew)
  • People dying in Israel. (Christina)
  • There may be an issue with the G7 meeting scheduled in early June in Charlevoix (Quebec, Canada). (Sophie)


  • I see dark clouds. It’s a sign of severe tornado weather for this time. (Bar)
  • Tornadoes in the news. (Shelly)
  • Unusual activity of jellyfish in the news or large death of jellies.   (Christina)
  • Something of significance found in the ocean that makes the news. (Christina)
  • More volcanic activity. More lava. More heat. (Christina)

 July 2018

 Positive (July 2018)

  • More women rising, the women’s movement has catapulted forward. It is here to stay. (Jeanne)
  • I see more growth in city gardens, especially Detroit. (Karen)
  • I see a white picket fence around a pasture. The community, including the children, is building it together. (Karen)
  • Kids playing and running in the sunshine. (Stacie)
  • I see music playing and people singing. (Bar)
  • Some countries in Europe are working together, cooperating, behind the scene. There is something happening concerning Hungary's election results; many are trying to defeat right wing ideologies. (Doris)


  • Distress in America at same time as independence celebrations. (Howard)
  • Fourth of July is different this year. I see some parades are for truth. I see a revolutionary parade with people dressed as colonists and crying liberty from Trump and GOP lies. So many protests! (Jeanne)
  • Tensions brewing in the collective. (Shelley)
  • Lots of major energy eruptions and disruptions. Power failures, anger thrusting outward shutting things down emotionally and physically. Big fight for power and control over differences of opinion and legalities. (Michele)
  • I see the Pyramid with the Eye of Provenance that is displayed on the dollar bill. However, there is a split, so the top is disconnected from the rest. (Arianne) [Editor note: This is not a good sign for the economy and the state of the world.]
  • I see aggressive police during a peaceful protest. (Stacie)
  • People are voicing their displeasure with government protests loud and clear. (Luminata)
  • Congregation in Texas, a big barbeque celebration. (Luminata)

 Congress/Politics (July 2018)

  • Congress sings karaoke. (Bluebelle)
  • More trouble in Congress: another corruption comes light. (Luminata)
  • Significant hearings in the news. (Donna)
  • Trump
  • A settlement is reached between Kim Jong Un and US. Trump is delighted and obnoxious. It’s not real. (Bluebelle)
  • Trump yelling at someone. He is under so much pressure. (Julie K)
  • Trump or his spokesperson coming to the microphone to announce something of a surprise. (Mary Lo)
  • New revelations about Trump. He’s apoplectic with anger. (Bluebelle)
  • Mueller is winning. Much information comes out from Manafort trial. (Luminata)

 International (July 2018)

  • In the U.N. China and Russia give a strongly worded warning to the U.S., saying they won't tolerate the US stance towards both Iran and North Korea. (Maria White)
  • Frantic diplomatic activity to prevent conflict between Russia and U.S., led by E.U. countries. (Maria White)
  • Turkey declares that it will leave NATO. (Maria White)
  • India percolating. (Rayna)
  • Weather is extremely hot, and Africa is on fire. Australia also very hot, and there is climate trouble in Cape Town, South Africa. (Andrew)
  • North and South Korea are harmonious finally coming together. (Luminata)
  • Houses burned in areas of disaster due to earth shifting. (Christina)
  • It looks like there is a party in the streets of Brazil and the other countries surrounding it. Women dressed and dancing as if there is a carnival.  It looks happy, but I feel something dark going on in the back streets unknown to everyone.  (Sophie)
  • There are tense negotiations going on. Trudeau knows the decision with the oil pipeline is not good but felt he had no choice in the matter. (This has to do with the Kinder Morgan pipeline controversy between Alberta and British Columbia).  It's politics and he had to play the game. He hopes the courts will decide against it so that the situation becomes out of his control. (Doris)

 Climate/Earth (July 2018)

  • Cooler than normal weather. (Liz)
  • Hot sun, sprinklers, a beetle or grasshopper in news for feeding people. (Karen)
  • Permaculture is on the rise. People are growing their own food everywhere. (Shelley)
  • People having fun with big wheel races along beaches or roads. (Jeanne)
  • Trees in the news, and the need to care for them. (Shelley)
  • Record heat. (Christina)
  • July is so hot that some people will not make it in Delhi. (Karen) 
  • There is something happening in the heavens; a new star or a comet. (Andrew)
  • I see clouds surrounding the Earth. They are darker toward the Earth and lighter as they move up. There is sun and there is the feeling the sun can come through. I see the seas where huge waves are crashing on a shoreline making a very loud surf sound. (Mary Lo)
  • I see a fire in the West, posing serious problems in California, and a possible earthquake. (Luminata)
  • Clouds merging together to form monster clouds, then pouring out rain, flooding in parts of US, especially Texas and the Southeast. In the U.S., people have either too much or too little water. In Asian countries too, especially Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, and Japan. (Christina)
  • I feel the earth shaking and sense volcanoes are on the rise. (Christina)

 August 2018


  • Lights coming on and seeking to reach out into the darkness. Candles being lit everywhere as signs of hope, children's' voices raised up, begin to lead us by examples around in the world. I see a giant angelic or other worldly presence over us. Wings unfurled and spreading protection and guidance. (Michele)
  • Our world (The planetary consciousness) is moving on to newer vibrations and a portion of the population will move with it while another portion will not. (Wayne)


  • Wall Street feels off. (Jeanne)
  • An angel says everything is happening according to schedule. It’s a plan and it’s going to be okay but we have to go through some tough times. (Jeanne)
  • Tensions increasing. Financial worries on the rise. (Rayna)
  • Increasing financial worries among the masses. Polarization between the haves and the have-nots. (Michele)
  • Heated feeling in the collective, not just the weather. (Anita)
  • Sean Hannity really defending himself, waving his hands and arms wildly. (Mary Lo)
  • Plane flying backwards. (Grace)
  • I see the month dark on the calendar. (Stacie)
  • UFO sighting witnessed by many people in Washington State and the area just north of Washington State in Canada—Alberta/British Columbia. (Audree)
  • Death of an important patriarch. (Andrew)
  • The heat is increasing and there are storms again in the South and the tropics. (Andrew)
  • I see high tides and race troubles in Portland, Oregon. (Andrew)
  • Something in the sky that causes concern. It might be missiles, but the smoke is in a rainbow shape and I am not sure what this means. Objects are being fired off from earth upwards and then they come back down on us. We hurt ourselves. (Christina)


  • South African drought worsens. Dire straits. Running out of water. (Bluebelle)
  • I see the Sphinx. Something happens in Egypt, involving a change of Government. (Shelley)
  • Bangkok is in the news. (Arianne)
  • Also in the news: I see a castle on a mountain. (Arianne)
  • Serious trouble in the Middle East. Israel is attacking the Libyan border. (Luminata)
  • August to December: First nations from Manitoba and Saskatchewan are rallying about test results, moving towards the U.S. like a funnel.Looks like they are going to North and South Dakota.  It’s about the pipeline.  (Sophie)
  • I hear "Guns of war.” There is a war looming and a preparation for war. I feel this is in the Middle East.  I see roses and guns. I have no idea what this means or where it is. I hear the rumbling sound of tanks moving in the desert and dusty place. I keep seeing the Middle East. (Doris)

