The power of Gratitude  

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01/13/2020 12:37 am  

@coyote Thank you for bringing up Eisenstein's essay. He also put part of that essay at the end of his book The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible which is where I read it while convalescing in bed from pneumonia in 2015. I had been quite sick and discouraged too. But when I read it I jumped right out of bed.  I later learned that he first published that story on my birthday. 🙂

He described the same story I had received in my mind's eye back in 1985,  30 years earlier. I'd seen a tribe of light workers coming to earth in streams of light from another dimension to help our world.  Then I saw the light workers pulling overwhelmed people out of the seas of despair. I saw us climbing a high cliff to a new plateau, which I took to represent a new paradigm but also it was probably the new plateau coastal people will move to when all of the glaciers melt.  I was told in this vision that I was part of this tribe and my job was to remind those who come to me who they are. I have seen a native chief in my back yard encouraging me and sending messages to my clients. He spoke to me about you and the great work you would do.  Now I see that your work is starting right before my amazed eyes.

I talked about that tribal vision last year in this Youtube. But I have been telling clients about it for 35 years.  As tough as things are right now out there, it is so exciting to see light workers like you rising up, activated. 

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01/13/2020 10:12 pm  
Posted by: @jeanne-mayell

He spoke to me about you and the great work you would do.

Oh. Did he tell you anything I don't already know?

It's interesting that we both developed pneumonia while we were in spiritual troughs. After my NDE, when I got out of the hospital, I sensed that the pneumonia had a purging effect. I'd stand over my bathroom sink just hacking up mucous, and I felt like I was expelling past versions of myself and modes of thought that were no longer helpful. In retrospect, I know that month of convalescence helped jumpstart a 3-year long period of personal energetic shifts that are almost complete.  🙂 


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