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Australia Political Situation  


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03/09/2019 2:22 am  

I live in Astralia since some years now and my connection to the country is getting stronger every day. When I put some concentrated insight to sense energy and collective movement I encounter :

1- A resistance, almost a fear of change influencing every aspect of life. Rejection to innovation. And My visions show me blank sun chakras everywhere - not for every individual though.

2- A discord with the ancient spiritual energy of the continent ( maybe in accordance with what I wrote above ) causing delays and lots of emotional search.

I see Australia as a very young girl trying to figure out her unique identity therfore in need for safety.

I don't get the feeling much progress will happen in short time regarding all the homework being discussed right now ... But I get the feeling of a very bright future that is so different than the the future of the rest of the world. A bit of an ambigious insight maybe ...



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03/15/2019 12:55 pm  

Posts on New Zealand's terrorist attack have been moved to a new thread for New Zealand.

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