 September 2018

  • I see schools barricaded. Colleges are going to become hotbeds of dissent. Like the 1960’s. (Jeanne)
  • I hear a white noise sound.  A sonar sound coming from a submarine.  I feel the submarine may be waiting to detect something. I can't tell where it is but I feel it is Russian. It is looking for something in the Atlantic Ocean. (Doris)
  • Stock market is volatile. People are anxious, but not full panic. Yet. (Bluebelle)
  • Change is happening in the financial world. (Shelley)
  • Huge news starting to pour out many more involved in Russia investigation, many Republicans who were protecting Trump knew things. (Donna)
  • It is calmer than August, but Putin is busy. (Rayna)
  • Russia bombs someone and that starts a world reaction. (Andrew)
  • It is a dark, depressing time. (Bar)
  • Fall is beautiful and the weather is crazy. (Jeanne)
  • Stock market, Congress, other groups and market places acting up and much fear in the collective. Anger rises. Seeing mobs shouting, people screaming. Floods abound, in the streets and over the land. Forest fires in abundance on the West Coast. Internal flooding and fire in outbursts by others. Congressional and legislative chaos abounds. (Michele)
  • A bad sadness, world mourning, a horrible event that saddens all. It might be a big explosion in a major city. (Andrew)
  • A plague, I think it’s in Europe, many dead. (Andrew)
  • Iran fires back at Israel. We watch in dread. (Luminata)
  • Looks like we will send troops, but to no avail. (Luminata)
  • Anxiety in the collective. People migrating across the USA. People are giving each other little candles, lights of hope. (Christina)

 October 2018  

 This time feels heavy. (Rayna)


  • Elections are ramping up. Trump still has a strong foothold. His minions are scrambling to protect their own interests and avoid responsibility. (Wayne)
  • The anticipated blue wave is weaker than expected. People have become tired of the whole thing and distrustful of the outcomes. (Wayne)
  • People are in the streets. We have had enough. It must stop and we don't trust elections. (Luminata)
  • Massive uprising in California. (Luminata)
  • Women joining together in a circle lifting arms in a celebration. (Grace)
  • A breath of relief, something averted. (Shelley)
  • Mueller exposes findings on Trump. (Donna)
  • Trump is silent. (Bluebelle)
  • I see young people gathered (teenagers or lower 20's). (Stacie)
  • Joe Biden is in the news. (Wayne)
  • Vaccinations appear as a slight blip in the news, to become a much bigger issue in coming months. (Wayne)
  • The greed and disregard for children is becoming apparent and is found to be appalling. (Wayne)
  • Money issues rising in the economy. (Jeanne)
  • I see a baseball game in a stadium.  Cincinnati. I see a baseball flying in the air, into the stand. Hands reaching for it. (Doris) [Editor’s note: Sounds like Cincinnati is in the World Series or at least they are in the playoffs.]


  • Mississippi in the news. Could be flooding. (Jeanne)
  • Flooding getting worse. Sandbags and barricades not holding. Floating cars, people, animals, and houses. We can hear universal cries for help worldwide. (Michelle)
  • I hear the words, “flies everywhere”, as in meaning, there are flies (bugs) everywhere. (Arianne)
  • A cold snap hits early in the mid-south area of the U.S. Very cold. (Audree)

 November 2018

  • Many women elected both Republican and Democrat, but control of Congress does not change contrary to expectations of press. (Howard)
  • This month is dark on the calendar. (Stacie)
  • November and December are bad months, especially in the US. (Sophie)
  • Democrats have their blue wave. (Bluebelle)
  • Much dissonance around the vote. (Luminata)
  • Flooding now blue, blue waves coming in state by state. Will these sandbags of change hold? (Michele)
  • Tall building, Two Pillars, Shaking, in city environs. (Anon)
  • House of Representatives reclaimed by Democrats. (Bin)
  • People are experimenting with new crops to deal with drought. Some are seeing food as prayer, especially beans and corn. (Christina)
  • Weather is icy cold in the southeast U.S. (Shelley)
  • Snow in Arkansas. It’s colder than normal for this time of year. (Audree)
  • Snowing in November, time to rest and let the dust settle from all the changes. (Mary Lo)
  • Dead leaves in New England. Sleepy Hollow country. Desolate, wet and depressed, like the people living there. (Doris)
  • I see a blue Congress. (Bin)

 December 2018


  • Christmas is changing. Spending is down. People changing to less materialism. Gifts are more oriented towards experiences and being together rather than stuff, doing things for each other. It is the beginning of the end of stuff.  (Jeanne)
  • Quieter, different holiday seasons for all faiths this December. Emphasis on family, faith, and community. (Michele)
  • All is quiet almost an eerie quiet. (Luminata)
  • Not a good shopping season. People are staying home. (Luminata)
  • Hunkering down. Everyone gets serious. (Rayna)
  • News in Florida. Scandal, arrests (Shelley)
  • Scientists amp up alarm about the climate and the natural world. (Rayna)


  • White House
    • Trump still there. So disappointing that he’s still there, but Mueller is in court with people. (Jeanne)
    • Trump decaying, not getting what he wants. He is feeling dark. His energy is dark. It's low frequency. He's a dark body. (Doris)
    • Trump in a scandal of pardons. (Andrew)
    • They ignore the public. The public becomes cynical. (Andrew)
    • We realize we have no leaders (Andrew)
    • A race to the bottom (Andrew)
    • Trump still there. (Donna)
    • Trump is still silent. Melania becomes more visible. She’s out and about while there’s no sign of Trump. (Bluebelle)
  • The House is determined to get bills passed before the Republicans lose control. (Bluebelle)
  • Republicans losing power, losing control, acting out, not understanding, seeking to re-frame themselves. But they have "no legs to stand on." I feel a sense of paralysis, numbness, not being able to go forward. (Michelle)


  • I see Christmas decorations, lights hanging outside in a European outdoor market. People happy, shopping, with the feeling of goodwill in the air. Feels like Germany or Austria. It is cold but there is not much snow on the ground. (Doris)


  • There are clouds in the northwestern Caribbean, I also see churning water. It’s not looking good. (Sophie)
  • Rain in Arkansas. It is warmer now than in November. (Audree)

 Positive Visions for May – December 2018

  • Women, minorities, and immigrants are speaking out. They have strength in numbers and are headed for the voting booth.(Wayne)
  • There is a sharp divide in consciousness among the peoples of the world. I don’t mean along national, social, or racial lines. It’s about conscious awareness. (Wayne)
  • I still see a return to simplicity. Maybe all of the lies and manipulation of the past and present finally cause us to look for a better way. The turnout of young people at the polls will be large and some of the brightest will enter politics to our benefit. Superficiality becomes unpopular. (Wayne)
  • From the sky I see pockets of green sprouting around the world. Circles of green and life and vibrancy. I don’t know if this represents actual greenery or if it shows the birth of new thought worldwide beginning to spread. (Wayne)
  • Muller still working. (Bin)
  • A golden cord reaching around many. (Karen)
  • Angel sees hope. Democracy is working. (Jeanne)
  • The shift of animal migration will have some positives for herds of animals. (Karen)
  • The voices of light are rising and being heard. Children’s voices are being heard. (Jeanne)
  • Healing centers replacing tradition hospitals, healing using vibrations and crystals. (Liz)
  • The whole Trump fiasco is inspiring personal power and the power of the collective. (Rayna)
  • I see the American flag waving. And the Statue of Liberty. I sense a renewed feeling of pride in our country. (Shelley)
  • A lot of protests. People demanding justice. People demanding positive change. (Jeanne)
  • People standing together. Mad as heck and not gonna take it anymore! (Julie K)
  • New ways to produce food are emerging that will sustain the earth. (Ann)
  • The water will be healing and changing things. (Karen)
  • House reclaimed by Democrats. (Bin)
  • Dark clouds coming in, but we will be okay. People are uneasy, but we will be okay. This year and forward. We will get through what’s ahead. We need to have confidence in our work ethic, in our character, in our history. We need to recognize that we are bigger and better than what happens in the fall of 2018. (Bluebelle)
  • Science - more sustainable inventions. Batteries for sustainable power. (Jeanne)
  • People will be protecting the water. People will begin to listen (Karen)
  • Congress looks more honest and is slowly and quietly trying to fix things (Donna)

