[Closed] Women and Married Priests and End of Celibacy Requirements  


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10/25/2019 11:03 am  

Pope Francis is in the news as he visits  Brazil, a country with so many earth and mankind  problems of its own.

The question raises up- the question--will he finally acknowledge more already married men as priests and welcome women into the arms of the clergy?

I know we have a recent prediction by I believe  Baba on women and the Catholic Church. I also know there are already married clergy then becoming Catholic (thus married priests) allowed to pratice.

Pope Peter was a married priest/pope 1,000 years ago. Oregon had its first woman priest who was ordained in Germany I believe by another woman priest and she came back to the US, Now the Sophia Christi Congregation which she formed with her own congregation practicing Catholic rites based in Portland but regulary saying mass in Eugene as well, has additional specially ordained women priests.

Will the Pope decide and make doctrine shattering changes that  catalyze upset and change starting in Brazil and spreading worldwide eventually?

Share your thoughts and  stories on this potentially huge change in mankind from male dominance and decrees in religious institutions to one of equality rather than face the huge loss of churches and masses in declining populations and defining issues.

 News Link:

Will Pope Francis allow priest in the Amazon to marry? Some say it's a slippery slope - CBS News

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