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Brexit deal  

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01/16/2019 11:30 am  
  • Democracy is an illusion I firmly believe that now. 

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01/30/2019 5:24 pm  

Hi all, I recently watched Jeanne’s read the future YouTube. I got caught up with work and didn’t manage to get the whole way through. But I had an overwhelming feeling of ‘no ferries, no ferries’ It could of course just be my fears and what I’ve read here in the UK, but I wanted to put it out there nonetheless. 

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01/30/2019 9:40 pm  

Hi Winkrainbow,  I don't know what made me say anything at all about Brexit in that YouTube.  I had not planned to mention it.  It just popped out and I wish I'd edited it out afterwards because it seemed to come out of the ether.

When I meditated a few weeks earlier I did get a shakeup in the collective during March. I immediately thought of Brexit.  But it could end out being something else.  Sorry if I scared you. 

I need to put out another Youtube so all the focus isn't on just that one. The future changes every day. 


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