 Other visions for May – December 2018

  • Greater stress in American politics greater division at the same time greater hope by each faction. (Howard)
  • Something shocking or surprising discovered in the ocean. I think this is off the coast of Japan. (Julie)
  • A giant rooster whose foot is on top of a mountain. (Arianne)
  • More people travelling in U.S., needing to relax, get away from stressful environments. (Adrianne)
  • In the fall, an active hurricane season. (Julie)
  • Wolves and coyote will be at odds. (Karen)
  • More Democrats vocalizing a message that resonates in July and August. One person emerges as a leader in the Democratic Party. (Ann)

 2019  (Whole Year)


  • I see someone looking down from the Universe, they are seeing green pastures. (Bar)
  • I see the Eye of Horus, which watches over us. (Emerald)
  • More sightings of angels, crowds of people seeing them. (Liz)
  • People are growing in awareness. They are caring more about the planet. New organizations are starting. People are rolling up their sleeves. We feel love, are conscious of our effect on others, not all people but a significant number. I feel a heart opening in 2019 and a massive turning of the tide. (Shelley)
  • We see things we never thought were possible. Things happening beyond our vision. We need to stay grounded and know it is going to be great. It is like when the Iron Curtain came down in Germany. (Rebecca)
  • The vibrations created in the water will begin to take effect. The prayer work that people have been doing will vibrate into the world. There will be suffering, but it will be for the good of all humanity and for the earth. Many light beings will be there to assist when asked. (Karen)
  • People helping one another in their communities. (Bar)
  • I see the GOP with a white flag. (Bin)
  • Angel wings protecting us. It's a difficult road ahead. Seeds of change begin to sprout. We see new leaders and new types of leaders emerge in politics. (Julie K)
  • People are tired of the way it has been going. They realize that they are the change they want to see. Empowerment grows. (Shelley)
  • More people meditating and going within. (Bar)
  • We have the ability to raise the vibration of human consciousness worldwide through our meditation and practice. We can make a difference as light workers. (Bluebelle)
  • This is a time of consequences. A rising intensity that reaches an apex in 2020 or 21. I can’t see how complex it is being able to settle down into what will be the new normal. (Andrew)
  • What is positive it that all is changing; how it changes the angel can only watch and assist as we show up with actions that this angel can support.  The game of human will and the outcome of entitlement and action have never been more important. It is a solemn watching. She believes she will win. She is golden but the dark is hot. (Andrew)
  • Big party in the fall. Progressives empowered. GOP reputation destroyed beyond repair. (Bin)
  • The U.S. Congress is in the news.  There is protection, supporting the despair in the collective. Angel wings are wrapped around people giving them hope and solace. There are many grass root movements working to turn things around in the US and Europe.  In Russia, the underground movement is alive. It is working behind the scene, in isolation, hiding from authorities. They can't get caught if it is to survive. Their survival depends on hiding for now. They are trying to do good. They work in basements, networking with like minds. There is a secret network.  Some of these grassroots movements (not necessarily in Russia but in other parts of the world) are trying to prevent war in some areas of the globe. (Doris)


  • 2019 will be challenging. I have a headache and feel pressure and tears, yet I know that we are in a storm that will wash us all clean. There is so much love.  People are basically so good. They are going to weather it. It looks like a storm, with shipwrecks, but people survive and rebuild. So much strength coming from people. The angel is smiling. She is pleased with the strength of heart warriors. (Jeanne)
  • Shift begins. We need new ways of dealing with many issues. (Rayna)
  • I feel we are on the precipice of big shifts in fortune. (Jeanne)
  • Serious struggle, but again, the spiritual urge is to use love, care, and joint effort to create foundational change. (Rayna)
  • Glimpses of financial stress world wide, at the same to greater prosperity. (Howard)
  • War is in the offing, but is rejected by the people. It feels like the 1960’s, but with more intelligent purpose.  The idea is, “Lets make things better for everyone.”  (Wayne)
  • This is a year of challenges, but some wise decisions are made and we come out better for it. (Wayne)
  • Looking down, the planet is still going through dramatic changes, but they settle and we adapt. Adapting is the key accomplishment this year -- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. (Wayne)
  • Great shifts happening on planet earth. Earth movement, volcano, physical and psychological changes. Learning to cope with change and chaos. (Alisa)
  • I see the water coming from the west. A torrent. Its timing is unknown, but it will wash away much. This will be a cleansing. The Mississippi will flood onto the banks and up into farms. The land will not hold it this time. The change in gravity will pull the water south in mass. (Karen)
  • A huge shock in 2019. It’s going to change everything militarily and economically.  It’s like a combination of bad things happening all at once. Financial instability.  Markets volatile. Military action. Political unrest. We are still a divided country, but there are signs of compromise. The worst of times brings out the best in people. (Bluebelle)
  • In April I heard the words “foo” or foo-foo which is likely a reference to foo-fighters which were WWII unidentified flying aircraft.
  • Storm is clearing. (Stacie)
  • Fewer military and planes. Quieter. Sun. (Stacie)
  • UFO's, some afraid (Bar)
  • I see people in a chair lift at a ski resort or some kind of resort. This will be in the news for some reason. (Jeanne)
  • Gavin Newsom elected Governor of California. New inventions, technology, medical advances helping make life better. (Alisa)
  • Monsanto in the news. People by the thousands protesting Monsanto and Big Agriculture.  (Mary Lo)
  • People turning from government and tending themselves. (Luminata)
  • A rise of children's groups - more people focused on schools and childcare. (Luminata)
  • A melding of child care and elderly care in one facility. (Luminata)
  • People moving out of big business and the stock market turning to community in jobs and money. (Luminata)
  • People all over the world have had enough of income inequality and the use of scapegoats by leaders of the world to cover up for greed. Not going to take it any longer in 2019. (Ann)
  • The focus is shifting away from Washington D.C. politics and Donald Trump. People are working together to find common ground, address problems without regard to politics, make a real difference, solving major issues due to climate, homelessness, and poverty (Alisa)


  • I see a giant sinkhole under the White House sucking the whole building in. (Liz)
  • I see a drawing, like a New Yorker sketch, of Jared Kushner all shaded in black. (Mary Lo)
  • Jared Kushner in jail. He fought it but he’s convicted. (Bluebelle)
  • Trump gone. (Stacie)
  • The House of Representatives is more blue, but not enough to impeach. (Luminata)


  • NATO disintegrates. (Maria White)
  • But there is also positive energy coming from Southeast U.S. up towards Northwest US.
  • Middle East, dry windy desert, compassion, suffering, barbed wire. People coming together to help. It’s not a positive situation. (Kelly)
  • There will be human folly in 2019, a possible world war. It’s a war in the Middle East, but it doesn’t spread. However the US and Russia use Middle Eastern countries as surrogates. (Bluebelle)
  • I see the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula in the news. This may involve the Saudi-Yemen war. (Arianne)
  • Switzerland in the news. (Audree)
  • Good news from North Korea. Peace on the peninsula. (Ann)
  • Russia launches an attack on the electrical grid of mainland USA, leaving millions without electricity. (Maria White)
  • I see a man with a Roman-style chested helmet, in a small boat. I get the impression he may be Charon, the ferryman of the dead. This need not be negative as death could be a symbol for change. It’s interesting that he’s wearing a military helmet perhaps signifying that these wars are going to ultimately bring positive change. (Arianne)
  • Saw the borders between U.S. and Canada. Dark energy coming from the U.S. pushing against the light energy in Canada. Trudeau has lost patience with Trump.


