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People's Timeline Predictions not done at Read the Future Nights - post them here!  


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06/29/2020 2:04 pm  

@Share sent me a set of nicely done timeline predictions she did on her own. Perhaps she will post them here so we can read them and track them along with others. I encourage anyone to post theirs here.  We will have another Read the Future night in September, date to be announced.  So I hope you will come to that as well. 

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06/29/2020 4:07 pm  

@jeanne-Mayell thank you Jeanne for always being so encouraging.  So much gratitude for you and every friend on this site. 


Still very green so I don’t know or understand the images popping up sometimes. Will keep practicing;)




July 2020


-A snake wrapping around a spider
-The letter K
-There’s two S’s that turned into the Number 5
-BLM Hand symbol, more protests, things getting changed 
-There’s a painting, someone behind bars
-Barr bloated and scared
-been seeing Brazilian flag 
-Mary Trump in a white dress suit; She’s smiling victory smiling
-Melania walking down steps by herself
-There’s an arrow going directly into trumps mouth could be a metaphor (Shut up, he’s slowly killing him-self with his words and actions)
-There’s a bomb scare
-Three rings symbol connecting into a pyramid (3 ring pyramid)
-Court deliberating good news for the Dems
-An upside down triangle 
-Trump underwear scandal
-Biden very happy giving a thumbs up 
-Red lipstick (Someone with full lips and red lipstick 
-A beautiful necklace in the news
-I see tanks firing
-Pharmaceutical news Perhaps a scandal or a vaccine
-The letter A
-Biden torn can’t decide between 2 candidates 
-August 7, a big announcement 
-I see a lot of 7’s
-More bees in the news
-Internet discovery-news unraveling 
-Marching bands
-Red Cross
-A graph for the economy or for Covid but it’s not doing good intense 
-A monkey helping a kid
-Trump is quacking
-the letter V
-A yellow line splitting something (a divide in the polls)
-A coin exploding 
-Billy Barr coughing heavy heart
-Polygraph machine someone is lying
-T bumps against something hurts himself
-T afraid spinning out of control
-L for loser 
-A key to a safe something is unlocking very important 
October 2020
-Green L
-flying condor 
-golden poppy (Maybe California in the news, good news)
-see the letter T and Trump’s arms tied to the end like a fake Jesus
-Biden waving and smiling, he doesn’t have to do too much during the debates to win
-The matrix looking person with a black cape 
-there’s many black crowns everywhere appearing and disappearing
-a crow is pecking T’s eyes out
-massive electricity blackouts 
-hear the song I just died in your arms tonight 
-see Red, Putin and a missile
-a tsunami 
-Argentina in the news
-It feels cold 
-Lobster could be Maine in the news
-Meteor showers 
-I don’t see T
-a heart attack, a politician 
-I see a D maybe for Dems
-the crows and eagles are flying frantically and fiercely making all kinds of noises 
-Biden meditating calm and light glowing 
-a gas chamber, smell of gas 
-T laying down defeated, quiet almost motionless 
-crocodiles and alligators in the news
-there’s a massive explosion from a building
-the number 2
Biden addressing the country
-The grim reaper holding a number 7 
-death of more innocent Black lives
-there’s a mysterious light in the forest 
-Beyoncé hands up and singing celebrating, new song new album
-the biggest and brightest Christmas tree
-airplane crashing 
-a glowing green E (a symbol for money or finances)
-mandala bay Singapore 
-Obama and Michelle shaking Biden’s hands 
-a cruise ship, are they sailing again not taking the right precautions 
-A big volcano eruption 

Share the love and light

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06/29/2020 4:25 pm  


These are just terrific predictions.  Thank you so much for sharing these with us.


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06/29/2020 4:49 pm  

@bluebelle thank you for your kind words and taking your time reading it.


share the love and light

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07/03/2020 2:49 pm  

@share Nice work, Share.  Wow!  

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07/07/2020 8:07 am  

Hi All,

I had the time to do a meditation today and this is what I got:

I see singed windows in a wing of the White House. There is a fire at the White House.

I see DT leaving the WH alone by helicopter for the last time. I thought of Nixon when I saw the vision- maybe a resignation? He looks sad and angry. The grass is very green and it still looks warm outside.

August 18th will be an important day.

