Julian Assange  


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04/12/2019 12:45 pm  

I am sure that everyone has heard by now about the arrest of Julian Assange and his being charged both in the UK and the US. How do you see this playing out? Will he be extradited? How will the US government wish to deal with him? Does anyone think that they will offer him any leniency if he cooperates and confirms what they were up to during the election - or will he not be allowed to tell his truth due to the people currently in power? I know there are a lot of questions here. 

I noticed that they carried him out of the consulate sideways in a similar way to a predictions made on here in reference to Trump for March 2019:

  • I feel things go sideways for Trump in March- April (Alisa)
  • Trump has been put in restraints and six or so men are trying to push and ultimately carry him, head first, up the stairway of a private plane.  Trump is fiercely cursing (he's also been muzzled) and wildly thrashing as he resists, making it very difficult to make progress up the stairs.  This scene is the opposite of June 16, 2015, when Trump descended, arrogantly and unrestrained, down the golden escalator and officially announced his candidacy for president. (Cdeanne)

Could there be any connection or is that too much of a stretch? 

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04/12/2019 4:20 pm  

I think he will be extradited, tried and convicted in the US. TPTB, the media and "the base" will all see this as a way to control the free press. Those on the left will see it as the slippery slope that will muzzle the free press because they will view it through the same media lens as everyone else.

What no one is acknowledging is that, in fact, Wikileaks is NOT a form of free press. It's another propaganda factory that's working with the plutocrats and oligarchs worldwide to take down democracy.

Another way to look at it - does Wikileaks have an Op-Ed section? Are opinions or research on current events offered? No? Then it's not journalism, just hacking and dumping.

I feel that the outcome on this is pretty fixed. It's a lose-lose.

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04/12/2019 11:52 pm  

I think that while Julian Assange has done lots of bad stuff, it would be wrong to imprison him for releasing the truth when it comes to the Wars in the middle east.

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04/13/2019 9:27 am  

Free press publishes everything. And they do not hack. Assange had info on trump and Hilary but used only one to sway an election. Julián Assange is no journalist by any real journalists measure. I don’t get involved in much of what he exposed, but to define him or what he does as journalism is a misnomer. He was threatening the Ecuadorian government while they were giving him cover. The right and the left will get the message wrong if this fundamental idea is misrepresented. The fact that the media even entertain this misnomer is problematic itself.

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04/16/2019 10:14 pm  

Assange was a political operative.. not sure for who, possibly Putin. Also, World's worst houseguest. He used information dumping to blackmail the people who were helping him. He encouraged and assisted people to hack into computers and steal information. He was not a journalist... more a malignant provocateur and a coward. He should have submitted his defense in Sweden if he was innocent of rape/sexual assault charges-- toxic masculinity is a description of his attitude in that regard.