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I wanted to add something to what your dream said about having to eat the food only if you killed the animals yourself. One day when I was a child (7 yrs old) my father had brought home a baby pig. I loved that pig so much! I would play with it etc. Then one night my mom made a pork roast for dinner. I could not find my baby pig anywhere, so at the dinner table I asked my father (he had little tact) "where is my baby pig?". He said "you are eating him!".  I ran away from the table, lost my dinner and cried for hours.

I never ate pork after that until 15 years later. I was at my boyfriend's house and his mother made a special dinner just because me and my family were invited. It was his family's favorite: pork with mustard sauce. I felt sick looking at it, but I didn't want to upset her and the family since she was so proud she made this just for us.

So if I had to kill the animal I ate I would definitely end up a pescatarian!  Though milk wouldn't bother me as much since my friends had a farm and they never ate the cows that gave them milk. The cows grazed on grass and were "happy cows". The milk they used was only from their cows.


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@triciact What a story you told us. I can't imagine how traumatized that experience must have been for you. Pigs are highly intelligent animals. I cannot imagine what they go through at slaughter houses.  They must know what is coming. As for poultry, if people must eat chicken or eggs, they can at least only buy from farms that a raise these animals humanely. Whole foods has a ranking system that you can use if you buy there. There are also local consortiums around the country that contract with small local farms that raise their livestock humanely.  In New England we have Waldon Meats. 


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happy Valentine's day, everyone.   A thousand kisses deep

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Leonard Cohen!

Published on Mar 29, 2019


"I'm old but I'm still  into that a thousand kisses deep!"

Fabulous Valentine love poem for all who love!

We need the words to this one!


Playing all of them in a row now and bookmarking!   Beautiful all of them!


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