Full Moon Meditation  

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04/19/2019 7:45 am  

Hello to all my light working friends!

After attending the awesome Full Moon Meditation I wanted to share what I felt and pictured when we were sending light out to the world. I pictured all of us from around the world reaching our hands toward each other. Our arms outstretched turning into long strings of light. We were able to reach each other. The strings of light became interwoven and became a mesh of light strings. We were able to connect and protect our world. I felt happy this morning and got a few tears in my eyes that we have all found our tribe. Linking our light hands and arms together. Hugs and smiling light to all :-)

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04/19/2019 8:20 am  

Tiger-n-Owl, thank you for such a lovely comment and beautiful vision.

It was so nice seeing so many new people and getting to know and share energies.

The angels gathered us all in and greeted us one by one as we entered into the circle of love, hope, peace, and healing. It was incredibly powerful even before we began.

May our circle of global love join in with all of the multitudes of others groups that all gathered during the full moon from all over world, all beliefs and belief systems, this night and during all full moons all over the world in real time or shared time healings in so many other groups like ours. 

While this site appears to focus on development of the intuitive self there are many here with multitudes of gifts and purposes and through love all paths merge in the creation of unity and harmony for our individual and therfore worldly lives to our own higher callings and purposes.

Please continue to read and join in the conversations here especially the ones you are most drawn to. We need your intuitive wisdom as well as your stories as we all learn to see just how truly interconnected we all are and always have neen at source.

It was such a lovely group and it was delightful to see and feel the genuine joy and excitement of those new to experiencing this kind of light and love. 

Thank you and special blessings to Jeanne for her many gifts as she creates new ways of bringing in and joining so many seekers into this community.

Blessings to Bluebell for helping in all ways and sharing her lovely light with us. It was nice seeing and hearing and reading the comments but mostly just feeling the presence of all of you who gathered with us during Jeanne's beautiful meditations.

Many were missing (and are so still missed) but it was wonderful seeing those present. Thank you, all with love.

Thank you tiger-n-owl for creating this topic where all can share their experiences of group energy and perhaps later share their experiences as change begins inside and out through the process of releasing individual human ego and emotions to group love 💜

Love, light, and healing prayers,
💜 MIchele

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04/19/2019 9:02 am  

Tiger-Owl, your vision is quite beautiful, thank you for sharing it for everyone to experience.  

It was a powerfully beautiful  night wasn't it?  I too feel this joyful light  last night and believe  that beacons of love, hope, joy and compassion were shinning forth around the world, like connected lighthouses.

Michelle, your incredible gift of eloquent communication inspires once again.

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04/19/2019 9:28 am  

Blessings to you dearest Lovendures for your constant support, love, and light. We may not have seen the site screenames present but feeling the energies of both the seen and unseen among us was so lovely.

You are a gift to all of us and its wonderful and I loved that you were sharing your light and love with us there last night as you do here .


Love, light, and healing prayers,
💜 MIchele

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04/19/2019 10:35 am  

I'm sorry I missed the meditation.  I am having router problems and couldn't hold the connection.  I did light three white candles and declare my solidarity with the Pink Full Moon Meditation.  

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04/19/2019 12:49 pm  

The Pink Full Moon Meditation was such a healing and powerful experience.  During our silent minute I saw a map of the northern hemisphere and a dark pinkish, reddish cloud begin to envelop the United States from north to south and east to west and then the cloud swept north to include Canada and Alaska.  And so the the cloud of lightworkers' love and wishes for a healed Earth and stable, democratic governments swept from continent to continent, east and west, north and south, until the entire planet was swathed in a blushing, swirling cloud.  

We were so fortunate to have such a large turnout and so many participants from across the globe.  It was magical.  

As Michele noted, we were missing  some of our members and are remembering all the wisdom and insight that so many of you have shared on this platform.  For those struggling with heath issues, we send healing and comfort.  Thank you, Jeanne, for this opportunity to send loving kindness to the world and to send positive energy that our specific dreams for a better future will manifest.  May this be just the beginning.


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04/19/2019 4:20 pm  

I am very grateful for last night’s Full Moon meditation and Silent Minute.  I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t know how present I would be, but had faith that my intention would carry me through.  What surprised me was how quickly I felt the spiritual strength of the group!   I felt very connected to all of you.  It was quite powerful.  I thank you for your open hearts, generosity, and kindness.

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04/19/2019 5:14 pm  

I too feel so grateful.  I fussed all day over how I could provide a way for you all to make your own intentions while holding something for all of us.  Then the guidance came and you all seemed to take to it.  We should do another one perhaps at the next big lunar event.  

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04/19/2019 5:42 pm  

So sorry I couldn't make it to the meditation last night... looking forward to the next one.
Perhaps the next one should be on a New moon? I know that I've been told it't good to SET intentions at the new moon.

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04/19/2019 5:52 pm  

Yogagirl... hey, you weren't alone lols... for some strange reason, probably my lousy slow internet connection, that Zoom link just wouldn't jive. Hmmmm. Very disappointing.

