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06/17/2019 10:46 am  

I looked up "Penny Kelly" on Goodreads. She's also written a book called The Elves of Lily Tree Farm" - has anyone read it? Looks interesting. I just ordered it. I've read several books about Findhorn and am fascinated by the subject of working in conjunction with nature spirits.

From Goodreads:

"This incredible true story revolves around Penny Kelly (owner of Lily Hill Farm) and the "deal" she makes -- with a group of elves -- to produce one hundred tons of grapes from a mere thirteen acres of vineyards. The elves' encouragement to find "the nature of balance rather than the balance in nature" becomes the force behind a re-alignment of intention, energy and physical action. The experience uncovers a gripping truth for us in today's world. "

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06/20/2019 6:16 am  

I would also like to recommend Philip K Dick's "Radio Free Albemuth"

From Goodreads: "In the late 1960s a paranoid incompetent has schemed his way into the White House and convulsed America in a vicious war against imaginary internal enemies. A struggling science Fiction writer named Philip K. Dick is trying to keep from becoming one of that war's casualties. And Dick's best friend, a record executive named Nicholas Brady, is receiving transmissions from an extraterrestrial entity that may also happen to be God — an entity that apparently wants him to overthrow the President.

In this, his last novel, Philip K. Dick morphed and recombined themes that had informed his fiction from A Scanner Darkly to VALIS and produced a wild, impassioned work that reads like a visionary alternate history of the United States. Agonizingly suspenseful, darkly hilarious, and filled with enough conspiracy theories to thrill the most hardened paranoid, Radio Free Albemuth is proof of Dick's stature as our century's greatest prankster-prophet."

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06/21/2019 9:53 pm  

i would like to vote for Maya Angelou's "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" as one of the best books ever written.   (Shout out to Lovendures)   This book saved my life when i was younger.

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06/25/2019 2:44 pm  

echec_et_maths :  I agree that remote viewing and, especially, with McMoneagle is good!  I have been involved in some remote viewing, and wanted to go to Ohio to take the full course.   I don't practice remote viewing, but sometimes it "accidentally" shows up.

My recommendation is one of my favorite books:  "Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet," by Jess Stearn.

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06/25/2019 2:50 pm  

I am reading that book right now.  After I read The Robes I immediately bought Lily Hill Farm and Getting Well Naturally.  The Elves is so good!  I find it fascinating to learn about cooperation with nature.  If you like that sort of thing I would also recommend checking out Perelandra's website and reading Machaelle's books it is kind of the same thing.  But right now I am up to page 67 and I just received it yesterday. 

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06/26/2019 1:40 pm  

Unk, I also loved Maya Angelou's book.  

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06/30/2019 10:52 pm  

I'm reading "Fall Or Dodge in Hell" by Neal Stephenson and it is just amazing. Here is a book review from Slate about it:

I just completed the part in the first third of the novel (near future 25 years) where the college students go on a road trip through "Ameristan"  -- see the review. It is almost comical how a stubborn belief in an internet hoax becomes a touchstone for those deliberately clinging to their guns and their twisted god yet here we are in the age of Trump with our own true believers. It is a pretty long book but I have barreled through 300 pages today so it goes quickly.

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07/01/2019 7:38 am  

I just wanted to add another review from Wired for "Fall"--- it is Wired's Book of the Month:

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