  • A lot of snow. People slogging through the snow. (Mary Lo)
  • Tons of snow. (Shelley)
  • Weather is strange (Donna)

 2019 By Month 

 January 2019

  • A hot month according to world averages. Climate change is increasing. (Jeanne)
  • A soccer ball. Perhaps a reference to the Women’s World Cup. (Arianne)
  • The FBI investigation is in full swing. (Andrew)
  • Snowy winter in the Northeast U.S. (Bin)
  • The economy is depressed and going down. (Doris)
  • There is now a greater focus on inequality in the media, and on trying to remedy it. The media is finally looking at it and saying it’s not working for most people. We must do something to prevent an uprising. There is anger in the population. The more we talk about it, the more there is a conscious effort to understand it and deal with it. (Doris)

 2020 Positive visions 

  • More protests and rising up. Congress knows they can’t fool the people any more. (Jeanne)
  • I see a great library. Many people are storing knowledge there. The children will be singing. Some will have no shoes. (Karen)
  • Old processes are no longer applicable. Need to find new paths but many rise to the challenge. (Rayna)
  • Going beyond space and time (Bar)
  • Cleaning oceans with new technology and people doing shamanic healing over all waters. (Shelley)
  • So many new wonderful inventions to help us. (Rebecca)
  • New sounds on a planetary level. (Shelley)
  • More light, like a suction cup; Louisiana. (Grace)
  • Scorched earth and renewal (metaphorically). (Rayna)
  • A huge sense of relief in U.S. as we have come through a storm. Things are still not great, but people are pulling together for a common purpose despite their past political differences. People are focusing on their local communities more than the Federal Government. Everyone is over that. (Bluebelle)
  • Dems with at least 300 electoral votes. Alt Right dying down. Big crowd cheering on election night.  (Bin)
  • Sunshine. Fields. Quiet. Countryside. Lots of people in the countryside. Together. Fields of Wheat. Crops. (Stacie)
  • More small farms that are sustainable. (Luminata)
  • Small harmonious groups of people sharing their goods and joy. (Luminata)
  • More small markets, street markets, flea markets. (Luminata)
  • People feel the weight of it all. Everyone saying, “This is crazy.” People are seeking spiritual answers because nothing makes sense. I see large efforts to help those in need, seeing Easter baskets of food and care packages being handed to people. (Christina)



  • People have given up on the Federal Government. It is too corrupt. (Luminata)
  • War in the Middle East continues. It is here for a while. (Luminata)
  • Issues with mass migration, disease and plague. (Alisa)
  • Transition begins as we feel the fulcrum shift. The seesaw of change heads downhill as challenges begin. We see changes in our supermarkets as produce aisles are empty and our favorite fruits and vegetables becoming scarce. Prices begin to rise more and more noticeably. Storefronts are empty and vacant everywhere we look. Nothing to buy, nothing to buy it with. (Michele)


  • Obama, Bush 43 with Clinton riding and leading the wave of light. A major earthquake in the West US (Julie K)
  • Stress along some of coasts, weather related (Bar)
  • Soup lines, food scarcity, people helping in their community. Feels a bit like the depression but we are making do and and learning resilience. (Alisa F)
  • When I asked for a name associated with 2020, I got “Bill Gates" (Arianne)
  • I see wide white shoestrings and then solid white tennis shoes. (Audree)
  • I see a crowd of women on the street dressed all in brown. They look like they are from the 1940s. I sense New York City. (Audree)
  • America with 239 medals in Olympics. (Bin)
  • Speed racing accident in Daytona. (Bin)
  • I’m seeing a pole with a transmitter at the end sending signals.It looks like an upside down golf club. I see flashes of light between these antennae.  Energy channeled from above is sent across the land from one antenna to another with lightning speed.  I see many of these antennae popping up out of the ground. (Christina).
  • Volcanoes darken the skies and the polluters try to take advantage of that. “See? It’s not us. Pollution is natural.” (Wayne)
  • The opioid issue is now front and center. The big pharmacies try to blame the doctors who prescribe the meds, but the doctors have relied on the false information provided by the pharmacies. (Wayne)
  • Government officials are still chasing wealth and power over others, but the positive side is that the public now recognizes greed in its many forms. People band together to fight it and to protect one another. (Wayne)


  • Congress people who have betrayed the people are now paying the price. They sense a turnaround. They don’t have words to explain themselves.  The people cry B.S.! (Jeanne)
  • Change in political power, female energies rising higher and higher. (Michele)
  • Millennials coming out to vote. (Bin)
  • People cheering at Time Square on Election Day. (Bin)
  • White House
    • I see Trump laughing, disconnected from Congress and laughing, “I knew it would be this way!" (Mary Lo)
    • Where’s Trump? He is there but he’s got a mask. I see a Trump mask and that’s what we now see. I see scissors. He’s doing arts and crafts. Ivanka is quiet and gone. (Jeanne)
    • What is going on with Mueller? He is still working. Trump looks bad, crying, alone. (Jeanne)
    • Trump family in seclusion more and more. More disruptions, more accusations, more indictments, more separations and disagreements especially with the president. He is walking around in circles, endlessly pacing and talking to himself when he isn't paralyzed and numb almost comatose. Doesn't understand what is happening or why. (Michele)
    • Trump is walking along and roaring, angry, ferocious, and snarling. He's like an animal. He is walking through an airport. (Stacie)


  • A communist sickle and hammer symbol of Russia. (Arianne)
  • Potential Middle East war, short time frame, a few days. Possibility of (Fear of)  a nuclear exchange.  (Howard) [Note from Jeanne: Out of dozens of readers over the past ten years, no one has seen an actual nuclear exchange in the future in any current or past readings. It is always a concern in a world filled with thousands of warheads and more than a few hot heads. It is likely Howard saw concern in the media since several countries involved have nuclear weapons. But he did not actually see an exchange, just the possibility of it floating around.]
  • Image of a glowing orb floating above barrels of oil. Perhaps the Arabian incident for 2019 affects oil prices in 2020? (Arianne)
  • There's a crisis rising in the land. The economy is going down. People are supported by their communities, by others, by their neighbors. The local and state governments are ignoring what goes on elsewhere and taking care of their citizens. They are taking care of children who are innocent and getting caught in the politics of the times. I see children behind bars looking sad and upset. (Doris)


  • I see winter. There is a strong wind, a snowstorm. A blizzard. Everything white and cold. The winter is severe in the northeast of North America as well as Europe. There is global cooling due to some type of natural event or volcanic eruption. I see ice. In northern Russia or Scandinavia there is a submarine sticking its periscope through the ice. I feel it's a Russian submarine. (Doris)
  • I see many earthquakes. Mother Earth needs our love. This starts the Green revolution, this year. (Shelley)

