Decolonizing Thanksgiving  


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11/22/2018 1:35 pm  

Wanted to share some info that may help anyone who struggles with this day, whether it's because you have no one to share it with, because your family is not the least bit woke, or because you are indigenous to this continent.  Personally, I'd like to see Columbus day and Thanksgiving both abolished as federal holidays, and in their place I'd like to see a Long Election Weekend.  Bottom line, we can all do better because we know better. Those of us who are not indigenous are not entitled to reclaim this day, however we can work to educate those around us (or at the least ourselves).

First, a couple of articles:

As A Native American
Don't Trash Thanksgiving

A way to find out whose land you are standing on (just enter a zipcode or zoom in):

Lastly, this is specific to SoCal/San Diego, but has some good ideas - you can print this out and use them as place cards or even as a "game":  Native History Thanksgiving Cards

Not being descended from "WASPs", my family has never made a big deal about Thanksgiving, I believe it's important to reflect on gratitude daily and I've been rejecting the materialism of the holidays of western religions for decades.  That being said, I hope everyone has a nice day, regardless of how you choose to spend it. And remember, for all holidays, YOU CAN CHOOSE how you feel about it.


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Thank you for posting this @Laura.F. If I could 'love' your post instead of just liking it, I would. I would like to add one more young voice from Paper Magazine:

Thanksgiving: The National Day of Mourning

It makes difficult reading, but I am grateful that for me, these voices are coming to the fore. I believe that as part of the resistance that events in America and elsewhere have unleashed, colonialism and it's impact on a personal, local, national and international level is being reassessed. I see this as a good thing, and as long overdue, particularly in my own home country.

I wish you a lovely day too!


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