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Lightworkers, and the people who love them  


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08/01/2019 6:55 pm  

I have severe social anxiety, and as I learn more about being an empath, I think it's not so much social anxiety (this is just the psychological diagnosis), but I was bombarded early with energy.

Social anxiety makes you think people are looking at you when they may not be. Your brain is always looking for threats.

But then a thought occurred to me: What if...people are looking at me not because I'm ugly or fat or because they can't tell I'm a male or female, but because light-workers and empaths give off an energy that people recognize?

Probably not consciously, but on some level, perhaps they recognize those of us who are here to help, to guide. I am often reminded of the Mr. Roger's quote about always looking for the helpers in times of crisis.

Not that I think I have wings that people see...but on some level, some people just recognize us for what we are?

Of course, I'm not discounting the idea that people are looking at me because I'm ugly, but I am thinking there's another reason.



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08/01/2019 11:47 pm  

It could also be that some people find you to be unusually beautiful.   I am not just saying that.  I have always been fascinated with peoples faces.  I love to see all the different kinds, to try and memorize them, draw pictures of them, paint them on the walls.  I try not to stare and creep everyone out.   The faces i love the best, are the more non-traditionally beautiful ones.   Like today- there was this nurse- her face had so much sorrow.   Until she smiled, and then the joy she radiated was so overwhelming- i fall in love everytime i leave the house!

But the normal "pretty" faces just bore me.   I glance, look away.  People like Ivanka , or Britney Spears might be "pretty", in a Face By DuPont kind of way- but gah! Just gah!

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08/02/2019 12:33 pm  

Pacosurfer - yes, I agree. And don't forget that it may be other light workers who are sensing you, too. And also remember that evil tries to hide from light, which may also be a factor.  Use the grounding techniques discussed on the other thread before you head out of the house, I think it will help. When I feel anxious in public, I put on my "New York Subway" face and body language, which unfortunately you have to be born to -LOL- but it also works. Maybe there is something similar to access from your own culture.

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08/02/2019 2:04 pm  

 ... because light-workers and empaths give off an energy that people recognize ...

@pacosurfer, I believe you have hit upon an important truth. I also agree with everything Laura shared.  I think that empaths are frequently unmasked.  I went through long periods of being picked on as a kid.  Years later I looked back to that time and thought, “what was it about me?”  I was a very sensitive, shy, compliant kid – didn’t make trouble, did as I was told.  Even some nuns went “Cruella de Vil” on me.   In later years, I’d read pop psychology books that told me you acted like a victim, so you were treated like one.  Really?  That’s all you’ve got?!?  I think not.  I just remember feeling very transparent, like I couldn’t hide from anyone. 

As I became older, I came up with my own Baltimore version of Laura’s  "New York Subway" face and body language.   As Laura mentioned, grounding techniques are also helpful before venturing out. 

As an artist, and as Unk-p stated, I find beauty in the most unusual people and places.  Always have.   All of the so-called “imperfections.”  The story behind what and who I see, the mystery … it’s really quite moving and lovely. 

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