 2021 positive visions

  • A new dawn. (Jeanne)
  • Reaching the breaking point but after the struggle and earthly damage new societies emerge for the care of each other all over the world. It will not be easy but things will be better in the future. (Ann)
  • Communities are taking care of the poor and less fortunate because government programs are either gone or failing. (Bluebelle)
  • The earth undergoes change but new approaches try to adapt and cope. (Rayna)
  • I feel heaviness in my heart. My head wants to explode. I can't believe what is happening. I hear "You must know there are others who are working hard to change the situation.  Don't lose hope.  Hang on; there is light at the end of it all.  It will come through, don't despair." We're being encouraged. (Doris)
  • Peace is breaking out all over! (Ann)
  • I see a rooster and that symbol means working hard. I see people working with the earth. (Shelley)
  • Change in government, at last working for the people (Donna)
  • People are coping with food shortages. People will be growing their own food, sharing their food, and eating less but being healthier. (Karen)
  • Our world is waking up. (Rebecca)
  • Angel is watching the changes unfolding. More caring, MUCH more reaching out to those in need than ever before. Women’s movement is cemented now once and for all. We will never go back. (Jeanne)
  • Great efforts at world peace and more cooperation internationally. (Howard)
  • Rebuilding, slow, difficult but determined. (Rayna)
  • The American people are bigger and better and stronger than the Federal government. From local governments and communities upwards we transform the country. (Bluebelle)
  • People are so active and busy. They finally know it’s up to the grassroots to make change and they are doing it. Hard at work. Preparing to migrate. (Jeanne)
  • The SD pipeline is dismantled and the middle of the country healed. (Luminata)
  • People moving in from the coastlines. (Luminata) 
  • Trump loses. Regulations reinstated. GOP a dying party. Progressives rising. (Bin)

 2021 general visions

  • The right-wingers are fighting for their ideology. They are being attacked and there is a backlash against them. (Doris)
  • Many storms, people flocking to the center of the country. (Luminata)
  • Still raining but storm is abated. (Jeanne)
  • Great Lakes flood? Mississippi really flooding (Mary Lo)
  • Mother Earth is sobbing, waters pouring down, massive floods, winter storms, non-stop. Island Nations going under symbolically and literally as waters rise. (Michele)
  • I see a great rift in the sand along the Florida beaches. Wreckage in Mar-a-Lago.The coast guard will be called to save it. The flooding will reach up into the roads around it. People will be taking boat rides in the streets and laughing. I see boating in the streets of South Florida. It is like Venice in Miami. (Karen)
  • Climate - the worst-case scenario is unfolding. People are finally paying attention. (Jeanne)
  • Lots of movement... people (Shelley)
  • Lots of trees being (Shelley)
  • Something has changed. Colder? Less green. Still quiet. Setting sun. (Stacie)
  • I see plowed rows of bare soil on a U.S. farm. (Audree)
  • New forms of money (Shelley)
  • We see animals as ourselves and fewer people eat them. (Andrew)
  • Americans are finally starting to lose weight. (Andrew)
  • Disney world is losing money.  (Andrew)
  • The Catholic Church continues to lose ground. (Andrew)
  • The mass consciousness is moving past politics. In many ways it does not seem relevant to daily life, even though the nonsense is still going on. There is a definite struggle between, not so much good and evil, but physical vs. spiritual awareness. (Wayne)
  • The Internet and WIFI in general are taking an ominous turn. It is about control and marketing with total disregard for the health of the population. There is a sea of frequencies and radiation that is enveloping the earth, by design, that sacrifices the health of the individual for the sake of control. (Wayne)
  • Health, wellness and the environment are moving to the top of the issues of the day. (Wayne)


  • Washington D.C. in crisis mode, feeling brunt of its actions now in reactions by mad and by natural repercussions. Everyone, even in Congress, feeling the need to work together before it's too late, but dissension and anger rises and they try to agree and disagree over and over. (Michele)
  • Running for congress someone from the news (Donna)


  • White light coming up from India. (Grace)

 2022 Positive 

  • We're in the home stretch. I hear "Keep your eye on the prize, it is coming. You are doing good work. You will be rewarded. You are laying the foundation for something greater for all of us." (Doris)
  • Goddess energy will be in the collective. It will be reflected in film, new stories and old. (Karen)
  • Feminine power rising, balance of male and female energy. Women making a difference, narrowing of pay gap. (Alisa F)
  • I feel a certain sense of calm and I’m seeing calm in the Midwest to the west."We can get to work now." (Mary Lo)
  • People doing things they never knew they could. And it is wonderful. (Rebecca)
  • Spirit Guides helping up out in times of stress (Bar)
  • Storms bad storms, but at least people are working hard to help the climate. I see a tree down, it’s roots pulled up. People are concerned for the trees. (Jeanne)
  • Money much less meaningful. (Ann)
  • Restlessness in population leads to innovation, all kinds of amazing breakthroughs. (Shelley)
  • We are remembering our founding fathers and the hard work of the early colonists and citizens of the young US. Hard work, hard work, hard work. And try satisfying to make a difference. We did it before and we can do it again.Rebuilding our country. (Bluebelle)
  • Major shift in consciousness, new growth, opening of the rose (Alisa)
  • A carnival. (Arianne)
  • We are here to seed a new reality on earth, knowing that we are one in consciousness. (Alisa F)
  • Busy bees, hard work needed, but need to confront challenges unites people. Bubbling up of a collective energy. (Rayna)
  • The world feels more optimistic, new technology, new medicine; cancer can be cured, ethics being more important. (Alisa F)
  • I see Noah’s Ark. There is a worldwide effort to protect and preserve all animal species, especially the mammals that for some reason seem the most endangered. This is not just groups of concerned citizens, but this is the national priority for many countries. (Wayne)
  • There is a movement among hunters to switch from guns to cameras that look like guns. You can aim and shoot a picture and it is digitally recorded as a hit, miss or kill. There is the excitement of the hunt without the carnage. Brilliant! (Wayne)

 2022 General

  • I see and hear the sound of a flute. Then there is silence. I see the flatline of an electrocardiogram. Then dead silence. Nothing is moving. We are waiting. Waiting for what? Now what? We ask. (Doris)
  • Politics has receded from the news. The real power seems to be at the local level. The federal government, while important in its role, is a nuisance to most people now. (Wayne)
  • An emphasis on farming and communities working of them. (Luminata)
  • We have focused on our bounty as opposed to big business. (Luminata)
  • I see men on horses riding across the plains maybe Montana, carrying a flag. Could be Native American flag. (Mary Lo)
  • New forms of housing (Shelley)
  • I hear “unfurling” but not sure what it means. (Rayna)
  • I see domes... could be new type of greenhouse. (Shelley)
  • The eye of a pyramid again. This time, it looked like it was being surrounded by a flying star, swirling around it. I think of a toy I had, which was of a robot that could “eat” a coin you fed it (the coins would be stored at the base of the robot, like a piggy bank). This confirms my suspicion that the pyramid w/ eye symbol has to do with money. (Arianne)
  • I’m steering a wheel of a ship and I see that the economy is down, people are making do with less. People are migrating to cheaper and more community-orients living situations. Housing market has crashed, But we are okay. (Jeanne)
  • New president. A woman. (Lorie/Bluebelle)
  • Woman in the news, place, places of power. Many standing at podiums giving their visions for change, cooperation, earth as a family in a new, better world to come. Many white suits everywhere in place of power and importance. Speaking out, bringing change, energy, feminine powers of creativity and growth. Children, especially girls and girl power in the news."Equality and fairness with representation for all" is the new transitional era energy. (Michele)
  • See the symbol of a barbell; representing weights of the world, our country, and two ends fighting for balance versus opposition and imbalance. (Michele)
  • Bartering begins in earnest, among people for financial exchange, among opponents to share power, seeking balance of tipping power points. (Michele)
  • It is illegal to be offline. Where? US? (Andrew)
  • Hay bales. Farms. Horse drawn wagon. Helicopters. Fields of wheat. Sunshine. Quiet. Country. People together in fields of wheat. (Stacie)
  • Uprising in Africa - the people overthrow an oppressive government. (Luminata)
  • Trump with dementia. (Bin)