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07/07/2020 11:16 am  
I did some more Tarot readings this morning. I am sharing here to see if others resonate with any of this? I did July through Dec. for two different topics -- the collective and then the earth/environment.
Not sure if there is anything useful here, but then again - that is why Jeanne says, just write it down! It may make sense later. 🙂
Reading on the COLLECTIVE:
Knight of Cups - the green color stands out to me. Perhaps indicating creative solutions? I notice the crab - trust. The knight is holding the reins of the winged horse. He trusts, but is holding tight and in control. Perhaps we will see some creative solutions to COVID-19 this month (with caution.)
The Chariot - The four guardians at the bottom of the card are looking out in all directions. Maximizing their power. I notice the blue crab on his helmet and the figure holding the mandala (centered energy.) My sense is "prepared". He is gathering energy, solid, centered - for whatever comes next. Perhaps this indicates preparations for schools starting up in the fall?  Solid plans.
The Hermit - He is quiet, in retreat, but still holding the light of hope. He is waiting. Interestingly, the text indicates that the Hermit follows the Chariot and suggests withdrawal and solitude before moving on. Perhaps this indicates a hang-up regarding schools starting up? A need to reflect and withdraw for a bit to regroup?
Works (3 of disks) - The three wheels look like ships wheels to me, steering the pyramid through turbulent waters. They are holding it steady. Maybe solutions are presenting themselves and work is beginning in earnest to adjust to the new reality we all face. We are getting through it, though, with a steadiness and strength.
Gain (9 of disks) - Very colorful card - lots of green. The center of this card still looks like a lion's face to me. Perhaps this indicates strong leadership and starting on the path of healing this month (with the election.) The text suggests this card indicates good luck and good management - we can hope!
Peace (2 of swords) - Interesting card. I feel calm, but also see that the swords are piercing the rose at the center, holding it in place. I feel balance and strength from this card. The text indicates that trouble and sacrifice are giving way to strength. The text indicates peace is restored, but tension remains. This bodes well for a change of leadership in the Nov. election, and even possibly COVID developments - early vaccine successes, perhaps?
Reading on the ENVIRONMENT/EARTH: What does the earth have to tell me?
Prince of Swords - Creative (color green), but chaotic. Ideas in the works? This card indicates the mind's power, but it needs to be harnessed.
Knight of Disks - He is weary, but content. There is light ahead - progress on some front? Need to regroup his energy to move forward.
Science (6 swords) - The circle in the background reminded me of a petri dish and the swords of needles. Again, sensing positive progress on a vaccine or treatment? This card indicates a balance of mental and moral faculties. Medical breakthrough of some sort? Not sure how this has to do with the environment or earth...maybe I have vaccines on the brain (was listening to an update from NIH that was taped yesterday by Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins.) 
Princess of Disks - The overall word I get for this card is "preparation" or "preparing." This card represents a storing of earth energy; contemplation. The Princess is pregnant - so about to bring forth. She seems balanced, grounded. Yin/yang symbol indicates balance.
Art - Creativity and creative process happening. Is this good or destructive? Not sure. The card indicates integration and a mixing of creative forces and earth energy.
Ace of Cups - I overwhelmingly get the word "power." When I see this card, it seems to be energy pouring forth from the cup. Does this indicate the discovery or success of a new power source? Something sustainable? I notice a trinity ring (three intertwined rings) on the cup. I looked them up and they can indicate strength and power of unity. When I first saw it, it reminded me of the nuclear symbol - perhaps a new way to better use nuclear power?

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07/07/2020 11:30 am  


So great to read through your predictions! I find it so interesting to note down what comes. I am finding the Tarot a good tool for me, personally, to get the ball rolling and bring out words or feelings that come to mind.

Something interesting that I noticed in your August list was the three rings with a pyramid. I just posted my Tarot readings and I pulled the Ace of Cups for Dec. re: the environment/earth and I noticed the three intertwined rings on the cup. Also, the Works card for Oct. re: the collective has three disks on it and they are at the points of a pyramid that is in the center. Not sure if these link into your August visions at all, but wanted to mention in case something I wrote above resonates. Thanks!

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07/07/2020 1:05 pm  
  • @cc21 thank you for that reading.  All the cards you pulled resonated with me but the two I gravitated to was the Science and Peace cards.  I pulled the Science card as well when I did a reading on Biden.  It’s like no matter how much T wants to spin things, you can’t deny Science and death. (The truth will come out and it’s fight against those evil doers and deniers but it will prevail) I love how you saw the Petri dish (that’s quite amazing and so many deeper meanings to that) The peace card stood out to me as well since it’s another card with swords piercing through the middle.  I love your reading on this that there’s calm but tension remains.  It’s like there’s silence before the storm or there’s silence because the storm was so devastating.
  • It’s interesting that you mentioned the pyramid.  So the overlapping pyramid I saw in my vision for August is a triquetra which is very similar to that pyramid in the Ace of Cups card you pulled.  

