Canada's Fate  


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12/20/2018 10:18 am  

Posing this question to Bright Opal or anyone else who, like I do, has a special interest in Canada. It came from Alison in the comments section of the World Predictions Page:  

I was wondering if Jeanne or anyone else could help with my question about Canada’s fate? It’s becoming more clear that Canada is becoming more isolated on the world stage. The silence and no support from Canadian allies in regards to China and Saudi Arabia, especially Trump who has done nothing to support Canada. But has in fact, made things worse with his attitude to Canada that it has sent signals to China and Saudi Arabia that Canada stands alone in the world against human rights violations and the world will ignore what they do. I really appreciate any insights.

My first thought is that as Trump fades in 2020, Canada's star will shine. However, we may be headed into world economic problems  in the west, which includes Canada.

Canada's long-term future, however, is very good:   it will become a mecca for people fleeing from  climate change. Land prices will rise. Don't get me wrong, Canada will suffer along with the rest of the planet from climate change, especially from excessive rain. But I feel people will be moving there.  

Anyone else want to weigh in?

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