  • People motivated, building, farming, migrating., collective energy rising. (Jeanne)
  • A beautiful soul of the people can be felt. and people know it, and are forming more coalitions. (Jeanne)
  • Breaking free of things that held us get young people not backing down...creating new pathways. (Shelley)
  • Greening of America. Everyone is growing crops. There’s a worldwide food shortage. Everyone wants to help. (Bluebelle)
  • Winds of time (Arianne)
  • I hear singing… (Shelley)
  • Gun control bill is passed. (Bluebelle)
  • I see fighter jets. (Audree)
  • Snow and ice capped mountains crumbling. (Stacie)
  • World wide crashing of governments, finances, people in power, businesses, closing of more businesses, farms etc. Hard times, hard challenges everywhere. People are thinking this is as bad as it comes, but in their hearts they know we have many more years to fix all that we have broken or destroyed. Hard year but we are determined to get through it, knowing it will get better. (Michele)
  • Much more peaceful coexistence among us in the US. (Luminata)
  • We are working together to care for one another. (Luminata)
  • A new president is coming. He goes public this year. One who has the best interests of the people at heart. I think it’s a man with sandy hair. (Wayne)
  • I see people laughing and celebrating. They are happy because of a victory. They have achieved what they worked for. I don't know what it is or where it is but I feel it has to do with an environmental win. (Doris)
  • This year brings sweeping changes to our government, changes that happen smoothly without much trouble. I think it will be a good year. (Wayne)


  • Focus is on food and crops. People are ignoring Congress. Many people, especially the youth, are not paying their Federal taxes. Maybe it’s because they aren’t earning regular money and maybe it’s a protest. (Jeanne)
  • People’s lives are more balanced, more time for family. (Donna)
  • A new party forming. (Jeanne)
  • Joyful hearts opening, like flowers blooming in the desert. (Shelley)
  • Angels are singing to us. The Celestial Sphere and their beautiful energies are being heard by many. Depending on personal belief systems, we see angels, aliens or the angels of other dimensions ready now to be of service to us.  (Michele)
  • Mountains of ice and snow leads to water. Oceans (and water) rising everywhere. (Stacie)
  • The popluation seems to be highly concentrated in the West, in Wyoming, Arizona, Montana, and Colorado, but not California. (Luminata)
  • GOP Defunct, multi-party government. Female president. (Bin)
  • Fishermen with a big catch. (Bin)
  • I see a rose. I see Texas. I see the pink rose of Alberta. This is a message about oil and our weaning from it. Green or alternative energy finally coming to the forefront. (Doris)



  • There is something looming. It's the beginning of a new dawn. It is better for us all. I see roots geminating and shooting through the soil. It is like a movie that is being fast forwarded to let us see what it's like to witness a plant grow and reach the sunlight. We're finally seeing what we planted. It is happening and there is no stopping it now. I see green shoots, the green movement, the environment. A complete turn around of the old ways of doing things. Finally something good for the Earth. (Doris)
  • The Parkland High School activists are still working and making a difference. (Bluebelle)
  • Green farms everywhere, small ones almost like Hobbit farms, feels good. (Mary Lo)
  • Universal healthcare for all in U.S. (Donna)
  • A new earth, shift in consciousness, balance and harmony over self interest and greed. (Alisa)
  • New visions of the future. The earth will not be the same but more positive approaches will yield positive results. (Rayna)
  • Soul awakening everywhere. More people hear the Earth Mother speaking. (Shelley)
  • ET disclosure and contact. Not from the government but from families who tell their stories of contact through the generations. It is now acceptable to speak openly and to consider our place in the universe in light of the new information these families reveal.(Wayne)
  • Contact with the dead, becomes common as well. (Wayne)


  • Election seems irrelevant. Not so desperate about it. (Jeanne)
  • Nationwide turning away from the Congress. Want them out. GOP in 2025 is struggling to stay afloat. (Jeanne)
  • Trump in 2025? Dead. (Jeanne)
  • There’s a connection between the U.S. in 2025 and the Revolutionary War period and the strength it took to start a new government. (Bluebelle)
  • Extraterrestrial contact (Shelley)
  • Rice farmers and mango trees. (Arianne)
  • Bamboo place the I ching (Karen P)
  • I kept seeing people in fields of wheat holding hands. (Stacie)
  • My first and last thought during this whole season involved trees. (Arianne)
  • Tipping point. Will get much worse before it gets better. Much damage to earth, water, life forms before we run out of all time. Crisis point on fulcrum. Could go either way now. (Michele)
  • I still believe many of us can, and will create a heaven on earth no matter how big the challenge or how long it takes. May even be a dimensional shift where the New Earth leaves the old. Hope lives on no matter where we are in our beliefs. Some will hold the energies and space for those who cannot. (Michele)
  • People running from the water, then flying through the air. It’s unclear whether people’s souls are being released from their bodies or they are being rescued from the floods. (Stacie)
  • I see large outdoor gatherings with long tables full of food. (Luminata)


  • I see the entire country of Italy as if from a globe. There is a problem in Italy. (Audree)

 More Positive Messages about the Future – from 2018 onward

A Coming Peace and the Rise of Love

  • A greater call for peace in the world. At the same time a greater hidden undercurrent of competition and posturing. (Howard)
  • I see a dove of peace. (Shelly)
  • I see some people who love this land. They love this earth. I see love everywhere. I also see fear. (Jeanne)

The Rise of Courage and Hope to Push Through the Dark

  • We are standing up, the good is finding its voice and finding a way to push through.(Andrew)
  • I feel hope. (Donna)
  • I see an angel hovering over the land. She sees people need hope because there is so much fear. She wants to give them hope. (Jeanne)
  • Underneath the fear, I feel a pulse of love. (Rayna)
  • I feel big changes in Congress that are initially bad for the county. But positive changes are coming within two years. (Ann)
  • Finding gratitude every day, in every way, as we seek to move in a more positive, uplifting direction and out of the huge negativity of the past two years.
  • Feeling great inner determination that we can beat this by staying the course, believing in ourselves and the presence of higher beings who are helping us and want us to succeed. (Michele)
  • I can feel hearts that were once closed and stuck now beginning to open and see each other and our world with new eyes. I feel energies reaching out from light workers to encourage others in all ways with each encounter and in their dreams at night. (Michele)

Healing the Earth

  • I’m seeing flowers blooming; tulips; reawakening! (Carson S)
  • Dirt is hard, sun is hot, flowers bloom, bees are buzzing. Winds blow. The heat of the day feels rays that cut through and are hardening dirt. (Karen
  • I see the color green. It means healing is happening. (Bar)
  • Shining light becomes the top point on the Star of David. (Grace S)
  • Waves of energy fill us, pass through us and spread. This may manifest physically as oceans swell up and waters rise but it will result in a cleansing and purification of Mother Earth that is badly needed for rebirth into a New World. (Michele)
  • I hear the word Hushtahli, which refers to a sun worshipping native American tribe in the southeast U.S. (Karen)
  • I see more people able to communicate with animals. (Liz)
  • There is electricity beginning to crackle as positive energies build up. It may manifest in the weather with lightning storms and thunder because of the intensity of energies needed to pass onto and create change in humanity. Mother Earth is speaking to our hearts and angelic beings are helping us to open them to celestial visioning. "It's all happening for a reason." (Michele)
  • I see a crack in Mother Earth. She is shedding a skin. (Karen)