So, I lit three white candles around a crystal globe and tuned in the old-fashioned way... that worked.


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04/19/2019 6:28 pm  

Jeanne, you have no idea how much it helped me when you invited us to first focus on what we personally needed or desired.   You gave me the space to ask for what I needed, and to just BE.   By taking that time for myself, I felt better – physically stronger, clearer, lighter.   And in that higher state, I had much more of myself to freely give. 

As empaths, we sometimes forget to embrace and nurture ourselves and our sensitivities.  Thank you for reminding us to honor our physical, emotional and spiritual needs and wellness.

I look forward to participating in the next big lunar event!  Until then, I will be devoting 1 minute of my time at 9:00 pm each evening in silent prayer.

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04/19/2019 9:02 pm  

I am sorry to say that i missed it, as well.   I got home late, and when i tried to open the link, all i got was the little spinning circle thingy.   Thank you to everyone who was able to participate.

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04/19/2019 9:03 pm  

Love reading this, Deetoo,  such a gift to me.

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04/19/2019 9:08 pm  


Could you put a recording up on vimeo of the Pink Moon Meditation, perhaps where only those who attended or signed up but couldn't get in could watch a replay?

This happens to me when i had signal issues and I watched the replay and that was great time before last. It was the only one in 2 years I would have missed and i love that I managed to attend and benefit and share with others.

The only problem with an open link on this site is that anyone can see and access it and that means they also see all our faces in the little squares which suprised a lot of new people. A lot of people prefer privacy on public sites and don't realize that we will be picked up on video unless we select the no video button or pick a static image in our account settings on zoom app in all groups.

But a replay of each night is so handy even just for a few days or a weeks availability. 

The energies come through over and over through the video and its quite powerful to experience just like in group 💜

Love, light, and healing prayers,
💜 MIchele

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04/20/2019 1:12 am  

Hi Michelle, I was wanting to be able to replay it too.  I was having a horrible day (like a once in 6 months horrible day).  I felt really bad when I logged on but once it got going, I suddenly felt all of the ick just disappear and after it ended I felt fine.  

I'd honestly like to be able to do the part with the gong sound nightly, sort of like they did in Britain during WWII, but without us having to formally meet.  Sort of rejoining that energy of the night.   When I watch those kinds of videos, I often feel like I'm with the person so in a way it's like getting back together with all of you. 😀 

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04/20/2019 12:07 pm  

Thank you all so much for both the meditation and this post.  This is a very powerful group of light workers!  I was late and missed some of Jeanne's first meditation, but from the moment I joined the call, I could feel the focused energy - and felt a collective release of breath.  In that moment, we surrendered the worries we all brought from a very troubling day and brought in our higher natures.  

From that moment, I could see Angels on everyone's shoulder.  And as Jeanne encouraged us to grasp hands, the Angels unfurled their wings providing a shield of light around us.  Our hands reaching out to grasp each other in common purpose formed a golden ring of light.  When we expanded the ring to eventually circumvent the globe, the Angels were carrying us on their wings; their shield of protection now illuminating the whole world.  The moon a symbol and reminder of the angelic light that protects and guides us.

A profound thank you and much love to all.  I will use my moment of daily silence to reconnect with this light and keep it burning.

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04/20/2019 3:31 pm  

Luminata, what a beautiful; vision you saw.  Thank you for sharing it with us.  

mb, very happy to hear you horrible day cleared while joining everyone for the Pink Moon meditation.  That is wonderful news.

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04/20/2019 7:23 pm  

Luminata, Thank you for telling us your vision. I'm going to read it again and again.  

During the last part of the meditation when I was doing the loving kindness part, I was in a trance.  I remember catching a glimpse of something you had written in the chat just before we did the loving kindness meditation -- you wanted to end all divisions between people.

I could feel the group mind as we were meditating and that spirit wanted people to send love to everyone, even people you don't like. Do you remember that?  It came from your chat message.

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04/20/2019 7:39 pm  

Michele, you asked me to put up a video of the Pink Moon Night.  I need to go through it.  I had it recorded in such a way that the many faces of participants won't show up.  If someone turns on their mic and makes noise or speaks, then their face does show up but not if they don't speak.  But I need to go through it first to see how it turned out.

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04/20/2019 9:15 pm  

Although I couldn't attend online, I did attend in spirit and was just amazed at the energy, the paradigm shift that was created was very powerful and yet subtle, enveloping the whole earth.

Jeanne, I tuned in around the last part of the meditation, and felt your trance state and the nuance of your voice... holding our world with imbued light. Everyone had such a strong presence, and the waxing planetary energies were extremely focused, feeling even more so than the exact opposition (sun-moon) the next morning. Afterwards there was an ambience of profound peace and hope... the intentions were set free to fly.

It would be wonderful if you could post the video for replay, and I for one would be grateful for this as well. Thank you, for all that you do ❤️ 

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