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[Closed] Barbara Marx Hubbard, 89, Futurist Who Saw ‘Conscious Evolution,’ Dies  


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05/18/2019 1:45 pm  

I was not sure where to put this but I thought this was a good place because it reminds us that there have always been dark times and people to cast a light on a better path.


The candidate wanted no part of the negativity endemic to politics. Instead she offered an aggressively upbeat view of the future she foresaw for the human race.

“We must combine our compassion with our creativity,” she urged the convention. “We must initiate a new process in democracy to identify our positive options, discover our potentials and commit our political will to long-range goals.”

The words might have fit nicely into the current presidential campaign, but they actually were spoken 35 years ago at the Democratic National Convention in San Francisco by a woman few expected to see take the stage, much less be nominated for the vice presidency. She was Barbara Marx Hubbard, who was not a politician by trade but a futurist, spiritual thinker, author and proponent of what are today lumped under the label of New Age ideas.

Ms. Hubbard, campaigning for months, had gathered enough supportto have her name placed in nomination, mostly so that she could make a symbolic speech to the convention before endorsing the already assured ticket of Walter F. Mondale and Geraldine A. Ferraro. Ms. Hubbard believed that humans would graduate to a new level of cooperation and enlightenment, and in her speech — delivered to a largely inattentive audience, and not in the prime-time television window — she suggested who might lead the way into that brave new world."

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05/18/2019 3:22 pm  

Thank you for sharing this, Rowsella.

Barbara Marx Hubbard was an amazing woman and exceptional visionary. 

She will be missed on this earthly plane. 

“In a flash, I was catapulted into the future, and I could see a few frames ahead in the movie of creation,” she said. She saw human knowledge and social systems meshing into a positive, empathetic force.

“What Christ and all the great beings came to earth to reveal is, We’re one, we’re whole, we’re good, we’re universal,” she said, an insight that came with the message “Go tell the story, Barbara.”

May she continue to send light from her highest self, now and forever.

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05/18/2019 8:53 pm  

Yes, thank you for posting this.  I had not heard of her, but I'm reading some of the links posted on Google now describing her work.  Very interesting.  I can totally relate and can't believe I've never read her works before.  So sad she's gone.