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[Closed] Urban Wildlife  


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08/10/2019 2:07 am  

I live in the middle of a city, but on a canyon within the city.  We have tons of wildlife. Hawks, eagles, feral parrots, skunks, possums, rats, mice, squirrels, AND FOXES. GREY FOXES.

On my block/canyon we have all seen an adult grey fox. Day and night.  A couple months back I swore I heard some fox kits crying in the canyon. Last week I nearly bumped into the mama fox at night, in the middle of my yard.

And just now I saw TWO KITS on my garage roof (detached)!!! One of them fled immediately, but the other just sat and stared at me for a minute. Of course by the time I retrieved my phone to take a pic, they had vanished, but HOLY CRAP Y'ALL!!

I thought it would be fun to start a thread where we can share wildlife viewings. PLEASE no horror stories (please don't make me cry). Let's just share positive personal anecdotes.

I find it hopeful and uplifting when I see urban/suburban wildlife adapt and co-exist with humans in a way that's not harmful to either.


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08/10/2019 10:41 am  

Thanks for this post Laura.

Our backyard is a haven for wildlife, particularly an array of birds. Quail families are currently very active along with humming birds, and grackle.  We get birds of prey too like owls and hawks.  I often see woodpeckers, doves, cactus wren, and mocking birds.  Some years ducks will be seen swimming in our pool.  We have 2 jack rabbits which frequent the front and back yards.  Coyotes are frequent in our neighborhood.  They will stare you down in broad daylight and are occasionally in our front yard at night or even during the day.  I hear them almost every night.  They are known for jumping 5 foot high  walls and going in back yards or stalking animals from on top of block walls.  Our neighborhood will get bobcats and rattlesnakes.  I haven't seen those at my  house but know they are around.  We do not have a doggie door but you need to be careful if you do around here, lots of surprises have waited for people in our neighborhood when they have come home.  The most unusual sighting for me was a pair of javelina running down the street. They can be dangerous and are more commonly seen in the mountains and higher desert   We have a lot of trees and plants in our yard which shelter our wild animals in the hot Arizona summer months. 

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08/10/2019 10:55 am  

We also have coyotes, just not close by, only seen at night here. We have owls too. In fact, a few months ago several of us on the block were awakened by what we thought was human screams. It was a large owl on the hunt. I also get a lot of hummingbirds at our feeders, and all kinds of birds in our bird bath. And we do see a fair amount of bees and butterflies, including monarchs (who don't seem to migrate, I guess many find SoCal amenable!).

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08/11/2019 11:24 am  

This is a fun thread.  I love imagining grey foxes, mockingbirds, and a little family of quails trotting around your yards.  

We've got red foxes in our area .When they are attracting mates they scream so intensely that people call the police reporting that some woman is screaming in the woods!

I hear owls at night, hooting and sometimes screeching. When I'm out late gardening under the moon, the sound of the owls feels primordial.

We've got so many coyotes that I can never ever let my little dog stray far from my side, especially at dusk in the backyard.  She likes to go to the edge of the yard, and that is exactly where the coyotes like to come.  

Birds - we've got gazillions of songbirds.  My favorite is the Carolina wren who is not supposed to be this far north.  When my bird-watching brother first spotted one in our yard, he explained, "You are so lucky!  This is so rare!"   Turns out it's no longer rare .  They have migrated with climate change and their loud piercing call is a common sound in our woods. To our delight, they nest in our garage on a shelf every spring. 

Adding this hysterically funny imitating bird link:

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