When I looked up the meaning of the triqeutra this is what I got:


“the cycle of life (life-death-rebirth), the promise of a husband to his wife (love-honor-protect), the family (father-mother-child), the passage of time (past-present-future) and many more.”

The triquetra is sometimes used in a Christian context to represent the Trinity.

It is also sometimes used as a symbol of protection.

Perhaps something is evolving, the cycle of Trump or the cycle of the Republicans reaching it’s death.  (I only hope)


Definitely interesting the things we see once we allow ourselves to be open to it.  Thank you again for noticing this and thank you for sharing your wonderful card draw with us.


share the love and light 






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07/07/2020 1:56 pm  


Thanks for your comments! And for the research on the triquetra. So interesting! I love the meaning of it being a symbol of protection and also of a completed cycle. I definitely resonate with that and feel like it fits well with the progression I am seeing in the recent card series I have pulled. 

I agree that it is really neat to see how we read the cards. It is so fascinating to me to see the same card very differently, depending on what the topic is that I am asking about. Different things jump out at me or I notice an aspect I have not noticed before and then use that as a guide point for further exploration. So cool!

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07/09/2020 4:08 pm  

I’m not sure if this is an intuition or prediction or a feeling, but it keeps nagging at me.

Regarding these polls that have been lopsided for Biden, what if Trump supporters are telling pollsters that they are pro-Biden, but they really aren’t? Sort of like the big psych that the TikTok and K-Pop Stans pulled off behind the scenes for the Tulsa rally?

I want so badly for Biden to win but I’m feeling that mischief is going on with the polling. 😕 



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07/09/2020 4:28 pm  
Posted by: @lowtide

Regarding these polls that have been lopsided for Biden, what if Trump supporters are telling pollsters that they are pro-Biden, but they really aren’t?

This is pretty much exactly what happened to Ms. Clinton in 2016.

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07/09/2020 4:34 pm  


Ugh. Maybe I’m just sensing deja vu all over again.

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07/09/2020 5:32 pm  


While this seems like we are in a scary movie sequel (we are running from the killer and somehow twist our ankle, allowing him to catch us), the situation today is vastly different from 2016.

First of all, the Democrats are not as divided as they were in 2016.  There was a lot of lingering hard feelings between Hillary and Sanders.  This is not the case today.  While both sides still has issues with one another, our hatred against Trump unites us.

Second, Republicans are having a much more difficult time connecting Biden to a scandal than they did with Hillary.  Remember, they went on for years about Hillary's emails and Benghazi.  But Biden?  What can they say against him?

(1) Biden is old and not-all-there in the head. (Uh, yeah?  Because Trump is only a few years younger and can't climb down a ramp on his own?  Plus, you had Reagan when he wasn't "all there."  So good luck with that!)

(2) Biden's son and Ukraine.  (No doubt this was Trump's plan to hurt Biden before the impeachment trial.  However, despite Democrat's failed efforts to convict Trump, the impeachment had a very positive affect in that it got the story out on the Democrats' terms.  If Trump would have had his way, Ukraine would have announced a fake investigation against Biden's son, and Fox News would have a field day.  But if it happens now?  Most people will already see it for what it really it  and will ignore it.  Further, if any other country comes out with any scandal against Biden (China, Russia, etc.), then it will likely be ignored because Trump's own dealings are much, much worse.)

(3) The state of the country-During Biden's eight years as VP, he watch the economy come back from the 2008 recession and watched a breakout of the swine flu that killed a few thousand world wide.

Trump?  We are in a recession where we are seeing unemployment at records not seen since the Great Depression.  Covid-19?  130,000 plus dead in the US alone.  And that has only been since March.

Basically, the country's situation is much different.  in 2016, we had a stable economy and a greater than average portion of our population who was tired of the usual way of politics and wanted to shake up the system.

Fast forward to 2020.  The country is in a recession.  Millions are sick and dying.  The mood of our country is horrible.

Voters in this situation tend to vote for the one who is stable.  They want order and stability, not change and chaos.

(4) Trump himself.  Enough said.  While the numbers in 2016 is similar to the polling we see today, there are two things to consider.