The Rise of Women 

  • A great woman in the news. (Shelley)
  • I see dignified and beautiful black women sitting in the gallery of Congress. She is a seed who will become known to us later. (Jeanne)
  • I see fish in the news. Shelley)
  • I feel the USA is breaking up. (Shelley)

Spiritual Healing

  • I see diamonds, sparkling in a beautiful white light. (Julie K)
  • Know you are divine share your Light (Howard E)
  • We are becoming butterflies. (Shelley)
  • Bodies of water; like they’re cleansing the souls of the people. Preparing us for more shifts to come, in a more positive direction. (Carson)
  • The Native American Indian movement will be rising up. I see the words, "It has begun." The Standing Rock movement will be working to save the water. Water Ceremony will be enlivening the water and then the spirit of the water will rise up.  Women will be the water carriers. The grandmothers will carry the water, and their teachings will be held in great love. (Karen)

Return to Community and an Understanding of Interconnectedness of all beings

  • I see a small start to understanding we are all in this together. (John T)
  • I feel the reality of our interconnectedness. (Sarah W)
  • I feel the profound need for global compassion (Rayna)
  • Finding individual ways to help others, share with others, even just a kind word or a hug, taking time to truly listen to one another, talk from the heart to others.
  • I see women supporting each other, the animals, and the Earth. (Shelley)
  • There will be a return to community. The rich will be living in their own world.Everyone else banding together. (Sarah)
  • I feel affection and camaraderie among people who are soiled and dirty but beaming with affect. (D Elizabeth)
  • A human chain keeps repeating over & over in my mind. (Cheryl)
  • The rise of light workers with open minds and hearts can feel the contact and communion between all sentient forms of consciousness. We listen to the trees, to the wind, to the rocks and crystals. We hear the animals talking to us as we join our energies and share our awareness. We are truly in this together. (Michele)

 The Rise of Activism and Revolution (non violent)

  • I see the words, “Revolutions”, “Revelations”, “Clarity”, and “Deception” coming to the forefront. (Carson)
  • I see crowds of people with signs, they are protesting and they are riled.(Jeanne)
  • I see more and more people in the streets, huge protests again. (Mary Lo)
  • I see huge waves of people. (Kelly)
  • I see a growing wave of young people getting involved in the US. (John T)
  • Children all over the world coming together to speak up about what is important to them, demanding change. They are tired of adults who fail them. (Adrianne)
  • I see the people rising up, and having their voices heard. (Carson S)
  • Growing awareness of our own power to protest, to affect change in all ways, people standing up for beliefs, standing together, locking arms with purpose, not just opposition, but with positivity that we are all stronger together. (Michele)
  • Something is rising, rising. It is a groundswell of progressive sentiment. A new dawn. (Jeanne)
  • A new dawn is rising. (Julie K)
  • More protests, resistance to Trump grows and spreads out into the streets and other celebrations. The shadow is coming out in abundance and overshadowing much of the world as part of the healing process to usher in the future of hope and light. (Michele)
  • Conflicts are being resolved, slowly, but surely. (Carson)
  • I see a gathering by a beautiful sparkling pond. People are responding to the environment. (Julie K)
  • Still beautiful natural places. (Grace S)

 Scientific Cures and Healing Solutions

  • New discoveries in medicine and hopeful cures for diseases coming. Advancesin CRSPR discoveries and uses skyrockets. (Michele)  Come true!
  • Science dramatically speeds up new advances and discoveries. New technology for transportation in the news, new ways for creating and using power. (Michele)  These have come true!


Ms. C., PracticalNihilist, BlueBelle and 2 people liked
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05/29/2018 5:59 pm  

What do y'all see about these visions?

  • A plague, I think it’s in Europe, many dead. (Andrew)
  • Plague, some kind of contagious illness. (Bluebelle)
    • Exhausted, choking sensation. (Kathleen)
    • Feeling sick. (Molly)

Joined: 3 years ago
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05/29/2018 9:29 pm  

Arianne's already seen two events that have come true:  1. Swastika on graves and 2. Financial markets drop due to Italy's political crisis. 

Laynara liked
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05/29/2018 10:02 pm  

I see villi very fine thin lines within the red.  Perhaps a virus that infects the lungs.  I also see very bloodshot eyes of an African man.  Could this be Eboli?  This has all ready begun in Africa.

Joined: 3 years ago
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05/29/2018 11:25 pm  

I don't know if it's from Eboli. I hope not. 

Joined: 3 years ago
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05/30/2018 11:19 am  

Could be Ebola, but I wonder if it's one of the viruses that's worse (for example, Marburg). I've had the thought for a long time that enemies of the US would wage bio warfare by infecting "suicide bio bombers" and sending them to the US before symptoms appear, allowing them to infect as many people as possible before they die. I see these "bombers" retreating to private spaces to die, not hospitals, in order to delay the CDC from figuring out what's going on. A delay of even a week could mean thousands of lives lost with these hemorrhagic viruses.

BlueBelle and Laynara liked
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05/30/2018 12:04 pm  

Is this something we should worry about and prepare for? 

Joined: 3 years ago
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05/30/2018 12:23 pm  

Laynara, Worrying is never productive (take it from me - an expert at worrying!). Awareness is good. As for preparations, if you've got a secluded mountain cabin you can get to if an epidemic strikes, that would be your best form of prep. You don't have to be off the grid, just away from population centers. That's how Boccaccio and his friends survived the Black Death in Italy in the 1300s (he wrote The Decameron based on the stories they told each other to pass the time). I'll do the worrying, since I have nowhere safe to go in an epidemic. 😉

BlueBelle liked
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05/30/2018 12:35 pm  

I live in a smaller city so I don't have anywhere to go either, but I'm keeping my hopes up to keep me and my little one safe! I believe Jeanne when she says we are gonna be ok that our spirit guardians are watching over us. And I understand about the expert worrying! And thank you for the reply 😊

Laura F. liked
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05/30/2018 12:51 pm  

I doubt very much that this will be at the level of catastrophe that requires you to worry about or prepare for.  Projections from the visions we get usually overstate the impact on those who are reading the predictions.  In other words, when we read these predictions we usually think it's going to be much worse and will affect us personally than it turns out to be.



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05/30/2018 7:00 pm  

That's very true. It just saddens me thinking about it.

Joined: 2 years ago
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05/31/2018 3:23 am  

Possible nuclear exchange in 2020? Just how bad will it be?

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06/05/2018 4:00 pm  

Briangimao, I'm glad you brought this up.  You are referring to Howard's vision for 2020 about a brief Middle East war that included a possible nuclear exchange.   Out of hundreds of visions we've had for the future, this is the first and only vision  that mentioned a nuclear exchange, and it only mentioned it as a possibility. So I don't give it much weight.  I have added this explanation:

  • Potential Middle East war, short time frame, a few days. Possibility (fear of) of a nuclear exchange.  (Howard) [Note from Jeanne: Out of dozens of readers over the past ten years, no one has seen an actual nuclear exchange in the future in any readings, It is always a concern in a world filled with thousands of warheads and more than a few hot heads. It is likely Howard saw concern in the media since several countries involved have nuclear weapons. But he did not actually see an exchange, just the possibility of it floating around.]

