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[Closed] Acknowledging grief  


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06/08/2020 7:49 am  

Sherri Mitchell, author of Sacred Instructions: Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit-Based Change, is hosting a free webinar thus Thursday on Acknowledging Our Collective Grief. As empaths, many of us have been processing this grief, so I thought I'd extend this opportunity for healing. In my experience, the things we do to avoid feeling pain cause more emotional and health difficulties. Making a safe space to feel our pain, individual and collective, can allow us to bring these feelings to the surface and forge strength within ourselves and in our connections to one another and spirit.

More info on the event:

Please join me this week in acknowledging the immense grief that we are all experiencing during this painful moment of exposure:


*Exposure to Covid

*Exposure to the long histories and contemporary realities of racial violence against BIPoC

*Exposure to inequities and imbalances in the systems and structures of the society

*Exposure to the many other painful realties of our time.

I will be joined by:

Chief Arvol Looking Horse (Cheyenne River Sioux) Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman Pipe, and his wife, Elder Paula Looking Horse.

Rev Lennox Yearwood, President & Founder of Hip Hop Caucus, minister, community activist, and one of the most influential voices of our time.

Elder and Clan Mother Shelley Mandakwe Charles (Chippewa of Georgina Island First Nation) Keeper of Women's Teachings, Ceremony leader, and Indigenous Scholar.

Rev Lynice Pinkard, a pastor, teacher, writer, activist, singer and healer. Her work is dedicated to decolonizing the human spirit and freeing people from what she calls "empire affective disorder."


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06/12/2020 8:21 am  


I am so sorry I did not see this until today and therefore missed it. Grief is the pathos and logos of my life and even for my reasons for being here and living in a deeply metaphysical sense.

I have acted in the roles of a doula welcoming in new life into and last months ushering in transition, acceptance and understanding of pain and suffering and eventually death as q volunteer-lay (psychic) therapist many times for many years long ago and far away in many past life times including this one. Oh yes an "exorcist" of many sorts, too. And that perhaps is my most catalyzing energy for many in need that i have had come to visit or been sent to visit

These times are the most painfully challenging for myself and my family. We are a huge rainbow family of many colors, cultures and sexualities and our transitions and journeys now are done through physical separation and constant seeking of unifying rather than polarizing energies and understandings. 

For us love, laughter and understanding emotional and spiritual rather than physical connections are key. And most days our rainbows shine brighter even when storms are raging and rain streams down and overflows and is truly and most deeply undimmed by even loss and deprivation  of even those things we thought mattered the most.

So yes, grief a major theme and contrast and soul mate to life and living and a tenant of the gradual understanding and acceptance of all things of this earth, these bodies and this enormous exorcising time of  immense grief and unbelievable loss---past, present and most assuredly future.

Love to you all,


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06/14/2020 8:56 am  


It is possible to watch a recording of the webinar through this link.

Sending you lots of love as this transition time ebbs and flows, and we appreciate you sharing your rainbow with us. Your words are just like that: a lovely, multicolored ray of light. ❤️ 

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