First, after just two years of Trump, the white suburbs revolted and gave the House to Democrats.  While we had anxiety then too, remember that most polls showed that Democrats would get around 38 House Seats.  They got 40.

This was supposed to be a wake-up call to Republicans.  The suburbs was giving them a message-keep Trump under control and make him act Presidential, or we will vote you out.

They didn't listen.  They made up excuses as to why they lost.  They enabled Trump more.

The suburbs have not shown any signs of backing down.  And when Trump forces red states to reopen faster than was safe (something that is now being done with the schools), how do you think those suburban mothers are going to feel about their children being sent into danger?

They already hated him before he threatened the lives of their children.  Imagine what will happen how.

Further, Trump has angered school teachers with his little stunt this week.  The Kentucky governor showed the same contempt for Kentucky teachers and their concerns a few years ago, and then he got voted out in 2018.

Do not underestimate the power of the teachers and the suburbs.  They have far more power than Trump and the Republicans realize.

Second, remember that while most people did not like Trump in 2016, they still didn't really know him.  They bought into his argument that he would run the country and make it successful.  They believed that his tactics in the election would disappear and he would act more presidential.

And now?  Thousand dead.  The country in financial ruin.  The racial divisions set to a boiling point.  And in a matter of weeks, there will be a massive dying off of Republican voters in red states.

(This is not what I am hoping for.  It is simply a fact.  The red states didn't heed the warnings from New York and the blue states.  Now the number of Covid 19 cases are spiking in similar ways as they did in New York.  If we follow the New York pattern, then we will start seeing hospital overcrowding, massive deaths, and overfilled morgues in red states very soon.  And while it is one thing to see it on TV and laugh at the "liberal" states, it is quite another to see it happen in your own hometown and see your pro-Trump neighbors die in mass numbers.)

Basically, while many voters may not be excited about Biden, many have an actual reason to hate and/or fear Trump now.  And that fear and hatred is such that it will overcome any lingering doubts for those who are choosing to vote for Biden.

Finally, there is an actual sense that if Trump wins this time, then the country will likely go to an unofficial war.  in 2016, Trump and his allies threated to take it to the streets if he lost and started stirring doubt as to the election results.  They knew they could get away with this because they believed that Democrats, shackled by their beliefs of civility and trust in the process, would allow them free reign.

Not so anymore.  It is one thing to rile against the establishment.  It is quite another to complain when you basically are the establishment.  Further, certain Democrats and Never Trumpers have made it clear that they too would take it to the streets if Trump won.  Further, Republicans who hate the left are now afraid.  They no longer view liberals as weak opponents that need to be put in their place, but an angry mob that may very well turn dangerous if they are pushed too far.  Further, based on the large number of protesters after the George Floyd killing and then the terrible debacle of Trump's Tulsa rally, Republicans are left with the impression that if the two side do decide to have war with one another, the number of those willing to use violence on the liberal side is far, far higher than the number of those willing to use violence on the conservative side.

I know for a fact that many Republicans are now truly afraid of the left and fear that if they become too vocal, they may face retaliation.  But it is one thing to fear the left who are basically nameless to the Republicans.  It is quite another to have Trump as the rallying signal to fight against when you are a Democrat.

In short, Trump's actions have caused Democrats' anger to rise to the point that Republicans no longer think that they are safe.  They know that if they cheat to win again, Democrats aren't going to shrug and say "let's wait four more years."  They know that if some of them show up to polling booths with their guns, Democrats will not be scared off and will likely bring some of their own guns to intimidate them.

In short, the Democrats fear Republican reprisal far less than they do four more years of Trump.  And this is another difference that will result in a better outcome for 2020.

So don't look back at 2016.  Look towards 2018.  That year, the polls were wrong too, as they underestimated the number of states Democrats took over.  Don't let Republicans discourage you from voting and kicking them and Trump out of the capitol (and hopefully the country) for good.

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07/09/2020 5:52 pm  


You make sound, solid arguments. Thank you for your response to my nagging anxiety! I hope and pray you are right. 

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07/09/2020 6:01 pm  

@lowtide I was just saying this to my husband this morning. Please dear God I don't think we can take another 4 years of this.  We have to be vigilant.


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07/09/2020 7:16 pm  

Another heh! Judge Emmet Sullivan is asking the DC Circuit to rehear the panel decision on Flynn. En banc!

God, I loathe Barr.

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