[Closed] How to forgive those who don't ask for forgiveness  


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08/21/2019 2:58 pm  

"How do we forgive people, especially those that don't ask for forgiveness"?  How do we forgive people without being their doormat?

Generally speaking, I'm a very forgiving person.  But the political climate is so charged with hate, I find that there are times I really don't want to forgive....rather....I'd like the deplorable people to suffer....horribly.....suffer 10x worse than what they are doing to others.  I realize this is not an enlightened approach.  I realize this is not the way of love.  I realize this is a human condition and one that needs to be overcome.  I realize that, sometimes, I need help and the support of others to overcome this.

I think of a college friend, retired military, who I was imploring on a morality level to look closely at this administration and reject it.  He claims to be a servant of God, thus I appealed to his moral character.  Rather than examining the morality of the administration, he opted to de-friend me instead.  How do I act towards him in the future?  Do I reach out to him?  Do I wait for him to reach out to me?  Do I move on with life without him?

I understand, in the end, that my most loving self should forgive him (regardless of who initiates the conversation or even if the poor behavior is recognized/acknowledged).  However, I'm not going to be anyone's doormat either.  Is the proper way to forgive, but not rekindle a friendship/social life with this person unless they acknowledge/apologize/make amends for their less enlightened stances?

This is the next step in healing the country and our society and (please God) I hope it is coming soon. Please provide any insights you have.  I need help.  And among my enlightened brothers and sisters here, I hope we find it.