All that said, there is more likelihood of an accidental exchange than an intentional one, since leaders know that a launch would be met with a reciprocal one. Yet we have never seen either.


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07/13/2018 2:55 pm  

I think that that these predictions for July 2018 have all been hits.

  • Congress sings karaoke. (Bluebelle)
  • More trouble in Congress: another corruption comes light. (Luminata)
  • Significant hearings in the news. (Donna)
  • Trump yelling at someone. He is under so much pressure. (Julie K)
  • Trump or his spokesperson coming to the microphone to announce something of a surprise. (Mary Lo)
  • New revelations about Trump. He’s apoplectic with anger. (Bluebelle)
  • Mueller is winning. Much information comes out from Manafort trial. (Luminata)

The "Congress sings karaoke" has stuck in my mind.   Yesterday, watching the GOP grill Strzok, it made sense to me.   All of the GOP congresspeople were just parroting the same words.  They all had little "scripts" that they were reading from.  In other words, they were "singing karaoke" in unison.   

The Strzok hearings could definitely be considered "significant" in the way they highlighted that the Republicans are more focused on protecting Trump than they are in investigating Russia's attack on America's election system.   That could also be the corruption "coming to light" (although initially, I was thinking that might refer to the Jim Jordan accusations).

The indictments showing Russian military attacks on the election that were announced by Rosenstein (in front of a microphone) this morning fit the rest.   Anyone who has been watching Trump in Europe this week can see he is stressed and lashing out in anger.  He came very close to "yelling" in public several times this week, including at the press conference with Theresa May this morning.  When Rosenstein said that he informed Trump about the indictments of the Russian military members, I felt that explained some of Trump's craziness this week.  

And, yes, Mueller is winning....for now.

So, a remarkable hit rate, I think.   Congratulations everyone!


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07/16/2018 4:03 pm  
  • Trump or his spokesperson coming to the microphone to announce something of a surprise. (Mary Lo)

Obviously, after today, it is clear this was Trump "coming to the microphone" to announce a BIG surprise.


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07/17/2018 1:38 am  

RosieHeart, thank you for all this feedback. It's such a big help to have someone go through the visions and pull together those that might be hits.  I will go through them and post them as hits.  Thank you again!

Lola and RosieHeart liked
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07/17/2018 9:18 pm  

I'm glad it's helpful, Jeanne. 

There's another possible hit that I believe you made last year?   It's this one:

A white-haired man, not Pence, with a cowboy hat, is prominent. He might be the new senator from Alabama or another from the cowboy crowd. People pressing together, all with cowboy hats, they are in a situation with marshals and cops. (Jeanne Mayell)

I wonder if this could relate to Trump's pardon last week of the  Oregon ranchers,  Dwight Hammond and Stephen Hammond?

I thought of your prediction when I saw the family photo of the Hammonds (see link below) that was issued with the press release announcing the pardon.

 In the photo Dwight Hammond (who has white hair) is wearing a white cowboy hat (as is one of his grandsons).   And, of course, their original prosecution was what led to the white Nationalists led by the Bundys to take over Federal lands in Oregon in protest, which culminated in an armed standoff with Federal marshalls (and the death of one person).

White nationalists across the country were celebrating madly when Trump pardoned the Hammonds!

And, the Hammonds live in Eastern Oregon;  if you've ever been out that way, it really does feel like "cowboy country."   In the videos of the Hammonds return to their town by plane, some of the men who rush in to greet them are wearing cowboy hats.   Even the guy corralling the press (towards the end of the video) is wearing a coyboy hat.  (Here's one video from Facebook that is kind of choppy but it shows the people with cowboy hats greeting them.

It's interesting that you mentioned Pence, another man with white hair, as well.  Pence is said to have been instrumental in getting Trump to pardon them.

As for the "prominent" part, Dwight Hammond has been interviewing up a storm since his release and says he is now going to start a movement to "get God back into schools" as well as do other activism, so his "prominence" is probably not over.     

Lola liked
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07/17/2018 10:11 pm  

I had thought the vision was about the former PM from Alberta, a conservative who also wears a cowboy hat and is also from the Plains States. He had visited the president last week to curry favor with DT and undermine the current PM who is a liberal and does not get along with DT.

But now I see that the pardons of the East Oregon ranchers are more appropriate because of the multiple cowboy hats and the marshals and cops I'd seen.

The fact that it came to me in a vision is significant since I'm not from this part of the country and have not as much  familiarity with how people feel in the Plains States. It came to me because there is an important message here about their future and ours.

These men who were pardoned do not believe in protection of federal lands.  Fiercely independent from the feds, they feel they should be able to do what they want on these lands -- run cattle over them, burn fires to clear the land, take matters into their own hands even thought the lands are federally owned and federally protected.  Donald Trump is sending the message that lawlessness is okay, and the feds are bad, trashing  years of environmental protection and undermining those federal marshals and rangers whose job it is to protect these lands.

 I understand how the ranchers must feel.  But the issue is all tied up with environmental protection and the laws were not designed to oppress them but to protect the land for everyone. 

These lands will be devastated by climate change.  The Plains  will be out of water by the the late 2020's.  That is what I saw coming during one of my earliest visions of the long-term future. I was very alarmed at what I saw at the time and it never left me.  The epic drought will not be reversible for at least a thousand years. So these men's children and grandchildren will suffer from the legacy they unwittingly left them. It is a very sad situation. 


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07/18/2018 1:14 am  
Posted by: Jeanne Mayell


The fact that it came to me in a vision is significant since I'm not from this part of the country and have not as much  familiarity with how people feel in the Plains States. It came to me because there is an important message here about their future and ours.

These men who were pardoned do not believe in protection of federal lands.  Fiercely independent from the feds, they feel they should be able to do what they want on these lands -- run cattle over them, burn fires to clear the land, take matters into their own hands even thought the lands are federally owned and federally protected.  Donald Trump is sending the message that lawlessness is okay, and the feds are bad, trashing  years of environmental protection and undermining those federal marshals and rangers whose job it is to protect these lands.

Jeanne, it's your vision, but is it possible that your vision was not just about the environment?

The Bundy's and their cronies who set up armed resistance in protest of the Hammond's arrests are \"militiamen" who believe that the United States is an illegitimate "deep state" government that needs to be overthrown so America can be returned to a "pure" state.  They are akin to the people who marched in Charlottesville.  

 So perhaps your vision was hitting on something deeper:  if Trump goes, those groups *may* react with violence.  At least, that was the message that Trump (perhaps inadvertently) and Pence gave to them by pardoning the Hammons:   I'll protect you if you protect me.   

Again, it's your vision,  not mine, so please don't accept this unless it makes sense to you on an intuitive level




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07/18/2018 1:19 am  


I just did a google image search on Cliven Bundy (father) and Aamon Bundy.  Clive Bundy led the "Bundy Standoff" in Nevada.  His son, Aamon, led the armed takeover of Oregon BLM lands using the Hammonds as an excuse for doing so.

Here are links to their Wikipedia entries, with photos of each.  I felt deep chills when I looked at the photos on the wikipedia entries about them.  You'll understand why when you take a look.

 Again, it is your vision.  Please don't let me influence you.  Just take a look at the photos and read the wikipedia entries about them and  see what you see.

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