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[Closed] How to Get International News Without Throwing Your TV Out the Window  


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04/14/2019 2:21 pm  

I posted something about this over on the Mueller thread, but wanted to lay out the info here so it's easier to find.

My favorite TV Channel on earth is NHK - Japanese International TV. It is available worldwide.

The news is Asia centric, but covers the whole world including the US. It's very much "just the facts", no opinionating.

You can download NHK to your Roku as an app for free!!!! It's a live stream with some shows available on demand. Just go to your Roku homepage, search and Add Channel.

If you don't have Roku, it's available on most cable packages or you can find them here online:  NHK Online

Aside from factual news, there are a ton of wonderful shows that are calming and informative. Just last night I watched a show about traveling to Malta!

Some of my favorite shows on NHK are:

  • At Home With Venetia in Kyoto
  • Japanology Plus
  • Seasoning the Seasons
  • Hometown Stories
  • Her Story
  • Core Kyoto
  • Cycle Around Japan
  • Dining With the Chef
  • Journeys in Japan
  • Kabuki Kool

There's so much more, but those are my go-tos. I sit and crochet, and re-center myself quite well while NHK is on my big screen TV.

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04/14/2019 4:34 pm  

Oh I love NHK World tv too! When I was going through a serious illness it kept my spirits up with some of the wonderful programmes which have a lovely tone and presentation style (none of the dramatic and in your face type of style you can see elsewhere), some of those you mention in your list. I totally get why you choose it to re-center:) And you can learn so much about Japanese culture and the country too.

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