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Mexico Accepting Migrants  


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06/09/2019 9:15 pm  

Earlier today, Mexico announced that the country will be accepting migrants, instead of migrants to reach the border. What do you think will happen with the US-Mexico relations?

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06/10/2019 8:52 am  

Thank you Enkasongwriter, a great topic that will be most interesting to see played out.

My first thought was that it was a smart move to appease US threats and potential tariff increases.

Lets see if it's enough, or the desire to bully, fight, and control is too great in some for appeasement. 




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06/21/2019 12:23 pm  

I think they said what they needed to say but they are not prepared for these people nor able to answer the needs of their own. The new president was supposed to be a populist and often criticized Nieto for his capitulations. I think they are buying time while negotiating other trade agreements. They know that Trump cannot be trusted.-- it is like trying to appease hostage takers, they want more and more no matter what you do.

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06/21/2019 12:34 pm  

To add to what Rowsella said, remember that Twitler ALWAYS shoots the hostage, in every situation.