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Russia next annexation : Belarus, Ukraine ?  


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04/19/2020 8:32 pm  

About predictions at

April 2020 / International
The EU is unstable now. Economically and politically. Stresses from Brexit and threats from the East. (Bluebelle) Predicted 10.9.19

May 2020 / International
I see Russia moving west, not into Western Europe, but threatening. (Bluebelle) Predicted 10.9.19
Bouquet of flowers. Two countries shaking hands. (Sharon) Predicted June 6, 2019.

June 2020 / International
Russia makes a move on Belarus. (Baba) Predicted 10.9.19

August 2020 / International
The Russians are causing problems in Ukraine again. (Baba)Predicted June 6,2019.

September 2020 / International
Escalations in Crimea (Doris)Predicted June 6,2019.
Ukraine, eastern Europe are tense politically (Doris)Predicted June 6,2019.

October 2020 / International
Europe is spilt in two by a sunbeam. The West is sunny. The East is dark. Netherlands light, getting closer to Russia is in dark. France is OK, but anything north of it is dark. Hungary, Austria is dark. Countries north east of Italy are in the dark. It’s all related to Russia. (Sophie) Predicted in January 2018.
Russia in the news at this time. (Kathryn) Predicted in January 2018.

==> As a previous Putin's adviser said, Putin want to recreate soviet union (USSR).

Belarus :

Russia send in 2019 an ultimatum to Belarus that will expire in May 2020 to merge Belarus and Russia.
"in May 2019, an anonymous source told Russia’s Kommersant paper that Putin had given Lukashenko (Belarus President) a year to sort out Belarus’s integration with Russia.":

BACK IN THE USSR? Putin's Plans for Russia's Neighbour Belarus

Putin Rejects Oil Deal With Belarus, Increasing Pressure for Merger removed link

Belarus blasts Russia for pushing merger

Is Belarus Putin’s next target?

Ukraine :

‘The inner Putin coming out’: Russian president touts ‘integration’ with Ukraine

It's like Hitler chess game in 1938-1940 :


You can now understand the big NATO drill in Europe this year :

Cold War redux? U.S. to hold largest Europe exercises in 25 years



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