Rising anxiety and feeling something bad is going to happen  


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03/04/2019 5:11 pm  

Not sure if it's just me, but i've started to get the feeling that anxiety is rising amongst the masses. It might just be that i'm in the UK and Brexit is fast approaching but i'm definitely feeling people are becoming more unesey and extreme, as though they could snap at any moment. It's almost as if we're getting to a point where there are no rules anymore and it feels like anything could happen. Like there's going to be a big change but definitely not in a good way. It feels like i'm in pressure cooker or that moment just before something shocking happens and time slows down.
It might just be Brexit, or maybe it's just me, but I thought i'd put this out there to see if anyone else was feeling this way outside of the UK?

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03/04/2019 7:52 pm  

Stu, yes, although I'm not feeling it this week, I felt a rising anxiety during the prior two weeks. Also a few friends have also reported disturbing dreams.

It's not just Brexit, but in the U.S., the faltering of Donald Trump -- from the Cohen hearings that exposed his criminal way of life, and his failure in North Korea --  has  raised anxiety in the collective that he will do something dramatic to distract people and save himself. 


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03/04/2019 9:35 pm  

Jeanne, how unstable is Trump? I heard time and time that 2019 will be dark.

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03/04/2019 10:14 pm  

Enkasongwriter, if you want to explore this important issue, open a thread in the U.S. predictions rather than here and see if people want to weigh in. 

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03/05/2019 1:40 pm  

I thought I had posted this yesterday, but apparently I wrote it but didn't post it.

Stu, what I had meant to post was that my very empathic and intuitive daughter is in grad school in the UK right now and she is picking up on a lot of the anxiety there too.  Understandably.  I can't believe there is no pathway with Brexit right now, it is supposed to happen this month for goodness sakes.

Anyway, she tends to have precognitive dreams.  She doesn't always know they are precognitive when she initially has them but she has had some big ones like the Vegas Shooting.  2 days ago, she told me of a dream where planes were falling out of the sky and crashing, bombs were exploding and bridges were collapsing.  Well, in my experience,  a dream like that can be one of 3 things.  1. She is stressed, likely  with school.  2. She is picking up on the collective anxiety over Brexit.  3.   She is having some sort of precognitive dream.  I was going to say that I hoped it was just her stress and the Brexit stress.

Well this morning, I just read that explosive devises were found at the Heathrow and London City Airports and the Waterloo station.   I would say that this was certainly a precognitive dream as both airplanes and bombs were involved.  Could you and others have been picking up on this as well?  Certainly.  It could also be both the fears of Brexit  and the plans of the attacks  being picked up upon.  

So, while I am sure there is a great deal of Brexit related anxiety there, perhaps you also picked up upon this event?  I will send you and everyone in the UK a lot of love and light.  May there be a clearer pathway, may everyone stay safe and may  hearts be filled with patience, love and kindness.

I am thankful the explosive devices were found before anything happened.



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03/05/2019 4:27 pm  

Stu, youre definitely not alone. I have been experiencing the same for about 6 months now. I even posted a thread in the questions and answers called "what am I feeling?" Lol. So don't worry! A lot of us are picking up on some big feels right now. I personally have chalked a lot of it up to just becoming more open and empathetic to the universe, but I know in my gut that it's more than that. The only way I can describe it to my loved ones is exactly as you have stated...something big is going to happen, I don't know what -but it isn't going to be good. 

Unfortunately, living in this weird fear and anxiety space is only going to make us all sick. So my best advice to you (until whatever it is that happens, happens) is to be proactive. Proactive to me, personally means that my gut is telling me to store food and learn to "live off the land" ... so lots of reading, lots of extra storage food, getting an early start on my veggie starts in the house, saving heirloom seeds, etc. 

Whatever it is that you're feeling, listen to it. Listen to what it's saying and what direction you need to head in order to be safe and healthy with your loved ones. <3 You're not alone. 

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03/05/2019 4:33 pm  

Also, lovendures has a great point on trying to decipher the difference between stress and actual prophetic dreams/visions. I am still learning to seperate the two as well. It's hard when you feel everything so deeply. 

