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05/21/2019 10:40 pm  

@Baba, my understanding is that votes cast on election day are counted first, followed immediately by early votes. Overseas  and postal votes have another 2 weeks to arrive at the Australia Election Commission for counting. There is more detail on the AEC's website

Also, there were a number of reports of concerted attempts to mislead voters, as well as breaches of electoral law. Both occurred online as well as offline.

There are also some questions about how one (some would say disgraced) billionaire campaigned. Although he didn't win a seat, there are questions about whether or not the preferences he gave to the liberal party are some sort of quid pro quo. His party ended up with no seats but 3.4% of the vote.

@Ernie, I agree with you. In recent times Labor has come across as a fence sitter while in opposition. It sided with or was silent on the worst liberal policies (offshore detention, increased surveillance of citizens, multinational tax avoidance). It was hard to discern what set of values the party had. That said it has been progressive in its proposed policies during the campaign.

I wonder if the work labor did federally between elections just wasn't enough to convince the population that change (and the uncertainty that comes with it) was worth it. In contrast, the Victorian state labor government had a highly visible, effective track record and won in a landslide late last year. 

I believe it is a shame because some of labor's policies would have gone some way towards addressing the "discord with the ancient spiritual energy of the continent" that you pointed out.

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06/02/2019 1:09 am  

@villager , agreeing that a labor government would do much better for Australia in the current circumstances, an election means that many factors come together and determine the result. So usually it's not just one of them explaining the reason behind this result. I think that Labor's communication strategies and means were really out of date and wrong. It was not the context of their rethoric, it was the way they (couldn't) communicate it . And changing the pr company won't help on its own : Labor needs new and much more contemporary leaders with much more modern skills. These probably would have to be from outside the club of buddies at the very top of the party who seem a bit old fashioned. Young people seem to be reluctant to vote in this country and this is the only way Labor can catch up with them - by understanding what "modern left" is. Long way to go.

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