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[Closed] Russian President's future?  

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01/16/2020 8:18 pm  

Putin's move is the desperate act of a confused little boy. It won't succeed in the long run (like a toddler grabbing a doorframe while Dad carries him up to bed).

Yes, the Russian mafia state may look all powerful on the surface, but the current dispensation is crumbling. More importantly, though, the Russian people have had enough. When I read the soul of the Russian collective, I see lots of forced smiles and false bravado. Those performances are hiding utter exhaustion at the state of their country. Their infrastructure is falling apart, their lives are governed by byzantine bureaucracies that only seem to work when you offer "a few extra rubles," and their leaders keep on invoking the same tired tropes when asked how they plan to address these problems ("We are a mighty nation! We will vanquish our foes in defense of the Motherland!") No wonder Russia's youth are protesting more and more.

The exponential shifts in climate change, economic stagnation, and cultural perceptions that are already bearing down on the world will bite the Kremlin hard, and don't be surprised if we see a collapse of the Russian Republic. At the June read the future night, I saw that Russia would be much more decentralized by the 2030s, and that ethnic and religious minorities would be joyously celebrating their newfound freedom.

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03/31/2020 8:37 pm

Russia’s top coronavirus doctor tests positive for COVID-19 after shaking hands with Putin

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