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Sri Lanka Terrorist Attacks  


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04/21/2019 10:39 am  

I just saw the tragic news of multiple terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka.  My prayers go out to all affected.  My tears could drown the world.  We must return to Love.  We must.  There is no other way.

Help me hold them in light and comfort.

Love to all.

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04/21/2019 11:36 am  

Yes, we must return to love.  I am holding them in love and light.

I felt a strong compulsion to make a social media post last night.  With Passover occurring now, and Western Easter today and Eastern Orthodox Easter next Sunday, I began to feel anxious for all those worshiping.  I also felt the the desire to play Barber's Adagio For Strings ( music I think of as memorial/ remembrance music as it is so deeply emotional .   Before going to bed I listened to Tchaikovsky's Firebird Suite.  Very emotional as well but uplifting at the end as the Firebird is reborn.

So any,  I wrote a post on social media last night in an effort to send love to all those celebrating their Holy days and for  the entire world as well.

 I was partially inspired to do so by our Pink moon meditation. Thank you Jeanne.   I also felt compelled to do so before going to sleep, like it needed to be done before something happened. I think it may be appropriate to also post here now.  I hope you don't mind.

"This is a most scared time a year.

I wish my Jewish friends and family members a most blessed Passover season. May your week be filled with love and light as you remember the miracle of of how God freed his people.
Know that you are loved.
I wish my Christian friends and family celebrating Easter this weekend a most blessed and joyous resurrection day. May your hearts be filled with love and joy.
Know that you are loved.
I wish my Orthodox Christian friends and family members a blessed Holy Week and joyful Easter and Holy Pascha.                                                                                                                                                                     
Know that you are loved.
May God's light shine forth on us all to bring us all closer together in love and peace. May it shine on our families, our friends, our neighbors, all countries and our world. May it bring hope and blessing to all people, everywhere."

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04/23/2019 5:30 pm  

Thank you Luminata. Bless you Lovenures. All so very true and I second all you both said.

I am filling my heart with the sacredness of the power of love,  compassion, and mercy for all of the hurting and angry people in this world who cannot hold love in their hearts but feel such a need to lash out with fear and hatred in any form.

May our love reach out in its very brilliance of compassion and light expressed through an expanded heart to all others whether they are currently receptive or not.

We love and care about you and we want to invite you into our hearts in a unified vision of one big world of peace, acceptance, and community. 💜


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04/24/2019 1:29 pm  

And Luminata, 

Blessings to you in abundance, as well. Your heart, your tears, and your sweet reminder about love is truly what this is all about  

Loving everyone,  means even those you don't know, don't understand or have been raised, taught, or mentally programmed to hate.

Hate is anger but even more it is fear. And the fear of others and not being able to see, feel, or equate that fear (anger/hate) is our shadow self.

We justify our anger, our fear,  our hatred of absolutely anything by not recognizing that to the other, our shadow self, there is no difference.

We collectively create and collectively manifest all that exists. All the emotions, all the illusions and delusions, all of our own reality and it's projections of what we believe is real and what we believe is not.

Bless you, you are right it's all out love and living in the light it creates.

Let us all join in and all illuminate with our pure white light of love.