I'm worried about fate...  


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08/24/2019 9:49 pm  

Hi, I'm new here.  My name is Grayson.


This may sound really strange, but I decided to use cartomancy and tarot cards to get a glimpse into how I'm destined to die.


Basically by using the Ace of Spades in cartomancy and the Death card in tarot, I arranged a few random cards near these 'death' cards along with a Jack of Clubs and Page of Wands to represent myself and the strangest thing was that in both these readings I pulled two cards representing two men: in cartomancy it was a Jack of Diamonds and a Jack of Spades and in tarot it was a Knight of Pentacles and an inverted Knight of Cups (the cups equal the hearts and an upside down heart resembles a spade).


I fear that my death is connected to meeting two men who may try to kill me. :(

Maybe it was a dumb idea to use the cards for that...


Any thoughts on this?

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Hi Grayson, welcome to the forum!  I'm glad you brought up this issue because it is one I'm sure many people have wondered about.

I do not predict death, not anyone's and not mine.  If I did predict my own death, I'd be subjugating myself to a life of worry. One of the biggest triggers in the human mind is fear of death.  It's a built-in Darwinian response that's going to keep the species going if people respond with vigilance to any threats to their survival.  So if someone tells us about our impending death, we are likely to be on our guard day and night. 

 Once a well-meaning palm reader at a party I attended 30 years ago told me my life line indicated I'd die in 20 years. I then lived in dread for 20 years.  The 20 years came and went and I did not die.  I did go through some serious shakiness around 20 years from that reading when I became empty-nested. But I got through it and went on to thrive. As often happens with readings, especially readers who are inexperienced or overly self assured, the reader picks tip on something but is wrong about what it exactly means. 

Two rules for me came out of that palm reading experience: (1) I do not predict anyone's death or my own.  (2) And I don't let people read me unless I know them and their reputations. 

Also I want to be here now in the present moment.  I find it hard to do that if I'm distracted by concern about when my life will end. I believe in doing readings of the future about my direction and to get insight into my Self. But that's another topic. :-)

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08/25/2019 2:55 pm  

Hi Jeanne! Thanks for the response. Smile


I think you are absolutely right.
Its not a good idea to predict such things.
I guess all I can really do is try not to think about it...


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08/25/2019 3:04 pm  

One way to get past a negative reading is to realize that the vision you had is probably wrongly interpreted.  It's hard to read for oneself -- too much anxiety about the self leads to misinterpretations and especially leads to worst case scenarios. 

It helps to know what deck  you used to read this because I'd like to take a crack at reading your cards and these cards to not necessarily correspond to any Tarot deck.

When I throw my own cards on you and on the two men or anything to do with death, I don't get two men causing your death at all. I don't even see your death and feel it's likely to be a long way off. The cards I threw on you are all about love 💕 

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I use the Rider Waite Tarot Deck as well as Bicycle Cards for Cartomancy (you can also read fortunes using playing cards. They equal to the Minor Arcana. Hearts equal Cups, Spades equal Swords, Clubs equal Wands, and Diamonds equal Coins/Pentacles)

I admit I'm not an expert on these things, but I enjoy learning what I can about them. Some of my predictions for other people were scarily accurate.

As for romance, I've never had a romantic relationship in my life, but I have a few friends online who really like me and I like them. Unfortunetly they all live so far away from me.

Could it be possible these knights and jacks could represent these friends of mine? If I were to date one and form a serious relationship maybe the 'death' card would be the beginning of a new life for me and whoever I got involved with?

Not sure if that makes sense? Lol

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Hi Grayson welcome to the forum. I have to reiterate what Jeanne says and strongly discourage you to read about death - yours or anyone else's. I do have a personal story to share that might explain how dangerous these things can be.

My father had a palm reading done when he was very young. He was told that he would have two wives, two kids and die at the age of 30. Imagine the fear he must've gone through. My mother who knew all this waited until after he was 30 to divorce him. In his late 20's he developed a very rare disease that eats the skin of his nose off and is potentially deadly. The doctor's did not know what it was or how to treat it - eventually however they found one doctor who was familiar with this disease. That doctor prescribed medication for the condition that my father still takes - his nose is now just fine and his condition is completely managed. He is in his 50's and still very much alive. He has had two wives and two kids - so that part did come true. 

But imagine being told that you are going to die by the time you are 30? And imagine then that not being true? I personally think it is irresponsible of any psychic to predict death like that - because even if it's true why torture someone with that information. But also it could simply be a probability and not an inevitability - like with my father. By saying that it's going to happen it makes you think that there is no way out of it - when in reality in most cases there is.  

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08/27/2019 11:42 am  

You are right. It was a stupid thing to do. :(



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Hi Grayson. It's worth remembering that when the cards speak, it is not always literally; but instead it uses the language of imagination and metaphor. Although we all eventually die in the literal sense, our lives are filled with many deaths and rebirths in a metaphorical sense: losing a job but finding a new one, losing a friend but gaining a new one, experiencing something in our life coming to an end, but then realizing that something new has opened up. 

Your friends could well be reflected in your readings. The court cards often signify real people in your life. Or sometimes an aspect of your own personality.

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I have two very good friends I met on a forum for people with Asperger's Syndrome (I'm diagnosed with Aspergers myself). One lives in South Africa, the other lives in Washington. They have become very dear friends to me, so the two cards could possibly represent them. Smile

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Grayson, I’m so glad you posted about this issue because it helps others who are either giving readings or are receiving them.  Big help!  So thank you.  

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Posted by: @jeanne-mayell

Grayson, I’m so glad you posted about this issue because it helps others who are either giving readings or are receiving them.  Big help!  So thank you.  

You're welcome! Smile

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