India and Pakistan  


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02/24/2019 11:55 am  

I read in the global predictions for March someone noted "India in the news".  The speculation at the point was that it may relate to the Rohingya refugees.  However, given the recent terrorist attack in India that killed 45 soldiers, I wonder if that foretells some serious spat between India and Pakistan, as India has vowed revenge.  This could escalate if not handled carefully to a nuclear war.

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02/27/2019 7:25 am  

And, here it is


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09/03/2019 2:24 am  

Anyone has done any readings on Kashmir? It is a flashpoint between 2 nuclear powers, with Indian Kashmir under curfew for about a month. I hope there is no war or nuclear use in the future..

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09/09/2019 8:55 am  


I haven't noticed any predictions about this issue, but will let you know if I see one or get one myself. I pulled a few cards, without learning anything about the situation first, and saw some hot headed forces  (men) in play, then I saw a maternal figure and in the future I saw a younger up and coming man who thinks he has some solutions.  I did not see nuclear use or all out war. But I don't know about the issue, so not sure how useful these visions can be. 

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09/09/2019 2:33 pm  

Thank you Jeanne. It is good to hear that there is no nuclear holocaust in the near future.

It is a dangerous situation since the big world powers (US, Russia, China) have been posturing for influence / dominance of the region. It can also be seen by the alliances of different countries in this region, namely Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, India, China.

Since, I am originally from that region, I would not put forward my commentary. the BBC has a good summary of the situation in Kashmir.



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09/15/2019 1:12 pm  

Sorry to say, But being Indian let me tell you reporting by BBC are false and exaggerated and target Hinduism attack on Islam ,while largest Islamic organisation in India in fact support move of Abrogation of article 370 .I request you to refer news from ANI news or India today or WION.

Many International news channels are running on Pakistani funded propaganda same as they are doing for Chinese.

Even many Pakistani accounts spreading fake news through Twitter are being deactivated and suspended.

Beware for hate for India and Hinduism from channels like RT ,TRT ,BBC, Al Jazeera, WP, etc

Let me tell you no nuclear war will take place. India is huge and Pakistani economy is crumbling and it is on verge of disintegration into 4 nations: Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab, Pashtun 

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