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03/19/2019 2:25 pm  

Here are a few stories from the past 2 weeks which discuss the potential for a lack of clean drinkable water in the future and rainfall issues relating to crop growth and the Arctic change impacts. Many of these issues validate  what Jeanne has seen for our future.


A team from the Institute of Forest Sciences at the University of Freiburg shows that the extraction of ground water for industry and households is increasingly damaging floodplain forests in Europe given the increasing intensity and length of drought periods in the summer.

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As the Arctic warms faster than the rest of the globe, permafrost, land ice and sea ice are disappearing at unprecedented rates. And these changes not only affect the infrastructure, economies and cultures of the Arctic, they have significant impacts elsewhere as well

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'Dead zones' could become increasingly common in lakes in future due to climate change, reducing fish numbers and releasing toxic substances into drinking water.

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Even if humans radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions soon, important crop-growing regions of the world can expect changes to rainfall patterns by 2040. In fact, some regions are already experiencing new climatic regimes compared with just a generation ago.

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03/27/2019 5:47 pm  

I have worried about water for 40 years.  I am a worry wort, but before the huge floods out west, I did a Tarot reading and I deduced that we would regret not having enough for water after some catastrophe.  Water filters, rain barrels, and cisterns are used in many places.  We would be wise to employ these as a matter of course.  It would be one level of protection and help the environment.

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