I will say though, that generally when I get these doom feelings they are a warning of some kind of loss/major event etc. But those can and do range from death of a loved one, to war...so I haven't quite figured out how to dig in and put the feelings into smaller..."boxes" yet. 

I'm just now learning to trust the feelings and not push them aside with a big label that says "you just have anxiety, chill the heck out girl" 😁😁 

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03/05/2019 6:23 pm  

I want to second your approach to separating these feelings of stress in the collective from assuming that something bad is going to happen.  :-). Although I realize you are a little nervous.  

We are empaths.  We feel what the world is feeling.   I see that Stu and Perriwinkle feel something may be afoot,  and maybe we already know what it is.   I had seen in a December reading that March 2019 would be a month of stress in the collective.  There's already enough going on from the Cohen hearings and the failed North Korean summit, and the approaching Brexit to send waves of stress throughout the collective.  

Like Lovendure's daughter, I also had dream a couple of weeks ago that stayed with me. In the dream I was calm but there were fire bombs going off around me.  I wanted to flee for my life from the scene.  I had my family and my pets in my arms and was about to jump into the car.  While my own home and car were not on fire,  I looked around and saw people's cars completely on fire on the outside as they drove them.  I saw that the people did not realize their cars were on fire!  Then I realized as soon as I woke up that the fire in the dream was stress, not actual fire. 

I wondered about the dream for a few days then the Cohen hearings happened, and the other events I mentioned.

Whatever it is, we are empaths. We feel the collective stress.   Yes, we sometimes see bad events before they happen, like Perriwinkle and Lovendure's gifted daughter. But I wholeheartedly second your approach in remembering it might be empathic stress.

I also want to add that this stress is causing positive change.  If we are feeling all this stress, then you better believe that the collective is not going to want to keep the people in power who have set it off and contributed to all this anxiety. 

Light workers are rising.  Women are rising. The House of Representatives has just passed the most sweeping gun control in two decades.  They have also sent out scores of subpoenas following up on the revelations of the Cohen testimony.  Donald Trump just fell flat on his face in North Korea. More localities are bypassing the GOP with comprehensive renewable energy plans. British Petroleum just released a case for meeting renewable energy goals by 2050. British Petroleum!  The Senate is going to join the House in disallowing Trump's state of emergency. 

I realize there's a lot of darkness right now. I know it's not over yet.  But I see the light already rising.  Just look at what has happened in two months in the House of Representatives.  


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03/06/2019 8:39 am  

Stu, thank you for bringing it up, I have been feeling this way for about two weeks now. And interestingly I recently had a very scary and disturbing dream involving planes too. I was putting it down to very hard couple of  months as I lost my dad just before Christmas and still finding it difficult. But I think Jeanne is right we are empaths and we are affected by what is happening around the world right now. 

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03/06/2019 8:55 am  

I am concerned about North Korea and the failed talks. I will continue that discussion in that thread

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03/06/2019 12:22 pm  

Hi everyone. Like a lot of you here I have been feeling stressed and have not been behaving like myself. My dreams have been crazy too. Yesterday at work someone was saying only Trump could win an election and horrible things about Bernie, and I almost lost it and stormed out. For the rest of the day I was fuming, I picked a fight with my husband over dishes and woke up this morning still feeling angry. I've been on edge for a long time, just wanting to scream  at the universe for this mess and the inability of people to see what's coming. To be fair I don't know what's coming but I feel a reckoning of some sort will happen - I honestly don't know what it will be. I hope I'm just being paranoid.

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03/06/2019 4:31 pm  

Hi Natalie - I've been feeling that way since Nov 9 2016...

All we can do is center ourselves, prepare where possible, and breathe.

If you are up in Canada, I think you can breathe a little easier than those of us down here in the Lower 48. I'm right next to a huge air/sub/navy base... every time I hear a training jet-fighter fly over my house I hold my breath. I've seen the old declassified maps of nuclear targets here, and they're within 2 miles of my house. I continue to have apocalyptic-nuclear nightmares. I've had them since the first Cold War, but they've reintensified in the last couple of years.

To be honest, my functional depression is actually serving me well, as I'm literally starting to not care, in the sense that if humans are responsible for wiping out humanity, it's probably for the best. Maybe we don't deserve to be the primary life form on this planet.

Hang in there. Sending you love and light.

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