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Turkey and Europe  


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03/07/2019 7:48 am  

Hi, everybody -I'm new here and greet you all 🙂

has anybody had predictions/visions on Turkey ? I live in Australia and have been quite drawn to what is happening there lately. I feel like what happens there will have big impact on Europe.

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03/07/2019 11:24 am  

Hi Erkmen, welcome to the forum.  I pulled some cards asking if something in Turkey would affect Europe.  I got cards that showed government intolerance of dissidents and using violent or harsh means to stop protests. Then I saw other countries appalled at this development and wary of traveling there.  

I don't know what the overall result will be except that it's not going to be good for Turkish relations with other countries and bad for their tourism and trade.  

I don't know the situation so take what I say with a grain of salt.  I just hope to get a dialogue started here.  

I asked my cards if the Turkish authorities would ease up but I don't see they will ease up any time soon. 

But perhaps what I've seen in my cards is already obvious to you and others.  That can happen when I throw cards on a subject without a clear question and without knowledge of the subject. It might be helpful if you provide your own perspective and then ask a question. 

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03/08/2019 4:41 pm  

Turkey is in the news today .  Perhaps there is in relationship to what you have been feeling Erkmen.

"Turkey is running out of time to avert a showdown with the United States over its plans to buy advanced Russian air defenses and spurn a counter-offer from its NATO partner, raising the chance of U.S. sanctions against Ankara."

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03/08/2019 7:31 pm  

Hi Jeanne,

Thank you for the cards. Let me take it further :

What is happening inside Turkey is known to many. A more and more oppressive government is taking the country into a direction away from from its democracy. However, Turkey is also a strategically very important country because of various reasons, especially for Europe and USA. Its unique geographic position in the European region, the fact that it is a huge economy, very interdependent with Europe, a G20 country, a NATO member (second biggest army of NATO after the US) and its ancient integral relationships make it an important part of Europe. If it goes into war with Iran or Russia or on the contrary, decides to ally with the Russia-China-Iran axis, these will have serious impacts on Europe. may trigger wars or serious international trouble. Also an economic crisis may have effects on many European countries, bigger than the Greek one in the past or Spanish. Turkey is almost as important as Russia for European politics.

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03/09/2019 9:43 am  

Wow  Erkman,

This is incredibly interesting and an eye opener for all of us.

While there are readers from all over the world visiting here (and quite a few from Australia) we don't get as much input about international politics as we need nor discussions that we truly should be having.

Thank you so very much for this wake-up call. Please continue to add your thoughts here and in our other topics. 

You are appreciated and needed here and I am so grateful you have chimed in!


Love, light, and healing prayers,
💜 MIchele

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03/10/2019 4:22 am  

Hi Michelle,

And thanks for the encouragement. We are a vitally and spiritually connected whole on this planet which only looks so divided. I believe we all need to remember to tune in with each other and stay that way, especially in times like this. I read almost all the threads here, including the ones on the US, where I also lived for years. Will try to contribute.

What is happening is basically the same dynamic and energy flowing all around the planet and requires us all to stay in touch. Nothing or nobody is unaffected by it as we all thrive in the same collective consciousness.

Btw, you may also want to look up Turkey as a spiritual center of all times, from the oracles of Apollo in greek times to the emergence of sufism on it or Gobeklitepe, the oldest temple site ever found and built by an unknown civilisation. ıt is indeed a vortex - if the term is correct ...

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03/17/2019 8:49 pm  

Hi Erkmen. Thank you for illuminating this keystone region in world affairs and history. Although I am an American of mostly Northern European stock, my maternal grandfather's family was rooted in the Hellenistic culture of Asia Minor, so family gatherings on my mother's side always had a Near Eastern dynamic when I was growing up. I also recently found out through a genetic test that I possess South Asian ancestry by way of the Romani diaspora in Europe, and Turkey was a vital migration route for the Romani. So yes, Turkey is a vortex and case example of the entanglements of human society.

Question: What can we expect now that Turkey has entered a recession? One of my immediate concerns is that Erdogan might try to pump up the economy by intensifying Turkey's military footprint in the Middle East, possibly leading to the China-Russian-Iran alliance you outline (all three of those countries are also facing economic straits). There's also the added element of the upcoming local elections. Do you think Erdogan's AKP party will lose ground in those elections? If so, will that add more volatility to the political situation?

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03/18/2019 9:28 pm  

Hi Coyote,

My insight is that anything can happen in Turkey right now - just not the good things. Yes the polls show that the opposition has gained more support than they used to due to the recession inflicted on the country by the government itself. However, the non-ethical campaigns led by the government and the fact that they control the wast majority of media and even the digital systems of the supreme committee of elections (yes, there has been fraud in the elections before), I don't see a major wipeout at all. Erdoğan is dangerously agitating his followers and the whole country through fear and through the cruel division he creates in the country, turning half the country who doesn't vote for him into enemies and "terrorists" in his campaign, openly threatening oppositon leaders with imprisonment and imprisoning thousands of journalists, writers, academics and ordinary citizens to consolidate that fear.

In my insight, where Turkey is going is up to what is going to happen at this last stretch towards islamic fascism. It is also up to how the US and the EU is going to handle the situation as Turkey is a founding member of the NATO and a 100 year long (nowadays ex) ally of the US. The shift of balance this will cause in one of the most important regions of world politics can be very detrimental and will isolate European democracy into its own borders. Seeing what is happening with the right wing in Europe, together with the rest of the world, I don't think losing their only (once) democratic non-christian ally and a very important military stronghold in the region will help the democratic structure of the EU at all. Also consider what place Russia is in right now.

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