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[Solved] West Anarctica  


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05/18/2017 1:23 pm  

We have a hit on a prediction I did last year that this spring climate news would become dire, actually the word that came it me  was "terrifying".

The NYTimes came out with this story today that the ice sheet's collapse is inevitable.

Timing is everything here. They think 6 to 8 feet by the end of the century, give or take several decades. I have thought 20 feet by 2100 but maybe as much as 50 years sooner.  Concerned about costal cities and a vision I had in 1986 that well heeled refugees would be pouring out of nyc all at once.  

I'd like to know more about the science, i.e. How quickly would a collapse effect our cities if it happens.  Also I would think that they'd see it happening before the final collapse and people would have time to lace coastal cities.  what is the earliest it could happen?  They don't know I think because this has never happened before in earth history.  

But if anyone has some scientific answers about this-- can point to some studies , I'd like to know.  All I get on it is that it will happen much  earlier than they predict. I don't see it happening this year but when?  

I don't want to hear what other psychics think. I've got my own visions and also I trust the visions we get using the prediction timeline method with a lot of people weighing in.  

Just want to know all the science the scientists know--glaciologists mainly.